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The PB Vote is a weekly feature on our sister site, the Neighbours Message Board. Each week, we ask our readers to vote and comment on a particular topic, with the results appearing here the following Sunday.

1st February 2009: Which of these absent Ramsay Street relatives would you most like to see return?

Lyn Scully: 25%
Guy Carpenter: 20%
Angie Rebecchi: 17%
Lucy Robinson: 13%
Billy Kennedy: 13%
Michelle Scully: 8%
Mal Kennedy: 4%
Ned Parker: 0%
Stuart Parker: 0%
Scott Robinson: 0%

brekes-cupid: I think Michelle has to be the one for me because there would be so much ways to go with her character now she has been gone so long. I think it would be quite good to do a story of scientology with her or something along the lines or religions or cults.
rebeccag: I voted for Billy as it would be good to see him and Anne again and baby Jackson. Maybe they could come back for Libby/Dans wedding. But if they couldnt bring him back then Mal would be good as well.
chocaholic29: I voted for Lyn because her little stint last year was a breath of fresh air.

18th January 2009: Which of these Ramsay Street ladies would you most like to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas?

Rebecca: 20%
Rachel: 15%
Bridget: 15%
Elle: 15%
Steph: 15%
Libby: 10%
Carmella: 5%
Donna: 5%
Miranda: 0%
Susan: 0%

Edmundo: I went for Elle. To be honest, any of them are fine. They're all lovely and wonderful and nice. But Elle is just extra special. She's cool.
kate-o: Bridget. Durrh! A lot of people are baffled by Didge-appeal but she's definitely got that "jenesaispasquoi" I find. I'm not usually that way inclined, but hey, she can be on my 'special exception' list on account of pure fan-girl hero-worship.
Malm: I'd certainly have a Christmas kiss off Rebecca in exchange for a glass of Baileys.

18th January 2009: Which of these Ramsay Street guys would you most like to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas?

Daniel: 21%
Ty: 17%
Declan: 17%
Zeke: 17%
Lucas: 10%
Karl: 5%
Steve: 5%
Paul: 5%
Ringo: 0%
Toadie: 0%

Malm: I'm not overly mad about any of them. Frazer however, was a manly god. How I miss him. I'll go for Dan though, he looks pretty good at the kissing lark if Libby's reaction is anything to go by.
kate-o: I voted Declan (for elaboration on this see the copious amounts of squealy posts I clutter the other parts of the message board with regularly.) He has serious competition from his (kind of) father-in-law Steve Parker, however. I really don't know what the allure is for me in a balding man in his late 40s with cholesterol issues, but I have to say I somehow definitely would if you see what I mean.
Kate: Well, I agonised for, ooh.....seconds between Ty and Karl. I went for Karl in the end 'cos I luff him.

16th November 2008: Which of the recent arrivals is your favourite?

Donna: 56%
Lucas: 44%
Callum: 15%
Nicola: 7%
Sienna: 0%

kate-o: Very very difficult decision. Donna, Callum and Lucas have all made both incredibly strong entrances and more importantly, seem to have staying power: real quality 'finds'. For me it had to be Donna, though. I'm a little bit in love with that girl. Not to be over the top about it, but I can't remember a scene with her in, in recent months, that she hasn't completely stolen. And there doesn't seem to be a single other character with whom she doesn't gel fantastically, either. I'm a big Donna fan.
chocaholic29: I've never related to a character on Neighbours more than I have with Donna. There is something about her that makes me love her like crazy. I love the fact that she believes so fervently in her horoscopes and I love the fact that she's not your average Ramsay Street teenager. She's quirky and cool and she's got my vote that's for sure.
Genius12: Callum.

5th October 2008: Which has been your favourite 'disaster' of recent years?

The plane crash: 43%
The bushfire: 32%
The warehouse roof collapse: 18%
The hospital fire: 4%
The minibus crash: 4%

Edmundo: It was hard to decide between the plane crash and the warehouse roof collapse, but I plumped for the plane crash as it was such a huge disaster to have happened. The Bishop family being the only fatalities was a little bizarre, but the build up to it and the aftermath of it all provided some excellent drama.
SimonThomas: Despite prefering the Back To Basics type Neighbours, sans big disasters, I have found three of these really emotionally charged and well performed - the bushfire, the 'plane crash, and the warehouse collapse. The warehouse collapse beat the 'plane crash in the end because, dramatic though the latter was, it was also responsible for the senseless removal of the Bishop family.
chocaholic29: I don't know what it was but that hospital fire made me the most excited I'd ever been on Neighbours. It was completely ridiculous, but it was such a guilty pleasure for me. Had me on the edge of my seat. I'm probably the only one who feels that way though.

7th September 2008: As she leaves UK screens again, would you like to see Lyn Scully back full-time?

Yes, she's wonderful and I love her: 56.25%
I'd like to see her back, but just in a recurring capacity: 43.75%
No, she's a shrew: 0%
I have no opinion: 0%

XxXPeteXxX: I voted for her to have a recurring role as I really like her. However, we already have Susan, Miranda and Rebecca as good friends and I think Lyn would change that dynamic as Miranda needs to integrate more with Susan and Rebecca.
Malm: I like Lyn but I would prefer the recurring capacity as she got right on my nerves before. Plus, it'd be nice for Steph and Susan. Oscar should come back too as he was a funny little chap.
Kate: Yes, she's wonderful and I love her. Strangely enough, I don't think I realised quite how much I'd missed Lyn until I saw her again. I'm unconvinced by the "having Lyn back would disrupt the Susan/Rebecca/Miranda friendship" argument as their friendship circle isn't so well established that it couldn't envelop another. Plus, it's not like she's completely unknown to any of them....she and Susan are really close, and she has common ground with Rebecca.

24th August 2008: With the castings in recent years of Delta Goodrem, Daniel O'Connor and Dean Geyer, how do you feel about singers getting parts in Neighbours?

It's fine by me - it's good publicity all round and they usually have the confidence to pull it off: 40%
I don't like it - they're taking roles from trained actors and using Neighbours to help their music careers: 32%
I don't know: 28%

Chloe: My opinion is that if the acting is good then I'm all for it and I think with Nina and Ty we had/have two good examples. Granted there are moments when you really wished Nina and her keyboard would just go away, sometimes it can be a little forced and sometimes a pretty boy singer is brought in that just doesn't have the acting skills to justify being there *cough* Dan O'Connor *cough* but overall a good singer who's also a good actor only enhances the show.
SimonThomas: I wasn't sure at first, but voted 'I'm fine with it' in the end - the singers who might not last forever are better, in my opinion, than the actors who later decide they might be able to sing.
Mike: Singers are singers by trade, they're never going to stick around for long. How long was Delta there? Two years? Once her album took off, so did she, and it's very possible the same will happen with Dean Geyer too. Unfortunately the casting of already-famous singers in my opinion, cheapens the show. It has a short-term impact of "OMG that singer from Australian Idol is on Neighbours!", then in the longrun just doesn't seem to work as well. So no.

10th August 2008: Is Neighbours right to touch on incest with Riley & Nicola?

Yes - they're not blood related and it's going to rock the Parkers to the core: 81.48%
No - even though he's adopted, she's still his Auntie and it's wrong: 11.11%
Undecided: 7.41%

Malm: I think it was a little shocking at first but then you remember that they're not blood relatives and that Riley is otherwise really quite dull. Then it seems like a really interesting storyline.
Kate: Yes. I would argue that the relationship between Riley and Nicola is not technically incest, as there's no blood line between the two....but, in saying that, I'm not entirely sure I agree with what they're up to. As regards Neighbours tackling the issue, I think they should go for it. As has been said before, soap operas need shocking storylines, and this certainly qualifies.
Mike: I'm a bit unsure on what to answer; Riley and Nicola are related, and therefore, it's wrong. Incest = no. But is Neighbours right to touch on it? It's a soap after all, and we need storylines like this to shock, and keep us on our toes. And like the old saying goes. Bad publicity is better than no publicity. So I guess I'll have to say yes.

27th July 2008: A year on from their arrival, do you like the Parker family?

