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Magic Moments > 1986 > Scott's Return: Part One Episode 188

Written by Ginny Lowndes, Directed by Andrew Friedman

Jim returns from identifying a body and it wasn’t Scott, but he’s still very upset by the experience. Shane announces that he has a date with Beth Travers while Max and Danny take the mickey. Madge shows Douglas Blake the diamond she has and tells him that she has nine others, just like it, leaving him very impressed…

In the hotel restaurant, Madge explains to Douglas that she’s very embarrassed, as she can’t even pay her hotel bill. He asks her if she’s really that strapped for cash and she tells him that she only has the diamonds, but is too afraid to sell them, in case her husband should find out. She complains that she’s worth a fortune, but she has no money.

. . .

The following morning, in Ramsay Street, Jim bumps into Zoe and he’s in a bad mood over Scott still being missing. Zoe tries to reassure him, but Jim says that he can’t think of a good reason for his son to stay away so long and he wishes that he knew where he was…

In a hospital room, Scott wakes up and the nurse tries to get him to tell them who he is, and asks him if he’d like to ring his family now that he’s well enough to go home. He refuses to say who he is, so she leaves him alone.

. . .

At the Robinson house, Jim is home alone when Madge knocks on the back door and comes in. He invites her to sit with him and wait for Helen and she tells him that he can’t put his life on hold waiting for Scott. She tells him he shouldn’t blame himself for the actions of his children and that she might have thought twice about parenting if she’d known how difficult it would be. They both admit that they struggled not to have favourites, but Jim is worried that Paul is jealous anyway. Jim admits that he doesn’t know how he’ll react when he finally finds Scott.

At number 24, Clive arrives to pick up Shane for work, when Madge comes in and start cleaning up behind them. The boys are arguing over Shane’s date with Beth Travers, and Madge tells him that he shouldn’t have mixed business with pleasure. Madge is even less impressed to hear that the woman is divorced and tells Shane to look to his younger brother for guidance.

. . .

Mike and Zoe are opening up the Coffee Shop and he admits that he doesn’t want to go to school or even go home, as his father is such a bully. Zoe suggests that he chat to Daphne about how he feels and asks him why his father hits him. Mike admits that it started a year ago, when his dad started having problems at work and took it out on him and his mum. Zoe asks why they don’t leave, but Mike says that his mum won’t leave and he can’t leave her at home on her own.

Back at St. Agnes Memorial Hospital, a girl called Kelly is joining the nurse in trying to find out more information about Scott. They establish that his mother is dead and he has a sister called Lucy, then the nurse leaves. Kelly asks Scott his real name, which he reluctantly tells her, and she says that she has no family, and she lives in an orphanage. He tells her about the rest of his family and she tells him that he should go home as she’d give anything to have a family like his.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Zoe is struggling to cope with the lunchtime rush when Jim comes into the kitchen and offers to help her out. He goes to make some drinks, while Mike comes in with some more bread, as they’d run out. Mike goes to take some orders, while Jim admits that he only came in to get a coffee. Just then, Zoe goes into a panic again as the toast starts to burn.

Kelly and Scott are playing cards and she’s winning. She asks why he ran away, and he said he was trying to get home when he ended up in hospital. He tells her that he was accused of rape during a school trip, and then he ran away and got mugged as he was trying to hitch back to Erinsborough. Kelly decides to try and think of a way to get him home.

. . .

In Beth Travers’ garden, Clive cuts his hand, but Shane tells him to stop moaning. Beth appears and thanks Shane for their date the previous night, who then cuts himself too and Beth rushes to his aid, taking him inside and leaving Clive unhappy.

At the hotel, Madge meets with Douglas over morning tea and admits that she hasn’t thought of a way to raise any money yet. He tells her that he’s made a view discrete enquiries over the diamonds and he’s found someone who might be able to help. She says that she can’t risk that, because her husband may be having her watched. She suggests giving him the diamonds so that he can get them valued himself and he is pleased that she trusts him enough.

. . .

As the afternoon rush dies down, Zoe thanks Jim for his help. They discuss Mike and Zoe admits that he’s quite a troubled young man. Jim asks what’s wrong with him and Zoe explains about his father beating him. She admits that she’d like to help, but Mike would probably resent the interference, and they both agree to wait until Daphne gets back, as she has more experience with young people.

Back at Beth’s house, Shane is resting on a lounger while Beth brings him drinks and Clive looks annoyed. Shane dives into the pool and Beth admires him from the edge of the pool. Clive is disgusted with the pair of them and heads to get some lunch.

. . .

Later at the Coffee Shop, Clive is complaining to Zoe about Shane not doing any work all day. Clive tries to hide his jealousy, before admitting that he didn’t join Shane in the pool because he can’t swim.

At the hospital, the nurse comes back in and Scott announces that he’ll go home once he’s discharged from the hospital. Kelly and the nurse then bully him into phoning him…

. . .

At number 26, Jim is on the phone to Julie, giving her an update about Scott.

Scott hangs up because the phone at home is engaged. The nurse tells him to try again.

. . .

The phone rings and Jim answers. Scott takes a few moments to speak, then tells his father that he’s alright, and Jim is extremely relieved.

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Summary by Steve