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Magic Moments > 1985 > Terry Shoots Paul: Part 1 Episode 167

Written by Penny Fraser, Directed by Max Varnel

Jim tells Helen that Douglas conned everyone, and that Douglas Blake doesn't exist. Helen goes to the house in the country Douglas was going to buy her, but finds out that someone else has bought it, proving to her that Douglas did con her. Lucy finds a gun in Daphne's biscuit barrel and Terry is seen putting the same gun into her handbag once Paul leaves the room. Terry and Charles Durham are alone in his house as he asks her for the tape. She rummages through her bag and points the gun at him...

At Number 28, Sarah is bossing Jim and Lucy around, and mentions how Daphne and Lucy have slacked off. Daphne says she's not having her friends taking orders from her. Sarah flounces off, and Daphne and Lucy head over to the kitchen area to prepare the potatoes. Daphne goes to the fridge and notices that the gun is missing from the biscuit barrel. She announces she has to go out, and rushes out of the house, leaving Sarah standing there bemused asking Daphne who's going to hand out the food when the guests arrive.

Across the street at Number 24, Danny is messing around his guitar, and says he's not getting to the party early because he doesn't want Sarah bossing him around. He's annoyed that Fiona and Scott won't be there.

Back at number 28, the phone rings. Sarah answers it - it's Paul. Sarah asks him where the breadsticks are and Paul ignores her, asking where Terry is. She says she hasn't seen her. Just then Daphne's granddad arrives, and Sarah starts ordering him around. He quickly heads out to say hello to Des and Jim outside, leaving Sarah with even more work to do.

. . .

Charles is lying dead on his living room floor. Daphne knocks on the door and enters when no one answers. She sees the body and rushes over, kneeling down beside him. Someone is watching Daphne. As she gets up to leave, some of his blood stains her skirt but she doesn't notice and rushes out the house. The lady watching then realises Charles is dead and phones the police, citing the woman who murdered him as Daphne Lawrence.

At number 30, Terry arrives back in a foul mood and Paul says they can forget the party and have an early night. They hug, and she says she's glad he suggested a holiday. They can start a new life once they're overseas and she's never loved anyone as much as Paul. Terry goes to freshen up.

. . .

. . .

Over at the Robinson house, Lucy comes to see Helen and they talk about what her dog Basil has been doing. Lucy says she doesn't like Sarah, and says she's hopeless at organising everyone. She needs Helen over there to help organise, and Helen says she will.

Next door at number 28, Helen arrives and starts organising everyone successfully. Sarah says no one would obey her, and they all ignore her and do the tasks Helen sets them. Paul and Terry arrive and Harry asks for some money. A balloon bursts and Terry yells at Lucy, saying it's not very funny. Des tells Paul he doesn't know where Daphne is. Daphne arrives and glares at Terry. Lucy asks where she was as does Des. Just then the police burst in, and Lucy yells out that there's blood on Daphne's skirt.

. . .

. . .

The police interview the people at the party and call over Paul. Paul tells them Charles made threatening phone calls to Terry. He continues that he was at home at 5 o'clock that evening, and Terry was down at the shops. They send Paul away and call over Terry.

Paul gets indoors and has various flashbacks about Terry's strange behaviour earlier that evening. He picks up her bag and the gun falls out. Suddenly everything falls into place.

Terry tells the police she didn't contact them over the phone calls because it was pointless doing so. She drops Daphne in it by saying she was having dinner with Charles that night, and she was suspicious of Daphne. They ask Daphne to come to the police station.

Terry arrives back at number 30 and Paul says he can't believe Daphne could shoot anyone. Terry muses that at least Charles is out of their lives and says she's going to go to bed. Paul tells her to sit down. He knows the police wanted to know where she was that night.

. . .

Harry arrives back at number 28 and Des tells him Daphne's at the police station. Sarah leaves saying she can't stay in the same house as Daphne. Des is glad she's going -- Daphne is kind and generous. Sarah points out it's so obvious he's madly in love with her and storms off.

Back at number 30, Paul berates that Terry can't stop lying and puts the gun on the table.

Lucy tells Jim and Helen that Daphne had a gun in the biscuit barrel before Helen takes her to bed.

Shane arrives home at number 24, and Danny tells him Daphne's been taken away. Shane heads off to the police station.

Terry tells Paul she isn't sorry for what she did, and Paul asks if she killed Charles to save their marriage or her own skin. She says it doesn't matter, and Paul goes to call the police.

Helen asks Jim why Daphne would have a gun in the house. Jim confides he's suspicious of Terry and thinks there's more to it than it seems. Too many things don't add up and says he's going to see if he can get some straight answers from her.

Paul tells Terry that everything between them is over as Terry asks him to put the phone down.

. . .

. . .

Jim walks across the road and hears a gunshot come from number 30. He runs over to the house, calling Paul and Terry's names. When he arrives he sees Paul lying on the ground.

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Summary by Billy

Special thanks to John Manley for the screen captures