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Magic Moments > 2003 > Lori's Accident: Part One Episode 4206

Written by Anthony Morris, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 28/03/03, Five: 06/05/03, UK Gold: 18/10/06

In the final act of the play, Lori watches as Jack and Nina say “I love you.” Harold insists that critic Jasper Troufaux review the play. Nina tells Jack that they have to tell Lori and Taj before things get out of hand.

At the pool, Jack and Lori finish racing and playfully fight over their towels. She kisses him and says that they should get to school. They agree that it is good to start the day like this and Jack starts to say something when Lori grabs a nearby newspaper. She excitedly looks for the play review, stopping when she sees it.

At the Coffee Shop, Lou and Connor are reading the review, agreeing with it that the production was bad and Harold will be traumatised. Harold arrives and Lou quickly pretends to read from another page. Trying to stop Harold from finding the review, Connor asks Lou to read it to him. Glaring at him, Lou improvises that the play was “a triumph…amusing and compelling.” Harold is thrilled, wanting to see it for himself, so Connor purposely spills his coffee over the paper. When Harold says that he will get his own later, Lou says that he can take a spare one from the pub, sharing a look with Connor as Harold goes to work.

Taj arrives at school and surprises Nina from behind, asking when she is available to meet his parents. She looks at him blankly and apologises, saying that they need to talk.

Back at the Coffee Shop, Harold, Lou and Connor are cleaning up, continuing to praise Harold and encouraging him to move on to a new project for development. As they leave, Connor says that Harold will soon catch on so Lou tells him to bring him every newspaper in the area. Joe joins Connor, asking to speak with him.

At the school, Nina tells Taj that things are not working, but Lori interrupts and Taj implies that they need privacy. Lori joins Jack at the lockers, saying that something is wrong with the others. Nina tells Taj that it is her fault that things are not right. She tells him that she is breaking up with him.

Sitting together at the lake, Joe warns Connor about the importance of Michelle’s schoolwork. He asks Connor to clear things up with her rather than leave it up in the air and distracting her more. Connor says that he wants the best for her, Joe stating that school comes first. As they start to leave, Joe mentions Harold’s review and Connor takes Joe’s paper, asking him not to say anything to Harold.

Back at the school, Taj asks Nina to talk to him and she says that things have not been right for awhile and she is confused. She will not tell him anymore and he grumpily storms out. At the lockers, he passes Jack and Lori in silence and Lori says that Jack should go after him. When he makes excuses, she goes instead and catches up with him outside. Taj tells her what happened and starts to go home, so she asks to come with him since she is his friend. Inside, Nina tells Jack that she wishes she could have let Taj down easier and he says that things just happen this way. He explains that he cannot break up with Lori immediately after because it would be suspicious. Lori rejoins them, though both Jack and Nina are unwilling to discuss anything.

At the pub, Lou is waiting for Connor when Harold arrives, asking for a newspaper. When Lou says that he has none, Harold starts to leave and Lou tries to stall him until Connor arrives. Connor enters just as Harold finds the paper, and presents him with a framed copy of the “review.” Harold thanks them both and Connor nods at Lou, looking relieved.

Harold places the frame behind the Coffee Shop counter and polishes it when Joe enters. Harold shows him the gift and Joe is confused that he wants to show it off. As Harold leaves to call Jasper, Joe sees Lori getting drinks from the freezer and she explains that she is helping a friend out. On the phone, Harold thanks Jasper for his “kind words” while Joe looks on, bemused.

At the school, Nina stays in her seat as class ends and Jack joins her. Left alone, Nina says she wanted to be honest with Taj and asks that they both make it public. Jack does not want to hurt Lori but says that he will tell her tonight. They agree that that it will be worth it in the end; Jack takes Nina’s hand and checks that no one is watching before they kiss.

Back at the Coffee Shop, Harold is still rambling to Joe before asking to have the copy from Joe’s paper as an extra. Joe gives in and Harold is forced to see the review for what it is.

Sitting on a bench at the sidelines of the pool, Taj thanks Lori for comforting him. He starts to leave as kids from school will be arriving soon and she encourages him not hide away; she would feel the same about breaking up with Jack and wants to support him. He remains certain that they cannot make up.

As Connor tidies up the pub, he asks Lou about what best to do for Michelle and Joe. Harold joins them, springing them both with the real review. He says that he understands where they are coming from and they assure him that it was worth it, Connor grinning at Lou from behind Harold’s back.

Taj and Lori are now walking, Lori encouraging him to speak with Nina properly tomorrow. Not wanting to get into it, Taj says that she needs to be punished for bringing it up. She gets up onto the ledge of the pool and he starts playfully chasing her. Seeing them, the lifeguard blows a whistle, distracting Lori. She looks up, loses her footing and cries out as she falls hard on her back and into the water. Shouting out, Taj dives in after her as she floats, unconscious.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Joe Scully, Jack Scully, Lori Lee, Connor O’Neill, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Nina Tucker, Taj Coppin

Guest Cast: None

Trivia Notes
• Connor refers to Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, using a fake quote to convince Harold to try a new project
• Harold considers sending a copy of the fake review to Ruby
• Jasper’s review is headed Mission: Erinsborough - Mission: Unwatchable
• Taj mentions Tahnee warning him not to date Nina

Summary by Brendan

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