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Episode Summaries > 1995 > Episode 2514
Written by Michael O'Rourke, Directed by Richard Sarell, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 09/11/95 BBC One: 03/07/96 UK Gold: 20/06/02

Cody tells Adrian that it's over between them
Billy thinks that he can see someone in the allotments, and runs off, scared
Angie bursts into number 22, dressed very much like Cheryl

No 22 - Lounge: Cheryl is slightly taken aback by Angie's new look, while Danni says she looks wonderful and she obviously knows where to shop. Brett still wants to talk about his mum paying Danni to study, but Cheryl says that she has more important things to do now, and tells Angie that she looked fine the way she was, and maybe they should sit down together and have a little chat.

No 30 - Lounge: Jen and Cody are studying, but Jen is worrying and asks if she can borrow some of Cody's notes. Cody is getting frustrated and goes off to get the notes, before turning around and saying that she's struggling too. Jen apologises for behaving like an idiot and letting a soap opera rule her life, and Cody agrees to look for the notes later. Jen points out that they should be going to their tutorial, but Cody isn't sure she wants to see Adrian, so Jen says that, if Cody chickens out, she'll hand in her work for her.

No 22 - Lounge: Angie is explaining to Cheryl how the Melbourne Cup made her realise how frumpy she looks compared to everyone else, and, now that she's got the business and a little money to spare, she decided that it was time to pamper herself. Cheryl says that she deserves it, but wonders why she was chosen as a role model, and Angie says that they're from similar backgrounds, but Cheryl's really made something of herself.

No 28: Susan is playing Patience at the dining table, when Mal comes in to take a break from studying. She's pleased to see him reading so much, and says the same of Karl, who's looking at a medical journal article on ALS. He says that he's just acquired a patient who suffers from it. Billy wanders in, looking worried, and everyone asks what's wrong - he admits that he's nervous about getting his geography assignment. Stonie then arrives and goes with Mal to his room to do some maths study, while Susan congratulates Karl on his idea of unplugging the television for a while, as it really seems to have worked. Karl is delighted to hear his wife say that she was wrong.

Eden University - Library: Jen finds Cody hiding away in the library, and explains that she tried to hand the assignment in, but Adrian refused to take it. Adrian then appears, having followed Jen, and says that he has no recollection of Cody ever trying to hand in her work, indeed he has no recollection of her even attending any of his classes lately. Jen says that she has a damn good reason and he knows it, but Adrian snidely continues to tell Cody that he'll take her assignment and try to put in a good word for her. He also warns her about her attendance, and she's about to be rude to him but stops herself.

Community Garden/Bus: Lance and Hannah arrive for their date, but Hannah isn't sure it's such a good idea. Lance says that everyone keeps walking in on them - at least on the bus they can be alone together. They go inside and nervously share a kiss, but Hannah hears a noise and jumps. They go to kiss again, but then someone starts coming down the stairs and they both run off.

No 22 - Kitchen: As Angie has gone home, Brett comes downstairs for a chat with Cheryl and Danni. Cheryl confirms that she's been paying Danni, and Brett is furious. Cheryl says that she's going to give Brett the money towards his trip to Africa and is happy to do that because he studies hard, but if Danni were to ask for the same, she'd have to do something spectacular to her school marks before she'd consider it. Cheryl asks Brett if he understands her logic, but he doesn't.

No 26 - Kitchen: A worried Hannah and Lance have explained to Phil what happened on the bus, and he realises what they were doing there and tells them there'll be no more 'pashing in the back of buses'. He had hoped that they'd behave more responsibly, but he says that Lou will probably want to call the police about the guy on the bus. He goes to call Lou, while Lance notices Hannah's new necklace and she says that it's a copy of the one Lance gave her, that was actually his mum's; her dad had it made as she liked the other one so much.

