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Magic Moments > 2004 > Stingray's Arrival Episode 4434

Written by Ben Marshall, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy

Susan picks up that Sindi has feelings for Toadie. Steiger humiliates Stuart at the police training. Lou tells Harold what a disaster ‘Hello Dolly’ was and that Trixie’s left him, and Harold says that he could see it coming...

At the pub, Lou is annoyed with Harold’s lack of sympathy. Harold tells him that Trixie loved him at the time and didn’t set out to hurt him. Harold says she was just one of those flighty, theatre types. Lou says he’s a fool and he’s broke, but Harold tells him to pull himself together.


Toadie bumps into Sindi at the Coffee Shop and she’s worried about how dull the Scullys are on the show. Jack comes in and sees Sindi, while Toadie leaves. Jack sits with Sindi and they start to flirt with each other. She tells him that he needs to start showing more flesh in order to spice the show up a bit, but he isn’t so sure. She tries to talk him round, and he says that they can brainstorm over a coffee.

Lou thinks about calling Trixie, but realises that he has no idea where she is. Harold tells him to shut up and sit down and think about some costcutting. Harold suggests selling some assets and downgrading and Lou says he should sell up and leave. Harold tells him not to be a gutless wonder and to pick himself up and start over again.


Back at the Coffee Shop, Sindi suggests that Jack needs to be a bit more assertive on camera, and they all think he’s weak. She tells him that it’s far more attractive if he can stand up for himself.

Harold is at home having breakfast when he sees the story about Lou and Trixie in the local newspaper and he rushes out of the house.


At number 26, Valda is reading the paper and is amused by the story about Lou. Jack is trying to defend Lou, and tells Valda that she shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Harold comes in and explains to Jack and Valda that he’d like it if they didn’t mention the article to Lou. Valda says that they shouldn’t stop Lou from seeing it.

At number 30, Connor is reading the article out to Stuart and Toadie. They’re all discussing how they never trusted Trixie, when Harold comes in and asks them to keep the article to themselves. Harold tells them that it might be them one day.


Lou is at the pub and he sees the story in the newspaper.

At number 26, Sindi is filming Jack and Valda watching the footie. Valda isn’t impressed with having to pretend to be a footie fan. Valda tells Jack that he’s a bit young to be going after Sindi. She returns and starts filming them both, but then they all walk out. Valda knocks over the camera on her way, but Jack manages to catch it, much to Sindi’s relief.


At number 30, Stuart and Toadie are watching the footie, when Connor comes in and says it’ll take him ages to work out the rules to the game. Stuart is talking about going to the police training and how he’s being bullied. Sindi arrives and asks the boys to help with her filming, Stu and Connor quickly run away. Sindi explains to Toadie that they’re watching the footie over the road, so he won’t miss anything.

At number 26, Toadie is trying to arrange Valda and Jack for filming. Toadie tells Jack to come on camera and ask his granny if she’ll help him build a frame for his Ricky Martin poster. Jack is offended, but tells Sindi that he’ll make the scenes work. Sindi wishes she’d had Toadie around from the start. He starts filming Valda, then Jack comes in and asks her to make a picture frame, so she sends him to a gift shop in Anson’s Corner. Jack gets annoyed about the Ricky Martin poster thing and storms off, while Valda goes out shopping.


Lou is sitting in his office at the pub, when he gets a call asking to accept the charges from Thailand. It’s Trixie and Lou is delighted. Out in the pub, Harold comes in and Connor explains that Lou saw the article. They chat about Connor’s home brew, meaning he can stay in the country. Lou is trying to convince Trixie to come back, but she hangs up on him and he throws the phone across the room, ruining one of Connor’s kegs of home brew. Connor comes in and tells Lou he’s losing it.

Toadie is filming Jack sawing some wood and he’s trying to act all manly, but he struggles to cut the wood. They go for another take, when Valda comes in and says she has a frame for the Ricky Martin poster. Sindi is delighted with the footage.


Stuart arrives at the footie grounds and checks in for duty. He’s horrified when he realises Constable Steiger is overseeing him today. Steiger accuses Stu of having tickets on himself, when there’s a call over the radio about a disturbance during the match.

Jack and Toadie are watching the match at number 26, while Valda brings them snacks. Everyone’s amused when a streaker appears on the field, but Toadie suddenly realises that he recognises the person who’s streaking…


The police bundle a young guy into the van and he’s insulting the cops. Steiger tells Stu not to let the kid out of his sight, while they go back and try to stop the riot that’s ensuing. The kid shouts at some fans from the van and then starts talking to Stu about his career in the force and how he’s got the look of a dumb hick.

At the pub, Connor is worried that Lou won’t support him anymore in his beer brewing, but Harold assures him that it’s just a brief problem and Lou will soon come round. Lou appears and asks Connor to hold the fort. Lou tells Harold that he’s going to fight this and he’s going to see the bank about a loan.



The kid is still giving Stuart hassle and when Stu fails to respond, he throws the rug at him that he’s using to cover himself up. Stuart gets annoyed and tells him to cover himself up and starts pushing the blanket towards him. The seniors come back and tell Stuart that they gave him a simple order and he couldn’t follow it. Steiger asks the kid who’s responsible for him and then Toadie appears and says that he is. He explains that the kid is his cousin, Scott Timmins, from Station Street in Colac.

Summary by Steve



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