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Magic Moments > 1988 > Nick's Arrival Episode 779

Written by Ian Smith, Directed by Tony Osicka

Henry and Todd are setting a trap for the graffiti artist at the garage, and Jim warns them to be careful. Beverly is waiting for Jim to give her a lift to the airport, so they can discuss their plans to have a baby. Henry and Todd are asleep, when the bell starts ringing so they go outside and manage to catch the graffiti artist…

Todd and Henry bring the kid into number 26 and he asks for his walkman back. Henry sees the name Nick Page on it, then Jim wakes up and comes in. He asks Nick to explain himself. He refuses to talk to anyone, so Jim goes to phone the police. Nick tells him not to, as it would kill his grandmother. He says it was nothing personal, it was just a great fence to use. Helen appears and says that she believes his story. Jim tells Nick that tomorrow morning, he can return and paint over the graffiti on the fence. Nick and Henry leave, and Jim congratulates Todd.

. . .

. . .

At number 28, Des and Mike are discussing plans for a first birthday party for Jamie. Des doesn’t want anything too elaborate as Jamie won’t even know what’s going on. Mike mentions some of Bronwyn’s ideas and Des is pleased that they’re finally agreeing on something. Just then, Scott phones about Pete Baxter, who’s gone missing from the institute of sport and hasn’t shown up at his flat.

The next morning, Jim and Helen are having breakfast. Helen says she’ll be very annoyed if Jim takes his bad mood out on Nick. Jim says that the boy shouldn’t be destroying other people’s property, but Helen says his bad mood has more to do with Beverly’s baby plans. Jim says he’s been through the whole parent thing for the past 20 years and wants some time to himself. Helen explains that you can’t argue with maternal instinct, and Jim says he’s going for a shower.

. . .

Henry and Todd are at Lassiter’s, and Todd is worried about having to kiss Emma. She starts walking towards them, and Henry makes a sharp exit. Todd asks Emma is he can carry her stuff, but she says no, so he deliberately drops his. As they’re picking it up, Todd leans over to kiss her, but misses completely. She laughs at him and then walks off.

Nick arrives at the garage, asking for his walkman back. Jim says he’ll get it when he’s painted the fence. Nick says he has a way that will prevent any other artists messing up the fence, by tagging it. Jim tells him just to paint over the graffiti and leaves him to it. Nick, meanwhile, it more interested in some cans of spray paint.

. . .

At number 28, Mike tells Des that nobody’s seen Pete. Des is annoyed that Pete hasn’t even reported back to work. Mike is worried that Pete might be in hospital. Des has to leave for work, while Mike tries to work out what’s happened to Pete.

Helen arrives at the garage, asking Jim to take a look at her right indicator. He asks her if Nick’s finished the fence and Helen says that maybe Jim should take a look. Jim sees that Nick has turned the fence into a huge graffiti advert for the garage and is furious. Nick storms off, saying he’ll pick up his walkman later. Helen tells Jim that the painting is very good.

. . .

. . .

Henry arrives at the Coffee Shop and mentions Pete to Mike. Mike says he’s left a message with Rachel at the institute, so they’ll just have to wait. Mike says he’s got free reign of the kitchen today, as Harold is out, so it’s burgers all round. Todd then walks in and is annoyed with Henry for his bad advice about kissing. Todd explains to Mike about what happened earlier, and they try not to laugh about it. Todd says that he’s a laughing stock at school, and Mike tells him to just take it slowly.

At number 26, Helen gives Nick his walkman back and says that she’s convinced Jim not to paint over the painting on the fence. She explains that she thinks it’s excellent and he asks her what she would know about it. She explains that she’s about to start teaching and would like Nick to come along to her classes and that they’re free. Nick is annoyed, saying that he won’t accept charity, and walks out.

. . .

Later that day, Jim arrives home and tells Helen that her car is fixed. She says she’s had Mr Muir on the phone, asking that Jim doesn’t encourage Nick to stay away from school painting fences. Helen thinks they’ve misjudged Nick, as he really does live with his grandmother, who’s very sick. Jim warns Helen not to try and adopt another stray, but Helen says she hates to see such potential go to waste.

Emma sees Todd outside the Coffee Shop and asks to share his drink. She explains that she was speaking to Henry earlier and heard all about him catching the graffiti artist. She has to leave, and Henry comes over and Henry is thrilled that his plan to impress Emma has worked. Just then, Pete appears and Henry drags him into the Coffee Shop so he can explain what he’s up to.

. . .

Nick arrives at number 26 and asks Helen if she’s serious about him being talented. He asks how he’d be able to make money from painting, and she says it would involve a lot of effort and hard work. He says he’ll go to the classes, but only if he can pay her back when he has the money.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Mike is furious with Pete for walking out on the institute and wants to know why he did it. Pete says that he’s been trying to explain, and says it’s not a big deal. The phone rings, while Henry says that everyone’s been really worried. Des then walks in and wants to know why Pete gave up on the sponsorship that everyone worked so hard to get him. Pete says that he couldn’t cope with it. Mike then hangs up and tells Pete that he can stop lying now, as he’s just spoken to Rachel and she told him the full story…

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Summary by Steve