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Five Years On is the new Interactive game on Perfect Blend, celebrating the site's fifth birthday. Each fortnight, we'll suggest a character on the Neighbours Messageboard and ask you to post your ideas on where that character will be, and what they'll be doing, in five years' time.

11 January 2009: Sienna Cammeniti

Edmundo: Life has never been more exciting for young Sienna. Realising she clearly wasn't cut out for the music business, Sienna returned to the General Store and set about perfecting her many muffin recipes. It turned out that Sienna's muffins were so tasty that no-one else was ordering any other food, so poor Carmella's cooking soon became redundant. However, not to be outdone by her cousin, Carmella fought back with some wonderfully delicious new recipes, inspired by her recent visit to the UK. The General Store slowly started to turn into a old English country restaurant, with Carmella slaving away cooking traditional English dinners, such as Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, Toad in the Hole and Shephards Pie. Sadly however, all this time spent in the kitchen made Carmella incredibly short-fused and angry. Expletives could reguarly be heard from the kitchen, whilst Sienna remained cool and confident showing off her muffins. Soon enough, Carmella became so overcome with anger that she slipped on her Eton Mess that she had earlier dropped on the floor and accidentally plunged her face into the deep-fat frier. Carmella looked hideous and went away for a few months for even more reconstructive surgery on her face leaving Sienna in charge of the General Store. But Carmella never did come back due to a fear of kitchens and when Sienna suggested they could frolic around together making muffins, Carmella said no.

micromatt4: Sienna soon came to grips that there was very little for her to do in Erinsborough, as everyone else seemed to have much more exciting lives. She moved to Sydney where she realised her true calling was a stain-removing company for sofa's, specialising in post-party cleaning.

David1979: Sienna convinced Logan to leave Nothing Doing to go on Australian Idol as a duet called Cheesy. They won and did a cover of Joy Division's Atmosphere which became the biggest selling Aussie single of all time. Their follow up singles Cheesy Time and Cheesy Easter failed to break Australia's Hot 250 chart. They now live in a cardboard box and are sometimes seen busking around Melbourne where audiences smile and nod for quite a long time as Sienna bellows out:
"Even though you passed me by
I still hold onto the light in your eyes
And this rose in my room
Doesn't grow, never will
And you're in my head, and you're in my head
We share the same space
We are the same, so I
Don't understand why things are this way
Two people forced to turn their backs and walk away
Cos they could not communicate how much they wanna stay
Could not communicate how much they want to stay"

07 December 2008: Donna Freedman

Smurfy: Five years on, and the big mouth that used to get Donna into trouble has got her into TV. After appearing in the audience of Channel 44 discussion show Live with Lisa, Donna’s tactless but truthful comments are a smash hit, and an agent later approaches her about getting her own show. Discourse with Donna trounces Lisa in the ratings, and soon Donna is one of Melbourne’s biggest stars. However, a blot her brilliant career is a series of threatening notes – it seems the one-time stalker is now the stalkee… After a suspect is released without charge, Donna fears for her safety. It’s only when she hears Lisa has trashed the Channel 44 studios following her show’s cancellation that things fall into place. The police try and get Lisa committed, but as this requires two doctors and Erinsborough only has one, the plan fails. Disguised as a pensioner, Lisa gets into the audience of Donna’s show, then rushes at the stage with a knife. Fortunately, Donna is doing a segment featuring the world’s oldest pets, and Lisa trips over Bob the dog, impaling herself on her own knife, to Donna’s delight and the cheers of the audience.

David1979: Five years on and Donna's relationship with her father Matt hadn't improved. Although she matured considerably from her rebelious teenage years, and even graduated from Eden Hills Uni, Matt was still a control freak with Donna. His behaviour became increasingly bizarre and erratic, and he'd often disappear for long periods of time - even losing his job. This led Donna to believe he may be heading for a nervous breakdown. Asking Dr Kennedy's opinion on Matt's mental state, Donna and Karl ended up spying on the ex-policeman for a few days. They were surprised to discover that Matt was regularly visiting an old lady. After Matt left, Donna asked the old lady how she knew her father, and she replied that he was her son Cameron Hudson! The old lady, Faye Hudson, reluctantly explained to Donna that Cameron had had multiple personality disorder since the late 1980s, and even pretended to be his cousin Brad Willis for a short time in 1990. Matt Freedman was just a creation of Cameron's mind; a life he'd retreat to when Cameron's life got too complicated, and in turn, when Matt's life was difficult he'd return to being Cameron. Donna was stunned but it made sense with her tumultuous family history. With the help of her newly discovered grandmother, Donna confronted Cameron/Matt with the truth and after months of psychotherapy and medication he managed to combine his identities. Sadly, Donna came to regret this when her father become a stand-up comedian.

Mr Steve: After her fifth marriage comes to an end, Donna receives a huge divorce settlement and decides to return to her old home in Erinsborough, where people were once so kind to her. She finds that the credit crunch, five years earlier, has hit the people of Ramsay Street hard, and everyone is preparing to sell their houses and move into Paul Robinson's Deliciously Evil Bedsit. Donna announces that she's going to buy the whole street and let everyone stay but on the condition that she can paint each house a different shade of pink. Ramsay Street then becomes a World Heritage Site and everyone gets arrested when they try to play cricket.

23 November 2008: Bridget Parker

Smurfy: Five years on, and Bridget is now 'Brigitte'. After catching Declan cheating on her with a prettier girl, she spent weeks moping around refusing to leave the house, but eventually decided to get even, not mad. After splashing out on hair extensions and a fancy new wardrobe, Bridget scrimped and saved to pay for a boob job, and was soon beating off boys with a stick. Spotted at a cool nightspot by a modelling scout, she soon has a fabulous new career and an swish city apartment. At an awards ceremony, Brigitte is approached by one of the waiters. 'Hey Didge, it's me, Dec!' he cries. 'Remember me?' Brigitte looks him up and down with disdain and coolly says, 'No'.

