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Magic Moments > 1998 > Nick and Caitlin's Departures Episode 3108

Written by Ian Coughlan, Directed by Chris Adshead

Karl tells Sarah there’s no future in their relationship and he invites her to spend the night at the same motel with him. They are about to head to their separate rooms, and he says goodnight to her...

Libby and Drew are playing pool in the pub, and she wonders how Lou got such a huge amount of meat so cheap. Drew doesn’t think Lou would be stupid enough to poison everyone, but Libby thinks she might just go vegetarian for the next week. Libby asks Drew why he has nothing better to do, and asks about his relationships. He says he’s never had a serious relationship, like her’s with Darren. He asks if she would rather have never had the relationship if it meant she wouldn’t have had to go through all that heartache. She says that she wouldn’t have changed a thing, then comments that Drew has seemed interested in Sarah. He says she’s nice, but there’s this mysterious boyfriend thing going on. Libby says it’s pretty sus when a woman won’t discuss her man.

. . .

Lou is at number 22, practising his speech for the wedding, while Lolly is sitting in the kitchen, banging on saucepans. Libby and Drew turn up and Lou tries to run his speech past them. Drew pretends that a car backfired and he’s lost his hearing, while Libby says she’d rather not. Lolly continues to bang, and Drew pretends he’s mishearing everything Lou says. While Lolly plays, there’s blood dripping down the walls behind her…

At number 30, everyone is gathered for Caitlin and Nick’s farewell party. Bill and Toadie are discussing their musical act for tomorrow. Bill asks Caitlin if he can check out the bedrooms as he’s thinking of moving in. Amy and Lance are dancing and she tells him she’s thinking about holding a danceathon at the school. Anne and Caitlin say their goodbyes in the hall and hug, then hug again.

. . .

Lolly is still playing in the kitchen, while Libby reads through the speech. She thinks it’s slightly bad taste, while Drew goes to make coffee. He notices all the blood pooled around Lolly and Lou rushes over, trying to work out where it’s coming from…

Drew thinks it can’t be that bad, since Lolly isn’t even crying. Lou goes to call an ambulance, while Libby notices that the blood is very watery and cold. She then notices that it’s coming out of the freezer and everyone laughs, until Lou realises that the meat is all defrosting. He opens the freezer door and all the water and blood flood the kitchen floor.

. . .

At number 30, Caitlin suggests leaving all the clearing up until after they’ve gone, but Nick remembers that Toadie’s giving them a lift to the airport. Caitlin and Bill talk about how much they’ll miss each other and suggest one last skinny dip together, until they realise the pool is closed. She asks Bill if he’ll help her with something she’s got planned for the morning. Nick comes in, and they sneak off outside…

Lou comes downstairs and tells Libby that Lolly’s finally settled down. He seems very shaken up by seeing Lolly like that, and feels that he should have been watching her, despite Libby and Drew reassuring him. Lou is convinced that he’s a bad parent, but Drew tells him that Lolly worships him and Libby reminds him that he still needs to work out what to do with all that meat…

. . .

Lance arrives home and finds Anne crying on the sofa. She says it’s nothing, but then admits she’s worried about Ruth’s biopsy results. Lance says there’s only a small chance of cancer and any of them could get hit by a truck tomorrow. Anne says she doesn’t know what she’d do without her mum. They wonder how they’ll adapt with the wedding and moving house and the new family. Lance says that this is a positive change for all of them. He tells her that whatever happens, he’ll be there for her and she says she’s starting to understand what Amy sees in him.

Libby, Drew and Lou are packing up the meat and wondering how to preserve it all. Libby suggests passing it round to all the neighbours and Lou realises that they can all cook it up and use it as the buffet for the wedding reception.

. . .

Libby and Drew arrive at number 28 with more meat for their freezer. She explains that her mum’s away at a conference and Karl’s a heavy sleeper, so they don’t have to whisper. They wonder why Bill and Caitlin were sneaking around outside, and Drew heads off to deliver some more meat to number 30.

At number 30, Drew has arrived with the meat, while Nick is vacuuming. Toadie says he’ll make some steak sandwiches with the meat, but Drew says it might need to be more ‘weddingy’. Toadie suggests a stew, and Drew quickly leaves.

. . .

. . .

Outside the following morning, Toadie is yawning as he prepares to drive Nick and Caitlin to the airport. Caitlin wonders if they’ll ever see Ramsay Street again, and Nick says it’s only an hour on the plane, so of course she’ll be back. She says she’d better leave it for a while, as she’s done something that’ll make sure they’re remembered by the neighbours. Nick looks worried as he and Caitlin get into the car, and as they drive off, the words ‘Never Forget Cait + Nick’ have been painted onto the street.

At number 28, Bill is just getting up while Libby is cooking up some meat in the kitchen. She tells him that Karl left a message saying that he was slightly over the alcohol limit so he’s stayed on at a motel. Bill suggests that she tells Karl that she’s planning to turn it into a newspaper article. They then do impressions of their parents arguing, and burst out laughing.

. . .

At number 22, Drew gets up to find Lou eating minced beef on toast for breakfast. Drew and Lolly both try some, then Lou mentions his speech again and Drew runs off to work, with Lou calling that if he makes a fool of himself, he’ll blame Drew.

At number 32, Lance is on the phone to Ben, who’ll be arriving soon. Anne and Lance then take two trays of breakfast in bed, Anne heads into the bedroom with Ruth’s, while Lance goes out the front door with Phil’s.

. . .

. . .

Toadie arrives at number 28, telling Bill that they should run through the wedding song a few times. Libby leaves to take her reception food to number 26. Toadie says he doesn’t want to get yelled at for waking up Karl, but Bill says that he didn’t come home last night. Toadie asks Bill why he isn’t bothered, and Bill says it’s not a big deal. Toadie says that if he’s not that bothered, then they might aswell just move Sarah in, as it would save all the sneaking around. Bill asks what he’s talking about and Toadie realises he’s put his foot in it. Bill wants to know what Sarah has to do with it, and Toadie tries to cover but Bill says that if he’s been spreading rumours about his dad, then he wants to know. Toadie says he’s really, really sorry, but Karl isn’t playing golf, he’s with Sarah. Bill says that this had better be a joke and accuses Toadie of betraying Karl and Susan, before throwing him out.

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Summary by Steve