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Magic Moments > 2002 > Taj's Arrival Episode 4143

Written by Linda Stainton, Directed by Chris Adshead

Stuart tells Flick that she should still take the Lassiter’s job in America. Lori agrees to stay on in Erinsborough and Lyn isn’t happy about it.

At number 26, Lyn asks if Lori’s told her parents about her plans yet. She says that she hasn’t, but they won’t mind too much, as she was working as a nanny in London, so they’re used to her being away from home. Joe is pleased to have her to stay with them and Connor comments that Harvey will soon lose his bed too. Lyn laughs and says that nothing’s set in stone, but Lori says that she’s thought about it a lot and is going to stay with Jack. Lyn smiles, but then turns away and doesn’t look pleased.


At the pub, Stuart and Flick are having a drink together, but he thinks that they should go somewhere special, since it’s their last night together. She says that it’s nice to be somewhere familiar and she’ll remember it fondly when she’s alone in New York. Stuart reminds her that he’ll always be there for her, no matter where they are, but worries that they might not survive for six months without each other. Flick points out that Susan and Karl managed it when she had amnesia, but Stu tells her that doesn’t count, as it wasn’t a real separation. Flick says that it proves that some people are meant to be together and says that they’ve still got one more night. Stu doesn’t think that Joe will be too impressed, but Flick says “What’s he gonna do? Kick me out?”

Back at number 26, Lyn is packing up the leftovers, and trying to find excuses for Lori not to stay. First of all, she claims that Lori will never find work, but Michelle says that Lori worked as a nanny, so she must have some qualifications. Lyn is beaten, so she starts to wonder where Lori will live long-term. Michelle says that she can just stay with them, and Lyn gets annoyed, and says that Michelle seems to have all the answers, before sending her away. Joe then chats to Lyn about Jack, and Lyn is concerned that something is troubling him. Joe thinks it’s just that he isn’t sure where his career is going now after playing football for so long, but Lyn thinks it’s the relationship.


At the Coffee Shop, Rosie is explaining to Harold that Lou has been quite ill with kidney problems during his absence and has only just got out of hospital. Harold is shocked and asks how it could have come on so quickly. Rosie explains that Lou was ignoring his symptoms and now he’s gone, against doctor’s wishes, to visit Lolly. Harold is just relieved that Lou had Rosie to look after him, but she then explains that they broke up.

At number 26, Jack and Lori arrive back and announce that she’s definitely staying. Lyn tries to find out whether it’s what Jack really wants, but Michelle starts talking about sleeping arrangements again. She realises that with Jack and Lori in the sewing room, Connor can either stay in Michelle’s room or Steph’s. Joe says that they’ve already discussed this, and says that Michelle and Steph will have to share. He won’t hear another word about it and Michelle isn’t pleased. It then descends into a big family argument, as Lyn isn’t keen on it either, and Jack thinks he should have first choice as he’s older. Joe then storms out, saying that things can stay as they are.



The next morning, Nina is sitting by the sports oval, singing to herself and writing music, when she spots a guy warming up. He kicks the ball and it lands by Nina, knocking her notepad from her hands. He runs over and apologises. He says that it really wasn’t deliberate – but it was worth it for a closer look. He runs off, leaving Nina smiling to herself.

At number 26, Lyn tells Joe that she’s thought about the sleeping arrangements and thinks that Connor and Jack, and Lori and Michelle, can share, so Steph keeps her own room. She says that allowing Jack and Lori to share is sending the wrong message to Michelle. Joe doesn’t agree and says that he wants to give Jack every reason to stay at home. Lyn then asks what Joe would say if Steph asked to have her boyfriend move in with her, but Joe says that she hasn’t so it doesn’t matter. Michelle and Connor then come in and Michelle wonders if anyone’s actually asked Steph how she would feel about sharing her room. Lyn says that she’s out until that evening. Flick and Stu then walk in during the argument and Joe asks her where she’s been. She says that she stayed at Stu’s and Joe isn’t pleased and says that she can’t get away with it, just because she’s going away. Michelle walks out, saying that Flick is lucky to be leaving.


At the Coffee Shop, Harold is on the phone to Ruby, offering to lend her some money. Rosie listens in and, when Harold finishes the call, he explains that Ruby’s son borrowed some money and so he’s lending her some money until her pension comes through. Harold says that it’s the least he can do, but Rosie isn’t so sure.

In the school corridor, Nina has dropped her books and Taj runs over to help her. He congratulates her on winning the radio competition before walking off. Michelle then comes over and Nina asks who that guy is, as she keeps running into him. Michelle explains that he’s Taj Coppin, star football player, before pointing out that he’s Tahnee’s older brother. Connor then turns up and drags Michelle away, saying that he doesn’t want her suggesting that he move in with her, as it’s causing too much trouble. He says that he might look for his own place, just as Joe comes in to drag Connor back to work. They’re interrupted by Stu, who is looking for Joe, as he has something really important to ask.


Back at the Coffee Shop, Harold is telling Rosie about Ruby’s son and his farm in Moe, which he’s having big problems with. Harold says that he isn’t sure what to say to her, but Ruby only ever seems to think about other people and not her own problems.

Back at the school, Joe wants to know if Stuart is sure about what he’s doing. Stu insists that he’s never been so certain – he’s really, really thought about this. They’re interrupted by Michelle, who tells her dad that Connor is moving out, as he thinks he’s in the way. Joe tells her that he’s having a private conversation, so Michelle goes.


At the Coffee Shop, Lyn is having coffee with Flick and worrying about the amount of sugar she has been eating lately. Lyn wishes that they’d had more coffee together when they’d had the chance, but Flick says that she’ll be back soon. She says that she hopes she’s good enough for Stu and that he’ll be here when she gets back. Lyn says that, if he’s the one, she’s ready for it, as she’s matured so much over the last few months.

Later on, at the Coffee Shop, Taj is with some friends, as Nina sits alone. Michelle and Connor come in and join her. Connor is telling Michelle that he’ll be staying with Eddie, a guy from work, the following night, but Michelle makes him promise not to look for a permanent new address just yet. Nina and Taj, meanwhile, are looking across the shop at each other. Michelle notices Taj typing a text message as he goes out the door, then Nina receives one.


At the sports oval, Michelle and Nina are collecting plant samples for a science project, but are more interested in watching Taj play football. Michelle is convinced that Taj is Nina’s mystery admirer, but Nina isn’t at all convinced, until Michelle points out all of the coincidences. Michelle goes over to say something, but Nina stops her.

At number 26, Lori hangs up from talking to her parents, and says that they were upset, but have agreed to pack up her clothes and send them on. Joe and Lyn then come in, arguing about Stu’s surprise for Flick. Jack tells them that Lori’s spoken to her parents. He tells Lori that he feels terrible about it all, but she says that it’s her decision. Lyn then suggests that it might be a good idea for Lori to go home and speak to her parents face-to-face. Lori says that it’s fine if Lyn doesn’t want her to stay, but Lyn says that she’s just thinking of Lori’s parents.


In the school corridor, Michelle stops Taj and says that Nina needs to speak to him. Nina almost chickens out, but then tells Taj that she got his messages and would love to go out with him. He looks puzzled and says that he didn’t send her any messages. Nina looks embarrassed as Taj walks off.


By Lassiter’s lake, Stu and Flick are walking together and he’s trying to be romantic. He stops and says that he wants this moment to be genuine. His says that she’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to him and he then asks her to marry him.

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Summary by Steve