Malm: Five years on and Bridget is blissfully happy, she is excelling at university and after graduation, plans to go into partnership with her dad at the vet's clinic. She is also on a high after being spotted by a modelling scout who praised her unusual beauty and she now occasionally models rabbit t-shirts for the leading fashion magazine in Australia, coincidentally run by Elle Robinson. Didge was also lead model in Elle's 'Steak For Dinner?' t-shirt campaign and gained much critical applause for her non-pious poses. Additionally, the Parkers won 'Erinsborough's Most Popular Family' in 2011 after they all did marvellous things for the community. Didge is still with Declan who is a local football hero and trainee mechanic, they plan to marry when Bridget qualifies.

Edmundo: 5 years on and life has been tough for Bridget. Really tough.

On a flight to the Middle East in a surprise visit to Riley the aircraft in which Miranda and Steve were on got shot down by the Taleban. Their bodies were never found but it seemed unlikely they would have ever survived. Bridget was lucky. She didn't go on the trip to the Middle East and stayed at home to look after Jake, Mickey and Lou. However, she was understandably upset but couldn't get in contact with Riley at all to tell him the horrible news, but seeing as Riley didn't really like Miranda and Steve that much, she decided not to bother. Rebecca took Bridget under her wing and she moved into No24, but living in such close quarters with Declan put a strain on their relationship and Bridget ended up falling for the amorous advances of Josh. Declan was furious when he found out about Bridget's betrayal, so pushed Josh off a bridge. Bridget was so inspired by Declan's machoness she decided to marry him.

Later working at the veterinary practice, Bridget's latest scientific experiment for a new vaccine against animal disease went horribly wrong when her scientific guinea pig, Jake, swallowed some of her mixture, causing him to grow to the size of a horse. Further bad news was to follow when Jake ate Mickey. Bridget was also concerned for the whereabouts of her Aunt, Nicola who hadn't really been seen since Miranda and Steve's death. But when Nicola did return it soon became clear that she'd become brainwashed by the Taleban and it had been her who shot down the plane. Bridget was so upset she got Jake to eat her. But eventually there was some good news when the Erinsborough News started to report that Riley, Miranda and Steve were being held hostage in Kabul. With her crush on Barack Obama, Bridget appealed to him to do all he could to set them all free and soon enough they were. They then all had a big emotional reunion before getting to work on reversing the failed experiment on Jake.

:orange slanty face:

09 November 2008: Ned Parker

Smurfy: Five years on, Ned is a broken man. After Kirsten cheated on him their relationship collapsed, but a worse blow was to come when she married her new man and moved to Britain, taking Mickey with her. Without Mickey, Ned lost direction in life, and returned to gambling to fill his time. Unfortunately Ned’s luck proved worse than ever, and within weeks he was deep in debt to loan sharks. To escape their clutches, Ned left town in the dead of night and returned to Ramsay Street, throwing himself on Steve and Miranda’s mercy. Paul later heard of Ned’s plight and, feeling guilty for his past treatment of him, gave him a job at Lassiter’s. A few weeks later with no sign of the loan sharks, and a pretty receptionist showing an interest, Ned begins to see the light at the end of tunnel. But the best is yet to come – Mickey calls and tells his dad he hates England, and is moving back to Oz to be with him. A week later, Mickey emerges from a cab smiling and waving, and a delighted Ned runs across the road to meet his son. He doesn’t see the speeding garbage truck, which kills him instantly.

David1979: Five years on, Ned is living back in Oakey with Kirsten and Mickey, and spends lots of time with the rest of the Parker family. Ned earns his living by touring the countryside with an unusual entertainment act; singing and stripping on a mechanical bull. He's also grown his soul patch so long that he can now plait it and tuck it into his nipple ring.

rebeccag: Five years on and Ned returns to Ramsay street engaged to Kirsten and a father again . But Ned is in for a shock after Janee comes back to visit Toadie, Steph and their baby. Ned and Janee start to click again and nearly kiss but manage to stop themselves . Ned is about to leave to return back to Kirsten and Mickey when Janee reveals that she never stopped loving him. Ned drives away but in Perth cant keep his feelings hidden. Kirsten then admits a bombshell of her own Ned isnt the father of their child, it's Paul Robinson.

26 October 2008: Zeke Kinski

Smurfy: Five years on Zeke is almost unrecognisable. After a massive growth spurt and years spent training with the school swimming team, he's no longer 'Zeke the freak', but a tall, toned ladykiller. He has his own swish penthouse apartment, having made a fortune from inventing a new source of eco-power, and his once-cooler mates Declan, Ty and Ringo live in awe of him, reduced to dating his cast-offs. However, Zeke begins to question his new lifestyle when old flame Bree applies for a job with his company. Zeke is delighted to see her, but Bree seems distant, and eventually tells him he's lost everything that made him special. At first Zeke is dismissive, but eventually admits that as much as he's enjoyed having the last laugh, material things and trophy girlfriends have never made him happy. Suddenly he realises the one girl who did make him happy is right in front of him - and is delighted when Bree accepts his proposal.

David1979: After five years as a smack addict porn star shop lifter, Zeke cheered himself right up when Sienna Cammeniti taught him how to ride a unicycle. He learnt how to do all sorts of crazy tricks on his wheel and became very rich and famous as a result. He then bought a mansion in The Bungle Bungles where he happened to meet Emily Hancock. They fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after with Madge's ghost.

steev: Having completed his teacher training, Zeke starts work at Erinsborough High under recently-appointed principal Libby Fitzgerald-Kennedy-Kinski-Jones. His first day is packed with problems, as 16-year-old Chloe Cammeniti starts a fire in the only classroom and everyone's forced to sit in the school yard. Just as he's thinking about giving up on teaching, in walks Bessie, one of his class who was late for some reason like a dental appointment, and he realises that she is the girl he met in a nightclub a few nights earlier, who had told him she was 27 and worked as a tractor driver. Horrified, Zeke runs away, but Bessie follows him and they begin a pious relationship, which Rachel disapproves of. Zeke ends up in prison but nobody cares.

