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Magic Moments > 2007 > Adam's Arrival Episode 5234

Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy Produced by Peter Dodds

Episode Title: British Bulldog

Channel Ten: 14/06/07, BBC One: 06/09/07

Elle is unhappy as Paul asks her to call him ‘Paul’ rather than ‘Dad’. David kisses Susan while a shocked Karl watches them. Elle explains to Harold that Paul’s amnesia is a chance for him to become a new person, but Harold doesn’t think it’s that easy to escape your past…

At the hospital, Rosie has convinced Frazer to return to Dr Dwyer’s office, where the doctor is explaining that the swelling around Frazer’s spine has gone down and he can find no physical cause for his continued paralysis. Rosie asks why he can’t walk if that’s the case and Dr Dwyer says that it’s no longer a physical problem. Frazer realises that the doctor is implying that it’s all in his head.


At the bar, Toadie, Steph and little Charlie are raising a toast to baby Jackson Kennedy. Steph is approached by Adam, one of the builders doing her renovations and he explains that, having had a look, they thinks they’ll have to close the place for about a week. Steph asks if they can’t do it quicker, but there’s no way, and Adam mentions the name change, though Steph wants to keep that a secret for now. Pepper and Janelle come in, with Pepper talking about a new man she’s taken a liking to, when Adam bumps into her. Adam apologises to Pepper, but she’s furious with him for not looking where he’s going. He just smiles at her. Pepper takes an instant dislike to Adam, but Janelle says that he seemed like an alright bloke. At the bar, Pepper looks over and sees Adam staring at her.

At the hospital, Frazer is furious with Dr Dwyer’s implications and asks if he thinks he’s faking it. Dr Dwyer denies this and says that the paralysis is real but, since there’s nothing physically wrong with him, he can’t be treated by a spinal specialist. He says that he’ll have to refer him to a colleague – a psychiatrist – and Frazer gets more upset. The doctor explains that cases like this aren’t unheard of and are often caused by a deep emotional trauma.


Out in the waiting area, Paul and Elle return from their trip to buy him some new clothes. Elle is pleased with their little retail therapy trip and says that her father would never have bought those sorts of clothes before the operation. As they go into his room, Paul asks about Gail and how long it’s been since they were last in touch. Elle tries to avoid talking about it, but says that it’s been a while. Paul continues to push her until she explains that it’s been months, rather than years and Paul asks her to call Gail as he wants to catch up. Elle is reluctant, claiming that you can’t use mobile phones in the hospital. Paul points out the landline on the table by his bed, so Elle then says that it’s only for local calls. Paul won’t give up on the issue so Elle says that she’ll see what she can do.

At the store, Susan is proudly showing off photos of baby Jackson to Janelle and Harold. Janelle slowly starts to bring the subject around to Kerry and how much cuter she was when she was first born, though Susan isn’t convinced. She looks to Harold, who sides with Janelle. Meanwhile, Pepper comes in and complains to Janelle that her blind date was a no show. Janelle orders her a hot chocolate as Pepper complains that she was dumped by SMS by a guy who hadn’t even met her. At another table, Davo is sitting doing some work when Susan comes and sits with him, explaining that Karl said he’d finally come clean. Davo says that Karl did no such thing – he lied again that Susan was his sister and he was giving her mouth to mouth. Susan is appalled and storms off to confront her husband. Davo then goes over to Pepper to apologise to her. They agree to have a drink together, and Pepper happily goes back to Janelle and tells her to cancel the hot chocolate, as things are looking up.


At number 30, Frazer is struggling with his diagnosis and starts to wonder if Dr Dwyer is being bribed to give a false diagnosis by the people at the race track that they’re suing. Rosie doesn’t think it’s very likely as they could easily just go to another doctor for a second opinion, and Peter Dwyer seems like a very decent man. She points out to him that this is good news – it means he’ll be able to walk again if he can work out what the real problem is. She suggests calling the psychiatrist but he tells her he’ll it himself, when he’s ready and she asks him not to take it out on her. She points out that once they know what the problem is, they can deal with it, but Frazer admits that he scared of what he might find out.

At the bar, Pepper walks up to Toadie and Steph at the bar and explains that she’s there with Davo. She orders some wine and explains to them that she needs their help and has two (rather similar) signals – one to show that it’s all going well and she needs more wine and another cue for them to come over and explain that there’s an emergency with her mum. Adam is leaning on the bar and tells Pepper that if it were his date, he’d just tell them to take a hike if he didn’t like them. Pepper tells Adam that it’s not really any of his business, and he continues to just smile as she’s rude to him. Pepper goes to her table, reminding Steph about the hand signals. Toadie and Steph look at each other, confused.


At number 28, Susan arrives home, pretending to be on the phone to Davo, who keeps calling her, hassling her for a date and even suggesting that they spend the night at a hotel room at Lassiter’s. Susan says that she can’t understand why he’s still hassling her, now he knows she’s married. Karl is equally shocked and Susan snaps, saying that she spoke to Davo and knows everything. Karl is confused – he says that he did tell Davo that he was married. Susan says that she saw Davo earlier and he told her a completely different story, and they soon realise that Davo has been stringing them both along.

