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Magic Moments > 2007 > Mickey's Arrival Episode 5237

Written by Jenny Lewis, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds

Episode Title: Taking The Mickey

Channel Ten: 19/06/07, BBC One: 11/09/07

Rosie thinks that Frazer needs to discuss things with his parents when they come over for lunch. Ned tells Elle that he has feelings for Janae. Rosie finds the grave next to Frazer’s grandparents’ graves and he realises that he had a younger brother that he knew nothing about…

At number 30, Frazer is frustrated that his parents never once mentioned Paul while he was growing up and he calls them heartless. Rosie defends them, saying that they had lost a child and were grieving, but Frazer thinks it’s sad that it’s like his brother never even existed. Rosie says that Ringo’s managed to avoid being there for lunch, so he’s free to bring up the topic if he wants to. Frazer says that he definitely wants to.


At number 22, Ned is sitting and looking at some boxing gloves while Janae knocks at the door and he ignores it. She eventually barges in and he lies that he has an ear infection, so he can’t hear her knocking and he can’t train with her. He says that he’s sick of being at her beck and call and he wants his life back. Janae goes along with this and says that he no longer has to be the Timmins slave, but she’ll send Steiger over later to arrest him, when he gets back. She asks if sharing a prison cell with a burly beefcake named Shirley would be preferable, and he responds that yes, it might be. She says that, because of this, she’s going to be even harder on him at work and at training today, and storms out.

At number 26, Bree is setting up Steiger’s train set, ready for his return, when Janelle comes in, all dressed up and ready. Bree accuses her mum of looking like a cheap and tacky forty year old desperado, but Janelle takes great offence at being called forty. Bree accuses her mum of being in denial, and Janelle rushes over to the door when she hears someone coming, but it’s Janae. Janae tells them about Ned suddenly hating her, but Janelle is more interested in her cleavage – too much, not enough or just right? Janae says it’s not enough, Bree says it’s too much, and Steiger appears at the door just in time to tell her it’s just right. Steiger and Janelle embrace, as Janae and Bree look awkward.


At number 30, Rosie and Frazer are ready for lunch, and she tells him that this meeting with his parents will be a chance to sort everything out. Frazer isn’t convinced that she knows them that well just because she met them once when she was engaged to Johnny. She insists that she has a good feeling about it, and goes to answer the knock at the door. Frazer’s mother Prue walks in and coldly greets Rosie and Frazer, without even mentioning the fact that he’s now in a wheelchair. When asked, she explains that her husband couldn’t be there due to work commitments and Rosie is shocked, as there’s so much to catch up on. Prue explains that Ringo has kept her up-to-date, which Rosie dryly comments is just the same as her being there with them for the past few months. Prue, sensing the tension, goes to freshen up, and Frazer tells Rosie that he doesn’t think he can mention Paul now. Rosie disagrees. She says that Prue does have a soul, it just needs rescuing…

Bree walks out of the house to find a young boy and his big black dog looking at Steiger’s truck. She asks who he is, and he introduces himself as Mickey, and the dog as Jake. He tells Bree that he’s there because he’s moving in, and points at number 22, explaining that his mum is in there now.


Meanwhile, inside number 22, Ned hears the door and, thinking it’s Janae come to boss him around, shouts that the door’s open. When nobody comes in, he goes to answer and is shocked to find his high school girlfriend Kirsten standing there. He asks why she’s there, and she explains that she went to Oakey looking for him, and Stuart gave her his new details. He still doesn’t understand why she came looking for him and she suddenly starts crying and begging for his help.

At number 30, Rosie thanks Prue for the lamingtons she brought with her, and Frazer sarcastically says he can always remember his mum in the kitchen, baking some up, even when there was some sort of family crisis going on. Prue promptly changes the subject to the wedding plans and asks if Johnny will be in the wedding party. Frazer says it’s not likely, since they hate each other, but Prue insists that’s not true. Frazer realises that, if Johnny’s not there, the family will start asking awkward questions and they’ll think the Browns aren’t the perfect family any more. Prue takes this as her cue to leave and Frazer accuses her of running away whenever she’s required to get emotional. Prue tells him that his accident has changed him, and he sarcastically thanks her for finally acknowledging his wheelchair. She starts to walk out, and he asks her how she’ll dodge all the questions from family members at the wedding. Rosie begs Prue to stay, and explains that Frazer wanted to ask about his brother, Paul, who died. Prue looks stunned.


At number 26, Bree is filling in Janelle and Janae on what Mickey told her, and Janae wonders where Ned will go if his home is sold from under him. Bree wonders why Janae cares at all, but says that she sent a text to Elle who knew nothing about it, so they all wonder if it’s Mickey or his mum who’s lying. Janae hopes that Ned and Kirsten aren’t getting up to anything, as they’ve been alone for a while now and Bree realises that her sister’s jealous. Janae denies this, saying that she just needs Ned to be focused for training. Steiger then comes in and tells them that he hasn’t been able to get hold of Pepper on her phone – Janelle tells him not to worry, she might just be in a long counselling session. Bree and Janae then start to talk about all of the terrible things that Pepper’s been through lately, as Steiger looks guilty. Janelle notices and changes the subject to lunch, but Steiger suddenly runs off like he’s about to be sick.

