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Magic Moments > 2003 > Lori's Accident: Part Two Episode 4207

Written by Linda Stainton, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 31/03/03, Five: 07/05/03, UK Gold: 18/10/06

Summer and Boyd make Bob poop on Jacinta’s doorstep. Taj chases Lori around the pool when she slips and falls on her back and into the water.

At the pool, Taj pulls Lori out of the water, calling for help as the lifeguard makes an emergency call.

At the school, Jack catches up with Nina when she tells him that they cannot be seen together since it is not official. It is clear that there is a spark between them, though she stops him from kissing her and tells him to talk to Lori. She gives up when he dials his mobile only to get Lori’s machine.

Back at the pool, Taj watches as Lori, still unconscious, is bandaged up and put on a stretcher. He collects her schoolbag and follows the paramedics to the ambulance.

In the kitchen of the Hoyland house, Summer gets a call about her paper round with a warning; apparently not all of the papers were delivered. Boyd starts up the blender and it overflows with too much milk. Summer tells him about the warning and they realise that it is Jacinta’s payback. Boyd says that their next prank has to be sneaky.

At the hospital reception, Darcy shows Dee his acceptance letter to the Aurora Club and as he goes back to work he starts to ask her something. He then says that it can wait, making her curious.

At number 26, Joe hastily mentions to Lyn that he is going to start on the baby’s room and she knowingly asks what colour of paint he bought. She sees that it is blue and says that it is unfair if they have a girl. Certain it will be a boy, he says that the paint is non-refundable.

Back at the hospital, Dee wants to know what Darcy was about to ask her earlier when Lori’s stretcher is wheeled in. Taj watches, helpless, as Darcy and Dee wheel her out for examination.

Back at number 26, Lyn is sorting through old baby items, Joe teasing her about the paint, when the phone rings. Joe answers to Taj, then tells Lyn about Lori and they start to head out.

At the lake, Nina blames herself for what is going on and Jack assures her that things will get better, saying that he would go crazy without her. They lean in to kiss when his mobile rings; he answers to Joe who tells Jack about Lori, saying that he and Lyn will collect him on the way. Not explaining to Nina, Jack hurries away.

At the hospital, Darcy is explaining to Karl what happened, and Dee says that there is still no response. Joe, Lyn and Jack arrive to be told that she is not fully stable…as Jack enters Lori’s room alone, he is shocked to find her in bed with head and neck support. He strokes her cheek and she smiles before waking. She then absorbs the news as he explains what is happening.

Outside Jacinta's house, Summer is reading Boyd’s anonymous letter to Jacinta’s parents, telling how she bullies innocent children and that he is threatening to take things “to a higher authority.” Summer is scared that she will get in trouble while Boyd assures her that Jacinta deserves it. He leaves the letter in the mailbox and they hurry away.

At the pub, Darcy and Dee are getting drinks and talking about Lori before Dee asks about his unasked question. He explains that the Aurora Club’s induction evening’s dinner is that night and she gathers that he is asking her to accompany him. Thinking it was something worse, she is happy to do it.

Joe and Lyn are now with Jack as Lori says she remembers nothing after the fall. Jack apologises for squeezing her leg too hard and, having not felt it, she asks him to do it again. He apprehensively does so and she cannot feel anything before getting panicky. Jack calls Karl and Lori can still not feel anything as he checks her over…In the waiting room, Taj returns from giving a statement and asks about Lori. Jack angrily asks for his account of what happened and Taj explains that it was his fault. As he says that he was chasing Lori, Jack pins him against the wall when Joe and Lyn contain him. Nina arrives and there is tension when Joe tells Taj that now is not a good time for him to see Lori.

That night at number 32, Boyd and Summer are imagining what punishments Jacinta’s parents will give her when a noise is heard at the door. Thinking it is Max, Boyd tells Summer to clean up and checks the door. Seeing no one there, they find a letter on the step - the prank letter with an attached note: Nice try! Now your really in for it! Summer is terrified.

Lyn tells Nina that Lori has very loyal friends, though Nina disagrees. Joe tells Jack that things will be fine until Karl gets the results. He and Lyn leave to get coffees and, alone with Nina, Jack grumpily tells her that Lori may not walk again. She says that she wants to help and he says that their “relationship” is over.

At Darcy's apartment, he and Dee are getting ready to leave, complimenting each other’s outfits. She tells him not to be cocky though she is happy to go with him. As they head out, the phone rings and Darcy - stopping Dee from getting it - answers to Sindi. As Sindi asks for Toadie’s phone number Darcy sends Dee to the car and tells Sindi that it was a one-time arrangement and she is not Toadie’s type. He hangs up on her and leaves.

Karl is monitoring Lori, saying that everything seems normal and they will know more from her MRI results next morning. He says that the X-rays were all fine, just as Susan enters with flowers and a card from Nina. Everyone leaves and Lori asks Jack to stay. Anxious about the results, she asks him not to leave her alone and he assures her that he will not.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Jack Scully, Lori Lee, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Darcy Tyler, Nina Tucker, Dee Bliss, Taj Coppin

Guest Cast: Clare Renton-Power as Nurse Evanovich

Trivia Notes
• Marisa Warrington appears as Sindi Watts in this episode but is uncredited
• The outdoor pool is 50 ft. deep
• For prank ideas, Summer suggests throwing a rock at Jacinta’s window or sprinkling her with itching powder
• Darcy refers to Martin “Cookie” Cook and the Delphium Club
• Lori’s injuries are described as a full side accident and some spinal impact
• Max does not like strawberry ice cream
• Possibly on purpose, Jacinta’s note reads “Your” instead of “You’re.”
• Dee mentions Darcy serving caviar for breakfast
• Lori asks Lyn not to call her parents until her injuries are made clear

Summary by Brendan