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Magic Moments > 2007 > Karl and Susan In London: Part Two Episode 5172

Written by Drew Proffitt and Megan Herbert, Directed by Jet Wilkinson and Riccardo Pellizzeri

Episode Title: Cultural Binge

Karl shows Emma Bunton the engagement ring he bought for Susan, and as Susan catches up with him, she is thrilled to meet the former Spice Girl. Paul finds Elle’s headscarf at Ned’s flat and asks him what it’s doing there. Elle tells Oliver that she’s had feelings for him for ages, but knew she couldn’t kiss him as he didn’t feel anything back and then they kiss.

At the Robinson’s country cabin, Elle & Oliver end their kiss, and Elle asks if he feels the same way about her. As she does, Carmella, Rosetta & Pepper arrive and Oliver approaches them, asking what’s wrong. As Carmella & Oliver go off to talk, Carmella apologises for putting the business first and putting him in danger, but Oliver wonders what will happen the next time she feels the need to prove herself to someone. Meanwhile, Elle explains to Pepper & Rosetta that she’s only trying to help Carmella and that she was checking the property for her dad and invited Oliver at the last minute.


At Ned’s apartment, Ned is looking through Paul’s computer files as Paul lets himself in, which Ned complains about, however, he explains his latest task, to help get Oliver his family fortune back.

Over in London, Karl is planning their day whilst Susan is writing postcards, however, Susan suggests that they just stay in. However as Karl takes a trip to the bottom bunk, their romantic moment is disturbed by their returning roommates.


At Scarlet Bar, Frazer asks Ned for some tips in repayment for hooking him up with Ringo, the computer whisperer, however Ned is distracted and makes his excuses to leave. A fellow customer approaches Frazer and offers him a tip on a race which he dismisses, however as he asks if she’s an eavesdropper as well as a know-it-all, turning around to see her, Frazer suddenly becomes more interested.

Later, the customer is thrashing Frazer at pool as they debate Sir Been-a-while’s form. Frazer calls for best of seven, but the customer says that they’ll be there all night waiting for him to win and so he asks how sipping champagne by the pool of a big empty house sounds and she makes her way to the door, asking if he’s coming as she leaves.


Back at the Robinson cabin, Elle & Oliver are in bed. Elle says that they shared something special, but she doesn’t want to go any further unless Oliver’s ready, but he says that he is. She asks if he’s over Carmella as she’s her best friend and she doesn’t want to hurt her and Oliver says that it’s over as Carmella isn’t the girl he thought he was. Elle tells him that she meant everything she said, but doesn’t think that either of them is ready to trust their feelings yet, with him on the rebound and her still not over Dylan and suggests that they wait. Kissing, they agree to keep things quiet for Carmella’s sake. In the living area, Elle phones Paul.

At Ned’s apartment, Paul is playing a computer game, but pauses it to answer his phone. He’s impressed to hear about the success of Elle’s scheme and as Ned returns says his goodbyes. Paul tells Ned that he knocked before he let himself in, but Ned points out that Paul knew he wasn’t in, handing Paul the file that he asked him to get. As Paul offers Ned champagne to celebrate, Ned asks him to leave, but Paul doesn’t listen and tells Ned that the party needs a crowd.


Over at number 30, Carmella tells Pepper to stop her conspiracy theories and refuses to believe that Elle would betray her like that, however Rosetta admits that what Pepper is saying does make sense. As Pepper expresses her satisfaction at someone finally agreeing with her, Frazer enters from the garden with the woman from Scarlet Bar and is surprised to see that the girls are back early. As Pepper, Rosetta & Carmella express their fury at Frazer breaking the house rules by bringing a stranger into the house, Frazer explains that Milly isn’t a stranger as he’s been talking to her all night and heads off to join her in his room. As Pepper tells Rosie to ignore him, she says that she’s fine, but storms off outside.

