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Comment > Karl and Susan: The Future by Kate

Allow me to argue the case for a Karl and Susan reunion, if you will. I admit that Billy has made some excellent points. And, yes, I admit that for a fraction of a second, I considered the possibility of Karl and Susan never getting back together. But then I promptly dismissed it. Sorry, Bill.

Although none of us know for sure whether or not a reunion will occur, Iíd like to think that it will eventually happen. To me, it seems the natural conclusion to the storyline. Karl and Susan always get back together - you know Ė thatís what they do! The strength of their onscreen partnership lies in the fact that they face so much, yet they come through it stronger and closer. Sometimes they separate, but they inevitably end up back together. Sure, Karl could do with having fewer affairs, but no-oneís perfect. Thereís a bond there Ė such an obvious love. Thatís what makes them so great to watch. Throw anything at them and that bond just wonít break Ė itís still there now. I dare you to look for it.

Thereís no denying that their separation has provided excellent viewing Ė I love watching them each try to make it without the other. Susan, in particular, has gone up in my estimation since she became a single entity. Of course, there was the whole moping around thing immediately after the split, which I found quite hard to watch (mostly because Iím soft), but the Ďsingle-and-loving-ití Susan we see now is fantastic. The Karl and Izzy pairing is just hilarious Ė I love Karl, I really do, but it makes my day to see him get taken for a ride by a manipulative young woman. Well, after the way heís treated Susan over the past few months, who can blame me? Itís only fair that he gets his comeuppance.

But, basically, I just get the feeling that theyíre killing time until they get back together. And, as much as I enjoy their individual scenes, when I see them together again, itís like I realise whatís missing. They just work. The scenes in the courtroom where they divided their assets were truly heartbreaking. You canít just erase 30 years of marriage with a swift ďyou have the house, and I get the business.Ē Well, obviously you can, but you shouldnít be able to! And then they kissed, but of course they did Ė because of the bond.

Iíve never believed that Karl and Susan would separate permanently and, if Iím honest, I still donít. Iím sure the producers are mindful of the huge following that the couple have, and will reunite them in time. Iím not asking that they get back together next week, next month or even next year, but eventually, Iíd like to see them realise that theyíre meant to be together. Heck, Iíve realised it Ė why canít they?