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What Happened Next is a new, fortnightly Perfect Blend feature in which we ask readers to come up with a plot that follows on from a famous Neighbours event. Every two weeks, we'll suggest an event in a thread on the messageboard and add our three favourite plots to this page.

What Happened Next? is currently on a break, but will return later in the year.

04 March 2007: What happened to Kim Timmins after he ran off on his wedding day?

smurfy: After weeks of ducking and diving on the run, Kim began to despair that his life would be like this forever, Deciding to swallow his pride, he contacted his father for help, and was stunned to learn of his split from Loris. Initially furious at the way his mother had been treated, Kim realised beggars couldn't be choosers, and accepted his father's offer of a swish bachelor pad, and although feeling guilty about Janelle and the kids, a different woman every night soon helped this fade.
david1979: After evading the police helicopters and the entire Australian armed forces who had been called in to track him, Kim realised he had to leave the country. He decided to make his way to the UK in his campervan by driving across Asia and Europe; selling leftover bootleg DVDs along the way to make money. Throughout Kim's journey, each countries police and top bounty hunters were called in by Steiger to attempt to catch his nemesis, but due to Timmin's amazing driving skills and ability to fashion non lethal weapons from ordinary household appliances, he always got away to the next border crossing. Once on English soil, Kim vowed to get a decent job and so studied the ads in a local paper. There he spotted a gardening job for a wealthy family called the Baxters...

Malm: After evading the police, Kim decided that he would need a cunning disguise to prevent his capture. With several thousand dollars that he had stuffed into his boxer shorts that morning, Kim checked into a hospital specialising in plastic surgery. He emerged a few days later with a new face and a wig glued to his scalp. Sadly the glue was cheap and the wig fell off as a lonely Kim was trying to charm a classy Sheila at a bar. Depressed, Kim drove to the coast, took his trusty surfboard and paddled out into the sea, leaving his life in the hands of the tide....

04 February 2007: What happened after Billy and Anne left Erinsborough, to cause them to contact Karl four years later about their serious money problems?

Ramsay Street: Now a reknowned carpenter, Bill was thrilled to get an order for 30 life-sized wooden figures. Unfortunately, shortly before delivery, the workshop was burnt to the ground by the bushfires the area had been suffering. However, Bill had forgotten to renew the workshop’s insurance and, in debt to the timber merchants, Bill was forced to call his dad to bail him out. In return, Bill gave Karl the last two pieces, 'Ned' & 'Katya', which he’d taken home to complete, however, Karl’s partner, Izzy found them disturbing, so Karl sold them to friend, Stuart Parker and university lecturer, Alex Kinski.
david1979: Following a horrendous jigsaw related accident, Billy was unable to work for several months which left the couple financially dependent on Anne's art. However Anne struck a creative block and was unable to summon up sufficient enthusiasm to continue to paint. That was until she remembered Bill's accident and suddenly the muse was with her once more; she became inspired to paint countless gory portraits of severed fingers and gushing wounds. Sadly the art buying public didn't enjoy such unflinching work and it was up to Dr Kennedy to buy the pieces. But Karl being Karl made the purchase count as he sold them on to a medical text publishing company who wanted to use the pictures as diagrams.

Malm: Billy and Anne decided that before they have a baby it may be good practice to get a pet. They decided on a lovely pair of guinea pigs who they called Harold and Lou. Unfortunately, Harold turned out to be a girl and they soon ended up with 10 guinea pigs. 10 then became 100 and within a year, their house was swarming with guinea pigs. All their income was taken up with buying food and little houses for them. Anne and Billy couldn't bring themselves to get rid of the little creatures as they were fond of their furry friends but they were soon munching the guinea pig feed themselves as they couldn't afford proper food so in desperation, Billy called Karl for help.

21 January 2007: Why did Marlene Kratz never return from the infamous three-month cruise which she departed for in 1997?

smurfy: Lonely on the cruise, Marlene sought comfort from food, and after discovering the unlimited buffet in the ship's dining room, gradually ballooned in weight. Eventually reaching 43 stone, Marlene became too big to leave her cabin, and with concerns she was overloading the liner, the only option was to airlift her to the shore. The humiliation of this made Marlene realise she couldn't let her friends and family see what she'd become, and vowed to stay away from Ramsay Street until she'd lost all the weight.
david1979: 22 RAMSAY STREET, 14th JANUARY 1998
The telephone rings...