Yes: 76%
No: 4%
I am indifferent: 20%

Edmundo: Yes. I liked them in the first place. They were simple. No big OMG!!!! secrets. Just ordinary. However, I do think that now they're ready for some meaty storylines.
Ramsay Street: I like them. They had a simple introduction followed by a brilliant entrance with the bus/removal van crash and already having links to Ramsay Street with Ned & Mickey, plus Stuart & Drew before them, fitted in easily. Thankfully they helped give Ned some direction and he's not as bad around them.
Smurfy: I voted indifferent as, although I don't dislike any of the characters, I haven't really taken any of them to my heart. I can't imagine looking back on Steve or Didge nostalgically years after they've left.

13th July 2008: Who should Didge be paired with?

Declan: 88%
Ringo: 6%
Zeke: 6%

Edmundo: Declan!! They are, quite simply, meant to be.
Kate: She only has eyes for Declan. The kid's got sense. That's who I'd go for if I was ten years younger.
Chloe: It's just got to be Delcan.

29th June 2008: Should the characters of Scott and Charlene be recast?

No: 85%
Yes: 15%

Shamrock: Hell, no. As someone who only began watching the show in 1999, I've never had the chance to actually see Scott and Charlene in action. Despite that, I know from their status alone, it would be a horrible mistake. Kylie and Jason are far to well-known in the roles and no one could ever, ever replace them.
Malm: They were still in it when I started watching, the memories are only vague but they are the kind of iconic characters that could never be recast. It is a pity that Kylie and Jason are never likely to go back as it would be great to see them 20 years on.
Genius12: Re-casting never works, except in Doctor Who.

1st June 2008: Which of the current Neighbours teens is your favourite?

Bridget: 27%
Declan: 27%
Taylah: 27%
Rachel: 6%
Zeke: 6%
Ringo: 0%

Edmundo: I voted for... Taylah. I like all the teens, I really do. But Taylah's a really fun character. I think her and Zeke are well suited and I'd like her to become a regular at some point in the future.
Smurfy: I went for Zeke. I've always had a soft spot for him, partly because some Neighbours fans are so nasty about him. He's a bit of a misfit, and an innocent in a world that hasn't been kind to him; he's intelligent beyond his years, yet has this childlike desperation to be loved and make everyone happy. I find that very interesting.
Kate: My vote went to Bridget. I like the complexity of her character - she's deeper than a lot of the other teens we've seen on the show. I admire her (perhaps misplaced) loyalty to Rachel, and her relationship with Declan is just CUTE. She has a real bond with her parents and brother too, which is really nice to watch. Yeah. Bridget.

18th May 2008: Six months on, which of the 2007 revamp newcomers is your favourite?

Rebecca: 60%
Declan: 8%
Steve: 8%
Miranda: 8%
Riley: 8%
Bridget: 4%
Mickey: 4%
Marco: 0%

Edmundo: I like most, if not all of the newcomers, but Rebecca is by far the best addition to the show in recent times. Jane Hall is a fantastic actress and I just find her character of Rebecca so likeable. It took me a little longer than others to warm to her character, but right now, she's one of my favourites.
anfield: A close-run thing between Rebecca and Miranda, as they're both strong, independent minded women in the mould of Susan. In the end I voted for Rebecca as I think she's had longer to develop her character than Miranda, who I feel we're still discovering things about.
Malm: Rebecca 100%. I chose Miranda last time as Rebecca was still caught up in the Richard stuff and it was dragging her down a little but since then she's been brilliant. Anyone who licks a cake in that fashion has to be a winner.

4th May 2008: Is the lighting really bad on Neighbours?

No, don't be silly: 84%
Yes, it's an abomination, I'm going to write to my local MP: 16%

Mike: This was tough, but I went for no. Thinking about it, I've had to watch Neighbours on two televisions since the revamp, and I haven't had to adjust the brightness settings on either as of yet, but I'll keep an eye out. I wouldn't want to show to embarrass itself now!
Genius12: No. While a little dark in places, this is a necessary part of the HD filming, which makes the picture clearer for all regardless of whether you have an HD source and TV set.
Malm: No, I have 20/20 vision and it looks ok to me. However, there are two magical little things available on most modern TV sets called 'brightness' and 'contrast'. Surely a quick fiddle with these will be better than bothering the local MP who is probably too busy fiddling their expenses claim form...

20th April 2008: Was it the right decision to kill off Jessica in the warehouse collapse?

Yes: 50%
No: 32%
Don't ask me. I only use this board to post about The Sally Show: 18%

Smurfy: I think yes. If everyone had got out and we'd had endless scenes of 'Oh God, everyone was so lucky!' it would have diminished the impact of the plot. It was a shame to lose a good young actress, but then if she hadn't been good in the role would we have cared that the character died?
Edmundo: I'm not so sure, but I went for yes. I think her character had a lot of potential, so it would have been nice to see her stick around for a bit longer, but someone 'needed' to die and I wouldn't have wanted it to be any of the regulars. Tough decision, but the right one, I feel.
Mike: I did enjoy watching Jessica, but I said yes. Without a death in a few years time the roof collapse would become "just another Neighbours finale", with a DISASTER one episode and an "oh everything's fine" the next. And none of the regulars were lost this way. However, from reading Heidi Valenberg's interview, I must say it is a shame to lose someone who seemed very committed to the show, and as the others has said, did have some potential. Also, I don't enjoy The Sally Show.

6th April 2008: How happy are you to see Libby back in the cast?

Bloody ecstatic: 68%
Very happy: 24%
Happy: 8%
Reasonably happy: 0%

Ramsay Street: Bloody ecstatic is the World's biggest understatement. The return of Kym Valentine as Libby is something fans of Neighbours have been hoping for for 736 episodes and her brief appearance in Annalise's documentary just wasn't enough. Her relationship with on-screen parents Jackie Woodburne & Alan Fletcher is stunning, not to mention Carla Bonner & Ryan Moloney - she's fitted back in beautifully - it's as if she never even drove out of Ramsay Street in that white van and has helped cement the Kennedy-Kinski's place as the strongest Ramsay Street household, along with the addition of Blake O'Leary as Ben. It seems the raincloud that formed over Ramsay Street on 5th November 2004 has finally passed and hopefully we'll have nothing but blue skies from now on.
Kate: I voted 'bloody ecstatic' because - if you'll excuse the tortured cliche - I feel like I've grown up with Libby Kennedy over the years. She's a very real character and I think that's why people feel a special connection to her - from her arrival in Ramsay Street, she has always worn her heart on her sleeve. I've enjoyed watching her develop relationships with other members of the cast, notably Drew and Darren, but it's her relationship with her parents that grips me the most, as it reminds me so much of my own family - that unconditional love that lifts you up and stifles you in equal measures. It's so great to be treated to that again. Long may she stay.
david1979: I voted "Bloody ecstatic" because Libby is good.

9th March 2008: Which house most needs a makeover?

Number 32: 53%
Number 22: 16%
Number 28: 16%
Number 24: 10%
Number 30: 5%
Number 26: 0%

edmundo: I was quite tempted to vote for No. 30 again, but it's recently been revamped anyway, so I thought I'd give it a chance. No. 32 could do with a fresh lick of paint I feel. It looks quite bland at the moment and it can become a nice home for Steph, Toadie and Charlie.
Genius12: Number 28. Still looks fairly outdated - could do with a new kitchen.
Ramsay Street: Whilst numbers 22 & 28 could do with new kitchens, I voted for Number 32. I think the bland decor suited Max, but I think it's time for Steph to put her stamp on things. The kitchen is fantastic - probably the best on the street, they just need to bring the hallway and lounge up to scratch. Something modern and colourful to match Steph & Toadie's personalities, not the drab beige/yellow colour which sums up Max.

24th February 2008: Has Mickey been a worthwhile addition to the cast?

Yes: 81%
No: 4%
Not sure: 15%

david1979: It's a big yes from me. He's given Ned a direction, he's brought lovable Jake with him and Fletcher's a good actor. It's also nice to have a young kid back on the street again.
Genius12: Yes, I think he's actually improved Ned's acting a bit! He's also allowed Janae's relationship with Ned to be a bit more interesting than it otherwise might be. The custody battle was entertaining as well.
Ramsay Street: Mickey has to be one of the best recent additions to the show and the first young child we've really had (other than babies and toddlers) since Hannah Martin. He works so well with everyone and it's amazing how much better Ned is with him as he needed a purpose. Fletcher O'Leary is an excellent little actor and I love the casting of his little brother, Blake as Mickey's friend, Tyler. It makes their friendship all the more believable.

