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Magic Moments > 1990 > The 1990 Season Finale / Glen's Arrival Episode 1350

Written by Uncredited, Directed by Uncredited

Matt and Gemma are on their motorcycle, discussing Tom. Matt doesn’t hear what Gemma says so turns around to hear, and a truck comes out of nowhere. As Matt brakes, he and Gemma are flung off the bike onto the road...

At the Ramsay house, Tom is complaining to Madge about how unreasonable Gemma was to storm out. Madge and Harold defend Gemma, saying that Tom always says things without thinking. As Madge and Tom begin to argue, the phone rings, and Madge is told that Gemma is in hospital.

. . .

Matt wakes up in a hospital bed, and a nurse tells him that he has a few stitches and a possible small concussion, but nothing major. He asks about Gemma, and the nurse explains that she has been taken to surgery, but doesn’t reveal anything else.

Jim arrives at number 22 greeting Chrissy, while waiting for Paul to get ready to have dinner at Dorothy’s, to meet the famous boxer Greg “Lefty” Benson. Jim invites her around for dinner at his place for the following night, adding that he didn’t think Paul and Christina had a chance. He warns Chrissy about Paul’s relationships, and how they always tend to fail.

. . .

Dorothy and Ryan are talking to Lefty about his boxing career, and how excited he is to be making a speech at Erinsborough High. Jim, Paul and Chrissy arrive and talk with Lefty, as Ryan comments that the school speech night will be interesting.

Tom, Madge and Harold are waiting at the hospital, and Matt comes out of his room, but has no information on Gemma. Tom quickly blames Matt for the accident. A doctor comes out, but is unable to give news on Gemma’s condition.

. . .

Lefty is telling one of his sex stories to the party, quickly interrupted by a worried Dorothy. She tells him that he doesn’t have to present the speech on the night, but maybe just give out the award, but he refuses. He tells Dorothy to feel his muscles, and when feeling hers he says her muscles are well built. “Well, that is my shooting arm,” she says, adding, “and they did call me ‘killer’ on the court”. He proceeds to tell another story, but can’t describe it without a demonstration, asking Dorothy to punch him so he can show them better. After a few week punches, she is encouraged to hit harder, and when she does, Lefty falls to the ground in pain. Dorothy exclaims that she isn’t called ‘killer’ for nothing.

Matt is in Gemma’s room asking about her operation. She says she’s OK, but suddenly realises she can’t feel her legs. Matt says that it is probably just her anaesthetic, as Tom arrives. Tom tells Matt to get out.

. . .

At the Robinson house, Helen comes in with the mail. Jim opens a letter, containing a funeral bill for a Maureen Donnelly, from a Glen Donnelly. A confused Jim tells Helen that he doesn’t know either one of them, and decides to send the letter back.

At number 30, Ryan and Dorothy are talking about Joe running off with Sky, and the pressure it has put on Ryan, as he has to take care of all of Joe’s clients. Dorothy tells him not to give up, as Joe will come back eventually.

. . .

Jim is telling Christina and Paul the story of the letter, at number 26. When Jim and Paul go to the kitchen, Helen talks to Christina about Paul, and how he has never been able to make a real commitment to a woman, so Christina should be careful. Chrissy doesn’t like how everyone is interfering with her and Paul, but Helen explains she doesn’t want to see either of them get hurt.

Later on, Helen is on the phone to someone, and when she says Jim is home, the person hangs up. Jim asks who it was, and she says it was someone asking if Jim had served in Vietnam, and when she explained he had, he hung up. Both of them are confused.

. . .

Tom is apologising to Gemma over their argument, when she suddenly gets a pain in her leg. She worries that the doctors aren’t telling her everything, because every time she asks them something, they never give her a straight answer, especially about her leg. Outside her room, Tom and Matt corner the doctor again and ask him what is wrong with Gemma. He says he hasn’t told her anything because he doesn’t want to alarm her, but there’s a chance she might lose her leg.

At number 22, Christina has told Paul of what Jim and Helen have told her. Paul is annoyed and thinks there is no way he is able to prove how much he loves Christina, but Chrissy says she knows he does. He gets and idea, and says that the only way he can prove it is by marrying her. Chrissy is shocked, as Paul asks if she will marry him.

. . .

. . .

A man arrives at number 26, asking for Jim. He explains that he is Glen Donnelly, and thinks that Jim was rude to have sent the letter back. Neither Jim nor Helen understands what it’s about, so he explains that Maureen was his mother, and Jim is his father.

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Summary by Joe