LOU: Hello, Lou Carpenter.
MARLENE: Hi Lou, it's me.
LOU: Oh hello love - I guess you want me to pick you up from the docks.
MARLENE: No Lou, I'm afraid I won't be coming back. I've married the captain of the cruise ship.
LOU: What?!
MARLENE: Yes, and while we were cruising, we bumped into Radiohead during their OK Computer world tour.
LOU: But didn't Thom Yorke put a restraining order on you?
MARLENE: Yes but that's all been forgiven. He says I can write the songs for the band from now on.
LOU: Oh wow, that's great! Well, best of luck!
MARLENE: Cheers Lou, bye!

Malm: Marlene's seafaring dream shattered around her when she realised it wasn't actually a cruise ship she had boarded. Having lost her giant glasses in a game of strip poker the previous night, Marlene actually boarded a cruise missile ship in error and soon found herself on a boat full of rowdy sailors. However, she proved a hit with the boys and spent many a day sailing the open seas with them bombing suspicious 'fishing boats' and small countries. Marlene finally left the boat when she fell in love with and married a Captain Birdseye lookalike she met in a port one day. They then sailed off into the sunset together on his new boat.

07 January 2007: What happened to Glen Donnelly after he disappeared from the hospital in 1992?

smurfy: Glen used his settlement from Paul to start a new life in Tasmania, but never really got over his bitterness about the accident. Then one day a recently divorced woman with triplets moved to Glen's home town of Hobart, and although he didn't recognise the name Gail Lewis, he soon discovered her childrens' surname... Glen wormed his way into Gail's life, never revealing his identity, hoping to poison the triplets' minds. Although Cameron and Elle seemed to love their dad, Rob was resentful, and Glen subtly encouraged this - until one day Gail overheard him and threw him out in disgust. But by now the damage was done...
Mr_benn: He doesn't realise he's left the hospital as he was kidnapped by little green men in a spaceship. He wanders around the ship for a couple of days trying to get out. After a while he discovers that it wasn't really a spaceship it's a really big Hamster cage. After trying unsucessfully to escape he resigns himself to running round on the wheel for a while. A few months later and with legs the size of tree trunks from running so much he finds him self back on earth stuck in the middle of the desert with only his love of his half sister to keep him company. He walks the earth for a while before coming across a computer with an internet connection. And spends the rest of his life reading Perfect Blend to see what happened to Lucy. Aswell as looking at her Ambrosia pictures cos he's such a dirty monk.
Malm: Glen escaped to Japan where he planned to meet up with a loopy scientist, Dr Kitano, who had promised him brand new cyber-legs that would be even better than real legs. Tragically, the project ran out of money after the first week and Glen was left with one metal leg that had a mind of it's own and one regular leg. Just as Dr Kitano secured further funding, Glen's unpredictable metal leg suddenly lashed out and killed him, meaning that the project would never be completed. Glen was left penniless and in despair. He was forced to sell parts of the cyber-leg to buy a ticket back to Australia where he went into hiding, never to be heard of again.

10 December 2006: After their departure from Erinsborough in 1991, what led to the breakdown of Joe and Melanie's marriage?

smurfy: When land near Mary Crombie's farm was earmarked for development, Melanie and Joe agreed to join a protest against it. This gave Mel a taste for conservation, but drove a wedge between her and Joe, as he feared he'd lose her like Kerry. Against Joe's wishes, Mel took a trip to the Arctic to protest against seal clubbing, and due to her trademark laugh was mistaken for a seal and attacked by a hunter. Although Melanie survived, Joe realised he couldn't face living in fear, and said it was him or the seals. Mel chose the seals.
Mr_benn: Mel's Ears grew REALLY, REALLY big and she got mistaken for a flying saucer and taken to Area 51 where she has been tied down to the floor to stop her flying off. Joe meanwhile thought she'd died (or went to New Zealand) and went off and sulked for a while and developed an addiction to little pink fluffy hats. He was committed for this and Sky was re-homed temporarily with a pair of gorillas in London Zoo. Joe escaped from the asylum and rescued Sky before fleeing back to Ramsay Street.
david1979: Joe, Mel and Sky landed in merry old England and took a jaunt to "London Baby" before visiting critically ill Nell. Sadly the city break turned out to be a big mistake for their marriage. Joe ended up having an affair with a member of the royal family; and Mel had an affair with a famous multi millionaire business man. Sky was baby sat by friendly cockney chimney sweep Eddie Buckingham; he took her tap dancing with some animated penguins. The marriage lasted a few more years but the damage of that trip to London remained.

