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Back In The Neighbourhood is a fortnightly Perfect Blend feature in which we ask readers to come up with a plot to bring back a past character. Every two weeks, we'll suggest a new character in a thread on the messageboard and add three of our favourite plots to this page.

Back In The Neighbourhood is currently on a break, but will return later in the year.

23 September 2007: Mike Young

smurfy: After a messy divorce, Mike decides he needs a new start. When he hears a teaching job is available at Erinsborough High, Mike returns to his old home town. Paul is delighted to see him and offers him a room at No.22, but he's not the only happy one; despite the age gap, Elle soon develops a crush on her dad's friend. When Mike overhears Elle on the phone talking about her 'older man' he's shocked, but it leads him to question his own feelings. Will Paul be quite so glad to have Mike back if it's as his daughter's new boyfriend...?
david1979: Zeke trips up on a bump on the kitchen floor so he angrily rips up the rancid lino to discover a 10 cent coin with Mike Young's name, forwarding address and telephone number engraved into it. Zeke rings Mike and he says he'll come and collect his cash. On arrival Mike bumps into Boyd and they get chatting about how great it was being in a classic teen gang. Then they become tearful about how it all went wrong. Zeke gives Mike his 10 cents. He goes home. Boyd cries some more.
Joan Rivers: Paul is saddened when he receives a call from his cousin, Nikki Dennison, telling him her mother Laura is dead. He calls Scott and Charlene, who happen to be in Perth visiting Mike, with the news. Remembering his ex-girlfriend with affection, Mike decides to attend the funeral as well. Nikki is delighted to see the old gang, but seems particularly pleased to see Mike. He proves a rock through her grief, and Charlene decides to test her matchmaking skills... one year later, Mike and Nikki are standing at Lassiter's lake, marrying in their old home town.

09 September 2007: Dee Bliss

smurfy: When Dee is pulled from the sea she's disorientated and screaming, repeatedly saying 'where's my toad, where's my toad?' To calm her down, her rescuer gives her a cup of 'special tea'... Hours later, Dee awakes to find herself in a dark, dingey room dressed in a mermaid's outfit. She knows she shouldn't be there, but can't quite remember who she is or how she got there. Luckily her 'rescuer' is on hand with more special tea to make her feel better. As the weeks go by, Dee gradually grows to accept her new role entertaining various male guests, but why does she still dream of toads every night...?
david1979: As the sun sets into the sea, Toadie sits at the edge of the cliff top. Looking out across the calm golden water, a sense of peace falls over him. He turns to his right and Dee is sat by his side. She gently kisses him. Toadie smiles and says "Goodbye Dee". She smiles back; "Goodbye Jarrod". The golden light around them becomes brighter and brighter until it becomes white. Toadie awakes next to Steph with the morning light pouring into his eyes through a gap in the curtains. He looks at Steph sleeping and smiles to himself as he hears Charlie calling from the next room.
Steve: Having washed up on a desert island, Dee finds herself a contestant on ITV's latest reality series, Celebrities On A Desert Island, with the person who can stay the longest receiving a tumble dryer. Dee quickly realises that she and Toadie need a new tumble dryer and, after telling the producers that she's Anne Charleston's housekeeper's cousin's dental nurse, she is accepted onto the show. Dee is currently one of only two celebrities remaining, fighting it out for the tumble dryer with Angry Anderson. Because the show is only broadcast in the UK and Iceland, Toadie has no idea that his wife is alive and well.

26 August 2007: Robert Robinson

david1979: When Hilary Robinson drops a heavy library book, she breaks her toe, so Robert begs his prsion governor for compassionate leave to go and visit her. Once in Adelaide, Robert manages to convince his first cousin twice removed, that he's actually a very nice and proper young man and the prison guards have been really mean to him. Hilary then gives the guards a good talking to and Robert quickly makes his escape while they're distracted. He then swiftly murders Paul McClain, embalms his face and turns it into a highly convincing disguise. After a few years of domestic bliss with a blissfully unaware Katya, Robert makes his way to Erinsborough to go and kill people. But Steph sees him walking up the street in his McClain disguise and as she's in a bad mood, she decides to murder him there and then and hide him in a flowerbed.
Malm: The prison guards approach Robert's cell for a routine inspection, Robert is in bed with the covers over his head. "Wakey wakey Robinson!" one of the guards shouts and pulls back the covers to find a papier-mâché version of Robert curled up in the foetal position. One of the guards runs out to raise the alarm while the other searches the cell. He finds an article ripped out of a newspaper, it features Paul McClain and his fianceé Katya Kinski looking typically awkward at an awards ceremony. Both have had their eyes scratched out and 'She's mine!' is scrawled all over the photo....
...Meanwhile Robert has already made it to Ramsay Street for a little detour before he pays a visit to the happy couple in Adelaide. He spies Toadie in no. 32's garden playing with Charlie and smiles whilst preparing to take aim. Suddenly, Robert feels a presence behind him but before he can turn around he gets a huge smack to the head and slumps to the ground. "Wow Janae, that left hook is really coming along!" says a proud Ned.
edmundo: A changed Elle and an insistent Gail tell Paul it may be time to start acknowledging Rob's condition. After all, not once has Paul been to visit him in the prison hospital. Reluctantly, Paul meets with Rob's psychiatric Doctor, who informs him his condition has not really changed and any visitors could be even more harmful to Robert.
Meanwhile, Robert's plotting his escape, believing Gail is with him in the prison cell and urging him to do so. Robert starts to believe that Gail wants him to exact his revenge one final time and to pull apart the Robinson dynasty.
Robert's elaborate escape plan incredibly works, but immediately the authorities are notified and a massive search begins for the troubled Robinson. Paul and Elle have already been removed from Number 22 and placed into temporary witness protection, but Rob's one step ahead, realising that would be the case. Rob tracks down Ned. He feels Ned may have the information on their where-abouts and could also tell Robert where Katya is. But Ned holds his ground and refuses to give anything away. Ned however, pays the price as Robert strangles him, clearly showing his frustrations.
Inexplicably, Elle and Paul arrive back at Number 22 briefly, violating the terms of their witness protection program. Elle's stunned to see Ned dead on the floor and begins to take her anger out on Robert, carelessy swinging and trying to hit her brother. Robert then delivers another one of his monologues to Paul, before Paul tries to intervene and to stop Elle getting hurt. A scuffle erupts which spills out onto the middle of Ramsay Street, to the shock of all the other residents. By now the police have arrived in large numbers, but Robert manages to wrestle Paul and Elle to the ground and then pulls out a gun. But the sound of sirens is all to much for Robert. It's his moment of glory, with everyone watching him, expecting the worst. But Rob falters. Mentally he can't bring himself to pull the trigger. Instead, he turns the gun on himself. A shot sounds out. Rob's killed himself.