12 October 2008: Daniel Fitzgerald

Smurfy: Five years on, Daniel and Libby are happily married. When Libby was unable to carry another child full term, the couple adopted orphan Tessa, and the family now live a few streets away from Ramsay Street. Everything seems perfect, but Dan secretly feels like he'll always be a stepdad to Ben and Tessa, and wonders what it would have been like to have had a child of his own. When Dan is offered a head teacher's job at an infant school in Adelaide, he and Libby agree he should visit for a few days to check it out. However, when he meets the board of governors, he's stunned to see one of them is ex-wife Sam. But the biggest shock is Dan's realisation that to be on the board of governors, Sam must have a school age child... Sam claims her son isn't Dan's, but when she refuses to show him a photograph, he becomes suspicious. Dan waits at the school gates later to watch Sam pick her son up - and his resemblance to Dan is uncanny. It seems Dan has finally got his wish - but at what cost to his marriage to Libby?

rebeccag: Five Years on and Dan and Libby are getting ready to be married. They booked the wedding date and are just going through the last preparations when suddenly Darren arrives . He says hes changed and begs Libby for another chance. Libby ignores him and its only when Darren says he has an incurable illness that Libby starts to soften. Libby pulls him in an embrace but Dan spots them through the Kennedy window. Feeling betrayed he runs back to number 30 where somebody is waiting for him, Samantha. Dan realises he was wrong and the two of them leave.

MissMuffin: Daniel and Libby have been married for four years, but his affair with Steph in 2011 almost destroyed the relationship. Just as the trust is coming back, Daniel realises, when he pops next door to borrow some muffins, that Steph wasn't just getting fat - she had his baby!! Steph has been hiding baby Anthea in her house for months, pretending that she was just working from home a lot. Libby finds out and decides to move to Darwin, while Dan and Steph set up home together with Charlie and Toadie and Anthea and a few other kids from the neighbourhood.

28 September 2008: Nicola West

Smurfy: Five years on Nicola is about to finally achieve her dream of becoming Mrs Parker – but it’s Ned, not Steve, she’s marrying. After fleeing Ramsay Street three years previously, unable to fight her feelings for Steve, Nicola went travelling around Europe, and on moving back to Sydney was surprised to find Ned living in the same apartment block, licking his wounds following the collapse of his marriage to Kirsten. After a whirlwind romance the pair – who haven’t even told their family they’re dating – arrive in Erinsborough to announce their engagement. The news doesn’t go down well; Miranda is worried Nicola still has feelings for Steve, while Didge is concerned her heart really belongs to Riley, and tells him he has to come home and stop the wedding. A few weeks before the wedding Riley returns to town and accuses Nicola of using Ned, but their heated argument turns to passion, and the pair end up in bed. Riley is then furious to discover Nicola still intends to marry Ned. With a few days to go Stu arrives to be best man and is all smiles, but later angrily tells Nicola that he won’t stand for her using his little brother to get back at him for ending their affair – unaware Mickey is in earshot… At the ceremony tensions run high. As the vicar asks if anyone has any objections, Miranda, Didge, Riley and Mickey all stand up. As Ned hears the horrifying truth, he slaps Nicola and calls her mad, accusing her of an obsession with the Parker men. Nicola angrily replies that she doesn’t need a Parker man anymore – she’s got a little Parker of her own growing inside her! But which Parker is the daddy?

Mike: For five years now, Nicola and her sister Miranda haven't spoken. Miranda doesn't know where she is, or even if she's alive. One day, on a shopping trip to buy one green and and one red apple, the haggard looking lady at the checkout seemed oddly familiar. She gave a knowing smile to Miranda's usual list, and proceeded to reconcile with her sister. Miranda smiled, she'd missed her sister. They arranged to meet at a nearby pub, but when Miranda realised she'd been overcharged for the red apple, she realised her sister was the same woman she ever was, and refused to shop there ever again.

David1979: Nicola left Ramsay Street red faced after being caught one night snogging a water melon in no.26's kitchen. Some years later she ended up working alongside Dr Darcy Tyler and before long romance bloomed. The couple decided to marry in Erinsborough but sadly for Darcy, the wedding brings guest Billy Kennedy who Nicola became instantly enraptured with. Although Bill didn't reciprocate, Darcy walked in on Nicola's sexual advances thus creating emotional turmoil. Darcy then kidnapped Nicola, hijacked a bus and drove them off a cliff together into the ocean.

14 September 2008: Rachel Kinski

Smurfy: Five years on, Rachel is a notorious Melbourne party girl, frequently doing kiss and tells in the tabloids. After losing her faith in love over the Angus affair, Rachel switched her affections to cold hard cash - however, when the tabloid money starts to run out, she's forced to give up her swanky city apartment and go cap in hand to Karl and Susan. Despite lecturing her on her lifestyle, they welcome Rachel back - and announce she's just in time for the party to celebrate Paul and Rebecca's lottery win. Knowing Paul's form for cheating, a plan to get back in the money begins to develop in Rachel's mind...

anfield: Rachel is now regretting dropping out of school and moving in with Angus on his release from prison. Ostracised by her family and friends, they have moved to the City and are living in a very basic apartment, where Rachel struggles to raise their two young children. However news of Susan's deteriorating health draws her back to Erinsborough, where she meets Zeke for the first time since his marriage to Taylah. After a long talk with her brother, and seeing how happy they both are at University together, she realises what a mess her life has become, and with the love and support of Karl, Susan (who longs to spend time with her grandchildren), Libby and husband Dan, she calls Angus to say she will not be returning.

