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Interactive > The PB Vote Special

As part of a PB Vote Special we asked our readers to vote and comment on a particular topic, with the results appearing here.

18 March 2012: Who is your favourite current regular character?

Karl Kennedy: 15%

Chris Pappas: 14%

Kyle Canning: 10%
Sonya Mitchell: 10%

Paul Robinson: 9%

Toadfish Rebecchi: 8%

Susan Kennedy: 6%
Summer Hoyland: 6%

Rhys Lawson: 5%

Jade Mitchell: 4%

Natasha Williams: 3%
Lou Carpenter: 3%

Lucas Fitzgerald: 2%
Kate Ramsay: 2%

Andrew Robinson: 1%
Callum Jones: 1%
Michael Williams: 1%

Sophie Ramsay: 0%

@nickyhudson06 aka Nicky Hudson (via Twitter): For me, it's been the same answer since ep1.... Paul Robinson aka Stefan Dennis "makes me feel good"!!

@vegangoth aka Laura Naysmith (via Twitter): I voted Susan as everyone should!!!

@jenahansen aka Jennifer Hansen aka Mrs Alan Fletcher (via Twitter): I am such a nerd that I just voted for my husband in a Neighbours popularity poll. Wedding anniversary next week...

02 July 2011: Which age group should the next new regular character belong to?

20-39: 36%
60 and over: 31%
40-59: 26%
0-19: 7%

number28: I voted for over 60s as we don't have always have a character in that age. I think having someone to alternate/sometimes overlap with Lou would be good. Plus we need some three generation families again.

David1979: I voted for the over 60s. It seems pretty obvious there's no call for another child or teen at the moment and with the recent addition of Jade, Kyle and Mark to the cast, the 20 somethings group is also very strong. So it was a simple choice between the middle aged parents and the pensioners. Paul, Lyn and Michael could all do with new partners, but Lou is now the only senior citizen on the street - and he spends half his time off the screen. Helen, Mrs Mangel, Madge & Harold (in their middle and later years) were some of the most legendary and well loved Neighbours - I really hope this group isn't ignored for much longer.

@Renesonse aka Rene Zandveld (via Twitter): Just voted myself. Is that a conflict of interest?

28 November 2010: Who is your favourite current Ramsay Street resident?

Paul Robinson: 15%

Donna Brown: 13%

Susan Kennedy: 8%

Lou Carpenter: 7%

Summer Hoyland: 6%
Karl Kennedy: 6%

Rebecca Robinson: 5%
Libby Kennedy: 5%
Sonya Mitchell: 5%
Toadfish Rebecchi: 5%
Stephanie Scully: 5%

Lucas Fitzgerald: 4%

Zeke Kinski: 3%
Lyn Scully: 3%

Andrew Robinson: 2%
Natasha Williams: 2%
Kate Ramsay: 2%

Ringo Brown: 1%
Declan Napier: 1%
India Napier: 1%

Callum Jones: 0%
Sophie Ramsay: 0%
Michael Williams: 0%
Charlie Hoyland: 0%

sam4145: I went for Paul as he is such a diverse character and where would we be without the resident villain?! But he also sometimes shows his good side which is why he's diverse. Plus he has lots of history in the street and is the only character you can actually believe would have gone through as many marriages as he has!

Grinch-Girl: I voted for Summer Hoyland as my favourite character... I like how smart and independant she is and I loved her friendship with Harry, I thought they were great together. She's just pretty cool, but quite geeky... Summer is also a good person and seems to always try and do the right thing... she is also quite fiery and confident and can stand up for her self. I like seeing her vulnerable side too though, like when she is often worrying about people and situations/stressing out about things. Maybe I just identify with her more than the other characters.

@doctorkk aka Alan Fletcher (via Twitter): I voted for Donna Brown