27th January 2008: Are you pleased to see Valda back in Erinsborough?

Yes: 86%
No: 5%
Not sure: 9%

edmundo: Yes. Who doesn't love a returnee?
SimonThomas: Yes! Loathed her the first time she appeared, with those awful dogs, but the Lyn's-real-mother storyline really changed my opinion of both character and actor. Great for Steph to have a link to her family too.
Mama Baker: Who wouldnt be happy to have her back? For the last few years we've all complained about the lack of a matriach on the show and now the powers that be have granted us our wish!She has a great dynamic with Lou and it's nice that Steph has some family back on the street.

13th January 2008: Would you like to see Rebecca become the next Mrs Paul Robinson?

Yes: 44%
No: 40%
Not sure: 16%

shamrock: I'm a huge fan of Rebecca and love her relationship with Paul, so I voted yes and hopefully one day she will become the next Mrs Robinson. That said, I'd love it if they weren't rushed down the aisle a la Paul and Lyn. At the moment there is no need for marriage and I think it would be nice to see their relationship slowly develop before they make that commitment.
SimonThomas: I voted yes, but with the proviso that Neighbours change their procedure for marriages which goes along the line of "the second anyone gets married, they must immediately fight and/or seem indifferent to each other, until the inevitable split".
Pal20: I voted no! Don't get me wrong Rebecca is a great character and I think she and Paul are a good couple, I don't see the need for them to get married especially considering Paul's track record with marriages.

16th December 2007: Which of these political neighbours was your favourite?

Steph: 39%
Lou: 27%
David: 17%
Madge: 17%
Evan: 0%
Dorothy: 0%

edmundo: I know she's new to the job, but it's Steph for me. A really passionate character.
chocaholic29: My memory is failing me so I could only remember Steph and David's leadership stories, and for me, Steph takes the cake. She fights for everything she believes in and that's tops!
david1979: Madge can count on my vote. A good mouthy councillor who seemed to work hard at the job and care about it. I also loved the fact she was following in her grandfather's political footsteps.

25th November 2007: Which of the recent arrivals is your favourite?

Rebecca: 42%
Miranda: 37%
Steve: 11%
Bridget: 5%
Declan: 5%

smurfy: I voted Miranda. Maybe I've seen Nikki Coghill in another role and forgotten it, but there's something very familiar about her; it feels like she already belongs in Neigbours even though she's only been around for a few weeks. Her friendship with Susan seems to work too - you can genuinely believe they have things in common, rather than the scriptwriters just throwing two 40+ women together because it suits.
shamrock: Though Didge was a close second, but I had to go for Rebecca. Jane Hall has been to be a wonderful addition to the show, proving to be great at both the highly emotional scenes that has revolved around her character, but also a talented comic actress, when given the opportunity. Her relationship and onscreen chemistry with son, Declan (James Sorensen) is probably one of the best partnerships seen on Neighbours in recent years and it's refreshing to see an older woman in the show who differs from the very family-orientated Susan and Miranda, but still remains a caring mother.
david1979: My choice was Rebecca. I find her much more interesting than the other new folks. She's got a great back story linked with Paul and Jane Hall is a splendid actress.

11th November 2007: What do you think of the new opening titles and theme tune?

Love them both: 59%
Like the titles, but not the theme tune: 17%
Like the theme tune, but not the titles: 14%
Hate them both: 10%

Pal20: I love the new theme tune, its very catchy and a change for the better from the old version. Sandra De Jong has a nice voice. Loved the opening titles from the first time I saw them, especially like seeing all the cast having fun in the photo booth!
Ramsay Street: Classy, sophisticated and after three years of not being they are totally representative of the show. I love that the cast look as if they are having/have had a great time doing them. Sandra DeJong's theme is much the same, fun but with a serious undertone and as much as I loved Janine Maunder's theme it had become dated and wasn't in keeping with the more serious episodes.
edmundo: Yes and yes. A change was needed. The current theme and credits had become a little dated, so a freshen up was most welcome. I really like the new version of the theme tune. I was initially worried that they'd go for something outrageously modern, so I'm relieved that it's been kept simple. The opening credits are also a huge improvement. The cast are actually doing something now on the credits rather than just standing in front of the camera with a grin as wide as their face. It doesn't feel as cheesy as it once did.

28 October 2007: Which of the recent cameos was your favourite?

Emma Bunton: 23%
Daryl Braithwaite: 18%
Lou & Andy: 14%
Julian Clary: 14%
Shane Warne: 14%
Michael Parkinson: 9%
Neil Morrissey: 5%
Sinitta: 5%
Andrew G: 0%
Jono Coleman: 0%

Mike: As tempted as I am to go for Sinitta, the singer at Janelle and Steiger's wedding gets my vote. Although I'd never actually heard of him, Janelle's fainting at meeting him, and him playing over the street party, followed by Janelle's speech and exit in the helicopter made for one of the best recent exits from Neighbours.
eldestKinskiboy: I voted for Emma Bunton. Not only was her scene with Karl & Susan very convincing, she was my favourite Spice Girl and I used to fancy her rotten.
david1979: Although Lou and Andy were a lot of fun and Daryl Braithwaighte was enjoyable, I had to vote for Julian Clary. One of the few cameo's to get decent lines to deliver, and they were genuinely funny. It was also nice that as a famously bitchy comedian, he was paired up with Izzy, Neighbours biggest bitch.

14 October 2007: Now that Lolly's left, which of Lou's other children would you like to see return?

Guy: 41%
Lauren: 35%
Ling Mai: 24%

smurfy: I went for Guy - seeing as he and Lou have apparently fallen out, there's potential for a bit of conflict if he returned, plus the past fifteen years or so would be a blank canvas for the writers. Lauren does have potential, but quite frankly she was as annoying as hell, and for her to return would take a major personality change for my money!
eldestKinskiboy: I voted for Ling Mai because unlike her half siblings, she never got a love interest or anything but was simply introduced as a go between storyline with Cheryl and Lou. She has quite a bit of potential and I would be more than happy to see either one return, or all three.
david1979: I voted for Guy as I felt his relationship with Lou was quite interesting and his subsequent estrangement would be worth exploring and hopefully repairing. Also, as he's been away so long, he could have teenage children and it'd be nice to see the Carpenter surname carry on in Ramsay Street for years to come.

30 September 2007: Which of Ramsay Street's recent crazy people was the most convincing?

Robert: 34%
Mary: 24%
Sindi: 21%
Max: 14%
Teresa: 7%
Elle McPherson: 0%

edmundo: Surprisingly, I went for Robert. I liked him a lot more as he seemed to have more reasons to be completely bonkers. He was such a complex character and I really found it fascinating that his childhood was a contributing factor to his madness.
farscape: I went for Robert as I felt he was a complex character. What was the most interesting part of the story was when he became confused by how well Paul treated him when he was playing Cameron. It showed that Robert was human and not a simple loony villian.
david1979: Although the revelation of Sindi's madness was an exciting twist it wasn't handled brilliantly and it was hard to accept such a well loved character could have hidden it for so long. Max's storyline was brilliantly performed by Stephen Lovatt but I wasn't too keen on the way he disappeared to go and live with "a kind family". Robert got my vote. Adam Hunter's performance was outstanding and the whole storyline was gripping and hugely entertaining.

02 September 2007: Who should Oliver be with?

Elle: 40%
Carmella: 40%
Someone else: 16%
Susan: 4%

edmundo: I went for Elle. I think that she and Oliver are better suited to be perfectly honest. I've never really been that interested in Oliver and Carmella's relationship ever since Will left and Oliver was blatantly added as a near enough direct replacement for her.
anfield: Carmella; he doesn't cut it as the high-flying businessman for me, and Elle is too materialistic for him.
Mike: Who wouldn't want to be with Susan?!

