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Magic Moments > 1989 > Henry's Departure: Part Two Episode 1098

Written by Unknown, Directed by Andrew Friedman

Hilary suspects that Lee is using Matt and tells him not to let her get to him. Lee then comes in and asks Matt if everything’s alright…

At number 24, Henry is finishing the leftovers from the party and says what a great afternoon it was. Madge sends him to take the rubbish out, and tells Bronwyn that it was nice to have the day together, as it might be a while before they see him again. As Madge goes off to have a long bath, Sharon arrives and is upset to see that the party’s over. She tells her sister that she’s been sitting watching a cricket game with her new man, Kurt. Bronwyn asks what happened to Brad, and Sharon explains that she dumped him, but now Kurt is looking like being just as boring a sports fan. Bronwyn asks what her sister is trying to prove by dating all these guys, but Sharon says that she’s just having some fun. Bronwyn then tells her that she’s not going to New Zealand yet, as Henry comes in and explains the plans. Sharon believes that Henry might just be the perfect man, and Henry jokingly agrees.

. . .

At number 30, Matt is trying to tell Lee that maybe she should ease up on her parents, as they didn’t seem all that bad. Lee is annoyed and asks Matt if he thinks that she’s making it all up. He says that he doesn’t, but maybe her parents have changed and sorted themselves out. She says that all they care about is winning, and whoever gets Lee is the winner. She says that it’s like a twisted game and she’s stuck in the middle. Matt unconvincingly accepts her story.

At number 28 the next morning, Mike gets up and is surprised to find Melanie cooking breakfast. She gathers Mike, Des and Jamie at the dining table, and Des explains to Mike that Mel is just staying for a while until she finds somewhere permanent to live. She brings over two huge plates of fried food for Des and Mike, and some cereal for Jamie, then says that she’s just got to pop out. Des asks her if she’s not having breakfast and she says that she never eats fried food, as it’s very bad for you.

. . .

At number 30, Sharon tells Matt that if his girlfriend doesn’t get up soon, she’ll miss out on breakfast. Matt says that it isn’t that late and Lee isn’t his girlfriend. Sharon then answers the door and it’s Mike, who’s come to tell Matt that he’ll be resuming swimming training with him the following day. Matt explains that Hilary was giving him some private lessons and she was pretty tough. Mike then mentions Matt’s new girlfriend and he once again points out that he and Lee are not an item. Mike leaves and Sharon says that everyone in the street seems to have the wrong impression. Matt admits that he does like Lee, but she doesn’t seem to like him and he can’t work out whether she’s lying about her parents.

At number 28, Paul and Des are going through the Lassiter’s accounts when Mel noisily appears and starts vacuuming the entire room. Paul then asks Des if he’d like a part-time accounting position with the Robinson Corporation, until he finds some other work. Des gladly accepts and Mel is delighted to hear the news, as she worried that it might be really boring in the office with just her and Paul. She then realises what she’s said and goes back to the vacuuming.

. . .

At number 24, Madge laughs as Henry struggles to fit all of his clothes into his suitcase. Bronwyn then appears with his guitar, telling him not to forget it. She goes to find another case, as Madge points out that Henry will have to leave his trophies and his Kangaman comics at home. Henry asks Madge to look after Bronwyn, and she tells him that everything will be fine and he’ll just have to give everything to his radio job. He thanks her and hugs her, before she decides to help him out by sitting on his case so he can close it.

At number 30, Lee is horrified when her mother returns for a chat. She asks Matt to stay, then Evelyn tells her daughter that she isn’t surprised that she ran away, as it must have been awful for her. She then says that she’s moving back to Perth and wants Lee to go with her. Lee asks if her dad knows about this, but Evelyn angrily says that it’s not up to him, as a daughter should be with her mother. Lee glances over at Matt, who doesn’t look very impressed.

. . .

At number 28, Des, Paul and Mike are playing indoor cricket, and Des is happy to be able to hang out with the boys again. Des says that from now on, he doesn’t need women, and Mike and Paul agree. They realise that they’ll have time to themselves, be able to stop shaving if they want to and won’t have to pay for dinner. Paul then mentions not having to give up his side of the bed and they all look sad again. They continue to play cricket and complain about women, but their hearts aren’t really in it anymore.

At number 24, Madge asks Henry if he’s packed any writing paper and he assures her that he has. He says that he probably won’t make it back for Christmas, as he’ll only just have got there and Madge claims that she was looking forward to a quiet Christmas anyway. He reminds her that he’ll visit, as he’s only going to New Zealand. She hands him some clothes to wear on the plane and they both start crying and share a hug.

. . .

At the airport, Madge, Bronwyn and Henry find his check-in counter and load his luggage onto the scales. The check-in assistant explains that he’s 20k over and will have to pay the excess baggage charge of $80. They realise that they don’t have the money between them, and Henry fails when trying to charm the lady, so he decides that he’ll have to leave his guitar behind. Bronwyn takes it and promises to look after it, as the assistant says that Henry’s flight to Wellington will be departing from gate 4.

At number 28, Des, Mike and Paul wonder if they’ll ever find the right women to settle down with, as Melanie cleans around them. Des says that he found the right woman for him – Penny Porter, but he took too long to make up his mind and lost out. Mike says that his love life is non-existent and Paul agrees, saying that he met the perfect woman once – Felicity Morris, who proposed to him, but they were only 12 at the time. Melanie is amused and starts fake crying about all of their sad stories, until Paul pulls the chair from under her.

. . .

At number 30, Lee and Evelyn are arguing and Evelyn is becoming more and more angry. She tells her daughter that if she wants to live with her father, that’s fine, but she won’t be there waiting if things don’t work out. Lee tells her mum to go, which she does, apologising as she leaves. Matt sees her out, as Sharon comforts a distraught Lee. Matt comes in and apologises to Lee, saying that he had no idea how bad things were.

At the airport, Henry realises that it’s time for him to go through customs. He starts to cry, as do Madge and Bronwyn. He hugs his mum, and tells Bronwyn that she means more to him than anyone else in the world, before hugging her too. He then walks through the doors, and Madge comforts Bronwyn.

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Out on the viewing deck, Madge and Bronwyn watch the plane pulling away to the runway, and Bronwyn remembers some of the happier times with Henry, as the plane takes off.

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Notes: 'In Your Arms' by Lynne Hamilton is played as Madge and Bronwyn say goodbye to Henry at the airport.

Summary by Steve