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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5233
Written by Linda Stainton, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 13/06/07 BBC One: 05/09/07

Episode Title: Call Me Paul

• Davo pretends he is appalled by Karl kissing his ‘sister’ Susan and fears for his job
• Lucia Cammeniti questions Rosie’s motives for not telling her sooner about Frazer being in a wheelchair and if Rosie really wants children can it be possible with Frazer?

Erinsborough Hospital - Paul's room: Carmella calls in to see if Elle is there but finds Paul alone who asks her to stay as Elle is coming back. Paul remembers Carmella from a photo he has of her in his collection he brought from home. Carmella asks after Elle and Paul tells her that they are starting to connect. Carmella makes reference to Paul being given a chance to start all over again after such a bad year. Unaware of what she means Paul plays along as Carmella mentions Cameron & Robert’s names. Elle returns from her coffee run and Paul asks her what happened to Cameron & Robert. Elle is furious believing Carmella has deliberately done this and tells Paul she’s a liar before slapping Carmella across the face. Elle’s attack shocks Paul as Elle accuses Carmella of then trying to steal Paul away from her as she has Oliver.

Erinsborough Hospital - Waiting area: Elle drags Carmella out of Paul’s room telling her to never come back and that are no longer friends. Carmella is speechless.


No 30 - Kitchen: Frazer tells Rosie how good her cooking is and that it would surely melt his parents heart too. Rosie offers to forget the reconciliation idea but Frazer stuns her & Ringo that he has already rung them and asked them over to dinner. Ringo is reluctant to join in but Frazer wants him to be there asks him to reconsider getting back in touch with their parents. Astounded by this change of heart, Ringo takes his dinner to his room, vowing he’ll not go back home whatever his parents say. Rosie questions if it is really worth Frazer digging up old family problems so close to the wedding – sensing there is more to this than Rosie is saying he questions why her change of attitude.

Erinsborough Hospital - Paul's room: Paul begs Elle to tell him what happened to Cameron & Robert. Elle agrees but lies again that they are both overseas but not speaking to their father. Paul refuses to believe it and asks again. He is stunned when Elle finally reveals how Cameron died when the car was intended for Robert.

No 28 - Lounge: Zeke is trying to establish how he is related to Jackson by drawing out a family tree. He refers to Karl’s father Tom but Rachel reminds him that Tom isn’t his biological father. Ringo jokes about how he and Bree should be on there after Karl’s scam when unexpectedly Susan and Karl arrive home. Susan explains they got back a day early over Karl fretting about his job – Rachel can’t believe Karl still wants to work for Davo but Karl explains he has spoken to Davo and all is well between them.

No 30 - Kitchen: While Rosie & Frazer eat their meal, Rosie admits to Frazer that Lucia feels like she is giving her life over to being a carer not a wife. Frazer is unimpressed and Rosie assures him it is not true. Rosie reminds Frazer that Father Capitola is meeting them later for coffee and Frazer’s doctor’s appointment to get out of it she has changed. Frazer tells her a catholic priest has no right to give advice about marriage – Rosie warns him to behave himself later.

Erinsborough Hospital - Paul's room: Paul is becoming tired of not getting any further truths from Elle and asks her one more time if she is lying to him about anything else in his past. Elle tells him no. Paul explains he doesn’t feel anything about Cameron & Robert as he doesn’t remember them. Elle questions if he feels the same about her. Elle is devastated when Paul admits he does.


Erinsborough Hospital - Corridor: On leaving Elle bumps into Oliver with Carmella. Oliver demands to know if she slapped Carmella but as the conversation turns into an argument between the two women, Oliver feels stuck in the middle unable to say anything when Elle demands he force Carmella to apologise to her.

Erinsborough Hospital - Corridor: Oliver tries to reason with Elle that they are there to support her but Elle is not hiding her feelings and tells him she is in love with him and hating the fact that Carmella is only visiting her & Paul because he has to keep away. Elle turns on Oliver calling him gutless that he is unable to decide between her and Carmella. Elle tells them both she is deciding that she no longer wants them to be friends, or their pity.

No 28 - Lounge: Karl proudly shows Rachel, Ringo & Lolly a picture of Jackson while Zeke is on the Blogzine, amazed at over 300 hits to the site. Lolly & Zeke are horrified to learn though that the video posted of them by Rachel is the reason why. Susan calls it appalling and Lolly embarrassed runs out of the house. Zeke is furious but Rachel tries to defend her actions by blaming others for wanting more sensational entries. Zeke goes to find Lolly and Susan instructs her to remove the video off the Internet and then start her rounds apologising to everyone.

Ramsay Street: Zeke finds Lolly sitting on the kerb crying and tries to comfort her but she admits she is also feeling homesick, missing her father and brother & sister. Zeke tells her he’s there for her and Rachel deserved to learn that she wasn’t better than anyone around her. Lolly calls it unfair when she really does like him – pleased at this news Zeke tells her they should be thinking about revenge.