19 August 2007: Do you think Steph and Toadie work as a couple?

Yes: 76%
I'm not sure: 19%
No: 5%

anfield: Of course! After Max, Steph and pretty much anyone would work!
SimonThomas: Definitely - bringing two classic characters together and giving them greater longevity, plus Ryan and Carla are both actors with great warmth and humanity. A brilliant idea, even if the break-up of Max and Steph was farcical.
david1979: I think they're well suited and Steph and Charlie bring out a sensitive side to Toadie, and he brings out Steph's fun side. Also, as two of the shows longest serving actors, I hope they last a long time.

05 August 2007: Which of these Neighbours-turned-pop stars is your favourite?

Kylie Minogue: 42%
Delta Goodrem: 37%
Natalie Imbruglia: 21%
Jason Donovan: 0%
Craig McLachlan: 0%
Stefan Dennis: 0%
The Twins: 0%
Holly Valance: 0%
Nat Bassingthwaighte: 0%
Stephanie McIntosh: 0%

Ramsay Street: There are so many to choose from and I like a lot of them for different reasons. Kylie is great if you're out having fun, but a lot of her stuff is a bit cheesy or is overplayed meaning it gets old fast. Delta has a beautiful voice and some really great songs, but her songs are so deep and meaningful that they're not the sort of thing I listen to on a day to day basis - plus technically she was a pop star turned Neighbours star, the show was just used to promote her career. Natalie Imbruglia's sound, however, is contemporary and great to listen to on a regular basis, I have all three on my iPod but she is the one I listen to the most, because her songs, even the older stuff haven't aged and are so good.
Gareth: No contest it's got to be Kylie. I do like the majority of the others but Kylie was the original and for me the best.
edmundo: This is a tough one, but I went for Delta. Whilst all the others are obviously very talented, minus Stefan Denis ;) ...I feel Delta is the only one who possesses a real natural ability to write and sing music. Kylie has had huge success but a lot of her music is manufactured for her. I have a far greater liking for those who pen their own music.

22nd July 2007: Which of these Ramsay Street deaths was your favourite?

Madge: 34%
Helen: 23%
Stingray: 17%
Daphne: 9%
Julie: 6%
Jim: 6%
Cody: 3%
Todd: 3%
Cheryl: 0%
Drew: 0%

SimonThomas: I've only been watching for three of those, and went for Madge. I think Libby's (Kym's) reaction to Drew's death was absolutely amazing, but, in terms of longer-term storylines, Magde's was the most well scripted, acted, and emotional.
wobblechopsharold: Madge's. Written and acted beautifully by Anne (Madge), Ian (Harold), Jonathan (Tad), Jansen (Paul) and Tom (Lou). On watching the episode, my heart feels empty.
david1979: I went for Helen due to the fact she'd been there from the start and Anne Haddy's dedication to the programme and her character meant she asked to film the scenes even though she was very ill. The fact she resolved one last Robinson / Ramsay fued by showing a video of "The Wedding" just made it even more perfect. A truly sad moment for Neighbours.

17th June 2007: Which of these Ramsay Street teens would you most like to see get the chop?

Lolly: 40%
Bree: 24%
Zeke: 20%
Rachel: 8%
Ringo: 8%

edmundo: Was a toss up between Lolly and Bree. I really like all the teens. In fact, I think it's one of the best teen lineup the show has had for years. I think you can't really get rid of either one of the Kinski kids because they play an integral role in Susan and Karl's relationship. Ringo's been a fantastic addition to the show and I wouldn't like him to go. Bree could go, but the problem would be how. The only way I could see her going is if she went to boarding school or something like Summer. Lolly has only just arrived and whilst I've enjoyed the storylines she's been involved with I just don't think she fits in quite as well with the other teens.
smurfy: I voted Ringo, but only by default as he's the one I'm the least interested in. He's not a bad character or actor; the others seem like a more integral part of the street.
david1979: I found it difficult to choose as all the teens have their good points, but I went for Bree. She seems to have been hovering about looking miserable since the Anne Baxter storyline, and now Janae has become so much more mature and likeable, her role as the wise Timmins seems to have been weakened.

3rd June 2007: Following the BBC's withdrawal from the bidding for Neighbours, and confirmation that the show will move to Five in 2008, would you have preferred the show to go to ITV instead?

No - Five: 41%
Doesn't matter: 37%
Yes - ITV: 22%

Mike: Doesn't matter. I honestly, honestly can't see what the fuss is about. It's not going to be a different show or anything! And the breaks might be quite useful to make a cup of tea.
Malm: I voted no as Five is the lesser of two evils. I'm sure they will put more effort into making Neighbours a success on their channel than ITV would have.
v1ahhhh: Does it really matter? BBC lost Neighbours, Yyes thats a shame but it doesn't matter. As long as it's still on the air, it doesn't really matter.

20th May 2007: After three years, are the episode titles working for you?

Yes: 52%
Sometimes: 27%
No: 12%
Don't know: 9%

edmundo: I went for yes. There harmless enough and they can make past episodes easier to distinguish.
wobblechopsharold: Yes they do work. Also they are an USP (Unique Selling Point/Proposition) to other soaps.
Edward Skylover: I went for 'sometimes'. I don't think Neighbours is in need of ditching its episode titles just yet, especially considering they're a very minor part of the show, and sometimes you forget to read them.

6th May 2007: Which of the three recent Ramsay Street newcomers is your favourite?

Ringo: 70%
Lolly: 22%
Oliver: 8%

swissfan: I voted for Ringo - although there seems to be much more potential at the moment to the other two characters I think he fits in very well and the guy is a very good actor. Not to say the other aren't but to me they are struggling a bit more.
voodooneighbour: I went for Ringo. He has great comedy value and he is played really well. I am not too keen on the other two yet. Lolly annoys me and Oliver, although not as bad as Ned, seems a bit bland and without a personality.
smurfy: I voted Lolly. She gives another dimension to Lou's character, which he needs with Mishka gone, plus she has history in the show. Ringo's been brought in when we're still getting to know Fraser, which all seems a bit much, while Oliver hasn't really found his feet yet; it seems a bit obvious that he was dreamt up quickly because of Will's sudden departure.

22nd April 2007: Who has been your favourite Scully family member from the past seven years?

Steph: 49%
Lyn: 23%
Michelle: 11%
Flick: 6%
Oscar: 6%
Joe: 2.5%
Jack: 2.5%

Pal20: I voted for Steph. She has been my favourite character since the day she arrived. Carla Bonner is a terrific actress and I hope Steph will be around for many more years to come.
smurfy: I voted for Steph. I was no fan of the Scullys at first, but since I got back into the show she's really grown on me. I love the way she suddenly goes all Bogan when she gets angry, and she's certainly never afraid to speak her mind. It's also no coincidence that she's become much more interesting since Max did his disappearing act.
Ramsay Street: As far as I'm concerned they've saved the best until last, Steph's the last Scully standing and rightly so, she's a great character with an amazing energy, zest for life and passion. With Max she's a good character, without him she's excellent and I just hope that she eventually gets paired off with someone who allows her to be true to herself. The longer Carla Bonner and Stephanie stay the better, I just hope she ditches Max soon and his name as well. Steph Scully forever!

25th March 2007: What would you like to see Karl doing now that he's given up medicine?

Return to medicine: 42%
Mayor of Erinsborough: 31%
Musician: 11%
Photographer: 4%
Publican: 4%
Teacher: 4%
Counsellor: 4%

out_there: I voted for the Mayor of Erinsborough!! The way he is making the Kinski household self-sufficient, I think it would be quite amusing to make the whole community do the same. He would probably have the respect of most of the community already as well, as he has their respect from his medical days!
david1979: I decided to be boring and go for stay in medicine. It just seems odd for Karl not to be the resident doctor, and of course it gives his character loads of storylines.
Simon Thomas: I think back to medicine is the likeliest answer, and probably best... at least until Boyd is qualified enough to take over. Given Neighbours rapidity, that'll probably be a couple of weeks. If not, I'd like Karl to become a teacher - would make for some great interaction with Susan at work and at home. Though how could they both teach, given that Erinsborough High only has one classroom...?

11th March 2007: Which of these couples is your favourite?