David1979: After finishing her English literature degree, Rachel decided to go into the family business and become a teacher. She proved to be very good at the job but sadly, in her first year of teacher training, Rachel began to get drawn towards one of her students. What started out as a mutual respect developed into a deep friendship, and despite him being only 15, the friendship went one step too far when they shared a kiss. Rachel was stunned and disgusted with herself - how could she kiss Mickey Gannon after knowing him since he was 8 years old!?

31 August 2008: Lou Carpenter

Smurfy: Five years on, Lou is a lonely man. While the Silvani family’s departure for Italy has allowed him to move back into No.24, he’s alone there since Harold’s marriage to Loris and subsequent retirement to the Gold Coast. When his ex-wife Kathy dies, Lou’s depression worsens, but there’s a silver lining when he comes face to face with Guy for the first time in 15 years. Lou is stunned to learn he has two children, Kit and Jason, he knew nothing about and is furious with Guy, but some plotting by Lauren and Guy’s wife Carol brings father and son back together. When Lou learns Guy is short on cash and needs to sell his house, he suggests they pool their resources to buy No.24. Guy is initially reluctant, but Carol persuades him to accept. With his family around him again, Lou is no longer lonely, but one thing is missing – a woman. At Elle and Oliver’s wedding, Lou can’t enjoy the romance of it all; that is until Gail introduces him to her widowed stepmother, Gloria. Lou is smitten with the vivacious, young at heart Gloria at first sight, and six months later the wedding guests are reunited to see the two tie the knot.

Ramsay Street: Five years on, Lou has now retired and has successfully accomplished having no point in life. Having moved out of Number 26, he is now living in the apartment previously used for Libby & Drew/Flick/Karl/Rebecca & Declan/Carmella, however we never see it. He never interacts with the other residents of Erinsborough and only appears in the background.

rebeccag: 5 Years on and Lou, having come into some money, decided to buy the General Store. However he is surprised to see Mishka return after she managed to return after her run from the Russian mafia and she brings Lolly back with her. Mishka decides to stay in Ramsay street and after a few months living together Lou proposes to her and all three of them stay together .

17 August 2008: Riley Parker

Smurfy: Five years on, Riley is a famous newscaster. After being plucked from obscurity by talent-spotter Melody Jones, who bagged him a gig on Channel 44, Riley quickly rose through the ranks, becoming one of the most popular faces on Melbourne TV. When offered a job as Sports Correspondent with a national station, Riley leapt at a move to Sydney and became even more well known. But while his career was on the rise, Riley's personal life was still a mess - despite many attempts to end things, he kept being drawn back to Nicola.
When rumours begin that the TV station is looking for a younger main anchorman, Riley is a hot tip for the job. Days later Riley is indeed offered the job, but on the day he's due to be unveiled at a press conference, paparazzi pictures of him and Nicola appear on the front of a tabloid with the headline 'TV'S PARKER IN SICK INCEST SHAME'. Riley is promptly sacked, his career in ruins. At a loss as to who betrayed him, all becomes clear when his replacement is announced - one Heather Pryor.

zsxd2345: After having his relationship with Nicola discovered by his family, Riley has now been outcast from the Parker home. He now lives in Perth with Nicola . However one day in the local bar, he meets an older man who seems quite depressed. Riley takes pity on him and decides to lend a sympathetic ear. The old man tells Riley that he has a son that he has never met, but after years of trying to find him - he has finally given up hope of meeting him. It is only then that Riley realises that this elderly man is Steve's real father and that Jim had lied about him dying in Vietnam.

Rupert the Werkmeister: Five years have passed since Riley Parker's tenure in Erinsborough came to an end. And what an eventful five years it has been. After leaving Ramsay Street Riley decided to track down his biological parents. James and Nicole Harper had recently divorced but told Riley he had a brother - and what a suprise it was! Ramsay Street resident Ty Harper, new husband to Bridget Parker. This led Riley in a very unenviable position....how to tell his brother and his sister that they were related and their marriage had to end before it had even got going.

03 August 2008: Ringo Brown

Chloe: Ringo, in full Toadie fashion, has a complete turn around due to living with the Kennedy's and really settles down at school eventually becoming Erinsborough High's P.E teacher. Moving back into the House of Trouser along with Declan and Zeke we see a full revival of the random boxer short scenes. After a few brief relationships Ringo eventually admits that no-one compares to Rachel and the pair are finally reunited.

Smurfy: Five years on and Ringo seems to be doing well. His eating disorder is in check, and he's even training to be a counsellor on the subject. However, one thing prevents Ringo from moving forward - he can't stop thinking about Jess. He keeps hoping it will get better, but when he starts hearing her voice, Ringo fears he's going mad.
Whenever he hears Jess, she's saying the same thing -'Puppy's safe now'. When Ringo asks Taylah if Jess ever had a puppy as a child, she tells him it was her mother's nickname for her. Ringo is delighted to realise Jess has been trying to let him know she's at peace, and confides in Taylah. Stunned, Taylah decides she wants to talk to Jess too, and persuades a reluctant Ringo to host a seance, dragging Zeke and Rachel along too.
When Ringo can't hear Jess anymore, he's convinced he's had her message and it's over. But then he hears a man's voice, saying 'I wish I could have caught the train with you'. The Kinskis become emotional when they realise it's Alex talking about their trip on the Trans-Siberia railway. It seems it's not just Jess who can contact Ringo - he has the gift...

