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Magic Moments > 1986 > Charlene's Arrival: Part One Episode 234

Written by Unknown, Directed by Mark Callan

Paul tells Jim and Helen that Lucy has something to say. Lucy then announces that she wants Paul to move back home, when she’d actually agreed to tell her dad that she didn’t mind about him and Zoe. Paul walks out and Jim follows him and asks him to move home. Paul turns him down, saying that he needs a break from the family.

The next morning, at number 24, Shane is in a good mood about his new job working on the lake at Lassiter’s hotel, but Max thinks it’s a ridiculous idea to make it look like the outback. Madge accuses Max of being unreceptive to his children and Max just wonders how Shane is going to cope as a married man with no proper job. Shane says that the chauffeuring and landscaping will bring in enough money. Max then turns on Danny and tells him to stop reading the newspaper at the table, so Danny gets up and leaves. Max asks Madge what’s wrong with Danny, and she says that the boy simply needs an ego boost. She encourages Max to talk to his son. Max tells Danny that he was bound to lose touch with his mates a little, leaving school to work at the bank, but things will eventually work out and he’ll have a social life again. Danny thanks his father.

. . .

At number 22, Daphne and Mike come downstairs to find Clive meditating on the couch. Daphne tells Mike to be quiet and they sneak around the kitchen. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Scott, who Mike tells to be quiet, before the two of them go upstairs to get Mike’s books. Clive then opens his eyes, looks around and sneaks into the kitchen and sits on the counter. As Daphne turns around from the sink, she gets a shock and hits Clive with a tea towel. Clive then produces the housekeeping money from behind Daphne’s ear, and they both wonder why Mike’s father hasn’t sent the fortnightly cheque. Clive vows to call Mr Young later on, then goes off to look for some incense.

At number 28, Des comes out for breakfast to find that Zoe’s drunk all of the coffee, as she’s nervous about working with Paul. She’s worried that there’s going to be an atmosphere, since she’s seeing his dad. Des says that there’s bound to be an atmosphere, as the relationship has caused nothing but trouble, with Paul moving out and Lucy all upset. Zoe says that it’s nobody else’s business but hers and Jim’s.

. . .

Daphne, Mike and Scott arrive at the Coffee Shop, and Scott is busy offering to look after the place so that Daphne can have the day off. Daph points out that they should be at school and she can’t afford to pay them. Daphne then opens a letter which says that the owners of the building are selling up and they want a vacant lot, so Daphne has to be out of there in two weeks’ time.

Paul is having a coffee at Lassiter’s when Clive and Shane go and sit with him. Shane tells Paul that he was sorry to hear about the falling out with Jim. Shane wonders why Paul employs someone like Zoe, but Paul defends her, saying that she’s a very good secretary. As Shane drinks Paul’s coffee, Paul says that he should be leaving for the office. Shane and Clive then leave and follow a couple of girls across the bridge outside Lassiter’s hotel.

. . .

Back at the Coffee Shop, Daphne is showing Des the letter and tells her that she won’t get any compensation, but suggests that she asks the new owners if she can still rent the unit once they’ve finished renovating. Although she won’t be receiving any income during the renovations, she thinks that it’s worth a shot so that she doesn’t lose the business altogether, and she thanks Des for his help. She then asks him how things are going with Andrea. Des explains that they’ve agreed that he’ll only support Bradley financially, but otherwise, they’ll lead separate lives.

At the Daniels Corporation office, Paul is on the phone to Rosemary and they’re discussing looking for other investments once they’ve sold the office block. Paul suggests Lassiter’s hotel. Zoe is listening in and, as Paul hangs up, she wonders why Paul is living at the hotel, when he can hardly afford it. He says that it’s better than living at home and asks Zoe to keep her nose out of his financial affairs.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Madge is unpacking her pies in the kitchen, as Daphne explains that she was foolish not to get an option on the lease before she signed. Madge thinks that they could store all of the furniture in the garages on Ramsay Street during the renovations, and wonders why Daphne doesn’t just move to the new shopping centre on Jackson Terrace. Daphne says that there’s a long waiting list and already plenty of food shops there, so it has to be the current location or nothing.

Des and Max are leaving the bank, discussing the situation with Danny. Max compares it to Bradley, and Des hopes that he won’t have to worry about such things for a few years yet. They bump into Danny on the street corner, who tells them about Daphne losing the lease on the Coffee Shop. Max thinks that she should dig her heals in, but Des says that, legally, she hasn’t got a leg to stand on. Max complains about the businessmen making decisions about people’s livelihoods, and Danny defends them. He points out that if they renovate that building, prices of houses in the neighbourhood might go up. Although Max agrees, he still thinks that Daphne should hold out for the best deal she can get.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Daphne gets off the phone and is furious that the real estate people won’t give her a straight answer over whether she can renew the lease. Clive and Shane try to calm her down, and Shane then mentions that it might not be a bad thing if Daphne isn’t working once they’re married. Daphne is furious and says that she’s always been independent and they’re not about to go back to the dark ages. She says that she’s spoken to Des and she’s made up her mind. She then walks off to the kitchen and Shane follows her. He asks her why it always has to be about what she wants, and she realises that he’s just annoyed because she spoke to Des. She tells him that Des was a lot more practical than Shane is being. Shane storms out of the shop.

Later, Mike is about to mop the Coffee Shop floor when Clive comes in. He explains to Mike that the cheques had stopped coming from his dad, so he phoned to ask why. Mike is worried, and the news get worse when Clive explains that Mike’s dad knew nothing about the money – his mum had been sending it in secret. Now, Mike’s dad has put a stop to it, and he said that Mike will have to support himself. Clive insists that he and Daphne will be able to cope for the moment, but Mike says that they shouldn’t have to, and walks out.

. . .

At number 24, Max returns home, looking for Danny. Madge points him in the direction of the lounge room and so Max goes to get Shane and announces that they’re having a family conference to discuss a few things. He announces that they don’t talk to each other enough as a family and always keep secrets. The others struggle to keep a straight face as Max tells them that they need to talk more, and Shane finally gets up and leaves.

At the Coffee Shop, Shane and Daphne make up with a kiss. She says that they’ve got another problem now that Mike’s parents have withdrawn their financial support. Shane suggests that she give in and sell all of the shop’s equipment, giving them enough for a deposit on a house. Daphne isn’t so sure, as they’d then be down to just one income. She says that if she does sell the equipment, it’ll go towards renting some new premises. Shane is worried that she prefers the company of a coffee machine to his.

. . .

. . .

Scott is walking down Ramsay Street when he spots someone trying to get into the front window at number 24. He runs up there to stop them and gets a punch in the mouth for his efforts. Madge then runs out to see what all the fuss is about, and is shocked to find that the “burglar” is actually her daughter, Charlene.

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Summary by Steve