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Amy Williams 1988, 1992, 2015-
Born: c. 1984/'85 on first appearance (originally should have been c. 1986; later altered to c. 1982/'83)
Lives: 30 Ramsay Street
Parents: Nina Williams and Paul Robinson
Siblings: Cameron, 'Elle' Lucinda, Robert and Andrew
Children: Jimmy
Family Tree: Robinson

Paul Robinson was in for a shock in 1988, when old flame Nina Williams arrived in Erinsborough, working for a Women in the Workplace conference at Lassiter's hotel, with her three-and-a-half year old daughter Amy. It didn't take Paul long to realise that Amy was the result of their fling a few years earlier, when they'd both worked for an airline, but Nina was reluctant to cause any disruption to her daughter's life. The revelation also caused problems in Paul's marriage to Gail, with whom he'd been trying unsuccessfully for a baby, but Paul still wanted to do the right thing by Amy - Nina, however, explained that she was due to get married to a man named Bruce, who she saw as Amy's father, and didn't see any reason for Paul to have further contact. Seeing how upset Paul was, and knowing that it might be his only chance to have a child, Gail spoke to Nina and made her see that having three parents in her life might not have to be a negative thing for Amy. Nina then agreed to Paul's idea of setting up a trust fund for Amy's education, and said that she'd keep in touch with regular letters and photos, and that maybe when Amy was a little older and could understand the situation, Paul could have further contact with her.

In 1992, Paul made the spontaneous decision that he wanted to get to know Amy properly, so he travelled to New Zealand to visit her, and left his second wife Christina shocked when he returned to town with the news that Amy was coming to live with them for a while, whilst Nina and Bruce worked through some problems in their marriage. Though shocked, and a little upset at being left out of such an important decision, Christina did her best to get along with Amy when she arrived the next day, but they failed to hit it off, particularly as Christina was nervous about Amy being around baby Andrew and ended up snapping at her, causing Amy to reply that she hated Erinsborough and never wanted to be there in the first place. As Amy continued to make a nuisance of herself, Paul decided that he was going to enrol her at Erinsborough Primary School, leaving her upset that she would have to attend school on what she saw as a 'holiday' with her dad. As Paul backed the car out of the garage the next day, an upset Amy was refusing to go to school, and ran off, straight into the path of Paul's car. A badly-injured Amy was helped by Kim White, Helen Daniels' nurse who happened to be passing and gave her mouth- to-mouth resuscitation until the ambulance arrived.

After staying in hospital overnight, Amy was released the next day, and Paul suggested that they should all try to make a fresh start. Amy, however, was still very upset, believing that her mum and stepfather didn't want her, and now Paul was trying to send her to school to get rid of her too. Worried that his daughter was feeling very unloved, Paul then tried to overcompensate with days out and toys, before finally sitting down and talking to her. Amy asked Paul why he never came to visit her, and he explained that he'd been obsessed with his work, and he'd put it ahead of his family, but that things were going to be different. It wasn't long before Amy was causing more trouble, however, when she befriended Toby Mangel and the pair went to an old abandoned house where they found a chest containing guns and other items from the war. When Amy's grandfather Jim found them with a gun, he quickly ended their fun and made them put it back, unaware that Amy had also taken a hand grenade, which she proudly showed to baby Andrew when she got home, and hid in his cot. After later retrieving it, she was preparing to hit it with a hammer, but was almost caught by Christina. Later, she tried again to figure out what was inside, but this time Toby caught her and, as he tried to get it away from her, they managed to pull the ring out. Fortunately, Doug Willis was passing and, thinking quickly, he threw the grenade into the lake, where it exploded.

Amy and Toby's friendship continued - with Amy making it clear that he didn't need to be her boyfriend, as she was happy to just be friends - when they tried to earn some extra money by cleaning cars. After a particularly mean customer gave them just a dollar for their hard work, they decided to get their revenge by throwing the dirty water over his car, only to be caught by him. Toby and Amy ran off, but their fun day came to a sudden end when Christina reported that Nina had been in touch and was ready for Amy to return home to New Zealand. And so, after saying her goodbyes to her dad, Christina, Caroline and Toby, Amy was taken to the airport.