Steph & Toadie: 60%
Steph & Max: 36%
Max & Toadie: 4%

Ramsay Street: Just over a year ago, I said that Carla Bonner needed to be given a good storyline that was true to Steph's character and that I'd rather see her go whilst I still liked her than despising her everytime I think of her. I was wrong when I said that was unlikely. The rekindling of her friendship with Toadie has revitalised both Steph & Toadie, characters which had become tired and I wouldn't have minded waving goodbye to, however who could've thought that what many assumed was a filler storyline about one of the residents complaining about Steph working on her bike could've turned into one of the best friendships and potential couples that Neighbours has seen in years, and that two of it's longest-serving characters would potentially have years added to their shelf lives. Steph & Toadie are great together and it's great to see the real Steph after a few years being repressed by Max and to see Toadie finally released from the shackles of The House of Trouser and being given the chance to play something other than the clown. Carla Bonner & Ryan Moloney seem to be relishing the chance to sink their teeth into this new challenge and to develop this story , the seeds of which were planted back in 1999. I can't wait to see how their relationship develops.
edmundo: I went for Toadie and Steph. With Max currently being away it's been an excellent opportunity to explore Steph and Toad's relationship. As we knew already they were great mates and I think they would make a great couple.
Simon Thomas: I've voted for Toadie and Steph, but I am definitely glad Steph had her marriage - if she hadn't developed in the way she has with Max, then she'd have got boring ages ago. Now we can see a mature woman who is prepared to see new depths in a man no longer obsessed with going trouser-less.

25 February 2007: Which of the new characters is your favourite?

Rosetta: 45%
Pepper: 34%
Will: 17%
Frazer: 4%

smurfy: Rosetta wins for me. She has a great sparkiness about her without being a b*tch type character - she adds something extra and refreshing to the show.
shamrock: Rosetta hands down. From Rosetta's first appearance, she had something special. She is quick-witted, has a little extra sass, contrasts fantastically with Carmella, Natalie is a terrific actress and has filled a space in Ramsay Street that hasn't been filled in quite some time. Immediately she fitted in and I felt I had been watching the character for years.
david1979: I voted for Rosetta. Her feistyness reminds me of Libby and her sexual repression is an unusual character trait which should be applauded for it's originality.

11 February 2007: Since Cheryl's death, who do you think was the best match for Lou?

Mishka: 60
Valda: 20%
Janelle: 10%
Someone else: 6.7%
Connor: 3.3%

Pal20: This is a really tough one, up until a year ago it would have been Valda hands down, but Mishka added something to Lou and the show that was really needed, so my vote goes to Mishka.
Malm: Valda and her awful silky vest-tops can get lost, Mishka is the only one for Lou-Bear. Although Janelle could work if Mishka flew away forever. I couldn't stand Valda, I'm glad I missed most of the time she was in the show.
david1979: He could have been so happy with Connor. But I had to vote for Mishka. She's just so obviously saved his character. The woman is pure gold, and I'd love it if her and Lou spend many happy years together. I didn't like Valda as an individual character and I never even liked her friendship with Lou let alone the hint that it may lead to romance (something Lou didn't seem interested in).

28 January 2007: Do you prefer the old House of Trouser or the new housemates at number 30?

New housemates: 71
House of Trouser: 29%

Pal20: I really like the new housemates much better the the old house of trouser. Don't get me wrong, HOT had some fine and interesting moments but it did start to get a bit boring towards the end. These newbies have already added some needed spark to the show and that house, hopefully the Number 30 set will also get a makeover to begin a new era for Number 30 Ramsay Street.
shamrock: Toadie, Stu and Connor worked well as the HOT but it went too far. By the time when the best storyline they could have was that wrestling malarky, then it needed to be put to rest. Great chemistry and obviously a real friendship underneath but as soon as one link (Stu) left, it fell apart. It was like flogging a dead horse and Ned could never fill it. It died and I'm glad. The new people definitely. I've warmed to them all in a very quick space of time. I expect them to have the same chemistry that Lance, Toadie, Joel and Dee had. Fresh, comical and interesting. They bring variety and life and will have a longer lifespan than HOT as well as more storyline possibilities.
david1979: I went for the new people as I felt it was time for a change. The HOT had many great moments of daft entertainment but the format had got stale and once Stu and Connor had gone the writing was on the wall. The new lot are all promising in their own ways and I suspect their storylines will be quite different to the old HOT stuff. I already really like Rosetta.

14 January 2007: Which Ramsay Street Christmas was your favourite?

2005: 39%
2003: 17%
1996: 17%
2004: 9%
1987: 9%
1986: 9%
1988: 0%
1989: 0%
1991: 0%

Ramsay Street: I was torn between 1991, 2003 and 2005. I remember being so happy for Toby when Madge returned in 1991, I also loved 2003, partly because it had been so long since they celebrated Christmas and because it was so nice to see Ramsay Street all lit up, and the sadness of seeing Harold go from being so happy with his family all around him to having the stroke. The 2005 Christmas was a perfect way for Neighbours' 20th year to come to a close, with the happiness of the Timminses, the Hoylands & the Robinsons being juxtaposed against the sadness of the Kinskis and the Bishops, it was just the sort of episode that Neighbours does best. In the end I chose 2003.
wobblechopsharold: I chose 1996. The reason - Harold and Lou dressing up as Santa, Karl only finding a live turkey. Plus it had Toadie up to his usual tricks. Also two romances started - Phil and Ruth, Billy and Anne. A mix of comedy and romance.
Edward Skylover: Well for me there have been 2 amazing christmases; 2004 and 2005.
Izzy seemed to make the end of the 2004 season so meen a big part of the 2005 season ever since he arrived and he also haagical, it was the height of her popularity in Neighbours and I think her wedding to Karl was brilliant. And obviously the explosion that came afterwards was even better.
I ended up voting for 2005 though. Paul Robinson had been a major part in the show's history. But of course, Harold also has a major part in the show's history and I think the end of the 20th anniversary was inevitably going to be between these 2 pivitol characters. It also brought some closure to the Bishops' death, Harold's grieving and provided a platform for 2006 storylines with Robert Robinson.

17 December 2006: Which of Ramsay Street's medical professionals was your favourite?

Dr Karl: 56%
Nurse Dee: 19%
Nurse Katya: 11%
Dr Clive: 7%
Dr Darcy: 7%
Nurse Pam: 0%
Dr Beverly: 0%

Edward Skylover: I'm not sure if my vote was biased but I went for Karl. Obviously I didn't watch when Beverly was in Neighbours, and that's the same for Clive Gibbons, so I guess the obvious option would be Karl. Not only has he been a great doctor but he's been in Neighbours for such a long time now I probably just know that Karl's going to be there for any medical emergency or accident in the future. Because of Alan's approach on the role I think Karl has come across as a doctor perfectly without becoming too stereotypical.
david1979: I went for Karl. He's one of my top ten characters, he's been around for 12 years and he seems to be capable of dealing with any medical issue whilst maintaining a credible music career; the man is a legend.
anfield: I know nearly everyone's going to vote for Karl, so just to be different I voted for Katya - not a "goody-two-shoes", but bad without being insane. And a glare that would create bed-space easily!

03 December 2006: Will Boyd and Janae's marriage last the distance?

Yes: 29%
No: 71%

Clarkie: I think that the marriage will last. There aren't many stable marriages on the show at the moment and I can see Boyd and Janae becoming a long-standing couple. Janae obviously dotes on Boyd, and I think he feels nearly as strongly.
smurfy: Tough one. On one hand, they seem very happy at the moment, but on the other, they rushed into it, and there are some very obvious differences between the two. Also I can't help thinking there's more to the marriage not being legal than meets the eye.
shamrock: As much as I'd like to see their marriage succeed against all odds, and it has to be said, the relationship was brought out the best in both characters, we live in the world of soap where things rarely, if ever, run smooth.

