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Magic Moments > 1988 > Amy's Arrival Episode 733

Written by Unknown, Directed by Kendal Flanagan, Produced by Marie Trevor

Channel Ten: 25/05/88, BBC One: 31/08/89

At number 24, Henry is sitting the dark, watching Ninja From The Time Warp and impersonating the characters, when Mike, Jane and David arrive back, and turn on the lights. Henry wants to know if the evening went well, and David reports that it did - Mike says that they all went to get burgers and to see a film, and there were no disasters. David seems to think that Prue likes him, and Henry is delighted, but Jane isn't quite so sure. Once David has left the room, Henry says that the date worked out, so Mike now owes him $5 from their bet.


At number 22, Gail reports that she's going to the office at 8 o'clock the next morning, even though nobody else is arriving until 9.30, as she wants the conference to go off without a hitch. Paul jokes about the 'Women in the Workforce' conference and suspects that it'll be a load of mad woman screaming 'Death to the boss' but Gail suggests that he might want to sit in on a few sessions, as she is planning to. Paul says that she surely can't have any complaints, as she has the perfect boss - she says that he can still be manipulated, and goes over to sit with him. She then starts kissing him, and he suggests that they should get an early night, if she has to be in the office so early. As they stand up, she asks how he's going to spend his Sunday while she's slaving away at work - he says that he's going to read the papers and then wash the car. Gail hopes that she won't come home to find David Bishop there - Paul says that one visit from David was enough, and Gail admits that only someone like Harold could produce a straight-laced son like David...

Back at number 24, David is asking Henry whether he wants to 'hang loose or boogie on down'? Henry is still trying to watch Ninja From The Time Warp, now mouthing the words to the big love scene, and a confused David asks why he doesn't just turn the sound up. Henry says that he knows the film inside out, and it's not as good with the sound turned up. David apologises for interrupting, but says that he really needs to thank Henry for all he's done, as he's got more freedom now that he's more confident with girls. Henry insists that it's not a problem, and sends David off to the kitchen to get some coffee. He's just started joining in with the film again, when Harold returns from the Waterhole and sits down. He says that he'll go back and get Madge when her shift is over. As he's cleaning his glasses and talking about how Todd came to see him earlier, David returns with the coffee, and when Harold puts his glasses back on, he's alarmed to see the transformation in his son. He's even more alarmed as David talks about a 'chick' he's interested in, and how he's become 'a bedroom casualty'. Harold looks very unimpressed, as Henry squirms awkwardly in his seat.


At number 32, Jane and Mike are kissing, but he stops and she asks him what's wrong. He says that he's just feeling a bit uptight after their double date earlier. He says that he also hates it when Henry wins a bet, though he still thinks that David was overdoing it a bit with the trendy stuff - Jane says that the only thing that matters now is what Prue thought of him. She isn't sure that Prue was that interested, and hopes that David isn't relying on seeing her again. As Mike leaves, explaining that he has to be up early tomorrow to open the coffee shop for the Lassiter's conference, Mrs Mangel appears from her bedroom and shows Jane a letter. Jane admits that she wrote it, but it was sent to the Dear Georgette column, so she can't understand how her nan ended up with it. She asks her nan directly if she's the one writing the column, and Mrs Mangel doesn't deny it, so Jane explains that she only wrote the letter to prove that point. Mrs Mangel is still very hurt about the letter, and Jane calling her interfering and hard-hearted, but Jane says that she meant every word - she points out that her nan has pushed Mike away and tried to set Jane up with David, and has lost Harold as a friend because of his relationship with Madge. She tells her nan that she's going to end up with nobody in her life quite soon, because there isn't anyone left who's willing to take the risk.

The next morning, a bored Gail is about to play a game of Frogger on the computer, when a woman calls out from reception. Gail realises that it's Nina Williams, who's organising the conference, and introduces herself, before giving her all the paperwork about the accommodation. Gail offers her a coffee, and they go and sit down together, with Nina mentioning that she was very impressed with the creche facilities, and has left her young daughter there. Gail says that Nina isn't quite the hard-nosed feminist she was expecting, but Nina insists that she can be pretty tough when required. She tells Gail about her marketing firm in Auckland, and how her boyfriend Bruce is also in business, so it can be difficult sometimes. Gail admits that her situation is even more complicated - she's married to her boss. Nina asks Gail if she's like to give a talk on the subject during the conference, and says that her husband must be pretty special, as it's very difficult to share your life with someone 24 hours a day.



