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Magic Moments > 1988 > Charlene's Departure: Part 1 Episode 776

Written by Rick Maier, Directed by Tony Osicka

Bronwyn asks Jane for advice on how she can talk to Mike, Jane advises that Bronwyn be the one to start the conversation, as Mike would never admit to being in the wrong. Henry is using his metal detector in the Mangel garden when he finds a gun…

Bronwyn sees Henry and tells him that Mrs Mangel will go nuts when she sees the hole. Henry asks how Nell is feeling these days and Bronwyn says she’s still very shaky, so Henry says he’ll wait a while before he goes to see her.

. . .

Madge, Harold and Helen notice that the Simpson family are moving out of number 30, and feel guilty that they never got to know them. They wonder who the new neighbours will be. They all see Paul and Gail get back, and Helen explains that the first attempt at IVF failed. Harold and Madge go inside, while Helen goes over to talk to Paul and Gail. She says she’ll make them a cup of tea, and tells them that their patience will pay off eventually. Gail goes inside, and Paul explains how disappointed she is, but Helen says that her first great-grandchild is going to be beautiful.

Bronwyn confronts Mike in the Coffee Shop, and asks why he resents her so much. He says that she’s only been around for five minutes, and she’s already taking over Des and Jamie, so he hardly sees them anymore. Mike says that they were coping fine without her, but Bronwyn says that it’s her job. She apologises if she stepped on his toes, and mentions that he’s never had a real family. He gets annoyed and starts shouting at her in the kitchen, while Des comes in and overhears them. He tells them that he wants an explanation, but Mike says it’s between him and Bronwyn.

. . .

Madge realises that she’s bought all of Charlene’s favourite foods, and can’t get used to her leaving. Henry arrives home and says he found nothing with his detector, which Harold finds strange and tries to find out where he was looking, but Henry quickly vanishes.

In the bedroom, Charlene is finishing her packing and complains that she won’t have much room with her grandparents. She asks Scott again if he’ll come with her, but he says that the one thing that’s stopping them is money, as he can’t afford to be unemployed in Brisbane. She agrees, and says that once he’s found work, he can join her. She wonders if they’re doing the right thing and he says that it’ll be a whole new chapter in their lives, with a happy ending.

. . .

Out in the lounge, Madge and Harold tell Henry that he’ll find something valuable sooner or later, and Harold hopes that it doesn’t turn up anything untoward. Henry uncomfortably goes along with the joke, while Madge says she’s made a casserole for Paul and Gail, as they won’t feel like cooking at a time like this. She tells Harold to take it over.

At number 22, Gail is insisting that she feels fine, while Paul and Helen make her lie down on the sofa. She insists that it’s not a big deal, and sends them off to do some work. Harold then arrives with the casserole, and explains that Madge made it for her. Gail looks unimpressed, so Helen tries to distract him, but Harold keeps pressing Gail to find out how she is. Paul tells Harold that they’re all tired and sends him off. A few seconds later, he knocks on the door, realising he forget to give them the casserole. Gail is finally grateful for some peace and quiet.

. . .

Scott and Charlene arrive at the lake and she says she wants to remember all the things that have happened here. She says it’s where she lived in the caravan and where everyone comes to think. Scott admits that it’s where he kissed Jane, and she says that he just had no faith in her. He reminds her about Steve Fisher, but she says that Steve wasn’t Scott’s best friend. She says she’s glad that they made it, and he asks where they’re going next – she tells him they’re going to Erinsborough High, and they drive off.

At number 28, Des is playing with Jamie, when Bronwyn arrives, asking if she can talk to him. She says she’s sick of Mike being so mean to her and explains that Mike thinks she’s trying to replace him. Des says he’ll have a word, but Bronwyn says she won’t let him do that and she might have to resign. She suddenly comes up with an idea to solve the whole situation.

. . .

At number 24, Henry asks Madge if she thinks Mrs Mangel is up to visitors. Madge says that she probably isn’t, just yet, and asks why he’s so concerned. Henry says she’s still one of his gardening customers, but he isn’t entirely motivated by greed.

Des and Jamie arrive at number 22, and Paul lets them in. Des asks if Gail’s feeling ill, but Paul explains about the IVF and Des apologises. Des says that babies don’t come easily, just look at Jamie. Gail starts to get upset and offended, so Paul asks Des to help with some paperwork, while Gail holds Jamie. She starts to cry.

. . .

Gail and Paul are on the sofa, and she says she feels so stupid. Paul assures her that Des understood, and that she has to patient and stop putting so much pressure on herself. He tells her that they can keep trying to baby, but she isn’t sure that she’ll be able to cope with this happening again. He tells her that they’ll cope and they’ll try a million times if they have to.

In the street, Bronwyn sees Mike arrive home on his bike, and goes to talk to him. She tells him that she wants to finish the conversation from that morning. She tells him that she’s double booked for the following evening, and needs Mike to babysit Jamie. She tells him that hopefully now they’ll stop fighting in front of Jamie.

. . .

. . .

Scott and Charlene get home and start reminiscing about their past. They remember how they first met when he accused her of breaking in to number 24. She tells him that he was lucky she didn’t do more damage when she punched him.

. . .

In the kitchen, Harold is doing a crossword with help from Henry, when Madge appears with a pile of dirty washing. Henry insists that he’ll deal with it and tries to grab it from her, when a gun suddenly drops to the floor. A shocked Madge demands to know where he got it.

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Summary and captures by Steve