19 November 2006: Which of the current Timmins regulars would you most like to see leave?

Dylan: 43%
Stingray: 43%
Janae: 14%
Janelle: 0%
Bree: 0%

Billy L: Dylan, as he's the only one I never really liked, plus he overacts.
smurfy: It has to be Stingray. Maybe if I'd seen him when he first arrived and was apparently more interesting, I'd feel differently. But to my mind someone saying 'spigging' a lot doesn't make them funny or a good character.
shamrock: A few months ago I would have said Dylan. But since then, we've learnt that Damian Bodie is quite a gifted actor during the Sky and the possible abortion storyline. I think there's a lot more that can be done with his character. But I would now, without a doubt get rid of Stingray. At first he was quite an interesting but since his entire family's introduction to the show, he has been overshadowed by such different and interesting characters and I just realise how poor a character he is. He does nothing of any significance, I cringe during most scenes he's in and the whole Rachel/Stingray romance is definitely my personal low-point of an otherwise great 2006 season.

05 November 2006: Should the salon be replaced with a more regularly seen location?

Yes: 71%
No: 29%

Billy L: Whilst I am quite fond of the salon, I think the residents need another 'hub'. At times it seems like all the Neighbours do is drink coffee during the day and drink alcohol during the night. I think they should have something like a mini-market. I know Lou and Harold's is like that, but they need something with aisles and a check out, where some residents can work. For instance I can imagine two neighbours spilling a secret and it being heard through the baked beans cans...
smurfy: I voted no, purely because I can't think of a suitable location to replace it. There's already a bar/restaurant, cafe/shop, hotel, doctor's surgery and a rarely-seen solictor's office. Why not make better use of the salon instead? Get Janae working there alongside her mum; they could go for a similar dynamic to the salon in Corrie, which I think works brilliantly.
david1979: I went for no. Because they seem to struggle making space for sets anyway, so making a new set for something we see more often would probably be tricky, it works well as a place for Janelle to work and it could be used for others to work in (like Janae as smurfy said), I'd hate to think that Gino may never be seen again and I can't think of another shop for the locals. Although they may need a new bikini shop since the demise of the mighty Bounce.

22 October 2006: Which (living) original character would you most like to see return?

Lucy: 42%
Scott: 21%
Des: 11%
Danny: 11%
Shane: 11%
Maria: 4%
Max: 0%

Ramsay Street: I think Lucy would fit well in Ramsay Street today, she and Paul are close, as seen in the Anniversary episodes and I think she would get on really well with Elle. I could see Lucy helping Paul run Lassiter's or maybe buying into Scarlet Bar, and there is such potential for her, she could marry again and start a family, extending the Robinson clan. She would of course need a home for her family... 26 Ramsay Street perhaps?
smurfy: I was incredibly torn between Lucy and Danny - both have huge potential for storylines, and a link to the street with Paul and Harold. I would be very happy to see either, but I gave my vote to Danny in the end as I thought many others would vote Lucy. I want to see more of the 'mini-Max' he'd become in the 20th Anniversary documentary. He could have a feisty Madge-style wife too. Plus there is a ready made storyline - Tim Duncan could trace him, or vice versa, with the ensuing fallout.
Mark: I voted for Lucy because she's the one who would fit best into the current show and style. Paul would benefit from having his little sis living with him, and it would be interesting to see her relationship with her namesake Lucinda (Elle). She'd work perfectly in the Scarlet Bar or as Paul's number two around Lassiter's. And maybe she could hook up with someone like Ned or Dylan to cause friction with Elle. Lucy would also be valuable to have around as a source of conscience for Paul and to pull him back every now and then from doing something really rotten.

8 October 2006: Which of these milestone episodes was your favourite?

5000th: 32%
4000th: 26%
1000th: 21%
2000th: 21%
3000th: 0%

Ramsay Street: As much as I really cared about "The Anglican Church on Church Street" being on fire in episode 4000, I chose episode 2000. It was such a good episode, with effects there were still felt in 2005 when Paul Robinson & Philip Martin met up again after the latter being framed by Paul. To coincide the opening of the new look Waterhole & Helen's birthday with episode 2000 was a brilliant idea, and getting Stefan Dennis and Melissa Bell back was brilliant, having three of Helen's beloved grandchildren there, with Julie already being a regular. It's just a shame that Scott & Rosemary couldn't be there.
smurfy: Not surprisingly, I voted for Episode 1000. I can't remember why there was a party, but when Hilary announced Matt was 'in fact, my own son' it was a truly classic moment. She was such a strait-laced character, and when she admitted she'd had a child out of wedlock she seemed so much more human, and the way everyone accepted it and Helen just said 'welcome to the family!' was Neighbours at its best.
Billy L: 2000 is way ahead of all the other milestones as far as I'm concerned. The cumilation of so many on going storylines (The Waterhole explosion/re-opening, Julie and Philip's divorce, Stephen's paralysis, and the Brad/Beth/Lauren love triangle) was brilliant. Plus making it the only remaining original character's Birthday was a nice touch, and of course - the return of Lucy and Paul, however brief, was welcome. Oh, and also the special graphic on the opening titles.

24 September 2006: Who should Paul be paired with, romantically speaking?

Gail: 52%
Lyn: 26%
Izzy: 15%
Prue from reception: 7%

smurfy: Paul and Gail are just a classic pairing. To me the show's four classic couples are them, Scott and Charlene, Madge and Harold and Des and Daphne. Seeing as two of those feature one deceased partner and the other an international star, Paul and Gail is our best chance to have one back.
Peace Dove: It has to be Lyn, it's about time she got some decent romance .
paulrobinson2: I think Paul and Prue were having a secret affair for years, he was always popping over to see her, on the phone to her, etc. Work was the perfect cover up. He always seems to fall for his secetaries, PA's, etc, why would Prue be safe? What happened to her, she just disappeared, you'd have thought after all the years of great service she would have had a leaving do.

10 September 2006: After 13 years as a share house, is it time for 30 Ramsay Street to become a family home once more?

No: 74%
Yes: 26%

Gareth: No 30 should stay as it is really except for the inane "House of Trouser" crap. Hopefully with only Toadie remaining that can now fade away.
Mama Baker: I think it's important that the entire show doesn't revolve around teenagers or families and this adds some much needed diversity into the street. Without No30 it would probably be a blander place to live.
david1979: I voted no. I think there should always be one share home on the street, as it provides a different atmosphere to all the other houses. What should change is the HOT dynamic. Either by putting females in there, or a mix of age ranges, or some gay characters - just something different.

27 August 2006: Which house most needs a makeover?

Number 30: 75%
Number 22: 17%
Number 28: 8%
Number 24: 0%
Number 26: 0%
Number 32: 0%

anfield: I just think it has to be No. 22; in my opinion, Paul as a highflying businessman would have much more "modern" looking furniture - all steel and glass.
Andy: Number 30 is in desperate need of a complete makeover, walls need moving, rooms need expanding, and backdrops need replacing. The place has just been vile since about 1993, infact as far as Ramsay Street residences go, Number 30 has always lacked style.
david1979: Although partially tempted to vote for the house where dinosaurs and Thunderbirds rule, I had to go for number 30. It seems to have looked like that forever and it's a real mess. Who is that girl poster on the wall? Looks like Beth Orton to me. That blackboard cut out is somehow disturbing. All the mindless trash on the shelves looks awful, and then there are the holes in the walls. It really needs a change.

13 August 2006: Which of these recent guests would you most like to see made into a regular character?

Mishka: 81%
JP: 9%
Jenny: 5%
Sasha: 5%

Malm: Sasha had a sly face, I wouldn't have trusted her. Mishka all the way.
Ramsay Street: Definately Mishka, she has revitalised Lou, he was beginning to become tired and was lost in Harold's storylines, it is nice to see him get some of his own. Mishka has been great for Harold & Sky too, bringing with her a dynamic that has been missing in number 24 since the Bishops died, and could hopefully be the full time matriarch we have been longing for since the death of Madge.
david1979: Mishka is bob on. I think she's great fun, and a brilliant companion for Lou. Isn't it time he had some long-lasting happiness? Just the thought of watching either him or Harold having yet another pointless, short-lived romance is becoming increasingly unbearable.

