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Meet The Neighbours profiles the fan encounters with Neighbours stars over the past 25 years. If you have a story you'd like us to add to this section, please email us at: webmaster@perfectblend.net, including a photo and your location, if possible.

My boyfriend went into the steam room at the gym last week and got talking to the chap in there. Turns out when the steam cleared a little, my boyfriend realised that it was none other than the legendary Jason Donovan! They discussed steam for a few minutes then they swam. Jase the Ace was in town performing the stage version of Sweeney Todd. Only 6 weeks before Blair McDonough (PC Parker) came into my work to buy a copy of Sin City. He too was performing at the theatre but in panto.
from Verity and the rest of the delightful Team Neighbours - Kirsty, Nicky, Claire, Katherine, Sarah, Alex and Rina

I have met a number of neighbours. First time I met Dan Paris (Drew Kirk) was in his dressing room at Crawley, he recognised my writing in the Christmas card I gave him. It was really great to think that they do read and take notice of what we send. He was chatty and friendly. Each time I see him he recognises me, hopefully in a good way!
I also met Carla Bonner (Steph Hoyland) in the car park by Pin Oak Court. I had been waiting hours to see her. When she signed my autograph book she wrote "Dear Sarah you are a crazy nut! Carla." It was a cold day and getting dark so in a way she was spot on.
from Sarah

A few years ago my in laws had the misfortune to have a car accident a couple of days before Christmas. They were taken to a nearby farmhouse and despite their bemused state were somewhat surprsed when the actress Jessica Muschamp, who played Sharon at the time walked into the kitchen. Turned out she was lodging at the farm whilst in panto locally.
Even more indirectly, in late 1987 I was visiting family in Hartlepool, Cleveland and the big news at the time was that when Guy Pearce was visiting his family in the town crowds of fans gathered outside their house to catch a glimpse of him.
from A M Mackin, Perth, Scotland

After 3 weeks in Australia in the summer, I decided that my last day in Melbourne would be spent doing the Neighbours tour. I saw all the sights, but didn't get to see any filming. Anyway, later that day I was in the duty-free at Melbourne, and my mum asked me if I recognised who was standing just behind me, it turned out to be Ryan Moloney, who plays Toadie. I rushed over quickly to get his autograph (in my official Neighbours Anniversary book). I said my goodbye and off I went to the lounge for a drink before my flight, two minutes later, Ryan walks in the lounge. I left for my flight shortly after and that was the last I saw of him - so I thought. I get off the plane in Dubai and as I get on the bus, I see Ryan coming off the plane. It turned out he was not only on my flight but heading to England to do TV commitments. The funny thing was that having only been to England in the winter before, he had packed a scarf and gloves because he thought it was going to be that cold in our summer! He was again in the same Emirates lounge in Dubai before leaving shortly after to catch his plane to London, where as mine was to Birmingham. Anyway that's my Neighbours encounter.
from Graham, UK

Back in the summer of 2002 me and three of my friends were in a blues bar in central London. We were there to listen to our friend's band, and despite the fact that the bar was tiny, the place just kept filling up. About halfway through the night, a large rabble of people came into the bar and squashed into the back corner. From their accents, we gathered they were Autralian. As we were going up to the bar, I thought I recognised at least one of them. Sitting back with my friends, the four of us giggled and peered over our shoulders until we worked out that we did recognise two of them. Stephen Hunt and Jonathon Dutton (Matt Hancock and Tad Reeves). The two of us who were brave enough finally went over to them to say hi. Despite the noise of the bar we got chatting to them and discovered that Stephen had just swum the channel, with Jonathon enthusiastically cheering him on from the safety of the following boat! We bought them each a drink, and then Stephen decided he wanted to get up and sing with the band. Since we knew the band, I ended up mediating between the two groups, and at the end of the evening, Stephen got up and sang a song he'd written, much to the bemusement of the band. He wasn't allowed to borrow the guitarist's prize pozzession, however! The guys were a great laugh, and Jonathan seemed really impressed by Stephen's swimming efforts and was trying to make up for his laziness all evening by singing Stephen's praises.
from Marina, Croydon, UK

I have being to 25 Neighbours Nights. I have had so much fun going to these nights, to the extent that Carla Bonner, Alan Fletcher and Ryan Maloney know me by first name basis now, and Alan keeps saying that I rock and thanks me for the support. Carla is happy to see me at these nights, and meanwhile Ryan thinks I stalk him. One particular night in Sydney, someone asked Ryan if he had met any obsessive fans and to tell of an experience. Ryan said to everyone in the room - "There is one person who comes here every month in Sydney, and I know you're in here, so stand up". I stood up and I was at the table oppisite the stage, and then he asked me "how many nights I being to", at the time I said 17 and he asked me how many times I'd seen him and I said like 5 or 6, and he asked me to stop following him around Sydney. That's probably the funniest/weirdest one of all. Occasionally I'm allowed to thank the actors during thei question time, and one particular time in Sydney, Alan was there, and he said to everyone in the room that I have the best Neighbours scrapbook he has seen.
from Adrian, Australia