At the bar, Pepper and Davo are getting along well as they discuss their jobs and, when the food arrives, Pepper asks him if he enjoys cooking. He says that he can do a good tea and toast, but misses being in a relationship as it meant having dinner waiting for him when he got home. Pepper isn’t too impressed as he talks about how men should be out working while women look after the home. As he talks, Pepper starts doing her ‘rescue me’ hair flicking hand signal. Steph and Toadie finally notice, but can’t work out which signal it is. Adam insists that she needs help, but Steph thinks she wants more wine and sends Toadie over with it. Toadie tops up the wine and Pepper misses her chance to escape.



At number 30, Frazer is trying to slowly get out of his chair and as he tries to walk, he collapses to the ground. Rosie runs in, asking what’s happened and she sits down next to him, telling him that it’s going to take time. Frazer isn’t convinced, and says that if there’s nothing physically wrong, why is it taking so long? He starts to break down, telling Rosie that he’s always been proud of his mental strength but now he can’t even rely on that any more.

At the hospital, Paul is pleased when Harold comes to see him. He asks Harold for the truth – can Elle be trusted? Harold says that she’s Paul’s daughter and he’s not prepared to make that sort of judgement on her, but he should know that she loves him. Paul is more confused than ever as Harold goes. Outside, Harold sees Elle and tells her that Paul is very suspicious of her not telling him the whole truth. Elle doesn’t think it would do Paul any good to rub his nose in his past, but Harold points out that the longer the lies continue, the worse the damage to their relationship will be. Elle refuses to listen, pointing out that she knows her father best and he’s not ready to know the truth. Harold looks worried as Elle walks off.


Back at the bar, Pepper is bored speechless as Davo tells her about a pet dog he used to have. Davo explains that it needed an operation costing over $1000, so he had her put down. Pepper is stunned, but Davo reasons that there was a lot he could do with $1000. Pepper suggests that they both go home, but Davo thinks she’s inviting him back to her place. He refuses to listen as she tries to correct him, tossing her hair all over the place. Adam picks up on her “subtle” signals and Steph quickly goes over and says that Pepper’s mum is on the phone. Pepper and Steph quickly go to the office, as Pepper says that this is the first date she’s had in months and he’s a misogynistic psycho.

Back at the hospital, Elle is folding up Paul’s new clothes and putting them away and he asks if she’s managed to get in touch with Gail yet. Elle lies that her mum has gone away for a while, and Paul asks her to get him something to eat. Once she’s gone, he finds her mobile phone and slowly manages to figure out how it works. He leaves a message for Gail asking her to get in touch urgently.



Pepper returns to the bar and explains to Davo that her mum is sick so she’ll have to leave. Davo offers to drive her, as she’ll be in no fit state, but she keeps making excuses until he tells her that he knows the call was all a set up so she could get away. He says that he’ll forgive her if she gives him a hug and he won’t let go of her, despite her protests. Adam rushes over and gets Davo in an armlock, but Pepper angrily accuses Adam of being insane.

Later, Davo is holding a cold compress over his nose and threatening to sue, but Steph points out that there are plenty of witnesses who saw him walk into a post. Steph then proceeds to throw Davo out, telling him he’s barred. At the bar, Pepper checks that Adam isn’t expecting her to be grateful, but he just continues to be nice to her.


The next day, at the General Store, Janelle is offering to babysit Kerry, but Harold is suspicious of her motives. He wants to know if she’s going to enter Kerry into the beautiful baby contest. She denies this, but Harold says that she won’t be needed today anyway, as Sky is on her way over to collect Kerry. As she walks off, disappointed, Janelle spots Davo and goes over to give him a piece of her mind about what he did to Pepper. He ignores her threats and just asks if she’d like to go for a drink. As Janelle leaves, Karl and Susan come in. They too spot Davo and go over for a word about his behaviour. He says that he just did it for a laugh and doesn’t need to explain himself, before leaving, saying that he’ll see Karl at work.


Rosie and Pepper are in the pool. Pepper is telling Rosie about her date and the audacity of Adam to try to help her. Frazer appears above them on the balcony and says that he’s just going out for a while. Rosie says that she’ll come too, but he tells her to stay and enjoy herself. Once he’s gone, Rosie tells Pepper that they’re finding it so frustrating not knowing why he can’t walk. Pepper thinks it’s obvious – now that she and Frazer are together, he’s scared that he’ll lose her if he walks again. Rosie isn’t impressed with the idea that it’s all her fault, but starts to contemplate what Pepper is saying and looks worried…

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Harold Bishop, Kerry Mangel, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kinski, Toadfish Rebecchi, Janelle Timmins, Stephanie Hoyland, Charlie Hoyland

Guest Cast: Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta Cammeniti, Nicky Whelan as Pepper Steiger, Stephen Jenkins as David ‘Davo’ Mather, Bert Labonte as Dr Peter Dwyer, Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes, David Walliams as Lou, Matt Lucas as Andy

Trivia Notes
• Episode guest stars David Walliams & Matt Lucas as characters Lou & Andy from BBC’s Little Britain
• Gail’s phone number on Elle’s mobile read 03611088
• Davo reveals he saved $1000 by not keeping his pet dog alive after it was injured by putting it to sleep

Summary by Steve