When Nina and Bruce eventually split up, she and Amy moved back to Australia, to stay with Nina's parents in Mount Merrion. As an adult, Amy trained as a carpenter, married and had a son, Jimmy. The marriage failed, as her husband cheated on her, and then left her with huge debts to pay off. One day, Amy received a letter from Paul's personal assistant Naomi Canning. Paul had written the letter a few weeks earlier, when he wrongly thought that he was dying of leukaemia, but had decided not to send it, not wanting to dredge up the past. Feeling that Paul needed to face up to his past, Naomi sent the letter to Amy, along with a cover note explaining why Paul wrote it, and Amy then decided that she needed to visit him. After arriving on Ramsay Street looking for Naomi, Amy went to Lassiter's, where she helped Sonya Rebecchi to change a flat tyre on her ute, and the two women quickly hit it off. After finding out that Naomi would probably be at Paul's penthouse, Amy went there, managed to swipe a key card and let herself in, leaving Paul stunned as he slowly realised who she was. Amy then reminded him of the last time they met back in 1992, and how he'd promised to keep in touch and introduce her to his other children. As Paul confirmed that he'd made no effort to contact her since then, Amy told him that she didn't want him in her life and had no desire to see him again.

Feeling very emotional, Amy then prepared to leave Erinsborough and in her distracted state, she didn't check behind her as she reversed and ended up crashing into the empty baby stroller that Sonya had been taking out of her car. Luckily, she hadn't put baby Nell in the stroller yet, but Amy was horrified and insisted on paying for a replacement. As they chatted at Harold's Store, Amy told Sonya the whole story about Paul, and continued to insist that she should pay for a new stroller, but Sonya suggested that she could do a few small jobs at her house instead, fixing a sticky door and a loose floorboard. After learning that Amy was still around, Paul went to see her, but she remained adamant that she wanted nothing to do with him. Amy then spent the night sleeping in her ute, before going over to the Rebecchi house to repay her debt to Sonya. Whilst there, she received a visit from her cousin Daniel, the son of Paul's brother Scott, who was thrilled to have a new relative around, and was determined to get her and Paul talking to each other. Though she enjoyed chatting to Daniel, Amy still refused to entertain the possibility of getting to know her father, and drove out of Ramsay Street to head home.

Worried that Paul and Amy would both end up regretting the loss of the opportunity to get to know each other, Daniel went to Mount Merrion to try and persuade her to give her dad another chance. He was surprised when he arrived at her house and found the bailiffs taking away most of her possessions, and managed to buy back her tools so that she could at least earn a living. Though grateful to Daniel, Amy still refused to have anything to do with Paul, until Daniel mentioned that he'd missed out on seeing both his Granny Helen and Granny Madge before they died, and the family had always regretted it. These words seemed to hit home with Amy, and she introduced Daniel to her nine-year-old son, Jimmy, explaining that she now realised that he deserved to meet his granddad. The three of them then returned to Erinsborough, and Paul was delighted to find out that he was a grandfather, but Amy continued to keep her dad at arm's length, and was especially careful not to let him spoil Jimmy. Having been offered a place to stay with the Rebecchis, Amy and Jimmy stuck around a little longer, as she realised just how much Jimmy was enjoying Paul's company. When she was then offered some work with Naomi's nephew, local handyman Kyle, Amy agreed to stay in town and try to get to know Paul, for Jimmy's sake if not her own. Things quickly went wrong when Jimmy, who'd been playing in number 30's back garden, disappeared and Amy became convinced that he'd gone looking for a well in the grounds of Lassiter's, that Paul had been talking about earlier that day. As Paul found Amy frantically trying to climb down the well, she took her anger out on him, but was relieved when Jimmy was then found safe and well at The Waterhole, having gone looking for his granddad.

