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Magic Moments > 1986 > The 1986 Season Premiere Episode 171

Written by Reg Watson, Directed by Brendan Maher

The episode begins with a huge removal van driving into Ramsay Street. Max and Danny look at the van as it stops outside Number 22. Lucy runs out with Basil, her dog, and sees the van before running into Number 26, telling Helen and Jim that the new neighbours have arrived...

. . .

Max talks to the removal men and tries to get out of them who the new neighbours are but the truck driver refuses to give out any information. Max says he hopes the new neighbour hasn't got a dog and the removal man replies that he likes dogs as they're good protection. Max goes on to say that if he were to move into the street, he'd need all the protection he could get, what with wives killing husbands and so on. Danny reminds him that Terry didn't kill Paul and the removal man says that there's also a blonde stripper and that is saucy. Danny points out Paul to Max, who pulls up outside his house in a taxi.

Lucy sees Paul and tells Jim that he's home. Jim and Helen say he can't be, what with it being so soon afterwards. Max and Danny try to help him but Paul snaps at them. Lucy runs out and hugs him.

. . .

Inside number 26, Helen welcomes Paul and Jim says he wasn't expecting him home so soon. He tells Jim he discharged himself and he wants no mention of Terry or their marriage. As far as he's concerned, she's dead. Lucy says that she isn't dead and Paul snaps saying that she is to him. He storms off into his room.

Shane is outside the airport counting his money when an attractive brunette comes up to him and kisses him, thinking he is someone called Joey. Shane tells her he's not Joey, and he's never seen her before in his life. The girl apologises and says she's embarrassed. She runs over to a cab and climbs in.

. . .

Madge is on the escalator and Shane approaches her, saying hello. Madge can't believe how much he has changed and he directs her to the car. He shows her the car and she comments how nice it is. A man carrying a pile of bags on a trolley begins loading them into the boot. Shane tells him they're not theirs but Madge informs him that they are. She goes to give him a tip and Shane says he'll take care of it. Madge gets into the back of the car as Shane realises his wallet is gone. We cut to the brunette at the airport sitting in a cab, counting his money. Shane realises the girl took it.

Shane zooms off and Madge asks why they're driving so fast. He says someone stole his wallet and that he intends on getting it back with interest.

Shane is getting a speeding ticket from a police officer. Madge says the story was ridiculous and that's the sort of thing she can see Max doing. Shane asks where she's staying prompting her to inform him that she'll be staying in Ramsay Street with them. She's been worried about the family since she heard from strangers that Maria had left and mentions that she knew the marriage wouldn't last. Shane corrects her, saying they were together over twenty years but Madge seemingly doesn't hear continuing it was doomed from the day he proposed to her. A beautiful woman like Maria was never good enough for someone like Max.

Madge arrives at number 24 to Max's horror and he starts yelling at Shane asking why he brought her here. Madge says it's not Shane's fault and that she asked him to take her here. Shane tells his dad to belt up and announces he's lost all his wages. Madge says she came here because she's worried after hearing about the break up and then the scandal with Paul and Terry. The street has gone downhill since left in Max's hands and Jack Ramsay would be turning in his grave. Max sarcastically remarks that that would be impossible, since she had him cremated. Madge says she's staying and when Max yells at her to go, she reminds him she knows where the body's buried. He grudgingly lets her stay.

. . .

Danny hands Madge her tea and asks what she meant when she spoke about the body she tells him that every family has their secrets and says no more on the matter. When Max enters, Danny says to him that he's told Madge about him and storms off. Madge is left wondering what he means.

At the airport, Shane coincidentally sees the girl who robbed him again. He chases after her. When approached about it, she denies everything, and the man with her tries to stick up for her. He says she thought that he was some mug she wouldn't see again. The girl tells him to go to the police. He can't be bothered but hopes he never sees her again. She feels likewise.

Outside 24, Danny asks Max why he told Madge, and he said that as far as everyone was concerned, he's his son. Max assures him Madge knows nothing about it. He says what Maria did is over and forgotten. Max says nothing alters the fact that he is his son. Danny says it'll take some getting used to.

. . .

Des is doing star jumps in the street and approaches the removal men, asking about the neighbours. The surly removal man from before recognises Des as the man from the Pacific Bank who arranged a loan for him and as a favour, tells him to sell up and move away fast because the house values will drop because of the new neighbours. Max arrives and the removal man leaves. Des tells him what the man said leaving Max bewildered.

Inside Number 28, Eileen is practising walking Daphne down the aisle, saying how lovely she looks and starts crying. Just then Des starts to open the door and Eileen yells at him that he can't come in because he'll see Daphne in her outfit. Eileen eventually lets Des in and says she couldn't have any more bad luck for him. Des snaps at her after she mentions how she never used to like Daphne but does now and then gets up to leave. After she's gone, Daphne asks Des if they've been fighting again and says that there's no way in the world he'll get out of marrying her. Des tells her about the new neighbours and what he was told.

. . .

Max stands outside 22 looking at it. Danny approaches him and stares with him. He asks how long Madge is staying, and Max says she only has 24 hours and no more.

Helen is cleaning 26 and Paul comes out after having a sleep. He asks Jim when he started redecorating and he replies a couple of weeks ago. Lucy stares unhappily at Paul from behind the couch and asks Helen if she can go. Jim says he got a phonecall from Scott, and Helen adds that her paintings are still selling. Paul asks her if they caught Douglas, and she says they haven't. He replies that's what she gets for falling in love with the wrong person but Helen says there's no need to be bitter, as you only hurt yourself. Paul gets up to go back to his room but Helen stops him telling him how upset Lucy is. She was worried sick about her brother and all he's done since arriving back is be nasty to her. He goes to speak to her outside and the two make up.

. . .

Daphne's in the coffee shop, and a young man walks in mentioning Scott Robinson told him to see her about a job. He introduces himself as Mike, and says he can work every night. Daphne gives him the job straight away, and he tells her he can start now. She asks him to serve some girls sitting at a table but he says they don't want anything. They just follow him around. Daphne jokes that he can be good for business. Just then, the girl who robbed Shane, revealed as Zoe, bounces into the shop and is ecstatic to see Daphne. Daphne tells her to get lost and asks Mike to get the police.

. . .

. . .

Channel 10: 1986 Coming Soon Trailer Realvideo: 2400k
Channel 10: 1986 Starts Monday Trailer Realvideo: 951k

Notes: Zoe's first words were: "Joey? Joey, I can't believe it!", Madge's first words were: "Shane? Good lord, so you are!" and Mike's first words were: "Hi, are you Daphne?"

In the episode, Jim Robinson is decorating Number 26's set. This is because Channel 7 destroyed the sets before the move to Network Ten, and so Network Ten had to re-build them.

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Summary by Billy

Special thanks to John Manley for the screen captures