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What If...? is a new fortnightly Perfect Blend feature in which we ask readers to suggest how things might be different in Ramsay Street in 2007 if a significant event from the past hadn't taken place. Every two weeks, we'll suggest a new situation in a thread on the messageboard and add three of our favourite plots to this page.

What If...? is currently on a break, but will return later in the year.

02 March 2008: What if... Paul and Gail's attempts at IVF had failed?

Malm: After deciding that their final go at IVF will be their last, Paul and Gail look into their options. Gail is keen to adopt but Paul is not so sure. He decides to buy some kittens instead. Gail tries to take her mind off her failure to become a mother by throwing herself into her work wheras Paul becomes withdrawn and just plays with the kittens all day. This worries Gail but she decides that she can't see the business fail too. After Paul misses yet another day at the office, Gail decides to finish early to sort things out with Paul once and for all. She opens the door of the house to find Paul sat on the floor with what looks like a baby. "Paul?" Gails says, and Paul turns around with a cat in a romper suit in his arms. "Isn't she beautiful Gail? Our own baby!" Paul coos back with a demented smile.
david1979: Following another IVF set back, Gail and Paul are told that the only chance they have is for another woman to be a surrogate mother to their embryo. Gail confides in Beverly and asks if she would consider helping. Beverly jumps at the chance but Jim is concerned that she'll find it difficult to hand the child over after it's born. Throughout the nine months pregnancy, Bev becomes more and more distant from Jim and refuses to attend ultrasound screenings. Beverly and Jim end up having a huge argument and she books a room at Lassiter's. That night, she goes into labour and does the delivery herself. She then phones Paul and Gail to tell them which room she's in. When they arrive, two newborn babies, a boy and a girl, are wrapped up on the bed. Beverly is nowhere to be seen and is never seen again. Paul and Gail are delighted with their twins but never know of the existence of their triplet...
farscape: With the IVF treatment not working Paul and Gail were shattered but managed to stay together after a rough period. They decide to adopt and adopt a boy called Oliver from the Barnes who felt that they couldn't love him like one of their own. Gail and Paul are loving parents to Oliver but feel that he is lonely and decide to adopt two other children Riley and Bridget. Time passes with Paul becoming increasing distant from the children as he struggles to accept their personalities. While Gail encourages the children to grow and be free to make choices Paul is more strict and pushy. He is worried that he will not have an heir to take over the bisnuess: Bridget and Riley have no interest in it while Oliver is a soft touch. He admits that he always saw himself working side by side with one of his children. Then the family are shocked when Oliver's mother turns out to be Paul's ex Rebecca. This puts great strain on Gail as she tries both to allow Oliver to get to know his mother but does not want Rebecca to be a part of Paul's life again. Bridget is hit by Gail's best friend Susan and her difficult recovery prompts both Paul and Riley to make Susan and her family's life hell. But Bridget and Gail make them see sense and the family regroup stronger.