At the Ritz Hostel, a rather inebriated Susan and her roommates are chanting ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, oi, oi!’ as Karl is lying on her bed trying to read. As the chanting ends, Susan says that what they need is meat pies and asks Karl to go to the unlicensed place to get some. Pointing out that it is actually called an off-licence, Karl tells them that they won’t sell meat pies, so Susan tells them to get some chips, or crisps as they call them in England. Quickly changing subject, Susan asks Karl to sing one of his football songs, and then suggests that he sings that really good one that Zeke likes. As Karl asks if she means Throw Your Arms Around Me, they all break out into the Hunters & Collectors classic. Meanwhile on a nearby bed lies a newspaper bearing the headline ‘Gartside’s offside! Aussie fluff unmasked!’ accompanied by a photograph of Isabelle Hoyland.


Back at number 30, Pepper & Carmella are noisily cleaning in an effort to get back at Frazer on Rosetta’s behalf. As a newly awaked Milly offers to make breakfast for them all, the girls decide to head off to Scarlet Bar for breakfast.

At the bar, Elle & Oliver walk in and soon feel daggers heading their way from the direction of Pepper, Carmella & Rosetta. As Elle asks Oliver if he is going to keep things quite, Oliver says he will and that she needn’t worry about being called a home-wrecker, as he knows the real Elle Robinson and he thinks she’s amazing.


Back at the Ritz, Karl is whistling Throw Your Arms Around Me, stopping as a hungover Susan asks him to turn off the alarm. Karl tells her that the shower is free and she asks him if that’s why he’s happy. He tells her to get in the shower as the Victoria & Albert museum opens at ten. She asks him if they sell bacon and egg sandwiches and is disappointed to learn that they don’t, suggesting that they stay at the hostel. Karl tells her that maybe she should think twice about partying with the blokes next time, but she says that she unleashed her inner bogan and she loved it. Karl says that he’s surprised she can remember, but Susan says that unlike him, she still has a streak of youthfulness that endears her to the youth of today, unlike he, who was born middle-aged. As Susan heads off to the shower, Karl checks that he’s got the ring.

Out on the streets of London, Susan complains about Karl making her rush her breakfast and says that British culture is as much about sitting having a cup of tea and a quiet read of the tabloids and tells him that she’s going to get a paper. As they both miss the headline ‘Izzy gonna miss her? Aussie home-wrecker chucked out!’ on the newspaper stand, Karl points out that Susan’s an English teacher and reading those gutter-rags will bring her nothing but pain, suggesting they get a coffee. Spotting an expensive cafe, Susan soon gets distracted.


At number 30, Pepper asks Rosie if she can borrow her red lipstick, and says that she needs it to impress Red. As Rosie tells her that it’s in the bathroom, Pepper says that she’s already checked and it isn’t. Rosetta wonders why she bothered asking if she was going to use it anyway, Pepper says it was because she wanted to know where it was, and on the subject on unauthorised usage, someone finished off her conditioner. As the girls realise that Milly was to blame, they confront Frazer, who laughs off their complaints, saying that it’s probably just Rosetta making the whole thing up because she’s jealous.

Over at Ned’s apartment, Elle walks in and goes over to the couch, telling him to wake up, however she’s shocked when the person on the couch wakes up and reveals himself as her dad. As they ask each other what they’re doing there, Ned walks out of the bedroom, Elle and Paul turn to look at him in search of an explanation.


At number 30, Rosetta & Pepper are folding sheets as Pepper questions the actions of Frazer & Oliver and Elle’s never-ending wardrobe. As Rosetta asks Pepper if she’s heard from Red, she realises that she’s got to get ready for their date and runs off.


Walking along the banks of the Thames, Susan wonders why they didn’t just go there straight away instead of going to the museum and spotting some homeless people, asks Karl for his wallet. Karl refuses, saying that charity is fine as long as it’s through the right channels, but as the continue walking and spot a pregnant woman asleep on a bench, Susan demands that they give her some money. Karl points out that she’s wearing designer clothes, but Susan notices her suitcase and suggests that she’s fallen upon hard times. Putting some money in the woman’s cup, they continue walking, but as the woman awakes, she removes the newspaper from her face and reveals herself. Clearly having recognised the voices of her benefactors, Izzy looks further along the riverside and is stunned to see her former neighbours strolling down the path.

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Summary by Callum