No 30 - Lounge/Adrian Ewart's office: Cody hands over all of her notes, and apologies to Jen for her behaviour earlier. Jen says that, even with the notes, she's going to struggle, but Cody says that at least her work will be marked on its own merits. She admits that she's brought the whole situation on herself by skipping classes. The phone then rings - Jen answers and it's Adrian. She hands the phone over to Cody, who's told that her work is very shoddy and points out several mistakes. He says that her attention to detail is poor, and says that she could do with some help, telling her to call by his office the next day if she's really serious about a career in medicine.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: The next morning, Billy arrives at class and Lance and Hannah run in after him, asking about the fright he got at the Community Gardens the week before. He denies being scared, until he finds out what Lance and Hannah saw, but they say that the police seem to think they made it up. Andrew Watson then arrives and sends Lance and Hannah on their way. He then starts handing out assignments, but when he gets to Billy, he says that he needs to show it to Mr McKenna first.

No 28 - Kitchen/Dining table: Stonie is telling Mal about how weird Angie's been behaving lately, and that she has no self-confidence. Stonie then tells him about the mysterious 'Kerry' who recently dumped him for her boyfriend, and Mal says that he's better off without her. Stonie agrees and says that now he's on his own, he's doing plenty of study.

No 22 - Lounge/Dining table: Danni is asking Brett for help with studying Hamlet, and he offers to tutor her, if she pays him. She isn't amused. Cheryl then returns home with bags of clothes for Brett's Africa trip, and he's horrified by all the designer labels, pointing out how many children could be fed in an African village for the price of one shirt. He asks his mum for the receipts and says he'll take it all back and get what he really needs. He thanks his mum for the thought though, but she seems upset.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: As Susan finishes a class, Andrew comes in and she asks how he's settling in at Erinsborough High. He says that it's very quiet after the last school he was at, working with kids with behavioural problems. He then shows her Billy's essay, explaining that it's not good, and Susan says that she can't understand it, as he put so much effort it. Andrew says that lack of effort isn't the problem, and suggests, with caution, that Billy might be dyslexic.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Karl's office: Karl is sitting eating his lunch when Susan arrives for a visit and catches him watching the portable television set. He says that he can explain, but she says that they have more important things to worry about than his hypocrisy - Andrew Watson thinks that Billy might be dyslexic. Karl thinks it's ridiculous, but Susan says that she's seen some of his work and it's serious. She explains that Andrew's coming over that evening to discuss things.

No 26 - Lounge: Billy is showing Hannah and Lance the photos he took, and they're examining them with a magnifying glass. They're not convinced that it's proof of anything, so Billy decides that they should go back and try to get a better look. He says that he can't go, as his geography teacher's coming over, so Lance and Hannah decide to go on their own.

Ramsay Street: As Cody's arriving home, Adrian pulls up in his car and she tries to rush inside but he stops her. She says that she doesn't like being harrassed, but he tells her that it's serious and her work is really suffering. She thinks it's weird that she's never got below a B+ before, and he suggests that maybe she's stressed. She says that she'll get a second opinion and goes inside.

No 28 - Lounge: Karl is horrified by the standard of Billy's work, and Billy resents being called stupid. Susan and Andrew tell him that he's not stupid, and dyslexic students are often far superior in comprehension, they just struggle to get things down on paper. Karl wonders why Susan didn't pick up on this, and she says that she's never taught Billy, so she'd have no reason. Karl then points out that perhaps she should have spent less time worrying about Stacey and Blair Griffiths, and thought about her own kids. Andrew stops them from arguing, and Karl says that Billy's heading into his final years of school with a huge disadvantage. Billy gets annoyed at everyone talking like he's not there, and he storms out of the house, apologising for being such a disappointment. Susan goes after him, but Andrew tells her to wait.

Featured Regular Characters: Cody Willis, Jen Handley, Angie Rebecchi, Cheryl Stark, Brett Stark, Danni Stark, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Kevin 'Stonefish' Rebecchi, Hannah Martin

Guest Cast: Andrew Bibby as Lance Hails, Jeremy Kewley as Adrian Ewart, Christopher Uhlmann as Andrew Watson

Trivia Notes
Malcolm is studying Shakespeare's Hamlet
Andrew Watson has taken over from Alan McKenna as Junior School Co-ordinator, while Alan has become the new Vice Principal
Cody has an attendance average of 76%, four percent below the minimum requirement

Summary by Steve