Malm: Five years on and Ringo is having the time of his life. Having successfully beaten his eating disorder, he became a little too eager to eat and put on ten stone. Ringo then lost it all after three years with a careful diet and exercise plan devised by himself and Carmella, who had also put on a bit of extra weight due to having several more babies after Marco discovered a miracle cure for his infertility. The Ringmella Diet became a nationwide success for the both of them, making them millions of dollars in the process. Ringo also got back together with Didge but realised it was ridiculous and ended it after 2 hours. She wasn't that bothered.

20 July 2008: Elle Robinson

Smurfy: Five years on and Elle has left Erinsborough, and journalism, behind. She now runs her own modelling agency in Sydney, Elle's Belles, and is desperate to expand, but is short on cash. When one of her regular photographers, Chris Cousens, tells Elle he's recently inherited a large sum of money and wants to invest it somewhere, it seems too good to be true. However, a few weeks later one of the young models, Vikki, claims Chris touched her inappropriately during a photo session. Chris denies the accusations and Elle stands by her business partner, but there are doubts in her mind...
Two months later, Elle receives a surprise visit from Harold, who is still travelling around Australia. Elle invites him to dinner, but when the other guest - Chris - arrives, Harold is horrified. When he tells Elle what Chris did to Serena, Elle realises Vikki was telling the truth all along, and she's in business with a paedophile. Elle demands Chris sell her his share in Elle's Belles, but when he reminds her of her lack of capital, Elle realises she has no other option than to sell her share to him - at a vastly reduced price. Broke and downhearted, Elle is forced to return to Ramsay Street, move back in with Paul and return to working at Lassiters.

Chloe: Five years on and Elle owns a chain of newspapers and is one of the richest women in Australia. Meeting up with her father who is now EvilPaul™ once again, he convinces her to sign over all of her fortune, leaving Elle without any money and forced to move back in with Gail.
Gail convinces Elle to visit estranged brother Robert in prison, and there the two reunite. Now sharing a hatred for their father the two conspire to bring him down... permanently.

Edmundo: Frustrated by Heather's continued presence at the workplace, Elle considers calling it a day on her journalism career. But when she gets wind that Brad Jordon is selling up, Elle's business instincts kick in again, and she makes an offer he can't refuse. With Elle back in a position of power, she relishes being the boss and forces poor Heather out of the firm. Now hoping to finally do what she should have a long time ago, she makes a move on Riley, but is shocked when he knocks her back, mainly due to her ill-treatment of Heather. Riley then shocks Elle once more, and resigns. With Elle struggling to keep her team on side, she calls in her father to keep everyone in check.
For years, Paul and Elle run the paper like a communist state. Staff turnover is high and pressure begins to mount on Elle and Paul from their superiors, who are unhappy with the way things have gone. Needing to prove themselves, Elle thinks she's found a golden story that'll cause paper sales to go through the roof, but when it's revealed that the whole story was a lie, the paper is taken to court and sued. The pair of them are fired and after a long discussion with her father, Elle decides to return to Lassiters.

06 July 2008: Libby Kennedy

Smurfy: After Dan and Sam's reunion, Libby decides to concentrate on Ben and her career. Hearing Brad Jordan is having financial problems, Libby uses her settlement from Darren to buy into the Erinsborough News and goes back to journalism. Although it's tough at first, Libby forms a great team with Elle and Riley; however, when Brad decides to sell his remaining share, the paper is threatened. Paul steps in and buys Brad out to keep Elle in a job, which Libby is less than impressed by - particularly when Paul forces her to appoint his brother Scott as joint editor. However, in time Libby recognises Scott's a good journalist, and she and Steph become good mates with his wife Charlene. It's at Scott and Charlene's silver wedding party that Libby meets the recently divorced Mike Young. Despite the ten-year age gap the two bond quickly, and when matchmaking Susan offers Mike a job at Erinsborough High, he's glad to accept. As the pair grow ever closer, Libby forgets her vow to leave love behind, and five years on from her disasters with Darren and Dan, Libby becomes Mrs Young.

Chloe: 5 Years on and Libby and Steph are still living together, along with Rachel, due to a misunderstanding with Daniel on their wedding day followed by a series of unsuccessful relationships. Ben, on yet another adventure with Charlie ends up knocking Libby out, cue dream sequence... Libby sees what her life would have been like if Drew hadn't died, quite simply she's bored out her mind, until a handsome guy catches her eye... Dan! When Libby awakes from the dream she realises that she should have stuck with Dan all along, tracks him down and they live ever after, well until Ben becomes a sulky teenager at least.

sunray83: The Kennedy family sit down for tea over at the Parkers house, and the 2 families are joined by Lou, who is still staying there. Just as they are all tucking in, a disturbing phone call arrives for Lou. Its Danni Stark. Brett has been involved in a car accident, and hes in critical condition. Memories of her relationship with Brett come flooding back, and coming home and seeing Dahl doesn't help matters. Libby decides to go with Lou to the hospital where Brett is. When Brett comes out of his coma, he realizes that he will never walk again. To cheer him up, Lou brings him back to Ramsay Street along with his new girlfriend, who much to Libby's horror, is her old enemy Geri Hallet. Brett and Geri met while on holiday. Libby thinks Geri is using Brett, as Brett has a well paid job etc. It turns out that Geri is actually using Brett, but not for his money. She needs a boyfriend in a hurry because she is in a custody battle for her daughter, and her ex boyfriend (the child's father) has already settled down in a nice house and has everything.

