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Magic Moments > 2007 > Max's Trial Episode 5142

Written by Sarah Dollard, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy

Episode Title: The Hole Truth

Frazer is shocked to find out that Will and Oliver are the heirs to the Barnes hotel empire. Rosie tells Frazer that she no longer wants anything to do with her family. Max tells Steph that if she wants to end their marriage, he won’t stop her. Rocco tells Rosetta and Carmella that there’s $200,000 buried in the park near their old house.

At the park, Carmella arrives to search for the money, only to find a big empty hole in the ground.


At number 30, Rosie is looking at a briefcase full of money when she hears the door and quickly closes it and places it on the floor. She pretends that she was working, as Frazer comes in and asks if she’s ok, as he’s heard about Carmella and her determination to help Rocco. Rosie says that Carmella has never been one for quiet reflection and starts to get worried as she realises how much work she has to do, snapping at Frazer when he tries to get her to talk. She points out that it’ll make Toadie’s day if she’s not on top of things for Max’s trial. She then notices the look on his face and says that she appreciates the attention but she’s fine.

At number 32, Toadie is going over the details of the case, and mentions that there’s no use denying that Max was directly responsible for Cameron’s death. Steph is uncomfortable, but Toadie says that he’s going to make things personal and show how much Max has already suffered. Max then leaves to take a call from Summer, as Steph tells Toadie that he really doesn’t need to do this. He reminds her that it’s his job and he’ll be billing them for it. She wonders if they should find another lawyer, but Toadie says it’s too late for that and this will do wonders for his career if he wins. Boyd is listening at the door and tells Janae that he can’t believe they’re letting Toadie represent Max, as he’s bound to be biased.


At the bar, Katya is sitting alone, and turns her phone off when Ned tries to call. Elle then comes in, talking to her friend Forrest, who’s coming to stay and wants to go bungee jumping. After she hangs up, Katya asks if it was Forrest Gump, but Elle explains that it’s her childhood friend, Glenn Forrest – they used to live next-door in Tasmania and she’s coming to stay next week. Boyd stands behind the bar, shocked by what he’s hearing, as Elle tells Katya that Forrest is bound to break a few hearts while she’s in town.

At number 30, Carmella comes in and asks Rosie where the money is. Only moments later, Oliver comes in, asking Carmella if she found the money, and Rosie isn’t happy that he’s involved in their family business. Carmella says that she needed to talk to someone and Rosie clearly didn’t want a bar of it. As the girls argue, Oliver tries to calm them both down, before failing and backing away. Rosie says that the matter is now over, she’s donated the money to the Blue Ribbon Foundation and Carmella needn’t get herself involved in any illegal activity for their dad. Carmella is stunned, asking why Rosie always thinks she’s right – she says that she’s going to help Rocco anyway.


At the bar, Oliver arrives, only to be greeted by sarcastic comments from Frazer. He tells him to drop it, as he’s in no mood, having just left the Cammeniti sisters fighting. Frazer asks what it was about, and Oliver tells him it’s over Rocco’s money – Frazer wants to know what’s going on. In the office, Elle tells Boyd that she had no idea that Forrest was the girl he had a fling with in Tasmania. Boyd wants her to stop Glenn from visiting, as she’s clearly trying to track him down, but Elle says that she’s not like that. Boyd points out that she should help him, given what’s gone on between their families, and Elle says she’ll try and sort something out. Back in the bar, Frazer is surprised by the Cammeniti family dramas, and even more surprised that Oliver’s getting involved. He says that he just wants Carmella to be happy.

At number 28, Rosie is going through Katya’s testimony with her, when Toadie comes out of the bedroom and asks Rosie to get some notes for him. She says that she’s busy helping Katya, as she was a bit confused after her chat with Toadie. He shows Rosie the door, and she says that she’ll be there for the trial, since she did most of the work. Toadie asks Katya what she’s going to do once the trial is over, and she says that Zeke mentioned that the Adelaide Crows are looking for a medical assistant and it’s just Ned that’s holding her back from going for it. Toadie reminds her that relationships come and go, so you’ve got to put yourself first. He then asks her for a small favour at the trial, and Katya asks if it’s completely above board.


At number 30, Rosie is searching for chocolate, which Frazer suspects Pepper has already eaten. He says that she can buy some more with her father’s $200, 000. Rosie can’t believe that he knows about it and Frazer wishes she’s been the one to tell him. She says that they don’t have to tell each other everything, and this was family stuff. He reminds her that she can trust him, though he isn’t sure that he does. She points out that she’s been on her own for 26 years and this couple stuff is very new to her. He says that he just wants to be let in from time to time and she insists that she’s closer to him than anyone she’s ever known, but she needs to fight her own battles.