17 February 2008: What if... the Kennedys had been axed, after proving unpopular with viewers a year into their run?

Mike: After weeks in a coma, Cheryl finally stirs after hearing Lou's voice. They declare their love for each other and decide to get married. Surprisingly, thingsAfter a year on Ramsay Street, the Kennedy's decided suburban life wasn't for them, and they packed up their troubles and moved to a houseboat. "The Kennedy's: On The Water" ran for one year on the ABC Network where viewers were treated to many hilarious antics, like the time Karl forgot to anchor the boat and they woke up in New Zealand! Or when strong winds proved too strong for Susan's skimpy bikini! Sadly, viewer figures proved disappointing, and backstage tension caused the series to be cancelled after one season.
david1979: Following Susan and Brett's torrid affair in Africa, Susan convinced her family to leave Ramsay Street and never told them the truth. No. 28 was sold to the Hails family although Bill and Ruth divorced soon after and Bill left. After the Rebecchi's left no. 32, Toadie was taken in by kindly Ruth. Helen invited Lucy Robinson to move to 32. She did and soon became romantically involved with Brett Stark who had become the street lothario since his experiences with Susan. However, they married and had several children. Cheryl Stark never stopped to chat to Karl Kennedy in 1996, so Lolly never ran into the road causing Cheryl's death. Cheryl and Lou married in 1997. Despite Brett's affairs with Sarah Beaumont, Jo Hartman, Dee Bliss, Sindi Watts, Carmella Cammeniti and Pepper Steiger; he and Lucy remain happily married - that is until 2008 when Susan Kennedy turns up on their doorstep with her bespectacled 11 year old child...
smurfy: After a charity contact of Karl's asks him and Susan to head up a project in Angola - running a small hospital and a village school - the Kennedys pack up for Africa. Off-screen, with ratings in the doldrums, Neighbours bosses decide to bring back Madge and Harold. When Sam and Annalise leave town, Marlene is lonely at No.24, and happily agrees to move in with Lou and Cheryl and rent her house to the Bishops. The Bishops' return sends ratings soaring, so bosses decide to expand the clan. Enter Madge's niece Moira and her children Justin and Karen, looking for somewhere to stay after Moira's bitter divorce. Madge is delighted to take them in, and is touched when Moira and the kids revert to the name Ramsay. Seeing how happy Madge is encourages Harold to rebuild his relationship with David, and he's thrilled when David decides the vacant No.28 would be the perfect place for he and Liljana to bring up Serena. Lil and Moira become the best of friends, with Lil encouraging the obvious attraction between Moira and the widowed Phillip Martin. The second Ramsay-Robinson wedding is almost as popular with viewers as the first, and with Hannah and Lance Wilkinson and Anne Wilkinson and Joel Samuels becoming the hot new teen couples, Neighbours goes from strength to strength. In 2005, a scene in Annalise's documentary shows the Kennedys making a great success of their African project. At the advance screening the residents exchanged puzzled glances, trying to remember exactly who they are...

03 February 2008: What if... Cheryl had survived the car accident that killed her?

Malm: After weeks in a coma, Cheryl finally stirs after hearing Lou's voice. They declare their love for each other and decide to get married. Surprisingly, things run very smoothly for the Carpenters over the next few years as they celebrate the marriages of Brett and Danni and the everlasting absence of Marlene, who they sent packing after she drunkenly cracked onto Lou one night. Cheryl even becomes incredibly close to Madge and they run the coffee shop, renamed Chez Madge, together. One day, however, everything would change. A furious Cheryl switches off the computer and paces the room, waiting for Lou to come home from his weekly Pilates sessions with Harold. 'Who the hell is this Mishka?! And why is she calling you Lou Bear?!' she shouts at Lou as he walks in, all smiles. Lou's face drops and he counters with 'I have a similar question for you my dear Cheryl, who the hell is John Allen?!'
david1979: Cheryl suffered only minor cuts and bruises from the car that smashed into her but sadly the driver died as a result of the accident. Cheryl was sent to prison for a few years. When she got out she and Lou married, but John Allen soon made contact with her and wanted access to Lolly. An argument led to a fight between Cheryl and John which resulted in John's death and another prison sentence for Cheryl. Returning to Erinsborough in late 2004, she was outraged to see that Chez Chez had been renamed Lou's Place and so burnt it to the ground resulting in the death of Gus Cleary and a rather miffed Paul Robinson. A few years later she ended up murdering Nick Thompson and Laura Davidson for kidnapping Lolly.
smurfy: With Cheryl critical in hospital, Danni contacts Lou and he rushes to Cheryl’s side. The accident makes him realise he doesn’t want to lose her, and the two decide to try again. However, Cheryl realises she has to be completely honest with Lou if things are to work, and confesses a terrible secret – Lolly might not be his child. Horrified, Lou calls the reconciliation off and moves back into No.22. After Harold’s shock return, Lou offers a home to him and Madge as they get to know each other again. Seeing how love can conquer all, Lou softens towards Cheryl, deciding he doesn’t care about Lolly’s paternity and that she’s his daughter in every way that counts. At Madge and Harold’s vow renewal, Lou surprises Cheryl by asking her to marry him. She happily accepts, and they marry there and then. The couple ask Marlene to move into No.22 with them, she sells No.24 to The Bishops, and everyone is happy. Tragically, the gypsy curse that any man Cheryl married would die in his fifties comes true – Lou drops dead of a heart attack on his first wedding anniversary, leaving Cheryl, and Ramsay Street, devastated.

