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Magic Moments > 2007 > Karl and Susan In London: Part Five Episode 5178

Written by Helen MacWhirter and Megan Herbert, Directed by Gary Conway and Riccardo Pellizzeri

Episode Title: From Zero To Hero

Susan runs into Izzy in London. Lolly kisses Ringo, then, shocked at what she’s done, runs off. Frazer tries to stop a little girl from running onto the racetrack buts ends up getting trampled himself…

At the racetrack, Frazer starts to come round as Rosie leans over him, asking him to open his eyes. He asks about the little girl, but Rosie says that she’s fine. He then grows anxious and says that he can’t feel his legs, but Rosie tells him to stay calm and stay still. He jokes that he can’t seem to get close to Rosie without being knocked off his feet, and she tells him he’s a hero. He tries to finish what he was saying to her before, but the ambulance arrives. He’s then taken into the ambulance on a stretcher as Rosie watches.


At the flat, Ned is packing when Paul turns up, but his key doesn’t work. He calls out, asking Ned what’s going on, but Ned tells him to go away. Paul realises that his tenant has changed the locks and starts banging on the door. Ned finally lets him in, and is warned that he could be evicted for this, but he says that it doesn’t matter, as he’s leaving anyway. Paul reminds Ned that he owes him, but Ned says that he’s paid off that debt many times over. Paul then notices some clothing that belongs to Elle and Ned enjoys gloating about it – Paul quickly realises that it’s Ned who’s been making Elle doubt all of their plans to con Oliver. He warns Ned that he won’t be able to turn his daughter against him, but Ned thinks that Elle’s loyalty might just fade when she leaves Erinsborough. Paul says that Elle’s not going anywhere, but Ned hands him the two controllers for the games console and tells him not to be so sure. He then takes back one of the controllers, pointing out that Paul has no friends or family left, so he probably won’t be needing it.

At number 30, Lolly and Ringo are discussing the school blogzine and how they still need a really good features, so they need to put their heads together, before confirming that she means brains and not lips. She suddenly blurts out that she’s sorry she kissed him. He pretends that he’s forgotten about it, but Lolly realises he’s dwelling and says that it was just a mistake, as she thought Ringo liked her. They agree that they need to get past it if they’re going to stay as friends. Carmella then comes in, checking first that Oliver isn’t home. Ringo laughs with her about the tiramisu in Elle’s face and offers to make her a slingshot and bake some scones for next time. Lolly says that guys aren’t worth getting so upset over, then leaves to get her stuff ready for school. Carmella, meanwhile, asks Ringo where Rosie is, as she was supposed to help with deliveries but didn’t turn up at the market.



In London, Karl and Susan are with Izzy, at a café overlooking Covent Garden. Izzy is grateful to Susan for buying her breakfast and Susan goes to get her a napkin before Karl pulls her to one side and complains that they’re going to miss out on all the bargains at the Portobello Road market. He wants to know why they’re wasting their holiday on Izzy, but Susan says that it’s just a couple of hours and they’re the closest thing Izzy has to family right now. She grabs a napkin from another table and takes it over to Izzy, before asking her to write Pete’s number on it. Izzy isn’t sure, as he seems to have made up his mind, but Susan insists that she’ll unmake it. Karl wonders if Susan is serious about phoning one of the world’s finest football players to give him an ear bashing about his girlfriend, but Susan walks off to do just that. Karl sits with Izzy and tells her that he and Susan are getting remarried the following day – Izzy is shocked, but Karl says that it’s a surprise he’s been planning for months and he doesn’t want any of her melodrama to ruin it. Izzy is sorry, but Karl says that she of all people should know how much it’s taken for them to get back together and be happy again – he’s not going to risk that happiness for a second time.

At number 22, Paul wants to know why Elle didn’t mention anything to him, but she insists that there was nothing to mention, she and Ned are just friends. Paul explains that Ned thinks she’s running away with him, but she says it’s ridiculous. Paul forces her to say that her commitment is to him before she goes to answer the door. It’s Carmella, who’s come to apologise. Elle is about to accept this, but hesitates and suddenly starts laying in to Carmella as Paul listens in. Elle ignores Carmella’s accusations that she deliberately split her up from Oliver, and starts suggesting that Carmella is unhinged and should start taking her medication again. Carmella angrily accuses Elle of being as corrupt as her father and says that she’ll regret ever taking her on. Elle shuts the door and Paul says that he’s glad to see Elle back to her old self, but Elle doesn’t look very pleased with herself.


