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Magic Moments > 2001 > The Official 2001 Season Premiere Episode 3671

Written by Ben Marshall, Directed by Tony Osicka

Joe is on the phone to Karl, explaining that he’s stuck in the bushfire with a woman in the back who’s about to have a baby. Joel and Flick are sitting by the pool, and they kiss...

Joel and Flick break off their kiss. He says that it’s insane and she says that they should have done this a long time ago.

Joe pulls over in his cab and calls back Karl, who is at home with Darcy. Karl asks how far apart the contractions are, so he asks Tina. She is breathing heavily and Karl says that she sounds about ready. He asks how she looks, and Joe says she’s flushed. Karl says that Joe will need something to keep the baby in and Joe tells Tina not to worry, as things will be fine. Karl also suggests using a shoe lace to tie the umbilical cord off with, while Joe says he’ll use his penknife to cut the cord. Joe’s battery then starts to go flat, so he shouts his exact location to them. He then cuts out, and Tina asks if the doctor’s coming. Joe says they’ll be here soon, but he’s got some experience of this, so everything will be fine.


Darcy goes to number 26 to explain to Lyn and Steph what’s going on. They head over to number 28.

Joe has moved Tina onto the ground, and he reassures her that the fire is still miles away. She tells him how scared she is, but Joe says it’s all going like clockwork. She asks him to phone the doctor, and he says his battery is dying, but he’ll try. He gets through to Karl, who asks him what he can see, so he checks and Tina starts to push and all Joe can say is “aww cripes”. Karl asks if he can see the head and he says he can, so he tells Tina that she’s doing great. Karl hands the phone to Lyn, who tells him to pick up and Tina and get them to somewhere safe. Joe says that isn’t possible, and Lyn starts crying. Tina then has another contraction.


Human Nature are singing in the lounge room of number 30, when Toadie gets home and asks Lance if he can turn the music down. He then walks in and is shocked to see the band live in his house. Toadie says he’s sick with jealousy, then goes into the kitchen and pulls the door down with him. They realise that Lou isn’t going to be too happy with them. They find stains on the carpet, then Steph rushes in looking for Flick.

Steph finds Flick and Joel in the backyard and shouts that Flick has to leave now, as Joe is stuck in the middle of a bushfire, delivering a baby. Flick runs off, and Joel dives into the pool.


Darcy is on the phone to the emergency services, while Karl gives Lyn a cup of tea. Steph and Flick arrive at number 28 and Darcy tells them all that a truck is heading towards Joe. Lyn wants to know how close Joe is to the fire, and Karl tells her just to stay calm. Joe calls again and says he can see the head, and Karl gives him instructions to deliver it. Karl tells him to do something really important, but Joe cuts out before he can deliver the information.

Joel, Lance and Toadie are cleaning up the house, and Toadie tells Lance that he’s going to deal with Lou. Human Nature are leaving and Toadie tells them to drop in anytime they’re passing. Toadie and Lance then try to find out what went on with Joel and Flick. He won’t talk and they realise something happened. Joel then tells them that there’s a bushfire in the hills and Joe’s stuck in the middle of it, so now’s really not the time to talk.


Everyone is watching the news at number 28, and it seems that the situation is getting worse. Joe pulls up the taxi next to Tina and puts the phone on hands-free. Karl shouts instructions, while Joe tells Tina to keep pushing. Joe reports that the head’s out and Karl says that Tina needs to take it easy between contractions. Karl tells him that it’s very important to cut off the umbilical cord twice before cutting it. The baby is then born and Joe is amazed and hands it over to Tina.



Joel is filling a hole in the kitchen wall and Lance says that he must have been very preoccupied last night. Joel says that nothing happened with Flick and nothing is going to happen. Lance and Toadie realise that he really, really likes her.

Joe is shouting down the phone, telling Lyn what a beautiful baby it is, and he tells Karl that he’s cut the cord. He then realises that he’s getting no reply because the engine is flooded.

Karl and Lyn are watching the news report and Karl assures her that Joe is probably driving out of there now. Joel arrives to see if there’s any news.

Joe tries to start the engine again, but has no luck, and the smoke is starting to get thicker. Joe takes Tina and the baby, and all three of them get into the back of the taxi and hide underneath a blanket.

The fire engine finally arrives on the scene and the firemen get the three of them out of the taxi.


Darcy gets off the phone and reports that they’ve all been airlifted to Erinsborough Hospital and they’re all fine apart from a little smoke inhalation. They all leave to go and see them.

Lance and Toadie are wondering where Joel has got to, as he’s meant to be helping them fix things. Lance suggests that Toadie should try and hook up with Allana’s sister, but Toadie says he can’t wait for Lance and Allana to crash and burn. Lance answers the phone and it’s Allana. She wants to meet up, but says he can’t go to her place. He then suggests they do the ‘you hang up, no, you hang up’ thing, as it would really bug Toadie.


Lyn arrives at the hospital and meets Tina and the baby. Joe thanks Karl for all his help, and introduces him to Tina too. Joe goes to phone Tina’s husband and Karl says he could have missed his calling as a midwife.


Lance lies down on the couch to catch up on some sleep, and starts talking about Allana. Toadie says he would seriously like to meet Allana’s sister. Joel gets home and they all decide to get some stuff to fix the carpet and some more food. Toadie is amazed by how happy Lance is, and says the name Amy to see what reaction he gets. All Lance says is ‘Amy who?’, he then gets up to answer the door, thinking it’s Allana. However, it’s Flick, and Lance just stands there, so Flick says that her dad is fine and thanks for asking. Lance calls Joel, and the two of them stand outside the front door, while Lance and Toadie listen from the other side. She asks him if this is the start of a relationship…


Notes: This episode was originally scheduled to the the first screened in 2001. However, Network Ten extended the show's run by two weeks at the last minute, meaning that Episode 3681 actually became the Season Premiere.

Summary by Steve