12 August 2007: Danni Stark

david1979: Rosie's big wedding plans mean Lolly has to find someone else to share her problems with, so she starts phoning her older sister. Danni becomes concerned that Lolly is being lead on by Ringo and decides to visit Ramsay Street to have a serious word with the young man.
Mike: After accidently throwing her hairdryer in the bath in a drunken rage, Danni Stark burnt down her apartment. Woops! In desperate need of a place to stay, she phoned all her siblings, but they all told her they'd rather play Myshuno with a pack of llamas. In the end, it was her youngest sibling Lolly who decided to lend her a helping hand. Arriving in Erinsborough the next day with just the clothes she'd been wearing for the past week, Danni made herself at home in number 24 immediately. After taking Lolly shopping one day, where the girls tried on lots of funny hats to a musical montage, Danni received a phone call. It was her neighbour Mrs Spencer, worried as she hadn't seen her for a few weeks. In hilarious consequences, Danni hadn't burnt her apartment down at all! She had drunkenly wandered into another building, and burnt that apartment down. Danni left Erinsborough as quickly as she'd arrived, and probably went to jail for arson or something.
Malm: Danni calls Lou to give him the good news that she has given birth to a surprise baby that she thought was just a touch of trapped wind and asks him if he would like to be the baby's godfather. Lou is delighted and invites Danni stay for a few days so they can celebrate and also spend some time with Lolly.

29 July 2007: Amy Greenwood

david1979: After transferring to BonzAir, Amy Greenwood starts working with Lou Carpenter, who is still terrified of air travel. While flying over Erinsborough, the cabin crew explain the emergency procedure to the passengers. Unfortunately, nervous Lou gets carried away and jumps out one of the emergency exits. Amy doesn't hesitate - she straps on a parachute and follows him out. Plummeting towards the earth, Greenwood pulls into a dive shape and catches up with Lou. The parachute is released and the two of them float down together towards the nearby Lassiter's. But as they approach the ground, Amy realises their combined weight is going to cause a heavy landing. She attaches the chute to Carpenter, fearlessly jumps free and does a perfect dive into Lassiter's Lake. Paul Robinson watches as Amy steps out of the water. Impressed by her airhostess skills, he falls in love instantly and demands she never leave.
smurfy: Visiting Erinsborough for a family wedding, Amy pops in on some old friends and enjoys dinner at Scarlet with Toadie and Steph. After a few glasses of wine, she confesses she wasn't kidding in Annalise's documentary - she still loves Lance and wants him back. Toadie gently tells Amy that Lance is happy with Alanna now, and that she should move on too. Amy mournfully agrees, thanks her friends, then heads out to get a cab - but being slightly drunk, she isn't concentrating, and stumbles into the road where she's hit by a car. Later at the hospital, it's touch and go whether Amy will survive, and Toadie tells Steph he has to tell Lance what Amy said - before it's too late...
Malm: After a near-death experience in the aeroplane toilet, Amy realises that she is still in love with Lance and vows to find him and tell him how she feels. Unable to contact Lance, Amy calls Toadie, who arranges a reunion for all the old gang in Scarlet Bar. Amy is distraught when Lance doesn't turn up, but still has a good catch up with Billy and Anne. After a few hours, Amy says goodnight and retreats to her room in Lassiters but she sees that the door is already open. Armed with her handbag, Amy slowly creeps inside and whacks the shadowy intruder right in the face, who lets out a girly scream. "Lance?!!' cries Amy, and almost pops with excitement.