30 July 2006: Which of Paul's (living) siblings would you most like to see make a return?

Lucy: 55%
Scott: 42%
Glen: 3%

smurfy: It was a tough choice between Lucy and Glen. I eventually went for Lucy because she is such a big part of the show and it would be great to see if Paul spoiling her like she was still a child. I do thin there is potential in a return for Glen though as he blames Paul for his accident and Paul blames him for his financial problems and breakdown, so it would be an interesting reunion! Especially if they were to fall for the same woman... If Scott were to come back it would have to be with Charlene, and as I don't see that comeback happening any time soon I would rather Scott stayed happily married in Brisbane.
Pal20: I voted for Lucy, we got a bit of a taste last year with the 20th anniversary episodes and from what I saw I really like her.
Laz: I voted for Scott because it will provide Jason Donovan with much needed employment and he'll be able to stop playing rubbish gigs at second rate UK nightclubs. Which would be nice for all concerned.

16 July 2006: Which of the absent Scully children would you most like to see return?

Felicity: 48%
Michelle: 37%
Jack: 15%

Ramsay Street: I chose Michelle, as I think her character had a lot more depth than 'womaniser' Jack and 'superficial' Felicity. Her character could be developed further now that she has left school and she would be about the right age to be friends with Elle now, as she doesn't really have any friends. Whilst I didn't initially like Michelle, I thought towards the end of her time on the show she really progressed and became quite a good character, and was even better when she returned for a while in 2004. She also has a history with one of the residents of number 30 and it could prove to be very interesting to see how they react to seeing each other again.
anfield: Flick - and NO, not because it would mean the return of Holly Valance! Jack was boring, and basically a waste of space - he had no redeeming features at all. Michelle was an interesting character, but I just feel that Flick would have developed more as a character; and who knows after working for The Daniels Corporation maybe she would be an interesting business challenge to Paul?
Snuggles: Flick I say. There are a lot of characters with depth at the moment and she was usually an easy going happy type of character that we're lacking at bit at the moment.

11 June 2006: A year after its relaunch, which Lassiter's do you now prefer - old or new?

Old: 79%
New: 21%

david1979: The old one - no question. The entire concept of The General Store selling food, coffee, stationary and offering dry cleaning, is stupid. Scarlet Bar; I've warmed to it a bit but again it's conceptually daft. It's meant to be half funky bar and half eatery. They don't need another place for people to eat in, and hardly anyone ever dances. When they do they look stupid. The outside of Lassiters is now incredibly ugly. Luckily the plants are filling out a bit now, but the water features, tacky windmills and the tin tubs are hideous.
anfield: The Scarlet Bar is way too trendy for Erinsborough; a traditional pub is the place where you would find the Timminses and Rebecchi's of this world, and so was a more natural gathering place for the residents of Ramsay Street.
Enunciate: The new one. The old Coffee Shop looked great in the early '90s and Chez Chez also looked good. But after the '97 revamp, The Coffee Shop looked like some kind of 'insane playhouse with built-in flood lights. Lou's Place became the complete opposite - green, dark, depressing - an ongoing Hawaiian-themed nightmare. Updating these eight-year sets has brought some realism to the show in my opinion. Another thing - when Harold and Lou leave the show, it will be quite nostalgic to see 'Bishop and Carpenters' stuck to the window. It's like some kind of monument or plaque to these on-going characters.

04 June 2006: Do you like episodes, like Charlie's birth, focusing on just one storyline?

Yes: 77%
No: 23%

Ramsay Street: I think Neighbours should continue to do episodes that focus on one storyline, as I think they are a good way to bring a long running storyline to a close more quickly, but I think they should stick to the 'one a year' method they have been using since 2002 (with the exception of 2004) as it makes it more special when the have this style of episode.
Pal20: When a big and long standing storyline comes to a close in this case the birth of Max and Steph's longed for baby, I think it deserves an entire episode without any other storylines interfering with the conclusion to the storyline.
Dolly: I voted no because not everyone is going to like or be interested each storyline and if an episode focuses on one, it increases the possibility of large parts of the audience being bored. I know you can't please everybody but by showing different characters/plots you at least appeal to more people. I think it's better with that kind of episode for milestones/big events only or if the plot/characters involved are hugely popular at the time.

28 May 2006: Which of these current households is your favourite?

Number 22: 35%
Number 26: 29%
Number 28: 16%
Number 32: 13%
Number 24: 7%
Number 30: 0%

smurfy: I went for Number 22. There's something brilliant about how dysfunctional they are as a 'family', yet in a twisted way Paul and Izzy are determined to keep it together.
Edward Skylover: I went for Number 26 - The Timmins'. Despite the unusual living arrangements which are often noted, I think the Timmins' family are addictive and they get your attention with every storyline they have.
Enunciate: No.22 is by far the most interesting house. Unlike the others, there's a family structure where tension exists. Each character is like a ticking time-bomb, waiting to go off. Paul, Izzy and Elle each have colourful personalities which conflict, unlike (for example), Max, Steph and Boyd, who are bland in comparison.

21 May 2006: Which opening titles style from the past 21 years has been your favourite?

2003: 29%
1997-1998: 17%
1986-1992: 14%
2004-2005: 11%
1999: 9%
2000-2002: 9%
1992-1995: 6%
early 2002: 2.5%
2006: 2.5%
1985: 0%
1996: 0%

Edward Skylover: I voted for the 1997-98 credits. I think these are my favourites because the white background behind all the characters in each house gave these credits a classy effect and nobody was posing - the shots in-between the house shots were very natural. Another advantage to these credits, would have to be that they were technically ahead of their time and I think that they could have been easily carried through the years without becoming dated.
shamrock: I went for the 2003 credits. They looked classier and as if they actually spent some decent money on them. They weren't posing and everyone looked really natural. I also think they sort had a feeling of a community - really tight-knit and close with the different characters interacting with each other.
Ramsay Street: The 2003 titles were the 'map' credits of the 21st century, bright, colourful and sophisticated, whilst retaining the simplistic feel that Neighbours radiates. The split screen was a brilliant concept and the shots to the right of the screen were rather artistic, which is no doubt why they adorn the the top of this very site to this day.

14 May 2006: Would you like to see Angie Rebecchi back in Ramsay Street permanently?

Yes: 67%
No: 33%

Edward Skylover: I think as a character, Angie is what the show is missing. There are no female characters of this age range - of course we have Susan and Janelle but they're not quite in the same age bracket.
Peace Dove: I really think Angie should stay permanently, as she makes the Timmins' storylines seem interesting, she also adds another dimension to Toadie and above all brings an energy and 'bogan' charm that Janelle and Kim, etc sincerely lack.
anfield: I voted no. Angie's good as a shock-tactic, but for her character to settle down and become "domesticated" would take most of what makes her good away. And she would, eventually, need to find something to do with her, as Toadie hardly needs a mother around 24/7, and they can only play out her "feud" with Janelle for a short period before it becomes tedious.

07 May 2006: Which of these Neighbours families would you most like to see back on the show?

Stark: 42%
Martin: 26%
Alessi: 12%
Willis: 10%
Hancock: 10%

david1979: I went for the Starks because I think Danni, Brett and Darren were all strong individuals and they'd all have alot more mileage in them than the other choices. Also the connection with Lou would give him a bit more life again.
Peace Dove: I think it should be the Martins, as with the new Robinson family slowly forming, it would be interesting to see the dynamics between the families especially with Hannah being the only blood link between the two.
Mama Baker: Although not one of the most significant families in the show, the Starks could all give Lou another storyline and it would be nice if somehow Lolly could come back so Lou would finally have a family again.

30 April 2006: Which of these recent Ramsay Street additions is your favourite?

Elle: 38%
Rachel: 24%
Kim: 18%
Zeke: 18%
Ned: 2%

Peace Dove: For me it has to be Elle, she brings back some young Neighbours charm and elegance that hasn't been seen in a while. The others I just haven't warmed to yet...it seems to me Ned has been added to boost the actor playing him's pop career as his acting is terrible. And it seems that Zeke has been added simply because he looks like Rachel...
Edward Skylover: I voted for Rachel because in my opinion she is the best recent addition to the cast. Unlike Elle Robinson or any of the other new characters, she has something different about her which makes her so special as a character. Without Zeke, I think her character would be so much weaker, so I think they've become a double act very much like Lou and Harold have over the last few years.
Ramsay Street: Kim is a breath of fresh air, unlike the uptight fathers we have seen in the past few years he is laidback, unlike Max, Joe, Karl & David, and he is also a calming side to Max, he balances him out. The arguments between Kim & Janelle have been fantastic, unlike anything we have seen since Angie & Kev Rebecchi last visited. The few scenes we have seen between Toadie and Kim have also been fantastic, and he seems to have real respect for his uncle, unlike his reaction to his Auntie Janelle. It is also interesting to see how different Kim is to the way Janelle has portrayed him, he is actually a great father to Scott, Janae and Bree, and especially to Dylan, even if Dylan doesn't agree with his attitude to life, or parenting. I really hope that TPTB realise what an asset they have in Brett Swain, and the character of Kim and promote him to regular status soon as it would be a shame to see him leave before his character has been given the chance to be explored in more depth.

