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Interactive > Neighbours' Sexiest Stars Results: The Guys

Over the past 24 years, Neighbours has seen a plethora of attractive guys and girls settle down in Ramsay Street, so we thought it was about time we discovered which ones were the most popular. Between September and November, Perfect Blend readers voted for the sexiest guys and girls of Erinsborough, and below are your top 25 Neighbours men.

25. Jay Bunyan (Jack Scully)
Nina, Lori and even Izzy gave into Jack Scully’s charms – and so did just enough viewers to win Jay Bunyan a place here.

23=. Dan Falzon (Rick Alessi)
The top teen pin-up of his day, Dan 'Rick Alessi' Falzon clearly still has some fans out there.

23=. Geoff Paine (Clive Gibbons)
Who says gingers can't be sexy? Dr Clive makes a surprise appearance after nearly 20 years off screen.

22=. Scott Michaelson (Brad Willis)
Who needs brains when you’ve got beauty? Bronzed beefcake Brad is still popular 15 years after his exit.

21. Matthew Werkmeister (Zeke Kinski)
Zeke a freak? Not at all. Enough of you found him fanciable to make the Werkmeister our youngest entrant.

19=. Scott Major (Lucas Fitzgerald)
Whether playing troubled Darren Stark or cocky Lucas Fitzgerald, Scott’s been a major hit with you. (Sorry.)

19=. Jason Donovan (Scott Robinson)
Great Scott! The blond mullet might be gone, but 80s superstar Jason hasn't been forgotten.

18. Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson)
Is it Paul's power that makes him so sexy? The seemingly ageless Stefan Dennis is our oldest entrant.

17. Stephen Lovatt (Max Hoyland)
We thought it was just Steph and Katya with… ‘unique’ taste in men. Apparently not.

16. Ben Nicholas (Stingray Timmins)
Can’t resist a cheeky boy? Saucy Stinger, squeeze of Sky and Serena, slips in at No. 16.

15. Dan Paris (Drew Kirk)
He proved he was ‘dead’ sexy with a surprise comeback in 2005 – dashing Drew is at No.15.

14. Jonathan Wood (Angus Henderson)
It’s clearly not just Rachel who wanted to kiss the teacher… the man behind Angus is the only guest star to make the chart.

13. Daniel O'Connor (Ned Parker)
Okay, he had all the acting ability of the Cuprinol man (and a similar shade of tan), but with the mute button on, Ned was a treat for the eyes.

12. Kyal Marsh (Boyd Hoyland)
He started off as a cute little boy – then one day Boyd hit the gym, bought a tight pink polo shirt, and the rest is history.

11. Daniel MacPherson (Joel Samuels)
The face of Icarus and the body of Hercules; Joel Samuels might not have been Greek, but God, he was sexy.

10. Brett Tucker (Dan Fitzgerald)
If any of the PB team had had a PE teacher who looked like Dan Fitzgerald, we’d have remembered our kit a lot more often. Who could resist a man who’s smart, sexy and sensitive (don’t forget he’s a school counsellor too)? Certainly not Libby or Sam, or any of you who voted him into our Top Ten. Since his surprise return to Neighbours last year, Brett Tucker has built up an army of fans, including former Ramsay Street favourite Eliza Taylor-Cotter. Quick, someone phone the school and book us an appointment; we’ve got a lot of problems we’d like to talk through…

9. Damien Bodie (Dylan Timmins)
If you like boy-next-door types, sunbleached surfies or bronzed beefcakes, Neighbours usually has plenty to offer; but if your tastes run to a bit of rough, the choice is a bit more restricted. Or at least it was, until 2005, when Dylan Timmins clawed his way up from Colac to Erinsborough. Bogan boy Dylan definitely wasn’t the sort your mother would want you to bring home, and that was half his charm. Those brooding dark eyes hinted at all sorts of trouble to come, and enough of you wanted to take a walk on the wild side to give Damien Brodie ninth place in our poll. What a pity he had to blow it by going all sissy on us with hair straighteners; after all, swapping GBH for GHD doesn’t do much for a bad boy’s street cred.

8. Sam Clark (Ringo Brown)
Okay, the novelty of his Beatles-themed name was over before his first episode, but when Ringo Brown is such a cutie, who cares? With just a hint of a young Jason Donovan or Jesse Spencer, Sam Clark is a classic Neighbours teen heartthrob; pretty but never intimidating, with just the right hint of vulnerability to make a girl go gooey. We’re not quite sure how the same parents who produced the strapping, Mediterranean-looking Frazer and Johnny gave the world a pint-sized blond like Ringo, but to be fair, we’re just glad they did.