Amy then managed to get off to a rough start with Kyle when she questioned his use of pine to make benches for the Erinsborough Beautification Project. Amy believed that Australian hardwood would be a better choice, would look better and would last longer, but Kyle pointed out that they had to stay within the budget, so it would have to be pine. Unable to accept that, Amy then started chatting to councillor Trevor McCann when he came to check on progress, and he was impressed with the Aussie hardwood he saw in the yard, and told Kyle that he wanted him to use that, so he'd just have to make cost cuts elsewhere. Having annoyed Kyle, Amy then had another clash with Paul, when he invited her and Jimmy to lunch - hoping that some family time would cheer up Daniel, whose fiancee Amber had just had bad news about the health of her unborn baby. Aware that she needed to stay in Kyle's good books, Amy had to return to work that afternoon to help with a delivery and reluctantly left Jimmy in Paul's care, only to return home later and find that her father had spoilt Jimmy with gifts, including a new iPad, knowing that the boy had been told that he'd have to wait until Christmas for a new one. Though Jimmy was delighted, telling Amy that his 'G Dad' was amazing, she gathered up the gifts and marched over to Paul's apartment, telling him that she would no longer be leaving Jimmy in his care if he couldn't respect her wishes.

Amy refused to back down from her stance, and when Naomi came over to try and change her mind, Amy only vented her anger, calling Naomi a 'happy little homewrecker', having heard from Sonya about Naomi's attempts to split up the Rebecchi marriage the year before. Sonya was quick to point out to Amy that people can change and shouldn't always have to suffer for the mistakes of their past, explaining that she had suffered from addictions and had spent a long time rebuilding her life. Surprised to learn about Sonya's past, Amy's resolve was further tested when Sonya gave her a picture, drawn by a young Amy for her dad, which he had kept ever since, and which Naomi had found in his possessions. Naomi and Sonya were hopeful that the picture might show that Paul wasn't quite the ogre Amy saw him as, and she agreed that he could start spending time with Jimmy again. Things also improved at work, as, aside from their work on the beautification project, Kyle agreed to give Amy a cut of any other jobs they did, and she suddenly found herself indispensable when he collapsed and was hospitalised after taking some dodgy supplements to try and help with his tiredness. As she was so busy at work, Amy was forced to leave Jimmy with Toadie and Sonya one day, as he needed help with his science project. But when Sonya and then Toadie found themselves too busy to help him, he called Paul, who immediately walked out on a date with Naomi to help his grandson. Returning home to find Paul and Jimmy together, Amy realised that her father was making an effort to get to know Jimmy without spending money on him, so she asked him if he wanted to stay and have lunch with him.

It wasn't long before Amy and Paul's improved relationship began to suffer, however, when he started to interfere in her work life. As she and Kyle worked on the Erinsborough Beautification Project outside the hospital, Amy found herself being heckled and wolf whistled by a nearby workman, but she ignored it, as it wasn't the first time she'd experienced something like that and she'd learnt to accept it. When Paul came by, he was furious, but Amy managed to convince him not to make a fuss. Later, though, Paul caught Kyle alone and told him that he needed to go and speak to the other group of workmen, though he wasn't impressed when he returned to see Kyle giving them some beers and politely asking them to stop harassing Amy. Feeling that Kyle hadn't taken the situation seriously, and didn't care at all about Amy, Paul, in his role as mayor, told him that he was sacked from the council project. Amy was furious, and pointed out to Paul that she was now out of a job too, but he said that he could easily arrange it so that she took over the Beautification Project. Sick of Paul using power and money to manipulate people, she turned down this offer, and Sonya then made her see that, by ignoring the blokes who heckled her, she was making them think that it was alright and nothing would ever change. As she came to her senses, Amy went to Kyle and said that she wanted to take legal action, but he pointed out that he couldn't really do anything now, but after spending the evening as a topless waiter at The Waterhole, and realising that Amy didn't deserve to be treated like a sex object due to her choice of career, Kyle helped her to come up with a new plan. They went to Paul and told him that he had to give Kyle his job back, as Paul had sacked him for having alcohol on the worksite, but technically, Kyle hadn't drunk any of the beers, so could have sued Paul for unfair dismissal. Realising that he'd been backed into a corner, Paul gave Kyle the job back, and Amy realised that perhaps sometimes manipulative tactics could have a positive outcome.