22 June 2008: Toadie Rebecchi

Smurfy: Five years on, Toadie has left the law behind and is now a lifestyle guru. After the collapse of his engagement to Steph he decided it was time to find a new woman with no preconceptions of him and, realising the ‘cuddly loveable Toad’ image was doing him no favours, he ditched the pizzas and beer in favour of adzuki beans and pomegranate juice. Toadie loses three stone in as many months, and while he doesn’t find love, he does find a new career as a healthy eating adviser on Radio Erinsborough. Over the next year Toadie develops a real following throughout Melbourne, and Melody Jones signs him up to write a recipe book, which proves to be a smash. After three years Toadie sells his share in Rebecchi Cammeniti to a newly qualified Rebecca Napier and becomes a full-time author and public speaker. He can’t believe his luck when his sexy new PA Chelsea falls for him, and proposes within six months. However, when Chelsea starts planning a lavish wedding and talking about going global and a move to New York, Toadie wonders if she’s only interested in a swanky lifestyle. At their engagement party, Toadie catches a sad Steph’s eye, and as the pair pour their hearts out at Lassiter’s lake, Steph admits losing him is her biggest regret. Toadie finally realises that Steph does and always did genuinely love him, and five years to the day from their original wedding, the pair elope – together at last.

Edmundo: Five years on and Toadie is enjoying life with Steph again. However, still not married, Toadie continued to have doubts over Steph's love for him. But when Steph fell pregnant with Toadie's child, it ended his doubts over Steph's commitment. Steph gave birth to identical twins called Hillary and Maude. Along with Charlie, the 5 still live at No. 32 and are having a super time. Furthermore, Steph has decided that although she doesn't ever want to marry Toadie she will take his name and is now known as Stephanie Rebecchi-Scully.

David1979: Toadie gave up law in 2009 and became the presenter of his own children's TV gameshow called "Pond Scum Frenzy". He loves his stress free job chucking buckets of gunge over kids and using his fame, he set up his own youth group charity which helps disadvantaged kids through the use of novelty aquatic nicknames. In 2012 Steph finally realised her love for Toadie when Charlie nearly drowned trying to recreate one of Toadie's zany games. Toadie saved him at the last minute and Steph proposed on the spot. The couple married and had septuplets in 2013.

08 June 2008: Miranda Parker

Smurfy: Five years on, Miranda has been to hell and back. When No.26 burnt to the ground, killing both Riley and Bridget, Miranda suffered a severe nervous breakdown and spent many months in an institution. Her marriage to Steve, who felt his own grief was being ignored, almost collapsed, but the pair eventually reconciled; however, the couple's age and Miranda's history of psychiatric problems makes it hard for them to adopt again. In an attempt to cope with her grief, Miranda devoties her time to volunteering in in a children's home, and befriends a troubled teen, Lexi. When Lexi discovers she's pregnant at 14, she begs Miranda to help her get an abortion - but an unbalanced Miranda comes up with another, much riskier plot that could solve both their problems. Desperate to be a mum again, Miranda offers Lexi a temporary home at No.26 - with $20,000 to follow if she lets the baby stay permanently...

Malm: Five years on and Miranda is a mother again. Sadly, it took the untimely deaths of Riley and his fiancee Heather to provide this after they were nibbled by sharks whilst on a surfing trip. Miranda was looking after little Winston and Didge-Elle when the tragic incident occurred. Now Miranda and Steve have full custody as Heather's parents joined a cult in 2010 where they took a full vow of silence and were therefore unable to respond to the phonecalls. Miranda is also managing director of Circle of Mother Baked Goods, developed from the coffee mornings she set up with good friends Susan and Rebecca. They still meet up for cake when their schedules permit.

David1979: Miranda went from a part time job removing obscenities from lockers at Erinsborough High School to setting up her own cleaning business empire. Over the next five years Mrs Parker secured contracts with Lassiter's hotel, Charlie's bar and The General Store chain and employed many of Ramsay Street's residents as an army of champion bog scrubbers. Declan, Bridget, Ringo, Rachel and Zeke all enjoyed their pocket money jobs so much, they never bothered with uni, and all love their matching boilersuits so much, they rarely bother to change out of them. Miranda is a great boss as she gives all her employees homemade cakes while they mop. They are all fat and happy.

11 May 2008: Rebecca Napier

Smurfy: Following Richard's death, Rebecca decided to take something positive from her experiences with him, and after earning praise at Rebecchi Cammeniti for her sensitive approach to a battered wife seeking a divorce, she began making plans to open and run a women's refuge. Paul was only too happy to help fund the refuge through the Helen Daniels Foundation, and over the next three years Rebecca opened three further refuges across Melbourne. Despite having a strong relationship, Paul and Rebecca decided not to rush into marriage following his previous experiences. However, when Rebecca unexpectedly found herself pregnant the pair changed their minds, and married in 2011 in a double ceremony with a reunited Elle and Oliver. A happy Rebecca now splits her time between the refuges and caring for 18-month old daughter Helen.

Edmundo: Rebecca finally had some hope that she could live a happy life once Richard died. She was happy with Paul, and enjoyed spending time with her newly found son, Oliver and her grand-daughter, Chloe. But things would take a turn for the worse soon enough. Paul soon returned to his bad ways and couldn't resist the temptations of other women. Rebecca was completely unaware of Paul's betrayal, but when she proposed to Paul, he couldn't say yes, having known how he'd betrayed her. Paul came clean and Rebecca was heartbroken. Determined not to let Paul get to her, Rebecca valiently continued to live in Erinsborough, continuing her duties of care towards Chloe and still finding time to see her friends. 5 years on and still suffering from the pain Richard and Paul have caused her, Rebecca realises she doesn't need a man to make her happy. She's proud of her independance and that's the way things shall be from now on. Paul, however is still keen. At Declan and Bridget's wedding Paul and Rebecca get chatting. But Paul's wrongly led to believe he still has a chance with Rebecca. He seizes the moment and proposes and is stunned when Rebecca flatly refuses. As far as Rebecca is concerned she doesn't need Paul. She's happy with her life now - As Rebecca Napier.