15 July 2007: Mark Gottlieb

david1979: As trade is slow in Scarlet Bar, Steph hires a "Love City Groove" tribute group as a sure fire way to bring in the punters. Little does she know that the lead rapper is none other than former Ramsay Street resident Mark Gottlieb. On the night of the entertainment, the bar is packed and Lou and Harold push their way to the front of the audience to show off their body-popping skills to the masses. During the encore of "Love City Groove", Lou's sunglasses and baseball cap fall off while he's spinning on his head and Mark recognises him. Lou is dragged up on stage and Harold also joins the fun. Pretty soon they're all bellowing the chorus; "IN THE MORNIN', WHEN THE SUN SHINES, DOWN ON YOUR BODY, I KNOW WE'RE REALLY MAKIN' LOVE NOW!"
smurfy: Lou is surprised to switch on cable TV one day and spot his old friend Mark Gottlieb, now Father Gottlieb, presenting a religious cookery show, Holy Foccacia. Sensing an opportunity for publicity, Lou calls the station to persuade Mark to make an appearance at the General Store. Mark agrees, and while back in Erinsborough, he catches Pepper's eye. Drawn to her Annalise-esque appearance and food-themed name, Mark begins to feel the same way - but can he give up the church, and his TV career for her?
thewomblechick: Carmella is frantic as Tazzle escapes from her Paris-Hilton-esque handbag, and darts across the road from Ramsay Street into, somewhat, oblivion. Meanwhile, in the not-too-far-away-suburb of Eden Hills, the local parish Priest is driving his courtesy motor (kindly donated by the parish, who've been trying to conceal his identity for MANY years!) to Mass, at St. Mary-Catherine's!! Unfortunately, he's paying too much attention to the Avril Lavigne track that's blasting through the sub-woofers of his sporty Suburu that he doesn't see Tazzle... Alas, such a fate is brought upon him. Saying a few prayers (for the cat!!) Father Gottlieb quickly exists the car, and discovers Tazzle - now singed from the exhaust fumes. He reads the tag on it's collar; immediately returns to his Suburu; RACES to Ramsay Street, and spots Carmella.
"FATHER GOTTLIEB!" she cries.
"DOH! Sister Mary-Catherine - you just let the cat out of the bag!!"...

10 June 2007: Caroline Alessi

Malm: Paul opens the door one morning to find a teenage girl called Sinitta standing there, and is shocked to hear her claim that he is her father. A nagging feeling gives him no reason to doubt her as she looks strangely familiar. He invites her in to explain how she found him and who her mother is. Before Sinitta can open her mouth, Caroline comes storming in. Paul's jaw literally hits the floor. "But how?!?" he cries. Caroline sends a protesting Sinitta outside so she can explain herself. A barely audible Caroline whispers "I secretly swapped places with Christina for a few months so she could go into rehab for her secret Jaffa Cake addiction, but sleeping with you was never part of the deal". Paul is knocked off his foot with rage "How could you? Does she know?!?" Caroline simply shakes her head...
smurfy: Paul is stunned to read about ex-wife Christina's death in the obituaries column, and rushes to see Andrew. When he gets there he finds Caroline is already there, and demands to know why didn't tell him. Caroline angrily replies that Paul ruined Chrissie's life, and she deserves to be free of him in death. She also says he's not going anywhere near Andrew - and when Andrew comes in to see what the shouting's about, he doesn't even recognise Paul. A bitter custody battle ensues, until Paul plays his trump card - telling Caroline to give Andrew up, or he'll reveal the truth about their affair years ago...
thewomblechick: Distraught Carmella finds out about Elle and Oliver. Not wanting to risk hearing "I told you so's" from Rosie and Pepper, and given the relationship with her mother, she decides to turn to her aunt for counsel.FURIOUS, at the news, Ray's wife takes it upon herself to confront this 'Elle' at her home. When the front door of number 22 is answered, two familiar faces stare back at each other in disbelief.
"PAUL?!" Mrs Cammeniti exclaims.

27 May 2007: Tad Reeves

Mike: When the General Store's popularity hit the roof, Harold and Lou decided to open it 24-hours. Harold, who ran the store in the graveyard shifts, soon became rather addicted to the joys of daytime television. In particular, the soap "The People Who Live Next-Door". After weeks of speculation of what Barbara-Ann Canterbury's big secret was, he was delighted to learn that she, and the other soap's main protagonist, Sir Charles Starchbury, had had a fling many years before resulting in a baby which she had given up for adoption and never mentioned during her twenty years on the show. Harold watched in anxiety as a motorbike pulled up outside the Canterbury's castle, and a man, covered by his leather and helmet stepped up, knocking on the door. Harold was on the edge of his seat, waiting for the first glimpse of this brand new character. As the man lifted off his helmet, imagine Harold's surprise when the new character, Marlon James Winterberry, was being played none other than his old foster son, Tad Reeves! Harold promptly called Tad to congratulate him on his new acting job, and Tad promised to return to Erinsborough to revel in his new-found celebrity status.
smurfy: When Toadie receives an invitation to Tad's wedding in New York, he decides to head out a few days early with Stonie for some partying. Stonie hooks up with a pretty girl the first night, but he’s in for a shock when he meets Tad's fiancee Sammy - it's the same girl! Sammy later begs him not to tell Tad, claiming it was just a last fling, but Toadie is determined Tad must know. The devastated groom convinces himself it was just a fling, but when he reaches the altar, Tad's anger comes out and he publicly announces what Sammy has done to a shocked congregation. Heartbroken and humiliated, Tad decides to head back to Erinsborough to recover.
edmundo: One day when Harold was having a good Spring clean, he came across some of Tad's old records. With the house now fairly full, Harold agonised whether to do away with Tad's records or not. But to Harold's surprise, he later found a flier, with Tad's DJ-ing alias name on the front of it. It was for a performance Tad had done at a nearby club last Summer and after Harold talked things through with Sky, she came to the conclusion that she must have picked up the flier on a wild night out last year, when she was going through her dodgy patch. Harold, at first was angry with Sky that she never told him that Tad was in the area, but Sky told him that she was so drunk at the time, she'd quickly forgotten all about it. To make ammends, Sky did some quick research and got into contact with some of her clubbing mates. She soon discovered the next venue of Tad's DJ-ing and to Harold's surprise Sky dragged him along to the club. Harold and Sky boogied the night away, although Harold was slightly disturbed by the lack of clothing some of the women were wearing. Backstage, Harold met up with Tad. Tad apologised for not getting in touch sooner because he'd been so busy with work, whilst Harold also apologised, as it had been a difficult few years for him. Tad then accepted Harold's invite to stay for a few weeks. Tad was amazed to see Toadie with Steph and he had a great time mixing it with the Timmins'. However, soon enough, Tad had to get back to work DJ-ing. He said his goodbyes and promised that he'd one day be back again!

