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Magic Moments > 2004 > Christmas 2004 Episode 4627

Written by Nova Weetman, Directed by Tony Osicka

Episode Title: Yuletide Lies

Stuart and Sindi agree to keep their relationship a secret for the time being. Boyd is furious when Sky doesn’t show up for their meeting, and Serena tries to encourage him to move on…

Serena comes out of Grease Monkeys with a drink and sits down, when Sky appears. She asks Serena if she’s seen Boyd and takes her silence to mean that Boyd couldn’t be bothered to show up. Sky storms off, as Serena makes a weak attempt to stop her.


At number 30, Toadie is on the phone to his mum, apologising for the fact that he has to work over Christmas on an important case and can’t make it home. He’s impressed with the beer cans as decorations, and finds Carmella trying to help Connor with his reading. Stingray walks in and wants Toadie to watch him doing some skating moves and is disappointed to find out that they’re not going to Colac for Christmas. Toadie cheers him up by saying that they can have fish fingers instead. Stuart comes in, wearing a suit and the others are surprised to find out that he’s got an award presentation for his bravery following the bank siege. Everyone decides to join him.

Everyone’s gathered at Lassiter’s when Sindi arrives. Dorothy Stevens gives Stu a cheque for $5000 to show their appreciation for what they did. Stuart makes a speech, saying that the robber was just a regular bloke and he knows what it’s like to be at rock bottom like that. Everyone applauds and Dorothy wonders if Stu has a ladyfriend in the woodwork who might be jealous of all the attention. Stu says that there isn’t anyone, while Sindi watches in the background.


At number 24, Harold is annoyed that Sky isn’t back yet to help with dinner. David comes in and announces that he’s about to switch on the lights outside the house, so he, Lil and Harold go outside as Lana arrives. Lana wants to speak to Sky, as she received a weird text message from her. Serena looks worried and Lana asks her what’s going on. Serena says that she’s done something terrible…

At Lassiter’s, everyone is sucking up to Stuart and he says that they all need to move on. Toadie tells them about his important case and it could make legal history, and they all wonder what it would be like if Toadie had a tv show made about him. Toadie drags off Stingray, who’s eaten too much, while Carmella and Connor leave to take Maddy home. Stuart and Sindi have a quiet chat and arrange to both leave separately and meet at number 28 in ten minutes.


At number 24, Serena is in tears, telling Lana that she never meant for it to go this far, but she just found herself lying to get what she wanted. Lana admits that she didn’t think of anyone else when she kissed Sky, but Serena says that it doesn’t make it right. Lana tells her that Sky and Boyd are the perfect couple and it’s no good either of them trying to deny it. Serena admits that she wants that perfect relationship for herself, but Lana tells her that she can’t force it and she’s going to have to make things right.

Stuart arrives at number 28, but Stingray suddenly appears, looking for Audrey, and interrupts him with Sindi. He looks suspicious as Stu and Sindi explain that he came over to chat to her about her car problems. He refuses to believe their stories, until they both promise him that there’s nothing going on between them. They both feel extremely guilty as Stingray heads out to take Audrey for a walk.


The next morning, Christmas Day, everyone at number 24 has bought each other a water pistol as the only legal way to keep the lawn watered during the water bans. Serena is in the kitchen, sending a message to Boyd to meet her outside. Lil says that she got a card from Luka yesterday and he sounds happy. Serena then opens Sky’s gift – a framed caricature of her, and Serena tells Sky that she’s got her something, but they have to go outside.

In the street, Sky is trying to guess what Serena has bought her, but is silenced when she sees Boyd standing there. Sky and Boyd both try to walk away, until Serena admits that she got the times wrong yesterday. She tells them that they’re meant to be together and they agree to go for a walk together.




Later on, Sky and Boyd are kissing in her car. Meanwhile, the guy has come to collect his car from Sindi and is driving away. She admits that it was fun when he got to flash his police ID. The Bishops then appear spraying each other with water pistols, as Harold leaves to check that everything’s ok at the Coffee Shop. Toadie appears and sees Stu and Sindi together, and they wonder if he knows about them. Just then, David runs up behind them and gets them both with the water pistol.

At the Coffee Shop, Harold gives Lana a gift and thanks her for working on Christmas Day. She explains that she has a big family gathering that afternoon. Harold sees Stingray on his own and asks him back to the Bishop house for Christmas lunch. When Stingray hears that Serena hasn’t said anything about his present, not realising she hasn’t opened it yet, he turns Harold down. David then bursts in and squirts Harold with the water pistol, giving Stingray an idea of how he and Lana could make a little mischief on Ramsay Street.


Lana and Stingray are spray painting Ramsay Street, when David comes outside and almost catches them. Stingray sends him off to get Max with his water pistol…

At number 30, David is spraying Connor and Stuart, until they manage to get him out the door. The two of them sit down to eat canned pudding, when Carmella arrives with a gift for them. She explains that she had to bail out after five portions of her mother’s Christmas dinner. Toadie appears on the phone, as Connor and Carmella go to the kitchen. Stu is about to break the news about him and Sindi, when Toadie announces that Tim’s taken him off the case. Stu decides not to tell him the truth after all.


At number 24, Harold and Lil are doing the dishes, while Serena gives Sky some comic books as a Christmas gift. Serena then opens Stingrays gift, and it’s a Freddo with a note saying ‘My frog wants to talk to your frog’, which was what he said to her when he first asked her out. Sky tells her that they’re meant for each other and she should go for it.


Stu is on the phone to Sindi and he admits that today wasn’t the best timing for him to break the bad news. He hangs up and lies to Toadie that he was talking to his boss, who was reminding him that he’s rostered on for work on Boxing Day. Toadie says that he’s just glad to have beer, his best mate and The Nanny Animated Christmas Special to watch, while Stuart watches him, guiltily.

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Summary by Steve