When Sheila spotted a contest for Victoria's Most Unique Tradie in the newspaper, Kyle laughed it off, but with an expensive set of tools as the prize, Amy began to give it serious consideration, and Sheila offered to help with a photoshoot. When Kyle then returned home to find Sheila and Amber helping Amy with her entry, his competitive spirit got the better of him and he decided that he was going to give it a go too, posing for some selfies with Bossy, much to Amy's amusement. However, Kyle appeared to be getting the last laugh, when his votes soared ahead of Amy's, and it seemed that she was going to lose their bet, and would have to do a nudie run around Lassiter's. Thinking strategically, Amy turned to Naomi for help, realising that she had a huge social media presence, and soon her votes were climbing past Kyle's, forcing him to take his clothes off and run around the hotel complex.

The Williamses soon found themselves embroiled in another drama the following week, when Jimmy found some envelopes containing the secrets of several Ramsay Street residents. The secrets had been written down months earlier and entrusted to Sonya, after revelations about her past as an addict, to show that they all still trusted her. Jimmy soon found an opportunity to cause mischief when he read that Karl Kennedy hadn't been responsible for writing Free As A River, one of his best-known songs with his band The Right Prescription, but had copied it from a poem written by his uni room-mate. As his mum refused to let him have sweets and cakes, Jimmy blackmailed Karl into handing over his muffin. His next target was Karl's wife Susan, whose secret was that she'd committed euthanasia on her mother many years earlier. Though Jimmy didn't understand what that actually meant, he wasted no time in handing over a list of sweets for Susan to buy for him. Not quite as much of a pushover as Karl, Susan went to see Sonya, and soon Amy had found out what was going on and was having a serious chat with her son about his behaviour. Jimmy agreed to stop, claiming that he hadn't read any more of the letters, but was soon blackmailing Sheila over her secret that Paul Robinson was her ideal man. With Paul dating Naomi, Sheila knew how much damage her secret could do, so she agreed to Jimmy's demands and gave him cake and let him watch TV whilst she, Naomi, Paul and Amy were having dinner. Though the adults were confused by Sheila's odd behaviour, the situation quickly escalated when Jimmy then started demanding raspberry lemonade from her at The Waterhole, almost blurting out her secret to one of the bar staff, and she grabbed him to stop him, leaving him with bruises on his wrists. Realising that he'd gone too far and that Sheila was very upset, Jimmy claimed that it was all his fault and she'd grabbed him because he was asking her for lemonade, whilst Sheila admitted that he'd been blackmailing her, but claimed that her secret was that she'd backed into a car down at the shops and had driven off without saying anything. Nobody was convinced, but Naomi decided to support her mum and took her off to Frankston for a few days, to give everyone a chance to calm down.

By the time Sheila returned, Amy was still very upset about the incident, but it wasn't long before Jimmy was admitting to Kyle that he'd been blackmailing Sheila over her secret. Though Jimmy didn't reveal what the secret was, it was enough to thaw the frost between Amy and Sheila, who apologised again, saying that she had never harmed a child in her life and still felt terrible about it. As the incident was resolved, it brought the members of the Williams and Canning families together, and also brought Amy closer to Kyle, as she was left impressed with the way he'd managed to get Jimmy to open up. Amy was again impressed with Kyle the following week when he helped her out with another disaster, as she accidentally threw away Nell's favourite teddy bear with the recycling, causing tantrums at bedtime in the Rebecchi household. Kyle helped her to track down the recycling truck, but when they weren't allowed access to it, he came up with the idea of having a memorial service for the teddy, so Nell could say goodbye and move on. The plan was a success, but as Amy hugged Kyle to thank him, they both felt a moment of attraction and quickly backed off, with Amy suddenly announcing that she and Jimmy would be leaving town. Both Paul and Jimmy had been delighted when Amy had decided that she and her son would be staying for good, so her sudden change of heart was disappointing to them, but Paul quickly worked out what had happened to cause it. He then came up with a solution, asking her to stay and take on the job of his executive assistant.