13 May 2007: Katie Landers

Ramsay Street: In a church in Adelaide, Harold, Lou, Karl, Susan & Katya are seated at the wedding of Paul McClain. As the church door opens and the bridal march begins, Harold is stunned to recognise the Bride, Kate Marshall as Katie Landers. After the ceremony, Harold approaches the newly weds and Kate explains that following Todd’s death, her mother, keen for a fresh start reverted to her maiden name of Marshall, and that she also took the name. After learning from Harold that Paul & Elle Robinson were living in Ramsay Street, Paul & Katie decide to use part of their honeymoon to return to Erinsborough to visit old friends.
smurfy: Paul decides to resurrect the old Lassiter's Girl campaign, promising the job to Elle. However, Janelle is just as keen for Janae to get it, leading to another Robinsons vs. Timminses battle. Dylan tries to resolve the argument by suggesting they run a competition in the Erinsborough News, pointing out that this will create more publicity. Paul and Janelle eventually agree, and even find a candidate they both like - Kate Marshall. After Kate is announced as the winner at a press event, she and Paul share a private toast in the office. 'To my little cousin, Katie Landers', says Paul, grinning like a Cheshire cat - 'who'd have thought she'd grow up so beautiful? Robinsons 1, Timminses nil!'
david1979: Another lonely night in Adelaide, Katie Landers logs onto the internet and checks her emails. Katie, New people listed on Friends Reunited. Katie remains nonchalant as she clicks on her message and moves across cyberspace to see who's cropped up from her past. Half the time it's someone from college she can hardly remember or one of the many quiet kids from school; but this time Katie is in for a pleasant surprise. Toby Mangel. The first boy Katie Landers had ever had a crush on. His profile says he's planning a trip to Erinsborough next week to visit his sister. Oh, he's single. Maybe it'd be worth popping back there to see how he is.

29 April 2007: Brad Willis

Malm: Brad suddenly remembers that he buried a box in no. 28's garden that contained the only surviving copies of the naked photos that he secretly posed for to raise the cash to start his business. Worried that the current residents will find them he rushes back to Ramsay Street to retrieve them. Brad knocks on the door and Susan answers. Brad reels off a made-up story about wanting to get a memento he buried in the garden as a child but Susan is already pulling one of her famous faces. "You mean these?" she says, waving the photos under his nose. Brad goes purple and escapes while Susan collapses into fits of laughter before checking the winning bid for the pictures on eBay, from a certain Lauren Carpenter....
smurfy: Rachel is shocked to find a strange man making himself at home in No.28 – only for him to demand to know what she’s doing in his house. Scared, Rachel goes next door for help, and when Lou follows her back he recognises Brad. Brad is relieved to see Lou, but when he asks why Rachel’s in his house and if Lou’s seen Pam and Doug, it’s clear something’s very wrong… Lou takes him to No.24 and calls Pam, who flies down in a panic, explaining Brad’s had a breakdown after his daughter’s cot death. As she tries to convince him they left Erinsborough years ago, Brad becomes more and more agitated and confused. Lou has a brainwave and asks Brad what year it is. ‘1991 of course!’ he replies, to Pam’s horror…
david1979: Karl and Susan are woken early one morning by Springsteen's noisy crowing. After a few kicks from Susan, Karl is persuaded to go out to the garden to silence his bird. But when he gets out there he discovers a young lad hacking away at one of the trees. Karl quickly stops him and asks what he's doing. The boy reveals he's Ned Willis and that he hates his cousin Zac, because he's always bragging about how special he is for being 15. So he decided to destroy Zac's tree and then send him the twigs in the post in the hope of breaking his spirit. Brad and Beth are phoned and Brad gets on a plane to pick up his angry son.

