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Interactive > Neighbours' Sexiest Stars Results: The Girls

Over the past 24 years, Neighbours has seen a plethora of attractive guys and girls settle down in Ramsay Street, so we thought it was about time we discovered which ones were the most popular. Between September and November, Perfect Blend readers voted for the sexiest guys and girls of Erinsborough, and below are your top 25 Neighbours ladies.

25. Dichen Lachman (Katya Kinski)
With her unusual Tibetan heritage, Dichen Lachman has a rare quality which made her stand out from other soap starlets.

24. Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy)
At 51, Jackie may be a surprise entrant to some, but after 14 years on screen, you should expect glam gran Susan to have her admirers.

22=. Rachel Friend (Bronwyn Davies)
Nanny Bronwyn Davies was effectively a replacement for departing Charlene, and with her natural prettyness, she certainly filled the gap in the eye candy department.

22=. Nicola Charles (Sarah Beaumont)
Both actress Nicola Charles and her character Sarah Beaumont forged careers in modelling, and with her gorgeous long dark hair and lengthy legs, it's easy to see why.

21. Lara Sacher (Serena Bishop)
Diminutive five-foot-nothing redhead Serena Bishop proved that good things come in small packages.

20. Erin McNaught (Sienna Cammeniti)
This under-used statuesque newcomer has already been well rewarded for her looks; she won Miss Australia in 2006. So perhaps it's surprising she hasn't rated higher in our poll.

19. Kylie Minogue (Charlene Robinson)
Her character Charlene was a bit of a tomboy but Kylie Minogue has gone on to become a sex symbol around the world. 19th place?! Can that be right?!?

18. Madeleine West (Dee Bliss)
Bosomy blonde Dee Bliss was certainly easy on the eye, but her kindly nature and love for homely Toadfish probably helped win her even more adoration.

16=. Margot Robbie (Donna Freedman)
Erinsborough's newest teen sensation Donna has already caught a few eyes.

16=. Imogen Bailey (Nicola West)
Naughty nurse Nicola's inappropriate Aunty act hasn't put many of you off from voting for the former Playboy pin-up.

14=. Natalie Imbruglia (Beth Brennan)
Natalie has been well remembered; blessed as she is with a natural beauty that is matched equally with her beautiful singing voice.

14=. Jane Hall (Rebecca Napier)
Rebecca is mother to a 27 year old, but Jane Hall's glamour, voluptuous figure and palpable charisma have won over voters of all ages.

12=. Kimberley Davies (Annalise Hartman)
Neighbours' archetypal pneumatic platinum blonde. As manipulative Annalise, Kimberley Davies' body proved pivotol to many wicked schemes.

12=. Holly Valance (Felicity Scully)
Valance's mid European roots made Felicity Scully stand out from her sisters - causing no end of boyfriend troubles.

11. Eliza Taylor-Cotter (Janae Timmins)
Buxom teen Janae Timmins often used her physical assets to get what she wanted in her early days.

10. Delta Goodrem (Nina Tucker)
Stately Delta Goodrem played the coy musical genius Nina Tucker, who after a little encouragement from friends, ended up belting out power ballads in Lou's Place and then leaving to tour the world. Delta has also gone on to similar chart smashing success. The videos are great to watch but many Neighbours fans still miss seeing her elegance and grace on screen five days a week.

9. Natalie Saleeba (Rosetta Cammeniti)
There's something about those Cammenitis - no doubt the Italian genes. Or maybe it's the pasta. But whatever the reason, you voters love this family, and the first member to make the top ten is Rosetta. Sassy and strong willed, with eyes like pools of dark chocolate, this Signorina stepped into Ramsay Street with a heart of ice but was able to melt the hearts of many viewers. It has to be said, there's something very appealing about a woman dressed for business, and lawyer Rosie rarely disappointed in her smart suits, skirts and heels. The look clearly got the better of Paul Robinson when he nearly ravished her on the office desk.

7=. Caitlin Stasey (Rachel Kinski)
With her almond shaped eyes and olive skin, pretty Caitlin Stasey has gained quite a following playing Rachel Kinski. She's been on screen for three years now and in that time has grown into a beautiful young woman; this of course has caused her character no end of male attention. While Rachel can often be whiney and self centred, there's no denying that Audrey Hepburn-esque Caitlin is becoming quite the eye catcher.