No 30 - Kitchen: Rosie tries to keep things calm as Frazer teases Father Capitola about his attitudes to marriage and about Rosie. The priest doesn’t seem perturbed by Frazer’s attitude.

No 28 - Lounge: Susan tells Rachel she has to apologise to Zeke, Lolly, and Ringo & Lou. Karl is taking this less than seriously, glad that no phone video camera’s existed on his first date with Julie Caddingham as he was about trying to impress her by eating a vindaloo curry which left him on the toilet all night. Susan takes Karl away from Rachel. Rachel asks Ringo if he still thinks she was in the wrong and Ringo tells her yes. He tells her she needs to think about others feelings more than her own and recalls how she kept pushing him to go to University. When Rachel mentions she only did it so he won’t make a mess of his life, Ringo tells her she doing the same thing again and leaves.


No 30 - Kitchen: Father Capitola questions Rosie & Frazer further to establish they are ready to be married but Frazer’s claims he didn’t know Rosie liked the idea of living in Rome or not being fussed about having children aren’t good signals. Frazer tells her he knows she wants kids, as she already owns a pair of yellow booties. Rosie tells him they should talk about these things later but Frazer wants to do it now. Rosie warns Frazer he’s acting just like her mother which only angers Frazer more that Lucia has spoken to Rosie about her feelings on kids before they did. Father Capitola interrupts them, as he has to leave. He tells them although they clearly are in love he feels they need to know more about each other before thinking nay further about marriage.

Erinsborough Hospital - Waiting area/Paul's room: Susan & Karl are on their way to a lunch with Stanford Mundy but Susan is unimpressed with them being treated to a coffee & sandwich in the hospital canteen and calls Stanford a ‘prat’. Karl jokes with her about using such a UK swear word but are more interested in seeing if he can prove Paul is faking his amnesia. Karl walks in but doesn’t introduce himself and Paul guesses he could be a doctor. It soon becomes apparent Paul doesn’t recognise them and Susan introduces who they really are. Karl & Susan are stunned to hear Elle has told him that they are all good friends and Paul senses they are keeping something back about Elle when he acts if she is as honest as she seems to be devoted to him. Before they can answer, Elle returns with news that Standford is waiting for them and Susan & Karl leave. Elle takes a seat by Paul’s bed and thanks him for being so honest with her about how he feels. Paul tells her he’d feel better then if she called him Paul rather than Dad. Elle is deeply upset and Paul gives her a hug.

No 30 - Kitchen: Frazer questions Rosie further on the possibility of not having kids and she assures him she wants to be with him and them kids second but if they don’t come then that is fine too. Frazer tells her he wants them to have children and he’ll make an appointment to see the doctor.

Erinsborough Hospital - Waiting area/Paul's room: Paul & Elle decide to spend some time together shopping for new clothes, other than suits, for Paul. As they leave Rosie who is waiting for Frazer, waves at Paul. Paul asks who she is to Elle and Elle tells him she tell him later. Frazer comes out from seeing the Dr Dwyer wanting to leave the hospital as soon as possible. Rosie asks what has happened but Frazer continues to leave. Rosie follows but looks back to see Dr Dwyer calling after Frazer. Rosie continues to follow Frazer.

Grease Monkey's/Fruit and veg ute: Ringo returns with lunch for him & Carmella to the Ute and also a surprise – if they deliver to Grease Monkeys a fruit & veg delivery with no problems he has secured them supplying the restaurant ongoing. Carmella is delighted with him but Ringo tells her he wishes Rachel would support him like she does. Carmella tells him that everyone treated her the same as Rosie had always had her Law degree and she had nothing ever as good. Ringo goes to put the restaurant order into Carmella’s bag only to find the bottle of tablets.


Fruit and veg ute: Ringo questions why Carmella is taking them again and she admits she needed one after her trouble with Oliver started – Ringo tells her she’s a smart & beautiful woman and she doesn’t need them. But Carmella tells him it is the only way she can feel as good about her relationship with Oliver as when they started seeing each other. Ringo tells her she cannot hide behind the tablets in a relationship or the rest of her life.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Adelaide Kane as Louise 'Lolly' Allen, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta Cammeniti, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown,David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Guest Cast: Mark Doggett as Father Capitola, Bert Labonte as Dr Peter Dwyer

Trivia Notes
• Karl mentions his first date with Julie Caddingham and how he tried to impress her by eating a vindaloo curry but spent all night on the toilet
• Elle slaps Carmella across the face
• Off screen, Susan and Karl meet Standford Mundy for lunch at the hospital canteen
• Off screen Paul and Elle go shopping for Paul
• Zeke finds that the Blogzine received 310 hits after the video of him & Lolly went online

Summary by Paul