20 January 2008: What if... Harold had succeeded in killing Paul at Christmas 2005?

Malm: Harold stood still as stone, staring at the limp, lifeless body of Paul Robinson as it lay awkwardly on the floor. Harold smiled to himself and turned to walk away but was suddenly hit by the reality of what he'd done. How could a Christian man do such a thing? Of course he was angry at losing his family in the plane crash, but was murder the answer? Suddenly, Harold heard a noise and he turned back, Paul's body had started to twitch violently, Harold stepped backwards in shock, maybe he hadn't killed him! Then, huge sparks flew from Paul's convulsing frame and Harold heard a familiar voice from behind him; 'You've killed my robot! That cost me an arm and a leg' Harold span around to be confronted with....Paul Robinson, smirking at his own joke.
edmundo: As Paul lies motionless on the floor, Harold is at a loss and is disgusted with himself over what he might have done. He returns back home, agonisining on whether to go back to Paul and call for help. However, it's too late. Elle has found Paul and he's dead. Whodunnit? Harold struggles with his emotions following his quite out of character actions. The police start their investigation and the net tightens on a guilt ridden Harold. But when Robert Robinson turns up masquerading as twin brother Cameron, he's stunned to realise that someone else has already done his dirty work for him and killed his father. Robert's angry that he wasn't the one to have ended his father's life, so torments Ramsay Street for many months, still posing as goody two shoed Cam. With the police investigation on hold due to there not being a copper living on Ramsay Street to solve the case, Harold tries to get on with his life, despite his monstrous secret. But when Harold finds that 'Cam' has kidnapped Izzy and Elle, he decides that he owes it to them to try his best to rescue them. Ninja Harold kicks into action. But it's all in vein. Rob appears to have brutally murdered Izzy. Will Elle be next? Harold tries to talk to 'Cam' but is stunned when he reveals himself as Robert and admits that he killed Harold's family. Harold's divertion tactic seems to have worked well, as just in time, Steiger is on hand to arrest Robert. Later, Rob confesses to his many crimes and even pleads guilty to the murder of his father. Harold's earnt a reprieve and with all the heartache that had taken place between the Bishop's and the Robinson's, decides to keep his devastating secret as Rob seems more than happy to take the fall. But with Rob seeking psychiatric help, will he one day realise that the real killer of his father is out there somewhere....
smurfy: As news of Paul's death spreads, Harold seems to take it particularly badly, but because of his family's recent deaths no one finds this odd. As Gail and the boys arrive for the funeral, Robert does a good job of faking grief, but after seeing the state Harold's in, he begins feeling genuine remorse for killing the Bishops. Over the next few weeks it becomes an obsession; Rob befriends Sky in order to spend time at No.24, and even takes to sneaking in while the house is empty. With Rob around so much Harold's guilt grows, and he eventually snaps and confesses all to Lou - unaware Rob is in David's bedroom. When he appears a horrified Harold begs for forgiveness, but he's stunned when Rob simply says 'thank you'. Lou reluctantly agrees to Rob's request to talk to Harold alone, and Rob explains to Harold that he hated his dad and he did him a favour. As Harold sobs about the terrible thing he did, Rob snaps and confesses he's the one who did a terrible thing. Harold is horrified to learn Rob was behind the plane bomb, but realising how disturbed he is, tells him they should both go to the police and confess, and that Rob will get the help he needs. Rob becomes scared and tries to run, but Harold grabs on to him. Rob pushes him to the floor, but Harold hits his head on the kitchen counter and dies. Lou has heard the shouting and runs to fetch Stuart, who bursts in and sees Rob standing over Harold's body. Rob is arrested for both Harold and Paul's murders, and when he claims Lou knows Harold killed Paul, Lou denies everything. As Harold is given a hero's funeral, Lou vows the truth will be buried with him.