David1979: By 2013 Rebecca had well and truly moved on from Paul who was now married to Gail again. Rebecca had quit her job at Rebecchi Cammeniti in 2008 after their refusal to let her do all the cases, so she decided to open a fashion house designing her own amazing frocks under the name 'Red Detail'. Rebecca not only designed, sewed and sold all the outfits, she also modelled them all and became a huge catwalk star due to her amazing faces. After a brief affair with a drug addled pop star, Rebecca dropped fashion and settled back down in Erinsborough with Fitzy and wrote her own cookbook called 'Lickin' The Cake'.

27 April 2008: Susan Kinski

Smurfy: Five years on, Susan appears to be in much better health. While Rachel and Zeke have left home for university, Susan and Karl still have Libby - now separated from Darren for good - and Ben for company. But while life seems good, Susan has a secret; her symptoms are coming back. When Libby sees her drop a cup, Susan dismisses it as clumsiness, but when Ben innocently remarks that it's the second time she's done it today, Libby is suspicious. Susan admits that she fears her MS is worsening, and with Libby's persuasion agrees to go back to her specialist. The next day Libby is worried to see Susan's car gone, considering the way her MS has affected her driving in the past. When a policewoman arrives at the door with news of an accident, Libby panics that her mother has been killed. It's then that the officer explains it's actually Karl who has been involved in the accident - and he's dead. How will an already ill Susan survive the loss of her beloved husband?

Edmundo: Five years on and Susan's MS still continues to hamper her everyday life. However, after a period of around 12 months without any symptoms at all, the disease struck back the previous year leaving poor Susan in a wheelchair. Karl struggles to juggle his career and his care for Susan, who clearly needs more help now. For Susan, she's devastated to learn her teaching career is all but over and will unlikely be able to ever go back to work. Rachel and Zeke have gone off to University, while Libby is far too busy to help following the birth of her second child, with her new partner. As things begin to take their toll on Karl, he's delighted when Billy and Anne return, along with young Jackson. Unfortunately, Billy's hours at work have been cut back and with Anne expecting their second child together, Billy returns to Ramsay Street in the hope of finding a better job and in the hope his parents may offer him a small loan to help him out. Billy and Anne's return gives Susan a huge boost and she soon begins to feel better about herself. A few weeks later and Anne gives birth to another baby boy and they name him Osmond. Susan is so proud to become a Grandmother again and she's absolutely thrilled to learn that Billy and Anne will be sticking around for a bit longer. And the good news continues when Susan regains the use of her legs, meaning she'll be out of the wheelchair and could possibly return to teaching!

Malm: Five years on, Susan is doing well. Two years ago she had a very bad spell after collapsing at Katya and Paul's wedding. Her health took a turn for the worse after learning that Katya and Paul had been involved in a terrible accident on their honeymoon when someone mistook them for firewood and threw them on a bonfire. Devastated Susan had to take 12 months off work but now she's back teaching part-time and running a homework club after school with Libby, who is married to Fitzy now, but still refuses to change her name. Rachel is in India on a year long stint working for charity and Zeke is at Eden Hills Uni studying medicine after being inspired by the work Karl has done over the last few years. He still lives with Karl and Susan who have also welcomed Zeke's fiancee Taylah and their baby boy Alex. Susan's health worries have also prompted Billy and Anne to move closer to home with their children Jackson and Janet. Mal and Catherine plan to move as soon as Catherine is released from prison after she tried to strangle Rachel on a visit last summer. No one blamed her as she was whining a lot. Susan has also started up a social group with Rebecca and Miranda for working mothers who need a break from childcare and work. The Circle of Mothers meet every last Thursday of the month for cake.

13 April 2008: Carmella Cammeniti

Smurfy: Five years on, Carmella and Marco are happily married and celebrating the birth of a son, Lucio. Oliver now lives in Sydney, but he and Carmella have made their peace and he's a good dad to daughter Elissa. However, as Celestial Fruits continues to thrive Marco neglects his family in favour of work. At the same time, Carmella begins receiving gifts and anonymous love letters which she suspects are from Oliver, making her question where her feelings lie. When Oliver next visits Elissa, Carmella confronts him, but he's genuinely perplexed. It's only when Carmella shows him the letters that he recognises Will's handwriting! Will arrives days later, begging Carmella for a second chance. After sharing a kiss with Will, Carmella confesses all to a furious Marco, who violently attacks Will. The two men insists Carmella chooses between them, but as she watches them fight over her like a possession, she decides she doesn't want either of them. Carmella announces her decision - she's giving up on men altogether and returning to the convent.

Edmundo: Five years on and it's been an eventful life for Carmella. She gave birth to her healthy daughter, Delphina, but tragedy struck soon after when Delphina's Father, Oliver, was hit and killed by a Winnebago. Carmella was grief stricken and the whole tragedy left her current partner, Marco, wondering whether he could support Carmella through her troubling times. Marco left for Italy, leaving Carmella in the lurch with young Delphina. Sister Rosie pleaded with Carmella that chasing after Marco wasn't worth it and reluctantly Carmella agreed and decided it would be best to stay in Ramsay Street to raise Delphina. Ringo was on hand to offer his support to Carmella, but it ended up re-igniting their previous fling. To everyone's surprise, Ringo was great with baby Delphina and it strengthened a confused Carmella's beliefs that she and Ringo would be good together. To Rosie's and Frazer's horror, the pair got together. Over time, Rosie and Frazer and the rest of Ramsay Street adjusted to the new shock couple. However, Ringo then fell for the advances of a beautiful young girl who'd just moved to Erinsborough, named Felisa. Felisa was the same age as Ringo and he soon began cheating on Carmella with her. But there was a huge shock in store when it turned out that Felisa was in fact Marco's sister, Mia's daughter! In Italy Marco had learned of Carmella's relationship with Ringo and sent attractive Felisa over to sabotage the relationship. Marco then returned to Ramsay Street and revealed Ringo's deceit. Carmella was heartbroken and sought comfort in Marco's arms, but how would she react when Marco would tell her that it was he who had been driving the Winnebago the day Oliver died? And that he had orchestrated her and Ringo's breakup...