At number 30, Lolly and Ringo are getting ready to leave but he just wants to finish his breakfast. Lolly thinks it looks disgusting before asking if she can have some. Ringo then answers the phone and it’s Rosie. He’s asking her where she’s got to, as Carmella was looking for her, but is stopped in his tracks when he hears that there’s been an accident.

At the hospital, Rosie is waiting outside Frazer’s room when Lolly and Ringo arrive. She explains that Frazer’s been sent for x-rays and Ringo thinks it’s just a broken bone. Rosie goes along with this and then explains what happened. Ringo is delighted that his brother’s such a hero and wants to know when he can see him. Rosie says that it won’t be long, and Ringo enthuses that his brother is bullet-proof.

At Ned’s flat, Elle arrives but is disappointed to see that the tickets Ned’s bought are for Oakey. He says that he needs to say goodbye to the family first, but Elle doesn’t seem too sure about the whole thing. Ned realises that Paul’s been speaking to her and says that, if she stays, she’ll just be a pawn in his games. Elle thinks that her dad just has her best interests at heart and that they’re two peas in a pod. Ned assures her that she’s nothing like Paul – he uses people and he’s using her just like he did with Izzy, Dylan, Lyn… he tells her it’s not to late for her to escape. She’s finally convinced and asks if his parents will like her. He says that there’s nothing not to like.

At their hostel, Karl and Susan are waiting for Izzy, who’s freshening up, and Karl insists that they just need to say their goodbyes to her. Karl wants to just give her some money and send her off, but Susan tells him that it’s help, not money, that Izzy needs. She says that, this time, Izzy isn’t after Pete’s money or fame, she just loves him and wants to be with him – she was honest with him from the beginning, which is a big deal for Izzy. She goes on to point out that Izzy had already started to change her life before she left Erinsborough, and they’ll just get her back together with Pete, then leave Izzy to sort it out. Karl wonders why Pete would talk to Susan, but she insists that she can be very persuasive when she needs to be, then, once it’s all over, she’ll join Karl at any of the modern art galleries he wants to visit. She shows him a card from a bridal shop and says that she might even let him buy her a dress from there. She admits she’s joking, as she’d never have the chance to wear it, but Karl looks at the card, deep in thought.


Back at the hospital, Ringo is joking with his brother about his big stunt and says that he should try crocodile wrestling next. Frazer says he’s already done it. Rosie isn’t seeing the funny side of things and suggests that Frazer needs some rest. Ringo wants to know how long his brother is in hospital for, and Frazer says he’ll be out in no time, kicking the footy around, but Rosie can’t quite keep her emotions in check and has to leave. Lolly goes with Rosie and, outside, asks her what’s really wrong with Frazer. They’re interrupted by Carmella, and Rosie explains to them both that Frazer’s scan has shown up some serious swelling around the spinal cord, so it’s not looking good for him.

Later, Lolly and Ringo are sitting in the waiting room, and Ringo has decided to write the blogzine feature about Frazer, and starts getting ideas about celebrating his brother’s heroic act and interviewing the little girl and her mother. Lolly stops him and says that it’s too early for any of that and that Frazer might never walk again. Ringo stands up and goes to look in the window of Frazer’s room. He sees Rosie holding Frazer’s hand. Inside, Rosie is asking if she can bring anything from home, as he’s bound to get sick of her hanging around and things will get crowded when his family arrives. He says that he doesn’t want them there and, besides, Ringo, Rosie and the others are his family now. He then asks her to call Milly, as she might be worried.


At the bar, Ned is giving large amounts of money to the Salvation Army, but Paul tells him that he can’t buy back his conscience just like that. He says that he gave Ned a lifestyle that most people would kill for, but Ned says that it left a bad taste in his mouth, not to mention a security guard in a coma. He tells Paul that his gambling problem was more about the thrill than the money and Paul reminds him that going home to Oakey will send him straight back to Loserville. Ned says that, even if he is a loser, he’ll still have a soul, which is one up on Paul. Paul claims that he’d rather have money, power and his daughter by his side, but Ned, as he puts more money in the Salvos tin, tells Paul not to get too cocky, as he’ll end up looking like a fool.

