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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 101

Written by Ginny Lowndes, Directed by Russell Webb, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 05/08/85, BBC One: 19/03/87, UK Gold: 22/03/93

Terry is surprised when Paul proposes to her
Scott isn't sure what to do about his work experience
Paul and Terry announce their engagement to the Robinsons

No 26 - Lounge: Paul and Terry kiss, and everyone starts to offer their congratulations. Julie goes into the kitchen to get some champagne, and Helen follows, checking that Julie is alright, as she seems very quiet. Julie explains that she's just tired, but she is genuinely happy for Paul and Terry. She then makes a comment about it all being very sudden, and that it wasn't that long ago that Terry was with Shane. Helen wonders what Julie is trying to get at, and Julie apologises and says that she'll shut up and enjoy the celebration. They go back into the lounge, and everyone gets a glass, before Paul makes a speech about how he hopes he'll be as happy as his parents were. Terry then asks Lucy to be her flower girl, and Julie to be her bridesmaid, and Helen says that she'll be glad to have a plumber in the family, as Jim, Paul and Scott are all useless with a leaky tap. Paul and Terry then start bickering over whether she'll continue to work once they're married, as Paul doesn't think that she should, but Helen quickly diffuses the situation with a toast - to love.

Pacific Bank - Exterior: The next day, Des and Julie are leaving work, and she's still a little concerned about the proposal and how suddenly it all happened, though Des thinks that she should just be happy for Paul. He accuses her of interfering, and she accuses him of being patronising, before telling him that he has a big nose. When he starts to jokingly insult her looks too, she walks off, before returning when she realises that he's giving her a lift home.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Paul and Terry have been out looking for a ring, but she couldn't find one that she liked, and Paul complains to Helen about all the time they spent chatting to jewellers. Helen goes to make them all some tea, and Terry tries to talk to Paul again, about her quitting work. She thinks that it would be a bad idea, especially as they could do with the extra money, and Paul realises that she's upset that he seemed to have made the decision without consulting her. He says that he's sorry if he's being unreasonable and selfish, but he just wants her all to himself - she smiles and agrees that he's being selfish, before leaving to go home and have a shower.

Ramsay Street: Danny and Shane are walking home from school, chatting about Scott's work at the cafe, when Danny asks about Paul's buck's night. Scott isn't sure he'll be allowed to go, but Danny had assumed that Scott would be organising it, as he's the best men. Scott explains that Paul hasn't asked him to be best man, but Danny thinks that he will, as you always ask your brother to be your best man. Scott is horrified as he hears about all of the responsibilities that come with being a best man, particularly the speeches, and begins to worry about it.

No 26: Jim and Paul are having a beer together, when Scott comes in, dropping hints about things he can do to help with the wedding. Jim sends him off to do his homework, and then tells Paul that it he thinks looking for the ring was a difficult task, he should wait until Terry starts picking out the outfits. He then admits that he's finding the whole thing a bit strange, and he feels happy but a bit sad too, and Paul says that he also misses his mum.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Danny is doing his homework, when Richard Morrison knocks on the door. Danny is reluctant to let him in, thinking he's back to sell them insurance, but Maria calls out and says that she's just getting ready. Richard lets himself in, and says that he'll wait.

No 24 - Lounge: Later, there's an awkward silence as Danny and Richard wait, and then Maria appears, in her dressing gown. Danny tells her to go and put some clothes on, and she tells him that he's being silly, so he says that he's going out. Richard explains to Maria that he was in the area, so he thought he'd call by and ask her out to dinner tomorrow night. She explains that she has a lecture, but she could meet for supper afterwards, and then she tells him about her work with the Community Justice Centre. She asks if he has time to stay for tea, and he says that he doesn't, but he can stay and chat while she makes hers, so they go into the kitchen.

No 28 - Dining Table: Des is laughing at Paul's ordeal with the wedding ring search, and says that he didn't have any trouble with Joan, before giving Paul some tips on how to deal with women - he says that it's the least he can do for his best man. He then wonders if Paul would like him to return the favour and be his best man, but Paul insists that he'll find someone else, as Des and Joan will probably be away on their honeymoon when he's marrying Terry.

. . .

No 24: Richard is just leaving, and Maria is still in her dressing gown with messy hair, when Helen arrives, immediately jumping to the wrong conclusion. Richard is introduced to Helen and says that he hopes they'll be seeing a lot more of each other, and reminds Maria of their plans for the following evening. Once he's gone, Helen tells Maria that she just came to explain that she won't be able to come to their lecture the following evening - but it seems like it's just as well! She says that she needs to make a start on sewing some new dresses for Lucy, and they start talking about the wedding, with Maria surprised that things are moving so quickly for Paul and Terry. Helen turns the topic back to Richard, and asks if Max has met him - Maria says that he has, and he wasn't impressed. As Helen leaves, Maria asks her to send Danny home.

No 26 - Paul and Scott's Bedroom: Scott has just finished telling a joke, but Danny isn't laughing, and he admits that he's not really in the mood. Scott says that he's also a bit worried about this best man gig, and tries to think of some clean jokes that he can tell. He then starts practising his speech in the mirror, talking about his beautiful sisters Julie and Lucy - Lucy then appears at the door, having heard this and thanking Scott for the compliment. She says that Danny has to go home now. Scott wonders why Danny doesn't want to go, and he says that it's about his mum, but he doesn't want to talk about it now.

Ramsay Street - No 26 Driveway: Jim is loading up the car, when a glum Danny and Scott walk down from the house, and Danny heads home. Jim asks if they've got a speech to do at school, as Lucy says that she saw him talking to the mirror. Scott says that they're studying wedding rituals in Social Studies, and he has to be a best man and learn about their responsibilities. He starts reeling off all of the things that a best man has to do, then Paul and Terry come along, and Jim makes a joke about Terry dragging Paul around the shops. Helen appears, telling Paul that there's a phone call for him, and he and Scott race each other inside. Terry tells Jim that she's going to go shopping alone tomorrow, and then she admits that she wasn't being fussy about a ring, she just didn't think that Paul could afford any of them, and she didn't want to hurt his pride. Jim wonders if they're rushing into things, and Terry admits that she has similar fears, but Paul really wants to get married. Jim says that she won't be able to string him along about the ring forever, and then suggests that he has something that she might like to see.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Paul, Julie and Scott are laying the table for dinner, with Julie in a very bad mood, as everyone around her seems to be so happy. Lucy then runs in, and says that she saw Jim and Terry holding hands on his bed. Jim and Terry themselves then come into the kitchen and hear what Lucy has been saying, and Jim explains that he was giving Anne's ring to her. They're all very happy, except for Julie, who looks furious, kicks Terry's chair and gives her a filthy look. Paul tells Terry to just ignore Julie. Jim then tells them all about Scott's school project about being a best man, and Helen asks Paul if he's decided who his best man will be. Scott looks shocked when Paul announces that he's going to ask Shane.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Maria Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Peter Flett as Richard Morrison

Trivia Notes
The shot of Lucy poking her head into Scott's bedroom later appeared on the opening titles, between episodes 126 and 170
Jim was the best man at Max and Maria's wedding

Summary by Steve