Amy reluctantly accepted the job, but quickly found herself out of her depth and ended up costing the hotel a lot of money when she mixed up the emails to two different laundry companies. Terese immediately advised Paul to sack his daughter, but he couldn't bring himself to do it, knowing that she'd probably have to leave town to find work, so he let her believe that she was doing a great job. However, Naomi couldn't sit and watch as Amy messed up again, so she told her the truth, and Amy was furious that Paul was once again lying to her, even if his intentions had been good. Now unemployed again, and with Jimmy wanting to spend more time with Kyle, Amy decided to return to her initial plan to leave town, telling Paul that she had contacts back in Mount Merrion and it was the only place where she'd be able to find work. However, with both Jimmy and Paul plotting to get Kyle to re-employ Amy, she also realised that she needed to stick around, when Toadie was left badly injured, and potentially paralysed, after an accident with a bouncy castle at the opening event for Erinsborough's new childcare centre, and an emotional Sonya admitted that she could really do with her friend sticking around for a while. Amy then went to Kyle and told him that they both needed to forget about their 'moment' and move on, and she then asked for her job back. Kyle agreed - as her replacement Ashtyn was proving to be utterly useless - and Amy told a delighted Jimmy and Paul that they'd be staying.

With Toadie's mum Angie now in town, offering Sonya her unique brand of support, Amy focused on helping in other ways, and started to draw up plans to adapt the bathroom and change the floorplans, so that Toadie would be able to move around in a wheelchair. As Kyle and Amy looked over the plans together, Angie soon noticed the chemistry between them, and became concerned for Georgia's marriage. She decided to make a call to Germany, and was soon rushing home with the news that Rhonda was now in remission, and she and Georgia would be returning to Australia the following week. As Kyle then rushed off to call his wife, Amy struggled to contain her disappointment, realising that things were about to change for her and Kyle. Meanwhile, during one of her cleaning blitzes, Angie had found the last of the secrets in an envelope behind the sofa cushions, and Amy and Sonya were surprised to see that it said 'I regret my marriage'. As they discussed which of Ramsay Street's couples it could belong to, they concluded that it must be either Brad or Terese, and Paul listened at the door, and took the piece of paper once he was alone with it. He then handed it over to Terese, who denied that it belonged to her, and it caused more damage when she confronted Brad with it, and he also insisted that he hadn't written it. When Terese then returned the secret to Sonya, Amy was horrified to learn what Paul had done, but he did his best to fix the situation, helping her out at the yard as she was swamped with work, and Kyle was busy preparing for Georgia's return. As Amy then witnessed a rare moment of vulnerability in Paul, as he lost his balance on his artificial leg whilst helping her, then told her the story of how he'd lost his leg, she softened towards him again and realised that she needed to get to know him better before constantly judging his actions.

In the weeks that followed, Amy and Kyle's friendship shifted again, as his marriage came to an end when Georgia announced that she needed some time on her own. Amy then slowly allowed herself to grow closer to him, particularly impressed with the way he dealt with Jimmy. When Amy then allowed Jimmy to have Kyle's old mobile phone, but gave him a monthly allowance to stop him from spending too much on texts and apps, she was shocked when her son spent his entire monthly allowance in one day, but was then touched when she saw all of the messages that Jimmy and Kyle had been exchanging. Sonya quickly realised that Amy was developing feelings for Kyle, and told her not to completely shut herself off from it, but things then changed when Liam, Amy's ex-husband and Jimmy's father, arrived unexpectedly.

