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Magic Moments > 1989 > Henry's Departure: Part One Episode 1098

Written by Unknown, Directed by Andrew Friedman

Jim, Paul and Melanie are trying to talk to Des about his trip to London to see Jane, and why they didn’t get married, but he storms out, telling them all to mind their own business.

At number 24, Madge and Bronwyn are cleaning up the house in time for the farewell party. Madge says that everyone should be arriving during the afternoon and Bronwyn admits that she’s disappointed about missing out on being a vet, but she’s prepared to give it up for Henry. As Madge vacuums, Henry arrives back and tells Bronwyn that he’s only got one ticket. He explains that he can’t let Bronwyn give up on being a vet for him, so he’s going to go alone and she can join him later. She thinks that he doesn’t want her to go, but he explains that she’ll be there with him every step of the way. Bronwyn is touched and tells Henry that she loves him. Madge, who’s been listening in, tells them that she loves them both, but they need to stop now before they all cry.

. . .

At number 28, Des is playing with Jamie when Mike arrives home unexpectedly. He explains that Melanie got in touch and told him to come back. Des tells him that he and Jane had a few differences, so he gave her some time and space to come to a decision, stopping off in Greece for a few weeks on his way back. He says that he’s waiting to hear from Jane and doesn’t want to tell anyone, one way or the other, until he knows her answer. Mike says that he’s been up north and had visited Jenny, and now he feels ready to move on and get on with his life. He asks what’s going on at number 24, and Des explains that it’s a going away party for Henry and Bronwyn. Mike decides to get changed and go over there, but Des doesn’t want to, as he shouted at everyone earlier and doesn’t want to face them until he knows Jane’s answer.

At number 24, Joe is lamenting losing his gardening partner, but Harold thinks that Joe’s just worried that he might have to do some work now. Henry thinks that he might be able to get Joe a gardening slot on his radio show in New Zealand. Harold suspects that Henry’s new radio station will be a little more discerning than Erinsborough Community Radio and will want a real expert, not Joe, who just happens to own a wheelbarrow. Joe is offended, but Madge stops the argument by bringing some food in. Bronwyn also comes in and Joe explains that Kerry will be over later, to make sure that Henry really is leaving. Jim and Helen then arrive, with apologies from Lucy who isn’t feeling well. They all joke about Madge taking up self-defence classes and how her new skills might come in useful when throwing everyone out at the end of the party. Jim says that Des probably won’t be over, as he isn’t in much of a party mood. Harold asks why, and everyone looks at Jim, waiting for a response…

. . .

At number 30, Lee is looking for a job in the paper, but can’t find much. Matt encourages her, but she doesn’t think she’ll get anywhere without qualifications. He suggests that she take over Henry’s old gardening job, but she isn’t convinced, then apologises for being so pessimistic. She explains that, since speaking to her mum and dad, she’s been feeling on edge. Matt says that they can’t do anything if Lee doesn’t want to return home. Hilary comes in, just as Matt suggests that he and Lee go over to Henry’s farewell party. Hilary assures her that she won’t have to make much small talk if Henry and Joe are there. Just then, Hilary answers the door and Lee’s parents, Patrick and Evelyn, burst in and ask Lee if she’s alright. She is furious with them for coming.

At number 24, Harold greets Mike and Jamie at the door and asks if Des will be coming. Mike says that he might be over later, before wishing Henry luck. Joe calls out, asking Mike what the deal is with Des and Jane. Mike explains that Des was on the phone to Jane as he left, and Joe realises that he’s going to have to be subtle around Des from now on.

. . .

At number 30, Evelyn and Patrick are trying to find out why Lee ran away from home in the first place. Lee is furious with them, and reminds them that all they did was fight. Evelyn explains that they’ve resolved their differences now, but they haven’t decided if they’re getting a divorce. Patrick tells her that she can decide who she wants to live with. Hilary thinks that Lee’s parents seem very sincere, but Lee says that it’s all an act and she won’t be going home. She walks out, leaving everyone looking awkward.