26 November 2006: What really happened to Izzy when she disappeared in 2005, when her car was found with blood on the seats and she returned with a prescription drug addiction?

smurfy: Slightly drunk, Izzy got up too quickly and hit her head on the car door, hence the blood. When Izzy came to, she found herself in the home of a young man who told her he was going to get Paul Robinson, and as another of his 'casualties', she should help him. Thanks to the drugs he'd given her, Izzy agreed. However, by the time she'd returned to Erinsborough the drugs had caused amnesia and Izzy forgot her secret reason for moving in with Paul - and never recognised Robert as the young man from her missing days.
Malm: In a state of complete madness, Izzy wanted to show her commitment to Karl by tattooing his name on her arm with some ink and a sewing needle but her state of mind caused her to make a spelling error and she ended up with 'Kral'. The wound began to bleed and spread to the seat of the car. With an infected arm, Izzy had to get help. She eventually found a crooked doctor who gave her an abundance of pills for cash and the name of a local supplier. He also found her a surgeon who removed her dodgy tattoo. Izzy never spoke of those missing days but she remained fond of the drugs.
david1979: During her time in Queensland as a llama farmer, Izzy had developed a taste for fresh llama blood. While driving in the bush, she accidentally ran over an escaped llama and couldn't resist dragging it's mangled carcass into her car for a quick slurp. Little did she know, the llama had escaped from a near by drug testing laboratory which had been pumping the animals full of all kinds of crazy pills; and thus Izzy needed to get another fix of druggy highness soon afterwards.

12 November 2006: After Madge left in 1992, what happened in the years that followed, before she found out, in 1996, that Harold was alive?

smurfy: Soon after moving to Queensland, Madge is stunned when Fred Mitchell moved in next door. He claims he wants to get to know Charlene again, but is soon working his charms on Madge. She resists, but when Dan Ramsay dies, Madge sleeps with Fred in a grief-fuelled weak moment. They begin seeing each other in secret, and on Fred's birthday, Madge lets herself in to cook him a special meal. However, she's stunned to find him with another woman... A furious Madge throws Fred's mistress out, and has a massive slanging match with Fred on the landing. But when Madge slaps Fred, he slips and falls down the stairs to his death. A horrified Madge calls Max for help, who fakes a burglary - and the truth about Fred's death is never revealed...
Billy L: Madge awoke in a cold sweat, like she did every night. She stared at the clock. 3am. She got up and walked to the kitchen to get herself a drink. Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, Madge stared out the window into the darkness, but could only see her reflection. Madge knew she had had another dream about Harold. Madge knew that Harold was no more dead than the woman staring back at her. She knew she would see him again. The kettle clicked, she poured her drink, and smiled to herself.
anfield: Without telling any of her friends or neighbours Madge decided that the time had come to fulfill her dream. She left Ramsay Street for the Australian Institute of Sport, where inspired by Australia's success in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, she spent four hard years training, before, using an assumed name, winning the Women's Discus Gold Medal at the 1996 Atlanta Games. Having achieved her ambitions, she retired from competition and returned to Ramsay Street.

29 October 2006: What happened to Darcy after he boarded that bus back in 2005?

Malm: Darcy buys a ticket to the last stop and sits down right at the back. One by one all the passengers alight, finally leaving Darcy and the driver alone on the bus. In the meantime, Darcy has been slowly making his way up the bus in a variety of disguises so the driver won't realise what Darcy is about to attempt. The bus stops at the last stop but Darcy didn't plan to get off. He pulls a giant knife on the driver in an attempt to steal the bus but he didn't bargain on the driver being Izzy in disguise. She shoots him in the face, ties a brick to the accelerator and the bus makes it's way over the convenient sheer drop a few metres up the road. Izzy bursts into hysterical laughter as she has finally rid herself of the man who tried to ruin her.
Billy L: Darcy boarded the bus and headed to Perth. He entered his new place of work at a local hospital and got the shock of his life when he discovered a very familiar blonde nurse who would be working alongside him. Darcy, knowing of Dee's "death" and her apparent amnesia, acts as if he has never met her, and wins her heart all over again just like he did when they first met. Darcy appreciates this second chance he has been given, and treats Dee with true love and respect right from the outset. Several years and several children down the line, Darcy and Dee are about to attend their eldest's parent's evening. When their son's teacher is taken ill, Darcy sees that the teacher they will be seeing instead is a Miss Teresa "Tess" Bell... and Darcy realises his life will have to once again be consumed with lies and blackmail.
david1979: Little did Darcy know when he got on the bus, that Robert had planted a bomb onboard that would detonate if the bus dropped below 50 miles per hour. Darcy spent the next two hours being manly, heroic, and managing to flirt outrageously with one of the other passengers. Sadly the bus blew up anyway and everyone died, except Darcy who walked away with a few cuts and bruises. Then he slipped on a banana skin and ended up in another coma and now awaits a visit from Sister Mary Catherine.