7=. Carla Bonner (Stephanie Scully)
Biker chick Steph has always been "one of the boys" but her combination of looks, blonde hair, pub ownership and leather trousers have got her into the top ten - she's even managed to beat her glam sister Flick! Since 1999 she's gone from dependable daughter with bad taste in men, to yummy mummy with bad taste in men; and all the while she's maintained an unforced look which combines an earthy "not afraid to get my hands dirty" vibe with hints of glamour and sophistication. Even when she's looking after Charlie, her slanty off the shoulder tops and necklaces always look like she's gone to some effort.

6. Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Isabelle Hoyland)
A worthy sixth place for the singing, presenting and acting force of nature that is Nat Bass AKA the unforgettable Isabelle Hoyland. She may well have been a manipulative stone cold bitch, but Izzy was great to look at. Attractive and blessed with opulent cleavage, she made the perfect midlife crisis for Karl and trophy girlfriend for Paul. Whether she was wearing designer evening wear or the Coffee Shop uniform, Izzy always managed to ooze glamour. Sadly in 2006 Natalie left our screens to concentrate on her singing career, so we'll have to be content with the sexy music vids and live in hope of the next Izzy comeback.

5. Kym Valentine (Libby Kennedy)
The gorgeous Kym Valentine has been playing Libby Kennedy since 1994 and so it's little wonder that she's gained an army of devotees. Indeed, in her first episode she instantly inspired lust in neighbour Brett Stark; although his sister Danni described Lib as "daggy". Young Miss Kennedy was never one for dressing up and it took a few years for her to bloom into the beautiful and sophisticated woman we know today. She's now the teacher that most boys would dream of and has had a long list of hunky guys after her affections.

4. Stephanie McIntosh (Sky Mangel)
Who would have thought that little Sky Mangel would return to Erinsborough 12 years after her departure? And who would have known she'd become such a good-looking girl? Stephanie McIntosh took on the role of Harold's granddaughter and brought sex appeal to the Bishop family. Initially a rebellious teen hiding her naturally blonde hair with black dye and dressing in scruffy and bizarre outfits, Sky eventually got interested in boys and blossomed into a more conventional pin-up. With her long golden locks and curvacious figure, Erinsborough's boys - and one of it's girls - were all very taken with Sky.

3. Nicky Whelan (Pepper Steiger)
Although only on screen for just over a year, blonde bombshell Nicky Whelan clearly won many fans. As physical education teacher Pepper Steiger, she set her teenage pupils pulses racing, and even confused her best friend Rosie into questioning her sexuality. Who could forget their heart to heart on the sofa, which turned into a smooch?! If you've ever done a Google for Nicky, you'll know her pre-Neighbours modelling shoots are eye opening to say the least, so this lady clearly isn't afraid to show off her body. Running around in bikinis and lingerie on Neighbours probably didn't bother her in the least. Or us.

2. Pippa Black (Elle Robinson)
Paul's spoilt little princess Elle Robinson arrived in 2005, and although she was badly behaved, viewers swooned at the Nicole Kidman-alike Pippa Black. Although she's another beautiful blonde, Pippa brings poise and elegance to the role of Elle; she's never been just a vacant "boobs 'n' bum" decorative character. Clearly this more cultured approach works for you as you've given her the second spot in our poll.

1. Natalie Blair (Carmella Cammeniti)
And the winner is... the divine Roman goddess Carmella Cammeniti, played by Brisbane's finest, Natalie Blair. After umpteen guest appearances, Neighbours finally capitalised on Natalie's popularity and gave her a regular contract in 2006. Unusually, she'd been nominated for, and won, a Logie in 2005, even though she was just a guest character at the time; she's since been nominated twice again. This, along with the fact she's won Perfect Blend's own Neighbours Soap Award for Sexiest Female two years in a row proves that Natalie has huge fan support. Her toned body, smouldering dark looks and fun personality have all provided ample reason for her to top your list of Neighbours Sexiest Babes.