At number 24, David is struggling to read the newspaper without his glasses, and Henry appears, asking where Harold is - David explains that he's getting ready for church, and adds that he's still upset about the way his father spoke to him last night. Henry thinks that Harold will just need a little time to get used to the 'new David' but when Harold appears, he's very disappointed to learn that David won't be going to church, and says that it's a matter between David and his conscience. David tells his father not to be so 'heavy' - with Harold asking him if he picked up that phrase at the discotheque - but David says that he's met a girl and he wants to bring her back to meet Harold and Madge. Realising that he's getting nowhere with his father, David leaves, and Henry tries to go too, but Harold stops him. He accuses Henry of corrupting David, confusing him and filling his head with nonsense, but Henry thinks that he's just given David some social confidence. The argument ends when there's a knock on the door - it's Mrs Mangel. Harold says nothing, and she says that it's ridiculous for old friends to fall out like this, though her comments about Madge were completely justified, pointing out that it's Christian to turn the other cheek and apologise. Harold says that he will only accept her friendship back if she offers Madge an unqualified apology for the things she said, but Mrs Mangel refuses to allow herself to be humiliated like that - so Harold slams the door in her face.

Out on Ramsay Street, Paul is washing the car, surprised when David comes by and calls his car 'hot' and says that he could really 'burn rubber' in it. Paul is taken aback by the change in David, who explains that this is the real him, and Henry helped to bring it out. Paul is less surprised when he learns of Henry's involvement, but thinks that the change is still a bit sudden - David, however, says that he was boring before and he needed to change, though Harold's not too pleased. He then wonders if he should call Prue, as he's going back to Adelaide tomorrow, but Paul admits that he's no relationship expert and is probably the wrong person to ask. David decides to go inside and ask Gail's opinion, but Paul explains that she's out at work all day.



Gail is sitting outside the coffee shop with Nina and her young daughter, Amy. Nina says that she doesn't normally like hotels, but this one is very relaxing, and she's very impressed with the creche. Gail asks Amy if she enjoyed the creche, and she smiles and nods. Gail explains that the creche was her idea when she joined the management, and Nina asks if she has any children of her own - Gail then tells her about enrolling on the IVF programme, and how they're still on the waiting list. Nina asks how Gail's husband feels about that, before apologising if she's being too intrusive, but Gail says that he loves kids too, and they're hoping to one day have a kid of their own, as cute as Amy.

At number 24, Henry is giving David some tips on phoning Prue, telling him to be cool and take charge. Inspired, David goes to make the call, whilst in the background, Harold returns home and Henry keeps him occupied. Harold has decided to put the whole thing down to 'temporary insanity' and hopes that David will get over it. As David finishes his call, Harold leaves the room, and Henry asks David how it went with Prue - a disappointed David says that she doesn't want to see him again, not today and not ever. Harold returns and overhears this, and tells David that there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Later, Henry and Harold are arguing about David, with Harold convinced that this whole mess only happened because Henry has tried to turn David into something that he isn't. As David wonders out loud where he messed up with Prue, Harold and Henry's argument gets louder, with Henry accusing Harold of just wanting a mini version of himself, and Harold accusing Henry of turning David into a 'lounge lizard'. Finally, David has had enough and he snaps at them both to shut up, announcing that he isn't some kind of puppet, before storming out of the house.


At number 32, Jane is getting ready to go out, when Mrs Mangel comes in and says that she's preparing dinner. Jane points out that she didn't say anything, and she's already made plans to go over to the Ramsay house. Mrs Mangel then asks Jane if she's going to tell them about the Dear Georgette column, as she'll lose the job if people find out. Jane says that she's been messing up people's lives with her advice, but Mrs Mangel thinks that the problem was that the people weren't listening to her advice. Jane then points out that her nan also faked a letter to try and split up her and Mike - when Mrs Mangel refuses to apologise for that, Jane walks out, saying that she won't be back for dinner.

Gail and Jane are having a drink outside the Waterhole, chatting about the session they've just attended, when Paul comes over and kisses Gail. Nina is surprised to see him, and Paul immediately recognises her too, as they used to work together at the airline. Paul jokes that his ex-girlfriend and his new wife meeting up will either do wonders for his ego, or be a complete disaster. Nina just sits and looks awkward.


Back at number 32, Mrs Mangel is giving Bouncer the leftovers, complaining to him about how selfish Jane is, and how she and Bouncer can manage on their own - they don't need any friends. The doorbell rings - it's Mike. Mrs Mangel immediately tells him that Jane isn't home, and he remarks that it wouldn't matter if she was, as he isn't welcome either way. She asks what he wants, and he explains that he's going to try and visit number 32 as infrequently as he can, and he also wants his dog back, as he'd hate for her to continue to do him any favours by looking after Bouncer. She becomes upset, claiming that it's because of all the money she's had to pay out for a new kennel and other things, but Mike offers to cover any costs. Mrs Mangel then calls Bouncer over and Mike takes him away - she then sits down on the sofa, saying to herself: "Well, what do I care? I don't need anyone..."

Featured Regular Characters: Harold Bishop, Mrs Mangel, Henry Ramsay, Mike Young, Jane Harris, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Bouncer

Guest Cast: Nicolette Minster as Amy Williams, Leigh Morgan as Nina Williams, Kevin Harrington as David Bishop

Trivia Notes
First appearance of the character Amy Williams, who, following this guest stint, would return for another guest stint in 1992 (with Sheridan Compagnino taking over the role), and then as a regular character in 2015 (with Zoe Cramond taking over the role)

Summary by Steve

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