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Magic Moments > 1989 > Kerry and Sky's Arrival Episode 888

Written by Unknown, Directed by Tony Osicka

Noelene enters the backyard of number 30 and takes Toby away, with Katie and a guilty Aunt Edie watching as they leave.

Katie asks Edie why Toby had to go so suddenly, but she simply tells her to get in the pool and stop asking so many questions. Katie is suspicious as Joe calls over the fence, but Edie stops her, telling her to go inside and not talk to Mr Mangel. However, Joe then comes into the garden and asks Katie where Toby is. Katie says that Toby left with his mum and it dawns on Joe that Edie planned the entire thing so that Noelene could get her hands on Toby. He demands to know where Noelene has taken him, but Edie insists that Toby is better off with his mother, as Joe is such a terrible influence on the boy. Joe says that he has to find Toby, then he’ll deal with Edie – but she warns him not to make threats like that.

. . .

At number 24, Bronwyn and Henry are sitting in each other’s arms on the couch, professing their love for each other. Bronwyn realises that the only time they seem to have any problems is when other people get involved, like Aunt Edie and Bronwyn’s ex-fiance, Tom. Something suddenly dawns on Henry – if they were together all of the time, nobody would be able to interfere in their relationship, but Bronwyn doesn’t understand how they can achieve that.

At the Coffee Shop, Joe runs in and tells Madge and Harold what’s happened to Toby, telling them that he knows they’re not the best of mates, but he really needs Harold’s help in finding out Noelene’s address. Harold isn’t so sure that Toby being with Noelene is a bad thing, but Joe explains that he’s worried that Ted might hurt Toby. Madge says that she’s heard from Jane that Toby is terrified of Ted, but Harold isn’t sure what he can do. Joe asks him to talk to Edie and get the address from her. Harold suggests trying some of Noelene’s friends, but Joe says that he has and they don’t know where she is. Madge sits Joe down and tries to calm him, insisting that Harold will do his best to help, and Joe hopes that he can, because if anything happens to Toby, he’ll never forgive her.

. . .

Bronwyn and Henry enter Des’ office at the bank, and he’s surprised to see them. They explain to a delighted Des that they’ve got back together and they need his help, as he was the only person to support them recently. They ask him if Henry can move into number 28 with them, as a paying lodger. Henry and Bronwyn are thrilled when Des tells them that he can hardly turn down such an enthusiastic proposal.

Outside the Waterhole, Madge sees Edie and tells her that Joe is waiting for her in the Coffee Shop, and that she shouldn’t have interfered where Toby is concerned. Edie thinks that she did what was best for Toby, but Madge then explains about Noelene’s violent new husband, Ted. Edie doesn’t believe it, saying that Joe is just making it up, but Madge explains that Jane was the one who told her about Ted. Edie suddenly realises that she shouldn’t have got involved, and Madge takes her into the Coffee Shop, telling her that there’s still time to fix things.

. . .

Joe is waiting inside the shop when Madge brings Edie in and apologises, saying that she didn’t know all of the facts. Joe tells her that Noelene is mad about Ted and can’t see what he’s really like. Joe very calmly asks for Noelene’s address, which Edie gives to him, on the condition that he won’t hold it against her. He agrees not to, if she agrees to lay off him too. He then leaves to get Toby back.

At Ted and Noelene’s flat, he’s annoyed that she’s brought Toby back to stay with them and tells her that he doesn’t want the kid around. Noelene says that she only let Toby stay with Joe for a few months whilst they were in Townsville, but always intended to get him back. She asks Toby to go to his room as they argue, but Toby says that he just wants to go back to his dad’s. Ted tells him to do as he’s told, eventually dragging him out of the room by the arm.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Edie admits that she partly wanted revenge on Joe for the incident with the cannabis plant, but now wishes that she had never interfered, and won’t be doing it again. Madge and Des then enter, and he asks to speak to all three of them. He explains that Henry has asked to move in with him, and Harold and Edie are both horrified. Madge agrees, reminding Des of the trouble Scott and Charlene found themselves in. Edie says that she simply won’t allow it, and Des reminds her of what she just said about not interfering. She tells him that she wasn’t referring to Bronwyn. Des says that he’s already agreed to it, so there’s not much he can do now.

At number 28, Henry has arrived with his guitar and a couple of suitcases of clothes, though Bronwyn isn’t sure that she has room. She admits that she’s worried about what her aunt is going to say, and Harold, but Henry tells her that they’re going to have to stand firm this time.

. . .

Back at Ted and Noelene’s, he tells her to get rid of Toby, either to Joe or to welfare. Noelene shouts that she isn’t going to get rid of her son. Ted is about to hit her when Joe suddenly arrives and stops him. He grabs him by the neck and sends Noelene to get Toby. Ted says that Joe is welcome to both of them, as he’s not going to be sticking around. Joe tells him that he’d better pack up his stuff and be gone by the time they get back. He throws Ted down on the couch and goes over to Toby, who is delighted to see him.

At number 32, in the kitchen, Toby is proudly telling Katie about how great his dad was that afternoon. Meanwhile, in the other room, Noelene is in tears, telling Joe that she can’t believe how stupid she was to fall for Ted in the first place. She says that he used to be nicer, but he suddenly changed when they were married and she wants nothing more to do with him. Joe asks if he can see Toby from time to time and she says that he can visit and weekends and during the holidays. She then wonders if she should have stuck with Joe, as he’s a lot better than she gave him credit for. Joe then goes into the kitchen to say goodbye to Toby, who is sad to go and wishes that the three of them could be a family again. Joe says that they’ll still see each other and they share a hug.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, a young woman in sitting down with her daughter, but Edie is not happy that they’ve only ordered hot water, and that they both have bare feet. The woman tells Edie that they don’t need to wear shoes and their soles are tough. Edie goes into the kitchen to complain about the young woman to Harold, who agrees with her that young people seem to have no moral values these days, as they compare it to the situation with Henry and Bronwyn.

At number 28, Des gets home and falls over all of Henry’s stuff, which is still sitting in the doorway. Bronwyn and Henry help him and apologise, but Des is unimpressed, particularly as he realises that Henry has drunk the last can of beer in the house.

. . .

. . .

Back at the Coffee Shop, Edie is still complaining about the young woman, as she’s brought her own food into the shop to eat. Harold worries about what sort of upbringing the girl must have had, as her parents can’t have set much of an example. As Edie leaves through the back door with the rubbish bags, Harold agrees to go and speak to the young woman. He then goes out and, as he walks over, tells her that he’d prefer it if she didn’t eat her own food in his shop. He suddenly stops when he realises who the girl is – his daughter, Kerry.

Summary by Steve

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