23 April 2006: Do you like the 2006 opening titles?

Yes: 55%
No: 45%

Snuggles: I like them a lot. From what I'd read I was expecting something terrible but I think they are one of the best they've ever had. Instead of simply updating the previous ones or changing them a bit they've gone for something bright and fairly simple that works.
david1979: I think they might be slightly better than the last opening credits, but the lack of logic in how much time each character is shown, the cheesiness of the posing and the vile lurid background cartoons all make it fairly unpleasant viewing.
Billy L: There's been better, there's been worse. I rate these somewhere in the middle. Nice they did something different, but there was never anything wrong with the 2003 titles, so I don't know why they've changed styles every year since.

19 March 2006: Which of these characters would you prefer hadn't been killed off?

Madge: 37%
Dee: 30%
Drew: 22%
Cheryl: 9%
Daphne: 2%

out_there: I voted for Madge for a number of reasons. Harold hasnt been the same since she died. I also think it would be interesting to see her interact with Sky and the other Bishops when she was there. Madge was the matriarch of Ramsay Street since the death of Helen Daniels in 1997. Although Susan has now filled this space, she doesnt quite have the spark that Madge did.
wobblechopsharold: Madge. She was brilliant and would have sorted out Janelle and kids as she would got annoyed with their antics. Plus she could sort Harold and Lou's petty arguments.
Jayne: It took me a while to decide between Dee or Madge but I chose Dee. I loved her, she was one of my favourite characters there has been in Neighbours. I still believe she isn't dead just in the hope that she will return!

12 March 2006: Which of the Kennedy children would you like to see make a permanent return in 2006?

Libby: 69%
Billy: 17%
Mal: 15%

Mama Baker: For pure sentimentality sakes I'd have to choose Libby. Although it's true that she has been through an awful lot of storylines, she could bring back other characters and I could see her and Katya falling out with one another.
Peace Dove: I think Malcolm should return, as I think he has many potential storylines, and on the occasions he has returned he has helped bring back the old Kennedy family charm that was apparent when they first moved in.
Mark: Although Libby would be terrific to have back, I had to vote for Mal. From a storylne potential point of view, there's so much more to do with Mal - as has been said, Libby's been through everything in her ten years and as much as she was loved as a character, it's tricky to think of new things she could do.

05 March 2006: Which of these Ramsay Street couples do you think is the most likely to marry in 2006?

Karl and Susan: 61%
Janae and Boyd: 19%
Paul and Izzy: 11%
Sky and Dylan: 7%
Ned and Elle: 2%

teenage-monkey: I see Boyd and Janae getting married in a "Romeo & Juliet" style storyline. The way that they're being presented and the storylines that are forming at the moment, give me the idea that they'll no doubt be getting married.
anfield: I voted for Paul and Izzy simply because I think they've "been there and done that" with Karl and Susan, I can't imagine Sky committing herself so young, particularly with art school, and Boyd will have too many other distractions.
wobblechopsharold: Susan and Karl. We all love them. When they speak to each other at the moment, you can sense a feel of love for each other.

26 February 2006: Which of these Timminses would you most like to see leave Neighbours this year?

Janae: 44%
Dylan: 20%
Janelle: 14%
Stingray: 12%
Bree: 10%

Andy: I voted for Janae. As a character, I really feel she just hasn't fitted in as well as the other members of the family.
Chloe: All of the Timmins family are brilliant so choosing someone was difficult. I voted Janae because she took the longest to grow on me.
anfield: Reluctantly, I voted for Stingray simply because out of all the Timmins family I think they have gone just about as far as they can with him.

19 February 2006: With Joe and Paul back in 2005, would you like to see more 80s characters returning this year?

Yes: 70%
No: 30%

Mama Baker: Purely for selfish reasons, I wasnt around much in the 80s, I don't think I'd like to see any more characters. Neighbours seems to be reverting to these iconic figures of the past because they cant't seem to write any decent characters, and haven't really done so for a couple of years!
david1979: The new characters are usually just pale immitations of the original iconic characters. I can understand younger viewers not appreciating this but the fact they don't remember them actually means it makes no difference to them whether they are new or not!
velbelle14: I voted "yes" as the 80's characters are some of the most interesting characters. Joe and Paul are my two favourites at the moment - look at how much Neighbours has improved since Paul Robinson has returned.

12 February 2006: Does Neighbours need a permanent gay character in 2006?

Yes: 31%
No: 69%

teenage-monkey: No, because I feel that in this day and age, Neighbours couldn't handle a proper permanent gay character. They'd have to bring in other gay permanent characters and with such a small cast allowance, it'd prove tricky.
Mike: If Neighbours were to introduce a gay charcter, I wouldn't have anything against it, but it's hardly a necessity since the recent Lana storyline.
Lolo: I think it would be great to have characters with different sexualities on the show, but it would be unfair just to have one, because that would rule out any realtionship storylines for them. Plus, I think there would be a risk of the person being the token gay, and for the storylines to be cliched.

05 February 2006: Which member of the Hoyland family would you like to wave goodbye to in 2006?

Izzy: 35%
Steph: 21%
Boyd: 25%
Max: 19%

witchy: I don`t really want any of them to go, but I love the dynamic of no 32 so it has to be Aunty Izzy.
Peace Dove: Izzy should go, she should have stayed at that therapy centre because she needs help. Maybe she should reconcile with her mother and live out in Papua New Guniea.
Edward Skylover: I voted for Max - this is because the whole father act with Steph has ruined her character, but seeing him leave without her would mean that her character would have a chance to go back to the old Steph, and not be held back by the likes of Max.
Ramsay Street: Carla Bonner needs to be given a good storyline which is true to Steph's character, but I feel that this is unlikely, and I'd rather see her go while I still like her than despising her everytime I think of her. Sometimes less is more.

29 January 2006: Do you want Karl and Susan to get back together?

Yes: 73%
No: 27%

Mike Piazza: I think they've been better characters apart, especially since all the kids left Erinsborough. Susan would be stupid though to go back to him given the number of times he's cheated on her.
Ramsay Street: It is not often in a show such as Neighbours that you get actors who dedicate over a decade to their characters and have such chemistry between them on screen, it would be a shame to waste this gift that Alan & Jackie are so willing to share with us.
Lucy: In my mind, it's inevitable that Susan and Karl will get back together, and for that I'm thankful. I do think however, that there is still quite a road to travel before they can reunite, and so I hope they aren't rushed back together.

22 January 2006: Would you like to see Izzy become the fourth Mrs Paul Robinson?

Yes: 47%
No: 53%

Ramsay Street: There are so many potential storylines that this marriage could lead to - imagine the conflict it would cause!
Andy: I'd love to see Izzy become the fourth Mrs Paul Robinson, if only for the extravagant wedding that would surely be thrown.
Edward Skylover: I selected no, because, despite the fact that Izzy and Paul's wedding would be very interesting and amusing, I don't think the characters work that well together.

15 January 2006: After almost a year on-screen, do you feel that the Timmins family are fitting into Ramsay Street?

Yes: 91%
No: 9%

Ramsay Street: I love the Timmins family and think that they are so refreshingly different to any family we have seen in a while, I can't wait to meet the rest of them.
Toadie's Tie: They have fitted in quite well and they're OK but I can't take to Janelle, she just winds me up all the time.
Billy L: I liked Stingray and Bree straight away - the only one I ever had an issue with was Janelle, but recently I've come to appreciate her and realise that she is actually one of the best characters on the show at this moment in time. Janae and Dylan are okay - don't really seem to do anything for me. But as a whole I think they do work and were just what the street needed to inject some life into it.