16 December 2007: What if... Mrs Mangel had decided not to marry John and stayed in Erinsborough?

eldest Kinski boy: Nell decides that her heart's not in her marriage to John and so she leaves to go and spend some time with good friend Edith Chubb and in her absence she learns that Madge has gone to Queensland to help out both Scott and Charlene, so she wastes no time in returning to the street and making her moves on Harold and even manages to manipulate him into thinking that Madge has gone off with another man and wants to divorce him and hopes and prays for him to propose to her. Things seem to go well for her until Madge makes an unexpected return to find Harold consoling Nell and her making it look like he's about to propose to her. After being caught out over it all Joe and Jane try to help her but then she gets a call saying that Len has died, she then makes out like she's relieved but is gutted to once again be alone and so realises that she wants to be with John after all and sets off to England to marry him and they live in wedded bliss for a year before he too dies from a heart attack and she settles down with Jane in Hampshire before they both decide to return to Australia shortly after Annalise's documentary is aired and they settle back in at Number 32 with the rest of the street,leading Nell to finally mend her bridges with Harold and luckily he manages to forgive her and so they decide to date and they manage to get married only for Nell to suffer a stroke on the way to their honeymoon suite and die. Harold manages to anull their marriage and Jane gets a visit from Mike who then takes her back with him.
david1979: Although initially hostile and wary about Kerry Bishop, Nell soon realised how happy she made Joe, and the fact she was Harold's daughter meant she soon warmed to her. Kerry even convinced Nell to become an animal rights activist. Nell's presence slowed Kerry down while protesting illegal duck hunting and thus saved her from the stray bullet which would have taken her life. Nell became utterly soft hearted when she got to see her new baby grandson Eddie born in 1991. She even helped her granddaughter Jane get over breaking up with Des in 1994 by encouraging her to date again. She was a little shocked when Jane started stepping out with teenager Brett Stark, but she could see they were well suited despite the age gap. The couple married in 1996 and lived at number 32 with the rest of the Mangel's up till the present day - Nell made it such a happy family home.
smurfy: After John is unable to forgive her for the Dear Georgette debacle, Mrs Mangel becomes more bitter and twisted than ever. When Joe begins dating hippie chick Kerry she's quick to voice her disapproval, and is equally unhappy at Jane's relationship with Des. Kerry eventually snaps and says it's her or Nell. Joe chooses Kerry, and the pair leave for the country with Sky and Toby. Jane moves into No.28 and is barely on speaking terms with her nan, while Harold blames her for driving Kerry away. Realising she's lost her son, granddaughter and a close friend, Nell becomes very depressed - until Helen convinces her it's not too late. After she begs Joe for forgiveness, he and Kerry decide to ask her to live with them. After briefly returning to Ramsay Street to attend Jane's wedding, she happily accepts and retires to the country, selling No.32 to the Kennedy family. In 2005 Nell peacefully passes away. When David Bishop and his family are killed in the plane crash soon afterwards, Kerry decides she, Joe, Toby and Sky should return to Ramsay Street to support her dad.

