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Quizzes, campaigns and other ways for readers to join in with The Perfect Blend.

The 20th Anniversary Vote
The results of our 20th Anniversary Vote!
The Erinsborough Yearbook
The results of the 2005 Erinsborough Yearbook
The PB Vote
View the results of our regular message board polls
The PB Vote Special
View the results of our one off polls
The 50 Greatest Neighbours
Your chance to help choose the top fifty neighbours
PB's Neighbours Soap Awards
Our annual awards, voted for by PB readers
The Fifth Birthday Vote
All the results from our birthday vote
Neighbours' Sexiest Stars
Our vote for the show's hottest actors
Neighbours' Greatest Couples
Our vote for Neighbours' favourite couples
Ten Out Of Ten
Our tenth birthday Neighbours vote

How Well Do You Know...?
Our quizzes reveal how well you know the residents of Erinsborough
Which Neighbour Are You?
Take our personality quiz to find out which Neighbours character you're most like.
Six Degrees Of Neighbourly Separation
Find the unexpected links between popular characters
Something In Common
What do these groups of characters have in common?

Are you Neighbours' biggest fan?
Crazy Caption
View the winning entries from our weekly competition, held over on the message board.
Meet The Neighbours
Fans share their experiences of meeting the stars of the show
What Happened Next?
Your continuations of some of the big Neighbours storylines
The Neighbours Jukebox
Fans create playlists for their favourite characters
Back In The Neighbourhood
Fans' ideas for bringing back past characters
Neighbours At The Movies
Fans create movie lists for their favourite characters
What If...?
What if events had taken a different course?
Gimme Five
Fans create lists under a different theme each fortnight
Five Years On
Where will our favourite neighbours be in half a decade?

The Perfect Blend DVD Campaign
We campaign for a second Neighbours DVD release.
Bring Back Angie!
Campaigning to bring Angie Rebecchi back to Neighbours on a regular basis
Love Thy Neighbours
We called on fans to show their support for Neighbours

The Fifth Birthday Competition
We gave away one of Toadie's shirts.
Shrugalaro Competition
We offered the chance to win some exclusive Donna merchandise