Malm: Five years on, Carmella is very busy looking after her 4 children, all by different fathers. Chloe, her first born, is a carbon copy of her headstrong mother but is also a daddy's girl and spends many weekends with Oliver and her stepmother Elle. Carmella's second, a boy called Fruitio was born to her and Marco. Sadly, the relationship didn't last and Marco moved to Perth to open a Celestial Fruits superstore but he still sees Fruitio as often as he can. Luckily for Carmella, Ringo was there, again, to help her through the break up. Ringo never really got over his crush on Carmella and was delighted when his feelings were fully reciprocated this time around. However, when Carmella gave birth to their twins, Ringo couldn't cope with the responisiblity and left Ramsay Street to run across Europe to raise money for charity. Devastated, Carmella was left to raise newly born Plum and Celeriac alone. Times were desperate and Carmella almost relapsed when she was tempted to self-medicate again but hope raised its head once more when Marco turned up on her doorstep, begging for another chance...

30 March 2008: Paul Robinson

smurfy: Five years on and life is good for Paul. He and Gail are celebrating the third anniversary of their remarriage, having reunited after Elle narrowly escaped death in a car crash. After initially running Lassiter’s together as they did in the 80s, Paul now runs the hotel alone, as what Gail mistook for the menopause two years earlier turned out to be a baby boy, James. As Paul’s 50th birthday approaches Gail organises a huge surprise party; Rosemary and Lucy fly over from New York, along with Elle and husband Oliver, who now run Lassiter’s New York since Rosemary’s retirement. Old friends such as Des Clarke and Clive Gibbons also appear, plus Shane Ramsay and his wife Rebecca (neé Napier). But the best surprise of all is the arrival of Andrew, who tells his dad he’s finally ready to let bygones be bygones and be part of his life. Choking back tears, Paul raises a glass to his wonderful wife, family and friends.

david1979: By the year 2013 Paul had lost his other leg and both his arms due to a couple of terrible accidents: Andrew Robinson mowed him down with his laser pistol in 2010 and Amy Robinson landed on him with her hover car in 2012. But Paul does fine with his very realistic robotic limbs. After another 16 failed marriages, Paul gave up on the real world and now spends most of his free time in his holographic suite. He's created a programme he calls Neighbours which allows him to relive life on Ramsay Street from 1985 onwards.

Malm: In the last five years, Paul has made even more changes in his life. Inspired by her late husband Oliver's (who sadly died of boredom) search for his real mother, Elle decided to get in contact with her half-brother and sister Andrew and Amy. Paul is now extremely close to his children, with the exception of Robert. He even travelled to London to watch Andrew compete and win a gold medal in sychronised swimming at the 2012 Olympics. Paul even helped choreograph the routine. Paul has given up working for Lassiters and now organises parties for dogs after being invited to Jake's birthday for the last few years, which he enjoys immensely. He is also managing director of Elle's fashion company 'Robinson' which launched in 2009 with the hugely popular 'Steak For Dinner?' t-shirts after she was inspired by her friend Riley's fridge. Sadly Paul and Rebecca have parted ways but remain the best of friends. Rebecca was best woman at his re-marriage to Gail in 2010 which is where she met and fell for Clive Gibbons.

16 March 2008: Stephanie Scully

edmundo: Five years on and Steph is married to Toadie. Now, she's heavily pregnant and Toadie is more than excited about becoming a Dad for the first time. It had been a long, gruelling journey into Steph's second pregnancy as she had been told that her treatment for Cancer years earlier may have made her infertile. However, like most Neighbours pregnancies, Steph eventually overcame the hurdles and is now 8 months gone, expecting twins! Steph and Toadie have become even closer over the years due to two similar tragedies. All the memories of Dee were dragged up for Toadie again, when 3 years ago they finally (and somehow) found her body. It gave Toadie the perfect opportunity to give Dee a proper goodbye and the chance to move on once and for all. As for Steph, she was rocked by the news that Max had died last year after a massive explosion ripped through his oil rig. Both touched by the tragedies it gave Steph and Toadie the chance to cement their relationship.

david1979: In 2009, Councillor Steph Rebecchi courted controversy when she was photographed by journalist Elle Robinson near Lassiter's Lake, a notorious lesbian pick up point. She was in fact kissing her husband Toadie who was trying to spice up their love life by pretending it was 1999. Steph couldn't convince Elle and her "moment of madness" lost her place on the council. With no political image to uphold, Steph was able to do what she'd always dreamed of; turn Charlie's into a sleazy biker bar and strip joint. By 2013 Charlie's had become the most successful business in Lassiter's history. Rachel Kinski and Bridget Parker both dropped out of uni to go full time with their well paid jobs as table dancers, which meant Libby Kennedy could go back to teaching and Steph could concentrate on counting her enormous profits. The only thorn in Steph's side is the prudish moral guardian Paul Robinson who camps outside the bar every night with a placard saying "NO MORE CHARLIES AT CHARLIE'S!!!".

Edward Skylover: With a successful chain of Charlie’s Bar in the US, the pressure is starting to get to Steph. She couldn’t be happier, however, as she’s with the love of her life, Jarrod. On a trip to the doctors, Steph finds out she’s pregnant. Toadie’s mainly preoccupied at Rebecchi-Cammeniti though, as Rosie has taken some time off to search for her cousin Teresa, who has escaped from mental hospital. As Steph is blissfully happy she tells Toadie to sell his share of Rebecchi-Cammeniti as she wants to support him financially. Surprisingly, Elle Robinson buys his half due to her change of career. Following this decision, Steph proposes to Toadie. He says yes! The only person to object to the wedding is Charlie…