15 April 2007: Phoebe Gottlieb

Malm: After getting into serious debt through gambling, Ned decides that the best thing to do would be to fake his own death and run away. His 'suicide' note requests that Toadie organise the funeral so Toadie gives Bright Lights Funeral Directors a call. Later that day he gets a visit from Phoebe who named her new business after her father. Ned, not being the intelligent sort, still hasn't run away and spots Phoebe meeting Toadie in his office, and falls in love with her on sight. Ned decides to go for it when she leaves but after having seen photos of the 'dead' Ned, she screams and runs away. Phoebe sells the funeral business as she's too traumatised and goes back to work in the record shop.
smurfy: A strange girl is hanging around outside No.26, but runs off when Janelle spots her. When Janelle catches her again, she claims No.26 was her dad's house. She says her name is Hope, that's she run away from home after her parents split up, and just wanted to see where her real dad lived. Janelle eventually persuades her to call Phoebe, who spots Paul in the street when she arrives. In a rare kind moment, Paul offers to let the pair stay for a while so he can tell Hope all about Todd. But when a lonely Phoebe throws herself at Paul, will his kindness last?
david1979: When the Gottlieb's record bar begins to fail due to the popularity of mp3 downloads, Phoebe has a fresh idea. Remembering her unusual teenage image, and seeing her own daughter Hope's gothic tastes, she decides to open Anson's Corner's first ever Goth Boutique. Bree Timmins becomes a regular customer and is so delighted with the shop that she gets chatting with Phoebe and Hope. The teens are soon firm friends and as Hope starts visiting Bree on Ramsay Street, Phoebe realises the coincidence that it's the same street Hope was raised on. Following some sentimental memories, Phoebe asks Toadie if he would consider selling his share of number 30...

01 April 2007: Brenda Riley

Malm: Lou suddenly remembers that he actually has a family and decides to invite them all down to stay. Nobody bothers to turn up apart from Brenda who decides to stay on a bit longer as she's having so much fun. One day, Harold comes home early from the General Store to find Brenda dancing around the living room in his clothes with a drawn-on beard and sideburns. Brenda turns around and is rooted to the spot with shame and embarrassment. Harold asks her what is going on, and Brenda confesses the secret she's kept hidden for years. She wants to be a man....
smurfy: Lou receives a call from a devastated Brenda, telling him her husband Roy has died. Lou travels to Malaysia for the funeral, but when he gets there, there's more bad news - Roy has been fiddling the pair's finances for years, and their house and business are virtually worthless. Brenda's grief turns to anger, and she begins to go severely off the rails, getting drunk and throwing herself at men. Lou insists she comes back to Australia with him, where he and Harold do their best to help her get back on track. But how will Lou react when Brenda decides she's had enough of rogues and wants a nice, honest man this time - like Harold...
david1979: When Lou and Brenda's cousin Eddie dies, they meet up at the funeral. Lou notices Brenda has tried to disguise a black eye with make-up, and when he asks her about it she gives him a shoddy excuse, while her husband Roy looks uncomfortable. During the wake Lou gets heavily drunk and begins to accuse Roy of hitting Brenda. Things get ugly and the two men begin brawling, Brenda screams and admits the truth of her abusive marriage. Lou hugs his sister and they break down in tears together; he vows that he'll protect her from now on. Brenda moves back in to 24 Ramsay Street.

18 March 2007: Des Clarke

Malm: After several weeks of having strange dreams of Ramsay Street, Des decides that the only cure will be to go back and hopefully put an end to it. A few days later Des arrives in Erinsborough and heads straight for his old house where he promptly throws Karl, Susan and the kids out and barricades himself inside, taking Chop with him, who he renames Bouncer. Harold and Paul reluctantly collaborate to coax Des out and attempt to get to the bottom of his problems. However, Des is too clever for them and manages to escape. He is later found outside the General store after having spray-painted 'Daphne's' over the sign chatting to two pigeons he kept calling Mike and Jane. Des later blamed it all on a bad curry and went home again.
smurfy: Searching for a new catering company for Lassiter's, Paul comes across Daphne Clarke Catering. Assuming it's a coincidence, he calls for a quote anyway, and is astounded to discover the company is run by Des and Jamie. Paul insists they visit Erinsborough, and Des is pleased to get the chance to thank Susan and Harold for reuniting him with Jamie. With Des's birthday approaching, Paul organises a surprise party, contacting old friends Shane, Clive and Joe Mangel. However, there is a surprise guest when Joe brings a visiting Jane. Although things are initially awkward, Jane and Des are soon reminiscing, and she later admits letting Des go was the biggest mistake of her life. Is there a way back for the former lovers?
david1979: One night while making himself a midnight snack, Paul's plastic leg skids on some spilt dairy produce in the kitchen. Paul's fine but the next day Oscar Scully pays a visit and punches Paul out. When he comes round, Paul is convinced it's 1988. He can't understand how Elle can be his 20 year old daughter and he spends most of his time lurking outside number 24 wearing a speedo and brandishing a lilo. Harold decides to indulge Paul's fantasy by calling up his old mate Des Clarke and getting him back over. Karl, Susan and the Kinski kids are a bit miffed at having to move out - but Paul always gets what he wants.

