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Interactive > Six Degrees Of Neighbourly Separation by Ryan

‘This is the most incestuous street!’ Darcy Tyler’s girlfriend Alice might not have stayed around long, but she certainly got the measure of Ramsay Street. See for yourself with our new game, Six Degrees of Neighbourly Separation. Your task is to link two characters – one past, one present – using no more than six other characters. The only rules are that all linked characters must either be relations or have had relations. See how you go with these - highlight the grey area for the solution:

Shane Ramsay – Janelle Timmins

Shane’s aunt is Madge Ramsay (1), who married Harold Bishop (2). Harold’s grand-daughter is Sky Mangel (3) who is dating Dylan Timmins (4), son of Janelle.

Des Clarke – Stingray Timmins

Des was married to Daphne Lawrence (1), who had previously been engaged to Shane Ramsay (2). Shane’s aunt Madge Bishop (3) was married to Harold (4), grandfather of Serena Bishop (5), who once dated Stingray.

Max Ramsay – Susan Kinski

Max’s sister Madge Ramsay (1) was the stepmother of Kerry Bishop (2), who married Joe Mangel (3). Joe dated Lyn Scully (4), who once had an affair with Tom Scully (5), who later dated Susan.

Clive Gibbons – Connor O’Neill

Clive was once engaged to Susan Cole (1) who was in love with Paul Robinson (2). Paul also had an affair with Liljana Bishop (3), whose daughter Serena (4) was dating Connor at the time of her death.

Edith Chubb – Boyd Hoyland

Edith’s niece was Bronwyn Davies (1), who dated Mike Young (2). Mike previously dated Jane Harris (3), niece of Joe Mangel (4), adoptive father of Sky Mangel (5), a former girlfriend of Boyd.

Dorothy Burke – Karl Kennedy

Dorothy was married to Colin Burke (1), who had an affair with Rosemary Daniels (2). Rosemary’s nephew is Paul Robinson (3) who is dating Izzy Hoyland (4), former fiancée of Karl.

Faye Hudson – Stuart Parker

Faye’s niece was Cody Willis (1), who dated Stonefish Rebecchi (2), older brother of Toadfish Rebecchi (3). Toadie dated Sindi Watts (4) who dumped him to marry Stuart.

Benito Alessi – Steph Hoyland

Benito’s son Rick (1) dated Debbie Martin (2). Debbie’s stepmother Julie (3) was the sister of Paul Robinson (4), whose girlfriend Izzy Hoyland (5) is the sister-in-law of Steph.

Marlene Kratz – Toadfish Rebecchi

Marlene’s grand-daughter Danni Stark (1) once dated Michael Martin (2), after he split from Cody Willis (3), who briefly dated Stonefish Rebecchi (4), brother of Toadie.

Darren Stark – Elle Robinson

Darren’s partner is Libby Kennedy (1), daughter of Karl (2). Karl was engaged to Izzy Hoyland (3), currently dating Paul Robinson (4), father of Elle.