In 1994, I travelled Down Under for 2 months, July and August. For two days I stayed in Melbourne and managed to find out the information about going off to Pin Oak Court in Vermont South. Once I got out of the bus, I walked to Ramsay Street. I couldn't believe what I saw. It was there. The cast and the crew were in the middle of filming the Robinsons/Martins leaving for Julie's funeral. I chatted with the security guard. I was somewhat puzzled by the fact that I was the only one fan there. The security guard reckoned there would be more coming. As I am from Holland, he actually said: 'those crazy Poms'! Later on, some people from the cast left and other cast members showed up. One person couldn't be recognized by me, as he was completely new: Alan Fletcher. It was one of his first scenes as Dr Karl Kennedy. At the time, more British fans came and it got busier. The security guard started to get a bit more tense and tried to be friendly, while he got many questions fired at by the fans. Then, I spotted Rebecca Ritters (Hannah Martin). I walked over to her and got a signature and also a picture. I walked further down the road, to a nearby park. There on a parking place, lots of cast members do get ready for filming or have lunch there. The British fans were still at Ramsay Street. I spotted Tom Oliver reading lines in the front of the make-up bus. I walked there and he greeted me. I told him I am a Dutch fan. He stood up and shook hands. He gave me his signature (on the Neighbours cast picture card) and told me about his visit to Holland during Xmas 1993! So, Tom Oliver took time for a chat, and in the end we had some 15 minutes talking. The late Anne Haddy was in her car, also studying lines. I felt I had to meet her, as she was the grand lady of the show. Surprisingly, she immediately opened her door with a friendly face after I tried to get her attention by a friendly nod. We chatted a bit and she gave me her signature as well and someone took a picture of us. After meeting Ms Haddy, I also met Richard Grieve, Peta Brady (had to ask Ian Rawlings who she was), Eliza Snozert (not so friendly, rather moody), Brett Blewitt, Troy Beckwith, Ian Rawlings and Marnie Reece Wilmore. In the end, I got a bad headache and left for some rest at the youth hostel in Melbourne!
from Martijn, The Netherlands

In 1993, I was lucky enough to go down to the set of the Big Breakfast and met Mark Little (Joe Mangel, of course) who was guest presenting with Dannii Minogue following his stint in Neighbours. The programme was featuring a Product made by my mum and dad's company; a barking dog burgular alarm, and Mark Little pretended it was Bouncer doing the barking whilst interviewing my dad! After the show, we met Mark formally and he was extremely friendly and even invited us out for a drink later that day. Unfortunately, we couldn't make the drink but my Dad has stayed in touch with Mark Little ever since - even though my Dad accidentally called him Joe live on air! I also met Elspeth Ballantyne (Cathy Alessi) when she was in the UK in 1989 doing the 'Prisoner On The Inside Tour' with Patsy King and Glenda Linscott. I was only 12 at the time and was absolutely star struck as I was (and still am) a huge Prisoner fan. She found it hilarious that I was so embarrassed and said she thought I looked far too young to be watching Prisoner Cell Block H! 2 or 3 years later, she walked into Ramsay Street and I was surprised she left after only a year.
from Gavin, Worcester, UK

I have been fortunate enough to visit 'Ramsay Street' a few times over the years, but was never lucky enough to catch any filming. I met Ian Smith at the popular Meet your Neighbours night, held at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow in Saint Kilda. The picture above was taken Sept 2004. What a great night. I also met Marcella Russo (Lil) and Alan Fletcher (Karl) who played a set with his band.
from Billy, Paisley, Scotland

On the 5th of September 2007 I won tickets to the DOLLY Teen Choice Awards at Sydney's Luna Park. Neighbours was nominated in the category for the 'Most Popular Aussie T.V. Show' so naturally a few members of the cast were there. I saw Sam Clark (Ringo), Natalie Blair (Carmella), Adelaide Kane (Lolly) and Pippa Black (Elle). I managed to talk to Adelaide on the red carpet for a bit. She was very friendly. I also got Pippa Black's autograph. I didn't get any pictures unfortunately because my camera stuffed up before I left my house. I'm planning to go to the awards again this year so I can get some good photos!
from Kim, Sydney, Australia

In December 08 I was lucky enough to make the accqaintance of Alan Fletcher (aka. the legendary Dr Karl) while he was over appearing in panto in Aberdeen. I got a chance to meet with him before the show one night. For a moment or two we stood chatting about the weather amongst other stuff, and then he signed my boomerang for me. It is now one of my most prized possessions. He was really friendly and inviting, and even posed for a picture with me before he had to run off to get ready for the show. It also struck me during this occurance that he looked much younger in real life. I am thankful to Alan for kindly meeting with me and will carry the memories with me for the rest of my life.
from Jenna, Northern Ireland

In 2006, I was fortunate enough to meet Dichen Lachman at the Royal Adelaide Show. I did not know she was going to be there, so it was quite a nice surprise when I met her. She is such a remarkable person, who had the time to chat. As she herself grew up in Adelaide, we had a nice chat about Adelaide and what I thought of Neighbours. Dichen said there was plenty of exciting storylines of Katya still to come (which was certainly true!) and she is glad I enjoy the show so much. She seemed geniune, and really chatty and vibrant. Having been indifferent to her character prior to this, Katya (and Dichen) quickly became a favourite of mine! Sadly, just over a week later, it was announced she was leaving the show, but still I live in hope that one day she will return!!
from Adam, Adelaide, Australia