Though Amy had little time for Liam and his claims that he'd changed and wanted to be a part of his son's life, she could see how much Jimmy loved having him around. As she slowly started to soften towards Liam, Amy was frustrated as Kyle refused to trust the newcomer and did his best to discredit him. Having arrived in Erinsborough with a range of organic hand sanitisers, which he planned to sell to Lassiter's hotel, Liam was spotted by Kyle as he dispensed some other sanitisers into his bottles. Kyle told Amy what he'd seen, and they confronted him as his left his meeting at the hotel, only to learn that he'd been using the other sanitiser in a blind testing, and that Lassiter's had been impressed with his product and were going to use it. When Kyle then lied to Amy that they needed to stay late and work on the renovations at Harold's, to avoid her spending the evening with Liam, she struggled to forgive him, and Kyle's actions only succeeded in pushing Amy closer to Liam. After Kyle overheard Liam on the phone, and realised that he owed someone a large sum of money, he tried to warn Amy, but this time she refused to listen to anything he had to say, and she ended up sharing a kiss with Liam. When Paul then forced Kyle to tell him what he'd overheard Liam saying, Amy's father acted quickly to protect his daughter, telling Liam that he'd had some test done on the sanitisers, and they couldn't be certified as organic, so the deal with Lassiter's was off. Liam went to Amy, leaving out certain details, and telling her that he suspected that Kyle had been telling stories to Paul, who'd then made up an excuse to cancel the order. With Amy aware that this would probably mean that Liam had to leave town, which would devastate Jimmy, she went to Paul and forced him to change his mind - with both of them unaware that Liam had been using them all along, in order to get the money he needed to pay off his debts.

When Jimmy went missing the following week, after taking a walk to see Kyle at the builders' yard, Steph Scully immediately fell under suspicion. Steph had recently returned to Erinsborough following a stint in a secure psychiatric hospital, after coming off her anti-psychotic meds and kidnapping baby Patrick Villante. Though most of the locals were unhappy to see her back, and Paul was unsettled by the friendship she was developing with Jimmy, Amy was more understanding, determined to give Steph the chance of a fresh start. With Steph the prime suspect, Liam managed to fly under the radar, but he was aware that the loan shark he owed money to was in the area and had spoken to Jimmy, and he tried to get the money from Paul to pay his debt. Whilst Jimmy was found hiding out at the high school, Paul agreed to help Liam, but secretly contacted the police, and when loan shark Sam turned up for his money, he and Liam were taken away by the police for questioning. Amy was horrified to realise that Liam was responsible for stealing $4000 from the Rebecchis, money that had been raised at a benefit for Toadie, and he'd also been the one behind a break-in at Harold's Store. Furious that she'd been taken in yet again, Amy told Liam that she would never allow him near Jimmy again, but he warned that he'd go to court for access if he had to. When Paul heard about this, he paid Liam's bail and offered to make the charges disappear, and give him a large cheque, if he left town and never contacted Amy and Jimmy again. At first he refused, but Liam eventually accepted the offer and agreed to go, with both Paul and Liam unaware that a heartbroken Jimmy had overheard their conversation.

After finding out what Paul had done, Amy was unimpressed, but realised that her father had had her, and Jimmy's, best interests at heart. Meanwhile, realising that the Rebecchis might need some time alone, Amy decided to move out and was surprised when Sheila offered her a place to stay. The close proximity to Kyle quickly reignited their feelings for each other, and as they worked to together to clear the debris from the high school, following a fire in the building, their passion spilt over and they kissed. Things quickly became awkward again as Kyle realised that a relationship with Amy would involve becoming an instant father, and he wasn't sure that he was ready for that, having only just come out of his marriage to Georgia. Taking Tyler's advice, Kyle looked for someone less complicated on the dating app Ziva, and Amy was upset to find him out for drinks with Shay Daeng. Already irritated at having to share the breakfast table with Shay, things only got worse for Amy when she broke a tooth and, drugged up on painkillers, she found herself waking up in Tyler's bed the next morning. Unsure what had happened, she managed to escape over the back fence, and was pleased to find out later from Tyler that nothing had happened between them, but from Kyle's jealous reaction, it seemed that he might not have been ready to move on from Amy.

Trivia Notes
Nicolette Minster played Amy as a small child in 1988, whilst Sheridan Compagnino took over the role when the character returned in 1992. When Amy returned to the cast again in 2015, Zoe Cramond took over playing the part
Amy's age was altered on both of her appearances; Paul only worked as an air steward for a few months in 1985, meaning that Amy could only have been born in 1986 if he had met Nina during that time. When Amy returned in 1992, she had again been aged by a few years
Nicolette Minster later returned to the Neighbours cast in 1992 as Amanda Morgan
Amy's surname was given as Williams in her 1988 appearances, as Robinson in her 1992 appearances, and as Williams again in 2015
Amy is allergic to cream

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