At the hospital, Ringo says that there can’t be two tragedies in one week – Frazer has to be ok. Meanwhile, Johnny arrives and thanks Rosie for contacting him. Ringo then comes out of Frazer’s room, demanding to know why Johnny is there but Rosie says that it’s hospital policy to contact the next of kin. Ringo reminds her that he’s there, and Johnny says that Ringo is still the brat he’s always been. He says that he’s not staying, he just wants to see what sort of stunt ‘George’ has pulled this time. Rosie isn’t impressed and says that he’s seriously injured. Despite Ringo’s attempts to stop him, Johnny goes into the hospital room and asks Frazer how he is. Frazer sarcastically says everything’s wonderful, despite the neck brace, and Johnny says that this is what he gets for living life on the edge. Frazer tells Johnny that he’s sounding more and morel like their father, who would never waste an opportunity to kick him while he’s down. Johnny says that he hasn’t told their parents yet, as he didn’t want to worry them until he’d seen how bad it was. He says that ‘George’ caused enough heartache by walking out on the family, but Frazer replies that if Johnny had had enough guts, he’d have walked out himself. He shouts at Johnny to get out.



At a park in London, Izzy and Karl are watching from behind a tree as Susan waits for Pete. Izzy is convinced that he’s not coming, but then he walks up to Susan, who introduces herself as Rosie Hoyland. She thanks Pete for coming and he says that he was intrigued. She tells him that she’s never seen Izzy so happy and that divorce isn’t impossible if Pete wants to be with her. He’s surprised by how liberal she is, for a minister, but she quickly says that she believes Pete values love over money and reputation. He says that his heart is breaking, but he doesn’t know what to do. Meanwhile, Izzy and Karl are amazed that Pete’s even talking to Susan. Pete is telling ‘Rosie’ that he loves Izzy but he has to think about the little kids who look up to him as a football star. She says that he has to follow his heart, as the kids can’t look up to someone who has no heart. She adds that it’s obvious what he wants and it’s not too late for him to have it. ‘Rosie’ then looks over at Izzy, who appears from behind the tree and smiles. Pete and Susan go over to join her and Karl. Pete and Izzy hug, and Izzy introduces him to Karl and Susan – Pete’s surprised to realise he’s been conned, but Susan says that it was the only thing she could think of to get him there. Karl, meanwhile, is surprised that Pete doesn’t remember him from their random meeting in the street. Izzy thanks Karl and Susan for everything and tells Karl that she hopes everything goes to plan. Karl and Susan leave, and he says that she looks far too young to be Izzy’s mum. Susan tells him that he doesn’t look a day older than Bobby Hoyland. Pete, meanwhile, turns to Izzy and suddenly asks her if Karl is the father of the baby.

At the hospital, Ringo is angry with Johnny for upsetting Frazer, but Johnny insists that he didn’t say anything, they just always fight. Ringo tells Johnny to go, but Johnny says that he’s taking Ringo home with him, as ‘Gorgeous George’ can’t look after him now. Rosie offers to look after Ringo until Frazer’s out of hospital, but Johnny doesn’t think that’s fair, as Ringo is turning out just like ‘George’ – “a two-bit shonk who just thinks of himself”… Lolly, irritated, stands up to defend them, and Rosie says that Frazer is setting a fine example to Ringo, who’s a great kid and Frazer is one of the most selfless people she knows. Johnny tells Rosie to get out more, but she says that she’s beginning to see why Frazer left the family. Johnny points out that it hasn’t exactly ended happily for ‘George’, before leaving.


Izzy and Pete are walking through the park and she says that now she’s set Karl free for good, and he deserved that much after the way she treated him. Pete says that she still has to tell Karl about the baby, but Izzy isn’t sure, as she doesn’t want to spoil his and Susan’s happiness before their wedding. Pete says that, if they’re going to make a fresh start, it has to be a clean start. Izzy insists that she can’t ruin Susan’s life again, not after everything she did for her today, and Pete says that he loves her and will accept whatever decision she makes. Izzy finally relents and agrees to tell Karl.


At the hostel, Karl is pacing up and down as Susan tries to read. She asks what he’s doing and he claims that Indian food never sits well with him. He sits down and she asks what all the secretive phone calls were about earlier on. He says that they were telemarketers – she asks why he was calling them and he says he was calling them to ask them to stop calling him. Susan looks confused. He says that he should go to bed as they’ve got a big day tomorrow and need to be up early. Susan asks why, but Karl just says ‘because’. She tries to find out what’s going on, but he refuses to tell her, but, as she persists, he says it’s an eco-fair. She kisses him and says night night. She then gets under the duvet and Karl switches off the light and smiles as he looks down at her.

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