03 September 2006: Henry Ramsay

Malm: After his initial embarassment at the nudist pool party, Karl decides to brave it again with Jenny. At the party they meet the DJ for the event, Henry Ramsay, who got into nudism after his famous 'towel in the door' incident. Henry is on a naked Australian tour after Bronwyn threw him out because he burned all his clothes in an 'act of liberation'. Karl discovers that Henry is Madge's son and tells him to go to visit Harold. Harold is pleased to see Henry and helps him to see sense over his constant nudity. As a result, Henry puts some clothes on, quits his tour early and flies back to patch things up with his wife.
smurfy: A young man, Jake, arrives at No.24 and asks Sky if Henry Mitchell lives there. Unaware of Madge's previous surname, Sky says the Ramsays have lived there for years and he must have the wrong address. Later she spots Jake in Scarlet looking glum and goes to join him. He tells her Henry Mitchell is his father, and that address was all the information his mother gave him. Sky suggests he may have the wrong number, and says she'll ask Harold if he knows the Mitchells. When she does, a shocked Harold reveals Henry Mitchell is now Henry Ramsay - and calls Henry to tell him he has a son...
anfield: Karl accompanies Jenny to her first election debate, and is shocked to find that her main rival is former Ramsay Street resident Henry Ramsay, now a self-made surf-board millionaire turned politician. After the debate they start discussing life in Erinsborough, and find they have a mutual love of music. Soon they are entertaining the audience with a stirring rendition of "Hey Mona".

20 August 2006: Debbie Martin

Peace Dove: Whilst demolishing the old tree house in her garden Lyn discovers some deeds proclaiming Debbie the rightful owner of her house, after various calls to Debbie, via Susan, Debbie returns and kicks out Lyn, Oscar and the Timminses and creates a family of her own in the house, much to Paul's dismay, especially as this leads to tensions between Paul and the Martins to reignite..
smurfy: Rosemary offers to sell Paul Lassiter's Darwin, but when the pair clash over the price, so Rosemary sends Debbie to conduct the negotiations personally. Although coolly polite, Debbie tells Paul it's strictly business - after what he did to her dad, he's no uncle of hers. However, when Elle tries to get to know her, Debbie can't ignore her cousin, and gradually softens towards Paul too. With a price agreed, Paul heads to Darwin to check over the hotel - and Debbie tells Paul if he really wants to redeem himself, he must visit Phillip whilst there and make things up.
david1979: Toadie grows back his big curly pony tail. It telepathically lures Debbie Martin's big curly pony tail back across the Pacific with Debbie Martin attached to it. Not that she minded cos she was getting grief off Rosemary for stealing another one of her boyfriends. She then decides to try and mess with Paul's mind by raising her powerful eyebrows at him every time they meet in the street. It works brilliantly.

06 August 2006: Lucy Robinson

Malm: To nobody's surprise, the role of Lucy is recast. She turns up on Paul's doorstep, pleading for somewhere to stay as rats ate her apartment while she was at work. Paul fails to recognise her and tells her to go away or he'll call the police. Later that day, the ghost of Jim emerges from Paul's fruit bowl and tells Paul that he must find Lucy as she's in trouble. Paul eventually locates her at the bus station and takes her home where she explains that her dramatic change of appearance in due to an addiction to plastic surgery. Lucy stays for a bit but later wins a nose job in a competition. Ashamed of what Paul will think, she runs away.
smurfy: Elle is delighted when she is approached by a modelling scout, but Paul is sceptical. To try and appease him, Elle suggests he met the scout, Dave. Paul agrees, but is in for a shock - it's Lucy's ex-husband, David Kazalian! When Elle hears this she storms out with Paul, but Kazalian catches up with her the next day and sweet talks her, telling Elle he's a changed man. When Paul discovers Elle is back modelling for Kazalian, he decides there's only one way to make her see sense - flying Lucy to confront her ex and give Elle the truth from the horse's mouth...
david1979: Paul is chilling out on his sofa watching The OC when he is disturbed by the telephone.
PAUL: Hello.
ROSEMARY: Paul it's Rosemary, I've got bad news.
PAUL: What is it Aunty?
ROSEMARY: Lucy is on her way to visit you...
PAUL: That's great!
ROSEMARY: Paul, I'm sorry to tell you your sister has gone nuts. She's had extensive surgery...
(there's a thud at Paul's front door and it bursts open)
PAUL: Lucy? Is that you?
(Lucy strides into the lounge atop two metalic, shiny prosthetic legs)
LUCY: Hi big brother! I wanted to be just like you!

23 July 2006: Melanie Pearson

Malm: Paul and Izzy plan to get married and decide to charter a flashy yacht for their honeymoon. On the wedding night they board the yacht and set sail, Izzy decides to change her outfit as she's getting a bit sweaty. She runs screaming out of the cabin as she's heard a banshee-type wail coming from the en-suite. Paul limps over to investigate. He slowly opens the door and discovers Melanie laughing on the toilet. "Surprise!" she shouts, Paul chucks her over the side of the yacht where she is rescued by some familiar-looking mermaids....
smurfy: Joe Mangel returns to fulfil his promise of marriage to Lyn. Just as the priest is asking if anyone has any objections, a voice from the back of the church says 'yes, I do'. Shocked faces turn to see Melanie standing at the back of the church. 'You can't marry Lyn, Joe', she says, pulling a certificate from her pocket. 'Our divorce was never finalised - you're still married to me!'Gasps ring around the church. 'Is this true Joe?' demands Lyn. As Joe stutters a denial, Melanie collapses with her trademark seal-cub laughter. 'April Fool!' she cries. The congregation are appalled, but Joe is reminded of how much he loved Melanie's sense of humour. Thrusting Lyn aside, he remarries Mel instead.
david1979: Sexy young undertaker 'Salty' moves into The House of Trouser on the grounds that he once went to an undertaking lecture given by Arthur Bright who said his daughter lived there and told him she thought it was "alright" living there. Then, Ned Parker's old nursery school teachers, ex-husbands, cousin decides to move into Susan's house with her 17 horrible screaming, sniveling children. Gino's aunties, personal trainers, gardener is found squatting under the Hoyland's house. Harold becomes very distressed by all these new faces and falls to his knees in the middle of the street screaming "Noooooo!!!! It's all getting SO tenuous!" Then Melanie pulls up in a cab and says "Hi Harold, remember me? I'm your granddaughters, adopted, ex-stepmother."

