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Magic Moments > 1998 > Philip and Ruth's Wedding Episode 3109

Written by Don Battye, Directed by Chris Adshead

Toadie hesitantly tells Billy that Karl and Sarah are having an affair and Billy furiously throws him out...

Karl and Sarah are eating breakfast at the motel as Karl asks Sarah how she's feeling. She's fine and offers to let him leave but he refuses. They both mention losing their appetite before paying the bill.

. . .

Michael arrives at number 26 for the wedding, and Hannah and Phil are both thrilled to see him. Michael says that Debbie’s really sorry she couldn’t make it, but her new job has got her really excited. Phil realises he hasn’t make any preparations for the reception, but Hannah says she’s got it all arranged, and with Michael there, she’ll get it done twice as fast.

Ben arrives at number 32, and everyone’s happy to see him. He says his new job is great and he’s getting along well with Geoff. Bill arrives and Lance asks him if he’s ok, he says he’s had a fight with Toadie and he can’t play with him for the wedding.

. . .

At number 24, Madge and Harold are manouvering a casserole out of the oven, and Madge says that all the beef Lou gave her had to go to some use. Harold says all the meat is making him feel ill and he goes out to get some fresh air.

At number 28, Lance is annoyed with Bill for pulling out. Bill says this isn’t just an ordinary fight, but he says that if Toadie’s still prepared to go ahead with it, then he will too. Lance tells him to go and speak to Toadie, but Bill says that it would be too awkward, so he sends Lance instead. Lance tries to find out what the fight was about, but Bill won’t tell him.

. . .

Hannah is arranging the lounge room and Michael is helping her. She asks him to get a vase down, and he comments on all the photos of Julie around the place, saying that maybe they should put up some of Ruth, to help her feel more at home. Hannah is against the idea at first, but Michael talks her around. She goes to put a photo in the drawer, but finds one of Julie already in there. She says that her dad is trying to forget about Julie, and she wants nothing more to do with the wedding.

At number 30, Toadie tells Lance that Bill kicked him out. Lance tries to find out what the fight was about, but Toadie won’t talk. Lance says that Bill has agreed to do the gig, but Toadie says he won’t do it unless Bill apologises. Lance says they’re both selfish, as today is about his mum’s wedding.

. . .

Michael accuses Hannah of over-reacting and asks her if she has something against Ruth. Hannah says she loves Ruth, and Lance and Anne. Michael says that it was fine when they were neighbours, but it’s different now they’re moving in. He suggests that she look as Ruth as a friend, and Lance and Anne as a bonus brother and sister. Michael says that Phil will have to adapt more to having two new step-kids and also suggests putting the photos of Julie in her room. Hannah thanks Michael.

Sarah and Karl have broken down in the middle of nowhere and he’s worried about being late for the wedding. He uses his mobile to track down the breakdown people, but it’s taking ages to get through. He tries to flag down a car but they drive straight past.

. . .

Amy is trying to take a photo of Ruth, Ben, Lance and Anne, but is taking ages to arrange them all. The phone rings and Ruth worriedly answers, but it’s Lou, although everyone thought it was the specialist. Ben wants to know what’s going on with Ruth…

Susan arrives home from shopping and Bill is sitting silently. She is talking to him but he isn’t listening. She says she was a hit at the conference, and he isn’t very enthusiastic and Susan wants to know what’s wrong…

. . .

Ben tells Ruth she should have told him about the lump when she found out. He tells her that she shouldn’t keep these things to herself and he says she helped him to pull through after his accident. He says she told him that they’re capable of controlling their fate and that they’ll all be there for her, no matter what the results are. She says that whatever happens, she’s glad that they found each other when they did.

Susan tells Bill that she’s losing patience and he says that he had a fight with Toadie. She says that there’s nothing unusual in that. Bill says it’s about Karl, and that he went away to play golf yesterday and then stayed in a motel. Susan says she’s confused about how all these events link up, and he says that he thinks Karl is having an affair with Sarah. She doesn’t believe him at first, but then says he should tell her everything…

. . .

Phil finishes reciting his vows to the celebrant, who suggests he should cut them down a bit. Michael and Hannah agree, saying it did drag on a bit. Phil is worried about having to learn it all again, then Lou comes in and introduces himself to the celebrant. Phil is worried about his vows and Lou says they can sort it all out in the car. Michael and Hannah are forced to push Phil out of the house. Hannah shows Michael her ring, that used to belong to Helen, and they says that it’s like having her there with them.

Outside number 32, Ruth is thrilled when her surprise, a motorbike ride to the wedding, is revealed. They all put her in a leather jacket and she heads off with Amy taking photos of it all. She rides out of Ramsay Street on the back of the bike and everyone else follows on. Ruth is screaming as she rides out of the street, while Karl and Sarah pull up and see her, laughing. She gets out at the end of the street, so nobody sees them together.

. . .

. . .

Ruth is riding up the freeway on the motorbike, loving every minute of it.

Everyone is gathered by Lassiter’s Lake, wondering why Toadie is so late. The celebrant asks what the hold-up is, and Lou explains. Lou says that Ruth is ready to come up the aisle. Just then, Toadie comes running up, and he and Bill start singing ‘Amazing Grace’ while Ruth appears on the motorbike. The celebrant begins the service. Susan is looking around, wondering where Karl is.

. . .

Sarah arrives at an empty number 30, calling to see if anyone’s home.

. . .

. . .

Phil and Ruth prepare to exchange rings, but he realises he’s forgotten them. Hannah offers Helen’s ring, while Lou offers his. They exchange the rings and their vows. Karl arrives, apologising to Susan for being late, but she ignores him. The celebrant pronounces Phil and Ruth husband and wife. Karl tries to put his arm around Susan, but she pushes him away, while Bill glares at him…

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Summary by Steve