02 December 2007: What if... everyone on board had died in the joy flight crash?

edmundo: With everyone feared dead from the plane crash, the residents of Ramsay Street have no other choice but to accept the grim reality of facing a future without their loved ones. Luckily, friends and family (those who aren't dead) rallied to support those who lost someone, culminating in the arrivals of Lolly, Guy, Brenda, Mishka, Valda, Toby, Cameron, Lucy, Gail, Dwayne, Brandon, Grandpa Tom, Libby, Darren, Ben, Angie and Kev. Ned and Stuart's family soon heard of the devastation, so the Parkers arrived, with Miranda quickly fussing over all the resident's welfare. Despite things looking bleak, the residents couldn't believe their own eyes, when Susan returned 6 months later, seemingly all well and good. Susan explains that she was washed up on shore after the crash and couldn't remember a thing (again). However she was found by Tom Scully, who was still harbouring strong feelings for her and decided to capitilise on the fact Susan couldn't remember who he was, so kept the news secret from her family. Susan and Tom enjoyed a happy relationship, until Tom sadly died in a church fire. The whole event brought back some shocking memories for Susan, who now finally realised who Tom was from her other life! With that, Susan headed back to Ramsay Street to be reunited with her delighted family and street. Later, Robert Robinson turned up and organised a Ramsay Street barbeque to *celebrate Susan's homecoming*, but Susan was confused. She may have lost a lot of her memory but she had no recollection that human meat made such a tasty burger...
david1979: Due to the grief of losing his sister, Max goes nuts and shoots Boyd, Ned and Lyn and then turns the gun on himself. Libby, Darren and Ben come back to look after Karl. Katya takes the Kinski kids away. Steph turns to Toadie for comfort and moves into number 30. Stu is so sad about Ned, he leaves Ramsay Street. Joe Mangel decides he can't leave Harold - but Harold is incredibly unhappy living in no. 24 with all the old memories, so Joe and Harold buy no. 32 from Steph and they move in there with Lou and Toby. No. 24 is sold to Tom Ramsay who moves in with his family. Melanie visits Joe when she hears about Sky and she falls in love with him all over again. The Timmins have to move out of no. 26 due to Lyn's death and end up back in the caravan park. Amy, Robert, Cameron and Andrew inherit no. 22. Andrew loves the house and buys out his siblings to live there. He also loves running Lassiters and becomes a workaholic teenager. He marries Mr Udagawa's granddaughter. When looking at no. 22, Cameron notices no. 26 is for sale and feels almost mystically drawn towards it. He buys it and lives there with Robert and Gail. Harold later over hears Robert gloating to himself in the cubby house; so he strangles him.
smurfy: With half of its residents wiped out, Ramsay Street is besieged by the media, compounding the grief of those left behind. Harold, suffering a nervous breakdown following the deaths of David, Lil, Serena and Sky, snaps and beats up a journalist, landing himself on a GBH charge. Joe, shattered by Sky’s death, clings to Lyn for support, and throws himself into arranging their wedding to take his mind off his grief. Realising how much his father and grandfather need him, Toby Mangel decides to move to Erinsborough. Lyn agrees that Harold should join the family at No.26, so the Timminses move into No.24 with Lou. Dylan’s death persuades Kim to make up with his parents, who later buy the house from Harold. After Toadie gets Harold off his charge on compassionate grounds, Lou realises he’s no longer needed and moves away to live with Lauren. After the deaths of Susan and Alex, Karl tries to persuade the authorities to let him care for the Kinski kids, but when Katya is traced they leave to live with her, causing Karl further pain. Worried for her dad, Libby persuades Darren they should move back to Erinsborough to live with him. Meanwhile with Paul and Elle dead, No.22 is split between Rob, Cameron, Amy and Andrew. Gail agrees to Rob’s surprise request to move there, claiming it makes him feel close to his dad and sister – unaware he really wants to gloat - and buys Amy and Andrew out. However, seeing the destruction he’s caused to innocent lives drives Rob over the edge, and he commits suicide. Losing a second child nearly destroys Gail, and it’s only the support of her kindly GP, Karl, that brings her through it. Eventually friendship turns to love, and on the second anniversary of the crash the pair marry. To put the tragedy behind them once and for all, the street’s residents successfully lobby the council for a change in name. In a great irony, Ramsay Street is rechristened Robert Street, in memory of the plane crash’s final ‘victim’.