18 June 2006: Marlene Kratz

Malm: Lou receives a desperate late night call from a mystery woman pleading for help as she has been kidnapped. He follows her directions and finds himself at the local owl sanctuary. It turns out that animal welfare campaigners saw Annalise's documentary and mistook Marlene for an extremely rare owl. Thinking she was being exploited on a cruise ship for entertainment, they took her to the 'safety' of the sanctuary. Lou rescues Marlene and takes her back home with him. She soon enters into an intense relationship with Ned, who falls in love with her on sight.
smurfy: Lou is shocked to hear John Allen has been jailed for drugs offences. Concerned for Lollly's welfare, he asks Toadie to help him fight to get her back. Toadie tells Lou he'd have a better chance if he had a blood relative of Lolly on side, so Lou contacts Marlene and begs her to come home and help. Marlene makes an impassioned plea at the custody hearing, but the family court are worried about Lou not having his own home. Marlene announces Lou does have a home - Marlene has just bought No.20 Ramsay Street for them all. Lou and Marlene are awarded joint custody, and Ramsay Street welcomes both Marlene and Lolly home.
david1979: Marlene's husband shaves off his beard and Marlene realises that she only loved him for his resemblance to Captain Birdseye. With her marriage over, she moves back to Ramsay Street where Lou, Harold and Sky take her in. But things turn fishy when they discover her eating huge quantities of frozen fish fingers in the middle of the night. They have her committed to an asylum and pretend she never came back. A few months later, Marlene starts an internet relationship with Stingray when they meet on a fish finger forum.

04 June 2006: Felicity Scully

Malm: Flick comes back. No one cares. She leaves again.
smurfy: There's trauma for the Scullys when Oscar is diagnosed with leukaemia. He desperately needs a bone marrow transplant, and while Lyn instantly volunteers, Karl tells her a sibling has a much better chance of being a match. Lyn won't hear of Steph volunteering because of her history with cancer, so Felicity and Michelle fly in from New York to be tested. Michelle is a perfect match, but Flick is completely incompatible as she has a rare blood type. Flick doesn't understand as both her parents are 'O' positive and asks Karl how it's possible. He's forced to explain it isn't - leaving Lyn with some explaining to do...
david1979: When Toby Mangel returns to Ramsay Street the residents are horrified to discover the "hot young man" to "hot young woman" ratio has been ruined. The residents lives are in turmoil as Toby wanders up and down the street looking for a female to flirt with. Susan takes to wearing a yashmak. Eventually Lyn remembers her middle daughter and begs Paul to transfer Flick back to Erinsborough, and so the balance is restored once more.

21 May 2006: Clive Gibbons

Malm: Clive Gibbons hears that Paul is back in town and decides to pay a visit himself. On his arrival in Ramsay Street he meets Karl who is keeping up his daily vigil outside Susan's house in the hope that she ask him in for "coffee". Clive happens to mention that he's a doctor. Karl erupts in anger shouting "I'm the only doctor around here and I intend to keep it that way!" His face is purple with rage. Clive is shocked but challenges Karl to a naked fist fight in the Scarlet Bar. Karl declines, instead demanding a Hippocratic Oath challenge, who has been in breach the most? Clive looks at him in disgust and walks off to Pauls house with Karl left weeping in Susan's flowerbed.
smurfy: Becoming increasingly paranoid that there is still something between Izzy and Karl, Paul decides to hire a private physician. Clive applies for the job, unaware of who the patient is. Although there is some tension because of Susan Cole, once the two get over the surprise they begin to reminisce about old times and Clive accepts the job. Paul introduces Clive to Izzy and Elle, who think he's a scream, and it seems as if he's having a positive influence on Paul. However, a chat with Harold makes Clive wonder if he should be working for him after all. To get Clive to stay, Izzy works her 'magic' - and another love battle between Paul and Clive begins...
david1979: Following his counselling for agrophobia, Paul realises something has been wrong with his life for a long time;
PAUL: Izzy, there's something I need to tell you.
IZZY: What Paul.
PAUL: I've realised something, I'm not in love with you.
PAUL: I'm sorry, but it's true. I love someone else. Someone from my past.
IZZY: Who!?!? Lil?!?? Christina!?!? Gail? It's Gail isn't it!
PAUL: No it's not Gail. I think you'd better sit down.
IZZY: I'm fine!!!!!! Just tell me who she is!!!!!!
PAUL: Izzy; the truth is I'm gay.
Izzys eyes nearly pop out of her head...
IZZY: I should have seen this coming. All the signs were there. You dress well, smell nice, never drink beer, keep your house tidy and have a strange desire to work with a hairdresser.
PAUL: Yes. I should have realised myself. Even my first marriage was to a woman with a mans name. Anyway the man I love is called Clive and I've invited him to come and move in here.
There's a knock at the front door and suddenly a man in a guerilla outfit bursts in...