7. Blair McDonough (Stu Parker)
Before he made his way to Erinsborough, Big Brother was watching him, and when Blair McDonough swapped reality TV for acting, millions of fans were watching and swooning too. Taking in careers including cowboy, soldier and policeman, Stuart Parker combined manliness and pin-up prettiness in one impressive package. (And as anyone who’s seen Blair’s underwear modelling shoots will know, impressive packages are something he knows all about…) Stu might not have had much luck in the love stakes, being ditched by Flick before marrying a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but judging by his appearance in seventh spot, there was a legion of fans watching who would happily have mended his broken heart.

6. Christian Clark (Will Griggs)
He arrived with great fanfare in 2006 as one of four ‘hot new twenty-somethings’ for Neighbours. Just three months later he was gone, seduced away by the promise of a Hollywood career. Christian Clark might not have spent long on Ramsay Street, but his impressive sixth placing in our poll suggests he proved more memorable than his character, Will Griggs. Was it those piercing slate-blue eyes that did it for you? Or the fact that he wore as little as decently possible in the opening credits? Let’s just hope Christian’s big screen big break comes soon so we can all drool again.

5. Jesse Spencer (Bill Kennedy)
In a top ten dominated by recent arrivals, 90s heartthrob Jesse Spencer makes a strong showing in fifth place. When Billy Kennedy first tipped up on Ramsay Street, it was his big brother Mal who got the girls’ pulses racing. But when Mal followed his heart and Catherine O’Brien to England, Erinsborough’s young ladies – not to mention Neighbours fans – suddenly noticed the boy was becoming a man, and a rather handsome one at that. By an incredible coincidence, it was around this time Billy discovered a hitherto unknown talent for swimming, forcing the costume department to kit him out in Speedos in virtually every episode. What can you do; sometimes these things are just unavoidable.

4. David Hoflin (Oliver Barnes)
He might have been a last-minute replacement for Christian Clark, but David Hoflin is no second best, his striking Scandinavian looks pulling him in enough votes to bag fourth place. A rich, handsome man with a heart; it’s no mystery why Oliver Barnes appealed to so many of you. From his early drifter days to the sharp-suited look of the Lassiter’s era, the classic combination of Hoflin’s blond hair and blue eyes made Oliver a pleasure to watch, even when his endless indecision over Carmella and Elle didn’t.

3. Dean Geyer (Ty Harper)
Ty Harper might be one of the newest arrivals on Ramsay Street, but he’s obviously had quite an impact, his third placing suggesting Donna Freedman isn’t his only obsessive fan. For years Neighbours stars have turned to pop after leaving the show, but these days it’s the other way round, with Dean Geyer following Dan O’Connor’s lead and swapping Australian Idol for Erinsborough. Libby might have thought Ty was too young, but for those of us not lucky enough to have a choice between a teen dream and Australia’s sexiest teacher, age truly doesn’t matter. Every time we see that shiny hair falling so endearingly over those searing green eyes, it’s like being a teenager poring over Smash Hits again. Sigh…

2. James Sorensen (Declan Napier)
Still a relative newcomer to Neighbours, James Sorensen has quickly become the show’s leading pin-up as the top-placed current cast member in our poll. A hard-edged young man with a soft centre, Declan is the sort of just-bad-enough boy that teenage girls (and one or two pushing-30 blokes on the PB team) dream about. As soon as we saw the surprisingly manly body lurking under his overalls, the combination of the six-pack and that cheeky face was enough to win our devotion. In fact, we strongly suspect that much of the Didge hatred appearing on certain low-rent fan forums is down to pure jealousy.

1. Ben Lawson (Frazer Yeats)
He won Sexiest Male in our Soap Awards two years running, and despite Frazer’s departure for Italy, Ben Lawson is still the man for you, more than comfortably securing first place on our Hot List. Dark-eyed, square-jawed and hairy-chested, Lawson is a more traditionally ‘manly’ man than the typical Neighbours pin-up, showing sometimes it pays to be a bit different. Of course, much of Ben’s appeal comes from Frazer’s character; if we hadn’t worshipped Rosie with all our hearts, quite frankly we’d have hated the lucky cow for bagging a man who’s charming, sexy and sensitive all rolled into one. How much is the fare to Italy these days?