18 November 2007: What if... Alex Kinski hadn't died on his wedding night?

edmundo: Having managed to get through the ceremony, Alex was rushed off to hospital. It was clear that his conidtion was worsening but doctors were confident that he had a few more weeks left in him. After a few days in hospital, Alex returned to No.28 and he, Susan, Rachel, Zeke and a recently arrived Katya all settled down to make sure this would be the most memorable Christmas ever. Sure enough it was, Alex still provided plenty of laughs and finally managed a heart-to-heart chat with Katya. After clearing the air with his estranged daughter, Alex now knew that time was running out for him. Alex told Susan about his condition on New Years Eve. She'd been expecting it and suggested to Alex that they have a romantic evening in and see the new year in together. But to Susan's shock, Alex had other ideas and insisted that Rachel, Zeke, Katya and even Karl turn up to party away the last hours of the year. As it hit midnight, a visibly ill Alex, raised his glass and said "Happy New Year" to everyone. He then proceeded to make a speech, although it was no ordinary speech as Alex knew this was his goodbye speech. He spoke of his love for Susan and the kids and told Karl he'd been a good friend and to look after Susan. With that, Alex slowly collapsed and died.
david1979: Having recooperated after his wedding Alex and his new bride Susan settled into a happy family life at no. 28 Ramsay Street. Katya soon made amends with her father and they would often spend days out together. On one such trip out, the family were spotted by Katya's old accomplice Guy Sykes. Soon Katya was being blackmailed by Guy and the situation culminated with a gun siege at no. 28. Sadly, Katya's boyfriend Robert Robinson attempted to take on Guy. The gun fired twice during the struggle. The second bullet saw the end of Guy, but the first hit Alex and killed him instantly. Susan and Karl got together a few months later.
smurfy: Although Alex isn't well enough to go honeymoon on the Trans-Siberian railway, he slowly begins to gain strength and decides to make the most of any time he has left. At Susan's suggestion, he gives the honeymoon tickets to Katya, Rachel and Zeke so that the siblings can get to know each other again, and by the time they come back Katya has warmed towards her dad and Susan considerably. For the next six months Alex is in remission, but sadly it doesn't last, and he eventually slips away at Karl and Jenny's engagement party. Three months later, the widowed Susan attends the wedding with the Kinski kids - but as the registrar asks if there any objections, Karl catches Susan's eye...

