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Magic Moments > 2003 > Jamie's Return Episode 4389

Written by John Davies, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 11/12/03, BBC One: 17/02/04, UKTV Gold: 03/03/07

Taj asks Toadie and Connor for help dealing with Stuart, but Toadie is unsympathetic... Susan insists to Joe and Lyn that Karl doesn't have a problem with alcohol... Connor and Taj offer to lend Stuart the money to stay at a caravan park for a week...

Stuart is sitting in his caravan, reading, when a kid appears at the window, eyeing the half-finished sandwich on the table. Without looking up, Stuart says that he didn't want the sandwich anyway, and the kid grabs it and runs off.



At the Coffee Shop, Karl is complimenting Susan on her skills as a teacher, and she then mentions that they received Audrey's collar in the mail today - somebody found it by the road and posted it back to them. They realised that it's unlikely that they'll see Audrey again, and that Libby is going to be very upset, as the dog is connected to so many of her memories of Drew. Lyn and Joe then come in, with baby Oscar, and Karl asks about his ear - Lyn explains that it's a lot better now, but Karl insists that they make an appointment for another check-up. Lyn then tells him that they've already had it checked - by another doctor - and she and Joe quickly leave, deciding to have their lunch outside. Karl wonders what all that was about, and Susan says that they'll talk about it later, but Karl wants to know now. Susan then tells Karl that the Scullys believe he has a drinking problem.

At number 32, Max is concerned that Steph has hardly touched her food, and then asks how she's feeling about moving back in with him. She says that she'd rather make any big decisions after her appointment today. Max tells her that it's all going to be fine, but Steph isn't feeling so positive, not wanting to ignore the possibility that it might be bad news, and she might not be in remission. Max then notices Summer listening from the hallway, and she comes in and hugs Steph, telling her she'll be alright. As Max and Steph prepare to leave for the hospital, Izzy comes in and gives her brother some of the money she owes him, then suggests that she and Summer go to the mall, as they're giving out free makeovers. Summer goes to get her coat, and Izzy wishes Steph good luck, before they all go out.


At the pub, Toadie and Connor are joking about David Bishop and his strange wheelie bin obsession, and general tidiness at the office, when Rocco walks in. He moves Connor out of the way and asks for a moment with Toadie, telling him that they've got a little problem.

Back at the Coffee Shop, Karl is annoyed that, just because he was shaking a little bit, the Scullys immediately jumped to the conclusion that he has a drinking problem. Susan then admits that there's more to it - she also confided in Lyn when she found out that Karl had been drinking in secret, and she was confused about the whole thing. Karl realises how much this has been affecting his wife and he apologises, but she's just glad that they can be honest with each other now. Karl then realises he has to leave for a counselling session, giving Susan a long kiss and telling her that he loves her.


Taj arrives at Stuart's caravan with a box of food, and is surprised by the mess he's in. He starts to clean up, but Stu tells him to leave it. Taj tries to get him to talk, and says that he just needs to ask if he wants anything, but Stu tells him to stop being so nice, as he doesn't deserve it. Taj just tells Stu to clean up, before the caravan gets infested with rats.

At number 26, a stressed Lyn is sterilising bottles, and Joe comes in and makes small talk about Oscar's ear and about doing the lawns, but he realises that Lyn is upset as she waits for the call from Steph. Lyn admits that she's terrified of losing Steph, and she wishes that all of her kids could have just stayed as babies, so she could protect them. Joe then answers the phone and it's Max, wanting them to go over to number 32.


Back at the pub, Rocco has finished giving his orders to Toadie, and he leaves, just as Taj comes in, alarmed to see Rocco. Toadie tells Taj that Rocco wants the video - and all the copies - back, as one of the dancers in the video is his girlfriend's cousin. Connor realises that this means that Rocco has a mistress, but Toadie is more concerned about his life, and losing it if Taj doesn't help him to get those videos back.