At the bar, Carmella is still upset, but Oliver points out that she doesn’t need Rosie or her dad’s money to do this. He offers to give her the money, once he’s worked out how to get his hands on it. Carmella smiles gratefully. In the office, Elle tells Boyd that Glenn had no idea he lived there and has no intention of breaking up his marriage – she even suggested calling off the trip completely. She thinks that Boyd has a problem with maturity and Janae then arrives. Elle leaves, explaining that there was a problem with the rent, and Boyd looks very awkward.


At number 32 the following morning, Steph is helping Max to sort out his tie before his court appearance and he tells her that she doesn’t have to stay, and she can come home after giving evidence. She tells him that she’ll be there for the whole thing, but Max warns her that they’ll be dragging up all the stuff with Katya. She says that they both know what really happened, and admits that she’s more concerned about him having to revisit the accident, as he’s only just got back to his old self. He assures her that he’s prepared. Boyd and Janae then bring in Charlie, just as Toadie comes in to witness the happy family gathering and make everyone very uncomfortable.

At the court, Max sits and has flashbacks to the accident, as Katya gives her evidence about them believing that Robert had escaped. She admits that she loved Max, but he didn’t feel the same way. She explains that she felt safe with him because he was so gentle, and the complete opposite of Robert. She tells Toadie that Max is not capable of maliciously harming anyone. Katya is then questioned by Christopher Reynolds for the prosecution, who asks her if she was in any real danger on the day of the accident. She says that it would have seemed that way to Max, as she got a letter then they heard about an escape. Reynolds points out that Robert hadn’t escaped, and asks again if Katya was in any real danger. Max looks concerned as Katya is forced to say no.


At the prison, Rocco is delighted to see Carmella, and she tells him that she has the money and can save the family business by herself. Rocco thinks that she should wait until Rosie isn’t so busy with work, as she’ll need Rosie’s head for business, but Carmella says that she can handle it on her own and wants the instructions now.


Back in the courtroom, Elle is giving her evidence. She explains that when Cameron died, it was like her heart had been ripped out, and she did some things that she wasn’t proud of. Reynold asks her about her feelings for Max, and she says that she hated him. Toadie then questions her and asks how she feels about Max now. She says that she no longer blames him as she’s realised that he didn’t intend to hurt anyone and he’s been through so much – he’s suffered enough.

At number 30, Carmella is trying to get Frazer to talk to Rosie, but he says that he’s the last person she’d listen to over this. Carmella insists that their father isn’t the bad one – it’s their Uncle Ray who’s trying to ruin the business. Carmella continues to talk to Frazer about how great it would be to start up a proper business, but he tells her that the only reason he knows about it all is because of Oliver, so he’s really no use. Carmella decides that she’ll just have to get her dad to believe that Rosie is a liability, and now she’s using Oliver’s money, she has no ties to her sister anyway. Oliver then comes in, looking upset and explains that he has no money, as he signed it all away to Will when he was younger and it’s impossible to change things now.


In court, Max is explaining that he couldn’t even look at Charlie after the accident as he felt so guilty and lost his mind. Toadie points out that he lost more than that, and Max says that he also lost his family, but it was his own fault. He says that he doesn’t feel sorry for himself, he just can’t begin to express how sorry he feels for all of the pain he caused.

At number 30, Frazer can’t believe that they can just take away Oliver’s rightful inheritance, but Alan Napier has told Oliver that it’s watertight. Frazer suggests fighting it, but Oliver says that maybe it was meant to be, as his father didn’t want him to take over unless he was 100% committed. He tells Carmella that he’s sorry, but he can’t lend her the money – she insists that it’s fine.




Back in court, Reynolds is questioning Max about why his family are all here if he claims that he lost them. He says that they gave him a second chance. Reynolds says that they must look at the facts – he killed a man and must pay the price – he’s already evaded justice once by disappearing. Max insists that it wasn’t like that, and it wasn’t an easy decision to make. Reynolds points out that, six months later, Max’s life is back to normal, but Max says that his life will never be the same again and that he understands what he’s done and that he’ll always have to live with it. Reynolds asks him if he deliberately swerved towards Cameron and, after pausing and looking over towards Steph, Max admits that he did…

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