In the kitchen of number 24, Madge admits that she’s sad to see Henry go, and wonders if she’s driven both of her kids away. Helen assures her that it was just good luck on the part of the children and nothing that Madge did. Madge admits that she likes having young people around and is glad that Bronwyn will be staying a while longer. Just then, Des arrives with a potted sunflower he found on the doorstep. The note reads that it’s from Cass and Joe explains to Mike that Cass is one of Henry’s groupies from the radio station. He jokes that Bronwyn will have to be careful, letting Henry go off on his own, but she isn’t amused. Harold, meanwhile, is trying to get information about Jane from Des, so he decides that he should take Jamie home, as they’re both a bit jetlagged. Des wishes Henry well and leaves, but as he’s going, Joe, rather loudly, comments that Des deserves an award for being the most jilted man in the country. Des hears this and comes back, telling everyone that Jane has decided to stay in England – with rather a lot of pressure from Mrs Mangel – so the wedding is off. An upset Bronwyn then walks out, with Henry following, as everyone tells Des that they’re there for him if he wants to talk.

. . .

In the backyard, Henry finds Bronwyn in tears and realises it’s because of Des talking about long-distance relationships. She admits that she doesn’t think Henry will want a vet once he’s rich and famous, but he says that it couldn’t be further from the truth. He explains that he’s finally found a job that pays well and has a future – he says that he wouldn’t be going if he didn’t think that Bronwyn was the one. He tells her that he wants to make a future for them, and all of the kids that they’re going to have. He tells her that the time will fly by, and they kiss.

At number 28, Mike is trying to keep Des’ spirits up, but Des suspects that everyone saw it coming anyway, as someone like Jane would never marry him. Mike disagrees, as Des starts to blame himself and wishes that he hadn’t told everyone. Mike says that they’re his friends and he made the right decision by telling them. Mike asks about Jane, but Des doesn’t want to talk about her. Mike admits that he behaved like an idiot when Des and Jane first got together, but points out that the two of them are still there, under the same roof, best of mates.

. . .

At number 30, Evelyn points out how much school Lee has missed, and Patrick reminds her of the riding lessons and clothing allowance that she used to have. Lee says that they were just trying to buy her and she doesn’t want to go back to it. Evelyn points out that Lee can’t rely on Matt and Hilary forever, and mentions that this isn’t the first time that Lee has run away like this. Lee angrily asks them all to stop talking about her like she’s not in the room and says that she won’t be shamed into going home. Hilary points out that she should consider what her parents are saying, but Matt says that Lee can stay for as long as she needs to. Evelyn and Patrick get up to leave and Lee reminds them that she’s not coming home, but agrees to walk them to the car. Hilary tells Matt that he seems to bring home the most interesting people.

At number 24, Henry says that he’ll be sending tapes of his radio show over to Bronwyn if anyone’s interested in hearing it. Joe offers to give him a lift to the airport, but Henry says that Bronwyn will be taking him, in Bertha. Joe then decides that someone should say a few words about Henry, and he, Jim and Harold all stand up at once. Joe quickly starts talking and the others sit down, but then Jim tells Joe that his speeches always end up embarrassing someone, so Helen makes a toast to Henry. Harold then makes his own speech and says that when he married Madge, he also gained a fine son in Henry. Madge starts crying and reminds Harold that it’s a party, not a wake. She says that she’s not losing a son, she’s gaining an international radio star. Jim then starts singing ‘For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow’ and everyone joins in, leaving Henry embarrassed.

. . .

. . .

At number 30, Matt tells his mother that he isn’t sure what to think now. Hilary says that Evelyn and Patrick seemed like decent people, trying to come to terms with having a spoilt child. She says that Lee is lucky to have two parents who love her and that, if anyone was acting, it was Lee. She tells him not to let himself be used, just as Lee comes in and asks Matt if everything’s alright…

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Summary by Steve