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Magic Moments > 2001 > The 2001 Season Premiere Episode 3681

Written by Patrick Edgeworth, Directed by Robert Meillon

Tess warns Dee that she and Darcy should just stay as friends, but Dee says that she wants more than that. Lou tells Lance and Toadie that his eviction threat is real, but Toadie says that they’ll fight it...

At the pub, Toadie is serving someone when Lou appears to talk about the state of the house. Toadie says that they can only discuss it when Lance and Joel are present. Lance and Allana walk in and realise that Toadie might need some back-up. Lance watches them argue, and decides that they should leave. Allana says that they can’t go to her place, as it’s not a good time. She says tomorrow night would be better, and they leave as Susan comes in. Lou tells her he’s got a few minor problems, and Susan asks if it’s anything to do with his threats to evict the boys. He says he’s not going to, he’s just teaching them a lesson.

At number 32, Tess is looking at her horoscope, which says she’s going on a long journey. Dee says that’s amazing, as Tess will be cruising the Whitsundays soon. Tess then explains that the travel agents went bust so she’s lost her holiday. Dee says that she could try re-booking with someone else, but Tess says she has no chance in the middle of the school holidays, and her only hope now is to win the lottery.


Susan is going through the mail, and finds that the tickets to the dinner dance have arrived, and there are some for Darcy too. He says that he’s hoping that Alice is going to come down too. Darcy asks Susan what Lassiter’s is like, but Karl insists that they stay at number 28, not realising that they want to spend some time alone. Susan recommends a few others hotels, and Karl still doesn’t get the point. Darcy goes off to make some calls, and Susan tells Karl that he can be really thick sometimes.

Lance arrives back at number 30 with a pizza, and tells Allana that he’s the only sane one in the house, the only one who’s worried about getting evicted. He says that it could easily be all sorted out if they just sit down and talk to Lou. He then asks Allana what she would do in his position. She claims that it would never happen, as her landlord is her flatmate’s boyfriend. He mentions that she told him that her flatmate had just split up from her boyfriend, so Allana quickly says that the landlord is the boyfriend of her other flatmate. He starts to get suspicious and asks her how many flatmates she has and why it sometimes seems like she’s the only one home. She changes the subject, asking what he wants for dinner the following night, saying that she’ll make dessert a surprise.


At number 28, Susan is still trying to think of places for Darcy and Alice to stay, and Karl tells her to stop trying to engineer romance for them. Darcy appears and says that Alice wasn’t home, so he left a message for her. He hopes that this time apart will help things. Karl suggests that they simply talk things through, but Susan says that they never do that, they just fight and play Monopoly.

At the pub, Lou is trying to discuss the house situation with Toadie. Toadie is being awkward about it, and says he won’t discuss it without Joel and Lance present. Lou goes into his office and chuckles to himself.


Toadie arrives home and tells Lance how he’s got the upper hand over Lou. Lance suggests that they just try to communicate, because otherwise they’ll end up homeless. Toadie says that they need to show a united front, as they have tenant’s rights. Lance is very unenthusiastic about it all.

The next morning, Karl and Susan are having breakfast and she is trying to suggest some activities for the day. He says he doesn’t want to do anything, but she tells him he should start on his father of the bride speech. She then tells him to make the coffee.


Lou arrives outside number 30 and Lance and Toadie block him, saying he can’t enter without their invitation. Toadie says that he’ll be breaking the law if he doesn’t give them 24 hours notice. Lou tries to explain that he’s their friend, but Toadie tells him that he has to go through the proper procedures if he wants to evict them. Lou tells them that this means war.


Karl sees Tess in the Coffee Shop and she tells him about her holiday, before leaving. Lou arrives and explains what’s going on with Toadie. Karl says he’s about to start writing his speech, and Lou tells him he’s going to get in contact with his lawyer.

At the hospital, Darcy asks Dee if she’s going to the dance. She says she has nobody to go with, and he says he’s going with Karl and Susan. She suggests that she go with them to make up a foursome, but he says that Alice called him earlier and she’ll be coming down. He thanks Dee for helping him to work through his relationship problems.

Susan and Libby arrive home, complaining about the heat. Libby tells Karl that Ron will be out of hospital tomorrow and will be fine for the wedding. Libby says she’s got to go to work, she’s working on a story at the prison. Karl is worried, but Libby says that this story could be her big break. She tells them that it’s at a minimum security prison and that it’s about a former jewel thief, Kev Kelly, who’s now gone straight.


At number 30, Lance and Toadie are thinking about asking Lou for air-conditioning, just to see the look on his face. Lance asks Toadie for help with a big gardening job, and they eventually do a deal. Allana comes in from the pool, while Lance goes to get ready for work. Allana apologises to Toadie for snapping at him when he mentioned Clementine. She says she has a bit of a rivalry with her sister, and she also has been known to play a few practical jokes. Allana suggests that the four of them catch a movie together.

Darcy is on the phone to Alice, who says she can’t come to the dance as her sister’s visiting. He explains to Dee, and asks her if her offer’s still open.


At number 32, Dee is asking Tess if she should accept the offer from Darcy. She says she really wants to go, and doesn’t stop talking until Tess shouts at her. She tells her if she wants to go, just go.

Libby finishes writing up her questions for the interview at the prison. Susan asks if Libby believes that the guy is reformed, and she says she wouldn’t interview him if she didn’t believe in the story. Darcy gets home and explains that Alice can’t come to the dance, so he’s asked Dee instead, he’s just not sure if it’s appropriate. He asks Libby for her opinion, and she says that there’ll be four of them, and it’s a work function.


At the pub, Lou is on the phone to his lawyer. Meanwhile, Dee and Tess are discussing her holiday problems. Lou appears and says that if the boys at number 30 want to play hardball, then he’s their man.

Lance and Toadie are on their gardening job, and Toadie says that Allana’s place is just around the corner, so he should drop in there. Lance explains that Allana’s flatmates don’t like people dropping in, and Toadie accuses Lance of being scared. Lance finally agrees to go round there.


Susan and Karl arrive at the pub with Darcy, and they meet up with Tess and Dee. Susan and Dee discuss dresses for the dance, and Dee says she saw a gorgeous one in a shop, but it would cost three weeks’ pay and the shop was shut. She says she’s going to go back to have another look anyway. Tess tries to put her off, but realises that she’s fighting a losing battle and asks why Dee’s trying so hard for a work function, before glancing over at Darcy.

Lance and Toadie arrive at Allana’s house and they start knocking on the door. Just then, Allana appears from the street and shouts at them, asking what they’re doing there. The door then opens, and Allana screams at them not to go in…


Notes: The 2001 Season Premiere was originally scheduled to be Episode 3671, but a last minute schedule change by Network Ten meant that this episode was the first one screened in 2001.

Summary by Steve