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On Valentine's Day 2009, we launched our latest vote, looking for Neighbours' Greatest Couples. As always, voters picked their top five, with their favourite at number one scoring five points, down to the couple in fifth place scoring one point. Voting lasted a month, and here are the results.

20. Ty Harper & Rachel Kinski (Dean Geyer & Caitlin Stasey)
From Australian Idol star Dean Geyer’s first appearance as musician Ty Harper, it was clear that he and Caitlin Stasey were destined to be Neighbours’ next supercouple. Though his crush on Libby, and her doomed relationship with teacher Angus delayed things, they eventually got it together. And spent a lot of time singing.

19. Lance Wilkinson & Amy Greenwood (Andrew Bibby & Jacinta Stapleton)
Their arguments were legendary, and often mentioned by Lance’s ex-housemates in the years after he’d gone, but classic ‘opposites attract’ couple Lance and Amy also had plenty of happy moments too. Popular girl Amy and nerd Lance spent more than two years splitting up and getting back together, but she ended up pregnant to colleague Damien and leaving to marry him. There was a glimmer of hope, however, in 2005, when both characters returned for the 20th Anniversary Week, and it seemed like a reunion was on both their minds.

18. Lou Carpenter & Cheryl Stark (Tom Oliver & Caroline Gillmer)
After his attempts to woo Madge Bishop soured and she left town, Lou’s next conquest was the larger-than-life bar owner Cheryl Stark. Arguably the only one of Lou’s partners that he was truly suited to, the relationship lasted a couple of years before things went dramatically wrong as Cheryl was held hostage in South America and returned home a changed woman, before dying as she ran out to grab daughter Lolly, who’d wandered into the road.

17. Toadie Rebecchi & Dee Bliss (Ryan Moloney & Madeleine West)
After eight years in Ramsay Street, and several short-term romances, it wasn’t until 2002 that law student Toadie finally found love with nurse Dee Bliss. The love affair quickly won over fans, delighted to see Toadie happy with the charming and funny Dee. The tragic ending to their relationship – her disappearance on their wedding day – only served to heighten the fondness with which they were held by fans.

16. Izzy Hoyland & Paul Robinson (Natalie Bassingthwaighte & Stefan Dennis)
One of the better relationships to emerge from Neighbours’ over-the-top 2005/2006 era, Izzy and Paul turned to each other as they were both outcasts in the tight knit Ramsay Street community. What began as an affair for her, ended with them living together, though the constant game playing meant that things would never last long, and she left town in late 2006, pregnant with Karl’s baby.

15. Billy Kennedy & Anne Wilkinson (Jesse Spencer & Brooke Satchwell)
The first teen couple to really grab the viewers’ imaginations after Scott and Charlene a decade earlier, Jesse Spencer and Brooke Satchwell were Neighbours’ golden boy and girl in the late 1990s. Though they had many ups and downs, they were happily reunited as both actors left in 2000, and have since gone on to have a son of their own, Jackson, with regular updates from Billy’s family, who remain living on Ramsay Stree

14. Des Clarke & Daphne Lawrence (Paul Keane & Elaine Smith)
Neighbours’ first big will-they-won’t-they came in the shape of hapless bank manager Des and stripper-turned-café-owner Daphne, whose gentle relationship survived a disastrous wedding in which the bride was kidnapped, a second wedding which ran more smoothly, and the birth of their son, Jamie. But when Elaine Smith handed in her notice, there was only one way things could end, and Daphne was killed off, only waking briefly from her coma to utter the immortal words ‘I love you too Clarkie’.

13. Toadie Rebecchi & Steph Scully (Ryan Moloney & Carla Bonner)
Their relationship began way back in 1999, when Toadie developed a crush on his new neighbour, biker chick Steph. Eight years later, they’d both been married, Steph had a son, and the old feelings returned for Toadie, only this time, Steph was beginning to feel the same way. The relationship was a happy one, until marriage was mentioned, and Steph’s doubts came flooding the surface, ending with him spectacularly jilting her at the altar. They’re back to being friends… for the moment.