04 November 2007: What if... Helen Daniels were still around?

smurfy: When Rosemary realises how close she came to losing her mother, she decides to move back to Australia, buying No.32 and moving in there with Tracey. When Phillip is offered the Darwin job, he turns it down, unwilling to separate Hannah from her beloved Gran. Consequently, neither the Scully nor the Hoyland families move to the street. As such, Karl’s head isn’t turned by Izzy, and when Susan confides in Helen that she thinks he’s starting to lose interest, Helen treats Susan to one of her world famous makeovers. Karl is bowled over by the new short-haired, scarf-clad Susan, and all thoughts of a midlife crisis are soon banished. Elsewhere, Paul never meets Izzy or Lyn Scully, so when Elle arrives in Ramsay Street she sets about reuniting him with his true love, Gail – with a little help from Helen. That just leaves Rosemary, who’s lonely after Tracey moves back to the US. Luckily, Susan mentions to Helen that’s she’s recently met a lonely widower, Alex Kinski, who’s a university professor, and the two women set about some matchmaking… Sadly Alex dies soon after the wedding, but Rosemary’s experience in dealing with bereaved teens is a huge help to her new stepchildren, Rachel and Zeke.
david1979: Karl solemnly confirms that Helen has died. Helen opens her eyes and shouts "Fooled you!". Over the next few months Helen continues to improve in health and by the end of 1997 she proves invaluable in providing Sarah Beaumont with a shoulder to cry on rather than Karl (thus preventing Sarah from ever even thinking about kissing Dr. Kennedy). Paul had by this time decided to face the music and give himself up to the Australian authorities. During his three years in prison, Helen was a religious visitor and stopped him from losing sight of the good within him. She got the prison doctors to check him out when he was complaining of a headache and they diagnosed and removed his tumour. Helen even managed to convince Gail, Chrissie and the kids to visit Paul, so Robert never became bitter about his father. When the Martins left Erinsborough for Darwin in 1999, Helen felt lonely so asked Scott, Charlene, Daniel and Madison to all move in. Paul was finally released from prison in 2000 and regained his position as manager of Lassiter's. After staying briefly with Helen and his brother's family, Paul bought number 22 from Lou, who moved in with Harold and Madge. With more shoving from Helen, Paul admitted his love for Gail and they remarried in 2001. Helen's pep talks to Madge during her brush with cancer helped her defy medical science and beat the illness against the odds. Having done well in New York and encouraged by her gran, Lucy Robinson decided to apply for the job as Paul's number two and so moved back to Erinsborough where she fell for and married Darcy Tyler. They beat the Hancock family in the auction for number 32 in 2001, moved in and baby James was born the next year. With half Ramsay Street inhabited by the Robinsons, Helen loves her life in 2007, and even has a little romance with the delightful Alan Napier. Working with Sky Mangel on art projects, giving Daniel advice on his relationship with classmate Rachel Kinski, helping Robert manage his anger or baby sitting for the Tylers and the Rebecchis - Helen Daniels continues to be a good Neighbour.
scullyfinder: After encouraging Philip to take a job in Queensland, so that Ruth could be closer to daughter Anne, Helen met Charlie Cassidy on a cruse and the pair were soon quick to wed. The pair lived blissfully at Number 26, until Charlie's estranged daughter Lyn tracked him down. Lyn, son Oscar and daughter Stephanie followed in tow. Helen helped Stephanie through her motorbike accident with Libby Kennedy, as well as Steph's cancer ordeal. Helen became a mother figure to Lyn, whose own mother, Valda Sheergold had abandoned Lyn as a baby, and Lyn was raised in a series of childrens homes and never had any real family of her own. When Charlie passed away from cancer, Helen revealed to Brett Stalk she had helped end Charlie's life as a means to stop his suffering. Brett, (wondering who else on the street would confess a euthanasia secret to him), telephoned Paul, as he could see Helen going off the rails. Paul returned and provided some much needed stability to Helen, who had began to keep herself pre occupied with helping Annalise Hartman make her documentary about Erinsbourgh. Helen was a fountain of knowledge for Annalise, whose documentary went on to recieve many awards. Helen soon focussed her attention on keeping Lyn away from Joe Mangel and getting her together with Paul. Helen was happy to see Joe paired off with bogan Janelle Timmins, but even happier when Lyn and Paul announced their marriage. Helen, once again went into full support mode, helping organise the wedding and taking most the pressure off Lyn. After tying the knot, Paul told Helen he didn't know if he had done the right thing. Helen's response that Paul needed to make a proper husband for Lyn made him realise why he had married her in the first place.

21 October 2007: What if... Madge had married Harold instead of Fred when she was young?

smurfy: After Harold and Madge are married, Harold suggests settling down in Madge's home town, Erinsborough. They buy No.24 Ramsay Street, while Max and Maria stay in Brisbane. The couple have a son, David, who is feisty like his mother, often driving Harold to distraction. However their daughter Charlene takes after Harold and is a softly-spoken Christian. She develops a crush on Scott Robinson, but he finds her dull and embarks on a romance with the livelier Sue Parker. David battles Mike Young for the love of Jane Harris, and wins - while Charlene eventually finds love with lonely widower Des Clarke.
Ramsay Street: Winning Madge's heart over Lou Carpenter, Harold proposed and the couple married soon after. A year or so into the marriage, Madge gave birth to a son, Henry, who grew up to be the spitting image of Harold and not long after, a daughter, Kerry followed, who grew up to be a beautiful young girl with curly hair and strong beliefs. Whilst Henry followed his love of gardening and set up a successful landscaping business, which took him to Erinsborough, where he stayed with his Uncle Max, Kerry grew distant from her family, and when Madge & Harold moved to Erinsborough, taking over the Ramsay family home from Max, they lost touch. A few years later, Harold was stunned to find Kerry sitting in the Coffee Shop he was running, along with a young daughter, Sky. The family was reunited, and Kerry married local boy, Scott Robinson, however the marriage was not to last as Kerry was shot dead whilst out protesting duck hunts. Many years later, Madge died of pancreatic cancer, leaving Harold distraught, he was however comforted by the fact that he had Henry, his wife Liljana, daughter Serena and Sky still living with him. Sadly though, whilst on a joy flight to celebrate the anniversary of the Lassiter's Complex opening, David, Liljana & Serena died when the plane crashed in the Bass Strait, although Harold was comforted by Sky's survival, and a year later, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, whom she named Kerry.
Mike: When Harold disrupts Madge and Fred's wedding ceremony, by declaring his love for her in front of the congregation, Madge is won over, and leaves Fred at the altar. Everyone is shocked when Fred doesn't seem too bothered, and begins muttering jibberish, seemingly to himself, instead of running after them. Six weeks later Madge and Harold marry, but their happy day is ruined when Fred turns up. He reveals he's put a curse on the pair, stating that if they ever married, their loved ones would all die tragically young. Madge and Harold choose to ignore his dubious claims and head off on their honeymoon...but after just one night of being man and wife, tragedy strikes when Madge chokes to death on her own Spag Madge. Grief-sticken, Harold soon re-marries to Mavis and has two children David and Kerry. They move to Ramsay Street, where Mavis, Kerry, David and his family, all die tragically in separate occaisions over the years. Now Harold, in his mid-sixties, bumbles around Erinsborough, wondering if the curse has evaded him...