15 October 2006: After the plane crash, what happened to the characters we didn't see - Paul, David, Lil... and/or what happened to Susan after Izzy let her go?

Malm: After the plane hit the water, David struggled in vain to swim to a barely concious Liljana but he was tragically strangled by a floating feather boa and his limp body was washed to the shore. Liljana was then swallowed by a giant whale, who showed no compassion for the terrible trauma she had just experienced. Meanwhile, Paul made his way safely to land as pre-flight he had sneakily hidden an edible life raft in his false leg. He quickly ate the evidence on reaching the shore, but it was a tad salty for his tastes.
smurfy: As the plane hits the water, David and Lil cling to each other and scream Serena's name. They eventually find their way to land, but both are very weak, and David begins coughing up blood. Lil tries to help him, but he collapses and dies at her feet. A distraught Lil sobs over the body in a state of shock, too grief-stricken to call for help. Convinced she is the only survivor and has therefore lost her daughter too, Lil says a final goodbye to David and walks back into the water...
anfield: Paul, totally convinced he was God, tried in vain to walk across the sea to land. Eventually exhausted, he collapsed and clung on to Lil telling her he loved her. Soon they could hear an incessant whining sound, as it got closer they realised it was David moaning that he was wet and cold. After two hours waiting to be rescued both Paul and Lil tired of David's constant complaining, and Lil after telling him to shut-up dived under water and grabbed him by the legs pulling him under. Sadly David misunderstood Lil's actions as a gesture of affection and held her close to him trying to kiss her underwater. Unable to extricate herself both David and Lil drowned in a passionate clinch, leaving Paul to float alone until he was rescued.

01 October 2006: Des' move to Perth in 1990. What happened to lead to his nervous breakdown and move to Adelaide?

Malm: Des was finally pushed over the edge when someone plucked up the courage to tell him that he wasn't actually Elvis. In a state of absolute meltdown, Des shaved off his quiff and binned his belts with the huge buckles. He had to leave Perth as there were too many things there to remind him of what he had become....
smurfy: Des and Fiona are trying for a baby, but after two pregnancies result in miscarriage, Fiona’s told she's unlikely to carry another baby full term. The stress begins to drive the pair apart, and Des begins to confide in a colleague, Linda, whom he feels strangely drawn to. It's only when Linda changes her image, cutting and dyeing her hair, that Des realises she's a dead ringer for Daphne. As they grow closer, Des accidentally calls her 'Daph', and a concerned Linda starts to keep her distance. When Des starts to pester her, she tells their boss and he's sacked. When Fiona hears why, she realises she can never replace Daphne and leaves Des.
david1979: After Des moved to Perth, he realised he'd lost the share certificates that he and Daphne had given to baby Jamie. That combined with the ever changing face of his child, sent him out of his mind.

17 September 2006: Toadie and Dee's wedding day car crash and her disappearance. What happened to her?

Billy L: As the car flies over the cliff, Dee jumps from the open window and lands on a grassy bank on the cliff. She watches the car she rigged crash into the sea, and rubs her hands together gleefully knowing she will now get Toadie's life insurance policy pay out. However, Toadie surfaces and is frantically calling her name - realising her plan has been foiled, she quickly runs off out of sight and changes into some different clothes which she left in a backpack behind a tree. She hitches a ride into the next state, hires a car and goes out to a club that night with her fraudster accomplice you may remember from Dione's initial appearance, Vanessa. They meet two young unsuspecting lads and begin their web of deceit once more.
smurfy: After the car hits the water, Dee is swept into a vicious current and pulled several miles adrift. She eventually regains consciousness miles from land and very weak. Although she can see the helicopters, she keeps sinking below the surface and is missed by them. Eventually a sick and deranged Dee drags her way to a beach, but passes out again. When she wakes, Dee feels eerily calm – almost as if she’s been drugged… A mysterious man in black convinces Dee she’s in hospital, and tells her ‘the one you call the Toad is gone’. In reality, the ‘hospital’ is a brothel, where Dee is forced to work as ‘the Sea Nymph’…
david1979: After the car crashed into the sea, the life boats were phoned and they sent out a radio message alerting boats in the area. Unfortunatley, the closest boat in the area was full of women hungry Thai pirates who were happy to scoop up the beautiful Dee and hide her in the hold of their ship. They sped away into the distance leaving Toadie to a life of loneliness and bad wrestling storylines. The same pirates were also happy to take advantage of the plane crash and "rescue" Serena and Lil.