At number 30, Prue accuses her son of tricking her into visiting just so he could dredge up the past but Frazer explains that he only saw Paul’s grave for the first time that morning, and he wants answers. Rosie explains about the paralysis being psychological, and Paul’s death might have something to do with it. Prue thinks it’s ridiculous, and says that Paul’s death was tragic but they moved on. Frazer doesn’t believe her, as she and Graham spent their lives trying not to get too close to any of their children and he wishes they could deal with this as a family, maybe then they wouldn’t all be so messed up. Prue disagrees, but Frazer points out what a mess he’s in. Prue laughs, saying that his accident had nothing to do with the family, but still he tries to blame them. Frazer demands to know the circumstances of Paul’s death, but Prue refuses to talk, and leaves.


After waving Janelle and Steiger off as they rush to the hospital, Janae walks over to Mickey and goes over to say hello to him, realising that he’s been sitting there on his own for quite a while. She admits that she’s confused about what he said to Bree, as the house isn’t for sale, so his mum can’t be buying it.


Inside, Kirsten explains to Ned that her parents died overseas and she went to live with her grandparents, but they also passed away recently. She’s impressed with his lavish new house, as she’s lucky to afford anything remotely habitable on her hairdresser’s wage. She shows him Mickey, who’s outside playing with Janae, and Mickey is surprised, but says he’d love to meet him. Kirsten blurts out that she’s pleased to hear that, as Ned’s his father.

Later, Ned is almost too shocked to say anything, having seen the birth certificate and listened as Kirsten explains that Mickey was born almost nine months after their night together at the year 10 formal. He insists that he believes her, but is just amazed that she struggled alone for so long rather than ask for help. She says that she hasn’t been alone until recently, but now she needs time alone to grieve for her Nan and Pop and doesn’t want to upset Mickey, so would like Ned to look after him for a while. Janae suddenly bursts in, trying to tell Kirsten that Mickey is hungry and has been on his own too long, but Ned tells her to get out, and says that he won’t be at training or at work.


At number 30, Rosie finishes leaving a message for Karl, and tells Frazer that she’s hoping that hypnosis might bring out some of his repressed memories. Frazer isn’t sure, but explains that he’s been having flashes of a memory all day, of one Christmas when his mum was holding a baby and everyone seemed very happy. He admits that the whole thing is filling him with a sense of dread and he can’t work out why.

At the hospital, Janelle and Bree are joined by Janae, who’s angry with Ned, but is stopped in her tracks by the return of Steiger. He tells them not to panic, but it’s malaria – only a mild case and he’s not contagious, but clearly the fraudulent Dr Stone gave him the wrong medicine. They’re pleased that it’s nothing serious and Janae is about to call Pepper with the news, but Steiger insists on doing it. As he goes, they talk about the situation with Ned being a slave, and Steiger overhears this as he comes back and demands to know what’s going on. Their attempts to cover up are feeble, but Steiger has to run off and be sick again before they can explain. Janae admits that she wouldn’t be bothered if Ned was arrested, the way he’s been behaving, and Janelle tells Janae to remind Ned that he owes them.


At number 22, Ned is preparing hotdogs as Kirsten brings Mickey and Jake inside. Ned hands a hotdog to Mickey and Kirsten explains that Ned is an old friend of hers from Oakey. Mickey asks if Ned’s going to sell them the house, but Kirsten says that he got mixed up, they’re not buying the house, but he will be staying there with Ned for a while. She says that Ned’s a very special friend, and starts to cry so she makes a quick exit. Ned tries to stop her but she insists that she wants the goodbyes over quickly. Ned is worried, but as he goes back in, Mickey says that he and Jake won’t be much trouble.


Later, Mickey is asking Ned questions about how long he’s been friends with his mum, when Janae bursts in, yelling. She stops when she sees Mickey, and says that she thought they were gone, since the car wasn’t outside. Ned explains that Mickey is staying with him for a while, and sends his son upstairs to unpack in the bedroom he showed him earlier. Janae is then stunned to hear that Mickey is Ned’s son. Ned admits that he feels sick, he knows nothing about being a dad and he’s too much of a loser to do it. Janae snaps him out of it, telling him that he can be an amazing person when he tries and he has a lot to offer Mickey. He can’t quite believe it, but they’re interrupted by Mickey who says that he isn’t sure which bedroom Ned meant. He then stops and asks what Ned does have to offer him and what his mum meant when she described him as a “special friend”? Ned is lost for words.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Nell Feeney as Janelle Timmins, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, Sianoa Smit-McPhee as Bree Timmins, Dan O’Connor as Ned Parker, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats

Guest Cast: Joe Clements as Sen. Sgt Allan Steiger, Penny Cook as Prudence ‘Prue’ Brown, Fletcher O’Leary as Mickey Gannon, Nikola Dubois as Kirsten Gannon

Trivia Notes
• Ned Parker learns that Mickey Gannon is his son, fathered after sleeping with Kirsten Gannon on the night of their year 10 formal dance
• Allan Steiger is diagnosed with having malaria
• Kirsten learnt where Ned was now living from talking to his brother Stuart while visiting Oakey

Summary by Steve