7 October 2007: What if... Toadie and Dee's car hadn't crashed on their wedding day?

smurfy: When Toadie and Dee return from their honeymoon, Dee is full of the joys of married life, but Toadie is more subdued. He later confesses to Stu that Dee was chatted up all the time while they were away, and he's convinced one day she'll leave him for someone better looking. After a handsome new doctor joins the hospital, Toadie's jealousy worsens, and Dee becomes more and more upset - and more drawn to Dr Fields. Stu warns Toadie if he doesn't learn to trust Dee, he'll use her, but that doesn't stop him following her one night. Toadie spots Dee with Dr Fields, and is devastated when he hears her say she might as well have an affair because Toadie assumes she will. However, she goes on to say she never could, especially not with the baby on the way... Toadie realises he's been a fool and begs Dee for forgiveness. Six months later, little Minnow is born, and their life is complete.
david1979: Four years on from their wedding, Jarrod and Dee have had a blissfully happy marriage and have two lovely children; twins Billy and Nancy - who Jarrod jokingly calls his spawn. Angie and Kev moved in to no. 30 in 2004 to help look after the kids, and Stu and Connor left Erinsborough quickly after. When Izzy did a runner just before her wedding to Karl in 2004, Dee went looking for her round the back of Lassiters and caught the eye of the returning Paul Robinson. He decided to put off his plans to burn down Lou's Place to try and seduce her. He failed of course but mad Gus Cleary found Paul's petrol can and decided to commit arson himself - and accidentally killed himself in the process. In 2006, Dee had been working in St. Luke's hospice for a few weeks and, having seen photographs of the Robinson triplets due to her friendship with Izzy and Elle, she managed to foil Robert's evil scheme. Cameron still lives in Ramsay Street as a result and following Gail's return to visit Paul after his brain tumour, Cameron was able to convince her to give the relationship one more try.
eldest Kinski boy: A couple of years later and Dee has given Toadie a beautiful baby girl by the name of Carla and has a few run-ins with both Izzy and Sindi, she's taken a shine to the Timmins family especially Stingray and Serena. She's even helped Darcy sabotage Izzy's plans by letting Izzy think she's a nasty, psychotic piece of work although at the same time she's patched things up with Darcy. She was present at Max&Steph's wedding, waving off Libby and a comfort to both Harold and Susan when things went wrong for them. Who could forget her putting the kibosh on Toadie's robot wars by defusing a wire in his robot and making him buck his ideas up over their daughter's welfare. She gets along with everyone now and has even managed to help the Robinsons stop Robert in his tracks as well as having the time to slot in a plot to teach Toadie a lesson by having a fling with Cameron and it works.