12. Stingray Timmins & Serena Bishop (Ben Nicholas & Lara Sacher)
Though they didn't exactly turn out to be love's young dream, and both ended up dead, Serena and Stingray still captured enough hearts to feature just outside our top ten. Fun-loving Stingray helped put a smile on uptight Serena's face with various stunts to get her attention, but ultimately it just wasn't to be, and a brief reunion in 2005 reminded them why they were better off as friends.

11. Paul Robinson & Gail Lewis (Stefan Dennis & Fiona Corke)
Paul's second appearance in the top twenty, this time with the woman many fans still believe to be his perfect match. Workaholics Paul and Gail spent plenty of time together at the office, but it wasn't until they entered into a marriage of convenience that their feelings for each other really started to blossom. Sadly, Paul's love affair with business proved stronger than his marriage and, heavily pregnant with triplets, Gail walked out on him. In recent years, dramas involving the triplets brought Gail back to Erinsborough, and it was clear the old spark was still there.

10. Libby Kennedy & Drew Kirk (Kym Valentine & Dan Paris)
Not to be outdone by the popularity of her little brother's relationship with Anne Wilkinson, Libby Kennedy found herself as one half of a hugely popular relationship when mechanic Drew Kirk fell for her in 1998. He took a long time to tell her of his feelings, then a long time to propose and, thanks to a motorbike accident, it then took them more than a year to make it to the altar. But fans stood by them the whole length of the way, as a love triangle with Libby's best friend Steph ensued, and Libby later risked her life to carry her mirable baby, Ben, to full term. Just as it seemed nothing could tear this young couple apart, a horse-riding accident left Drew with massive internal injuries, and he died on the operating table. Libby was left a widow and a single mum, and there was hardly a dry eye in the house as she sang 'Wild Mountain Thyme', the song Drew had performed for her at their wedding, during his funeral.

9. Lucas Fitzgerald & Elle Robinson (Scott Major & Pippa Black)
The most recent coupling to feature in our top 20, biker Lucas Fitzgerald seems like he might finally be the man to make princess Elle Robinson happy. Though they were just friends, with a little flirting, to begin with, once Lucas had realised that his feelings for Libby were more about getting one up on his brother than anything else, he found something a little more substantial with Elle. Their banter is good enough to rival Karl and Susan, and their little private detective missions for the newspaper add an interesting edge to the relationship. Though they've only just gotten it together, with a kiss at Christmas, we're hoping we'll have many more years of this couple to look forward to.

8. Scott Robinson & Charlene Mitchell (Jason Donovan & Kylie Minogue)
There was no doubt they’d be in the top 20, though we all expected them a little higher – Scott, Charlene and their wedding brought the show’s highest-rated episodes back in the 80s. From their first on-screen meeting, when he mistook her for a burglar and she punched him in the mouth, it was clear that this was a very special pairing. The on-screen chemistry translated off-screen, with Jason and Kylie becoming a couple too, which only added to the magic, and they quickly cashed in on their popularity with music careers and strings of number one hits. Though things fizzled out slightly at the end, as Kylie quit a year before Jason, and Scott spent twelve months flying between Melbourne and Brisbane and resisting the advances of other women, there's no denying their popularity, still in many viewers' top five couples over two decades later.

7. Boyd Hoyland & Sky Mangel (Kyal Marsh & Stephanie McIntosh)
Another popular teen couple of recent years, Boyd Hoyland found himself instantly attracted to the slightly weird Sky Mangel when she turned up in Erinsborough to stay with her grandfather, Harold. Fun Sky and sensible Boyd made an interesting pairing and fans enjoyed the ups and downs of the relationship, though ultimately it seemed that they weren't destined to be together, as Boyd ended up married to Janae Timmins, while Sky found herself pregnant to Janae's brother, Dylan. Then in a relationship with Dylan's brother, Stingray. Then involved with fake spiritualist Terrence. Then with Caleb, the guy who received Stingray's heart when he died. Couldn't quite make her mind up, that girl. Happily though, Boyd and Sky ended up leaving Erinsborough together, four years after they first met, but this time, just as friends.