07 May 2006: Hilary Robinson

david1979: Kim and Janelles remarriage day approaches; time for another bucks night. Kim gets all the lads over (including Paul who he's made up with), and they head down to The Scarlet Bar for a few swift halfs. They get bored of dancing to I've Never Been To Cuba so they move on to some hardcore "clubbing" action in Hemisphere. Drew the bouncer doesn't let Boyd in cos he says he looks like a drug dealer. The lads get pretty hammered (Kim is carrying the Scarlet Bars "Singing Reindeer" and wearing only his pants, Dr. Karl has passed out with his head in a urinal). Paul then ups the ante by getting the gang down to Lapland Follies. They settle infront of a half naked brunette with a sexy alluring haircut; then Paul recognises her - "Aunty Hilary! What the hell are you doing?!!?!?".
smurfy: On her visit to Ramsay Street, Gail is shocked at how hard and bitter Paul has become. Thinking back to how it used to be, she realises Paul needs a stabilising influence in his life to ground him in the way Jim and Helen did. Gail calls the most sensible person she knows: Hilary. She's soon back in Erinsborough and despite Paul's protests, he secretly enjoys being mothered. Meanwhile, Hilary catches up with Harold, whom she's always had a lot in common with. The lonely pair begin sharing dinner dates and classical concerts - but how will Paul react to their blossoming love?
Enunciate: "It's 6.30, time to be up people". Paul exits his bedroom. “Hilary? What the hell are you doing here?” “I’m the new maid. Now, where’s Miss Isabelle?” Izzy appears from the second bedroom with Ned. “Oh dear, oh dear” says Hilary. Izzy panics. “Paul! It’s not how it looks!” With that, a naked, male model (wearing bunny ears and a bow tie) exits Paul’s room.” Well I never!” says Hilary, storming off. “Wait!” shouts Paul. Hilary runs down the stairs, falls on tripwire and injures herself. Harold comes running in. He looks down at Hilary and spits on her.

23 April 2006: Sarah Beaumont

Mama Baker: Karl, in an act of desperation, starts internet dating again and is pleasantly surprised when he sees HotAussieBabe has a good medical knowledge and once happened to live near him. He is distraught to discover she lives in London but goes there when visiting Mal. Only when he returns do we discover that HotAussieBabe is in fact Sarah and she and Karl are engaged-much to the horror of Susan.
smurfy: With her marriage over, Sarah and her trademark high ponytail return to Australia. Only planning to pop back to Erinsborough to pick up Bob and say hi to Toadie, she is shocked to discover Susan and Karl are no more. She decides to stay and win her one true love back, getting a job at Scarlet. Karl is still hung up on Susan, but when he finally makes a move, she rejects his advances because she's still grieving. Drinking alone in Scarlet, a worse for wear Karl invites Sarah home - only to find Susan waiting on his doorstep...
Enunciate: Attempting to get look young again, Susan decides to re-grow her hair. Having saved some money, she has cosmetic surgery on her face and breasts and looks 35-years-old again. She proudly walks the street but collapses on her way to Ramsay Street. At a nearby hospital, Susan is diagnosed with CVA and Foreign Accent Syndrome (RP). She also has a slight touch of amnesia. Distraught, Susan returns home to find a much older-looking Sarah Beaumont in her house with Karl Kennedy. Sarah (played by Jackie Woodburne), tells Susan to get lost.

12 March 2006: Mrs Mangel

Enunciate: Billy Kennedy and Grandpa Tom visit No.28 one afternoon and accidentally squash Dahl behind the door. As Dahl flies around the house in pain, Billy chases him and screams "are you okay?!" Meanwhile, Tom collapses. Outside, Susan walks towards the house with her shopping. Hearing bangs and screams, she calls Karl and the police on her mobile. Ten minutes later, Karl arrives with Stuart. Billy comes running out and shouts "grandpa needs help!" Karl runs in and sees Tom lying on the floor. With his dying breath, he says "son, your real mother’s name is… Nell Mangel. Find her!"
david1979: Joe and Toby Mangel return to Ramsay Street following the failure of Toby's farm. Toby becomes depressed and takes to drinking binges in The Scarlet Bar with Connor. During an unpleasantly competitive game of pool with Ned, Toby drunkenly implies that Ned can't read very well. Ned visciously glasses Toby in the back. Toadie defends Ned in court, and so Ned is sent to prison for life. But poor Toby needs a new kidney. Following extensive tests by Karl, it's discovered that Joes kidneys are too lazy. Luckily, Toby's gran Mrs. Mangel is a suitable match, so Jane wheels her back into Ramsay Street in her iron lung.
teenage-monkey: Mrs Mangel has found out that she has only six months to live, so decides to go on a "round the world" trip. She decides to spend sometime in Ramsay Street remembering a big part of her life, as well as meeting up with her adoptive grandaughter, Sky.