At number 32, Max opens a bottle of champagne to celebrate the news that Steph is in remission, and Lyn is delighted. Max says that he called Valda and she's on her way over with more Christmas decorations - and Lyn says that she wants to spell out 'Steph is well' in fairy lights! Steph then tells everyone that although her cancer is gone, she wants to continue living her life like she has been lately, taking nothing for granted. She thanks them all for their love, which she thinks has helped to heal her, and she tells Max that she'd like to move back in. Everyone makes a toast.


At the surgery, Karl is talking to Izzy about Susan, and how he still loves her but there's something wrong, that's niggling at him. He talks about the drinking rumours, and wishes that people would just mind their own business - Izzy tells him to ignore the mindless gossips. She says that they have sad, narrow lives, and they want everyone else to be the same - but not her, and possibly not Karl either.

Stuart is returning to his caravan, from the shower block, when he spots the kid from earlier coming out of it. Stuart chases him to the fence, and grabs him. The kids says that he's been stealing stuff for ages, and he only gets caught when it's comic books he's taking. Stuart then notices the kid's dog tied up, who looks a lot like Audrey.


Back at the surgery, Karl realises that he has three voice messages from Susan, and decides that he should probably go home, as he's been out for hours. Izzy says that she considers him to be a friend now, and she'd like to point out that Karl doesn't need to live this boring life, or to play the victim quite so much. She tells him that, if he's so miserable, then he needs to do something about it, as he's currently doing neither himself nor Susan any favours by continuing to pretend.

The kid talks to Stuart about the dog, and how he found it by the side of the road, and Stuart clearly hasn't recognised Audrey. He asks where the kid's parents are, and if they know where he is, but he changes the subject, asking Stu about his own family. Stu says that his friends know he's here, and wonders if anyone knows where this kid is. The kid says that his mum's dead, but his dad doesn't know where he is - then he introduces himself as Clarkey.


That evening, at number 30, Rocco has arrived to collect the videos, and Toadie insists that they'll never be seen again, outside of a courtroom. Rocco hints that the girls might be getting an out of court settlement, as the defendant is going to have a 'change of heart'. Toadie holds his tongue, and Rocco leaves. Taj is relieved that everything's worked out well, but Toadie reminds him that he tampered with evidence, and things could have gone very badly. Taj says that he just hopes that nobody put the video on the internet, as they'd have no way to stop it then.

At number 28, Susan is on the phone to the hospital, asking if Karl is there as although he isn't rostered on, she thought he might be visiting a patient. She's told that he isn't there, and she starts to look concerned.


At number 32, Summer is showing Joe her ideas for the Christmas decorations for the front of the house. Max says that he's just going to put a tree in the corner of the lounge, and Joe is very unimpressed. He agrees to help Summer with some better decorations and they go out to the shed. Steph then tells Max that he'd better at least make an effort on Christmas day - he says that he doesn't need to use Christmas decorations to prove himself. They're both very excited about their first Christmas together, and Max then asks if she's thought about his marriage proposal. She says that she agreed to start thinking about it once she was given the all clear, so she'll start thinking about it.


At number 26, Susan tells Lyn how worried she is - she says that she went to his counselling to surprise him with a picnic, but he wasn't there, and he wasn't at the hospital. She admits that she was starting to think that this was all just a stage in their marriage and that it was all going to be fine, but now she's beginning to realise that Lyn was right - Karl is an alcoholic...

Featured Regular Characters: Stuart Parker, Taj Coppin, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Isabelle Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Oscar Scully, Stephanie Scully, Summer Hoyland, Connor O'Neill, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Angus McLaren as Jamie Clarke, Robert Forza as Rocco Cammeniti

Trivia Notes
The character of Jamie Clarke appears for the first time in over 13 years
Angus McLaren takes over the role of Jamie for a four-episode guest stint
Angus previously appeared in Neighbours in 2002 as Michael Toohey
Past character Drew Kirk is mentioned

Summary by Steve

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