6. Libby Kennedy & Daniel Fitzgerald (Kym Valentine & Brett Tucker)
A second showing for Libby Kennedy in our top ten, and it seems that her newest relationship, with nice guy teacher and counsellor Dan Fitzgerald, has matched the success of her time with Drew. Though they knew each other back in 2000, it wasn't until they were both back living in Ramsay Street in 2007 that flickers of an attraction began, but by the time they got it together, Dan's bipolar wife, Samantha, was around. Though Dan chose to go to New Zealand with Sam, she realised that his heart was really with Libby and granted him a divorce, but, as is often the case, it wasn't going to be a simple reunion, as Dan's brother Lucas then turned up and another love triangle followed. Thankfully, Lucas moved on to Elle, while Libby and Dan planned their wedding. Then Sam came back...

5. Donna Freedman & Ringo Brown (Margot Robbie & Sam Clark)
Proving that it always helps to be a recent teenage couple in votes like these, scatty Donna and simple Ringo have scraped into the top five. Les than a year into her time in Erinsborough, Donna Freedman has already been a huge hit with fans, as she's struggled to fit in and make friends, but the one person always standing by her was Ringo. Realising that she might finally have found someone she could be herself with, Donna opened up to him and they sealed their new relationship with a kiss in the rain. Whilst Donna was wearing a green face mask, naturally.

4. Bridget Parker & Declan Napier (Eloise Mignon & James Sorensen)
A tale of romance to rival Scott and Charlene has seen young lovers Bridget Parker and Declan Napier rocket into the top five, only a few votes behind third place Rosie and Frazer. The tale of tomboy Bridget and local rebel Declan began with joyriding, before Didge ended up seriously ill after a hit-and-run accident. Things got worse for Didge in 2008, when she was responsible for the death of Chris Knight, but Declan stood by her, and they finally ended up together, winning many fans along the way. And now, Didge is expecting Declan's baby, meaning that they've both had to mature quickly, but as long as they maintain the sense of fun and support for each other that's made them so popular, they should remain one of Neighbours' greatest couples for many years to come.

3. Frazer Yeats & Rosie Cammeniti (Ben Lawson & Natalie Saleeba)
On-screen chemistry can cover up a lot of weaknesses in the plot, and Ben Lawson and Natalie Saleeba had it in spades, which was lucky, because the idea that Frazer had changed his name and somehow followed Rosie to Erinsborough hoping to marry into her family after her engagement to his brother, was confusing. To say the least. They faced further hurdles en route to the altar, including her fling with Paul Robinson and Frazer's temporary paralysis, but July 2007 saw one of Neighbours' most lavish weddings in years, as they became man and wife. After dominating the stories for so long, Rosie and Frazer then took a backseat, but in 2008, fans wept as Rosie was told she'd suffered a phantom pregnancy, then she hadn't, then she and Frazer moved to Italy. We still receive at least one email a week asking when they're coming back.

2. Madge Ramsay & Harold Bishop (Anne Charleston & Ian Smith)
The only couple in our top ten to appear on screen in the 80s, 90s and 00s, Madge and Harold's popularity rose from the combination of superb comic timing and some fine dramatic performances over several years on screen. The only couple in Neighbours (and possibly soap opera) history to read eulogies at each other's funerals, Madge and Harold also had a couple of weddings under their belts by the time Madge tragically succumbed to cancer in 2001. Though Harold's 'death' in 1991 had led to him returning with amnesia in 1996, it seemed that, this time, it was all over for Mr & Mrs Bishop. Though he's tried new relationships in the years since, nobody has ever quite matched up to Madge in Harold's eyes.

1. Karl & Susan Kennedy (Alan Fletcher & Jackie Woodburne)
Neighbours’ longest-running couple, Karl and Susan, have been through a huge amount during almost 15 years living in Erinsborough. They arrived fresh from the country in 1994, with their kids Malcolm, Libby and Billy, replacing the popular Willis family and immediately putting fans offside with their family meetings and country ways. But slowly, Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne won people over with their obvious chemistry and banter that made them seem like a real married couple. By the time Karl cheated with receptionist Sarah in 1998, fans were gripped and couldn't imagine the street without them in it. Over a decade later, and we've seen Susan suffer amnesia, the renewal of the couple's vows, a divorce, Karl fathering a child with another woman, Susan becoming a widow and ending up with three stepchildren, and the triumphant reunion and third wedding of our number one couple. And with plenty of new teenagers to keep them busy, and Libby living next-door, it seems like your number one couple could still be stealing everyone's hearts for another 15 years.