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Magic Moments > 2007 > Marco's Arrival Episode 5325

Written by Katrina Foster, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 19/10/07, BBC One: 01/02/08

Pepper tells Ringo that she will keep his secret, but he must let her help him. Karl tells Miranda and Steve that if Susan pleads guilty, then she will go to jail and begs Miranda to forgive her.

At number 28, Susan and the kids are in the living room. Rachel mocks Zeke for being excited at an old football game before heading off to bed. Karl comes in, bringing in Audrey from outside. Susan smiles and he returns a half-hearted nod and says goodnight.


Over at number 26, Didge is annoyed at the thought of Susan going to jail, because of them. She says that it was an accident and Susan would never do it on purpose. Miranda angrily replies that it isn't fair that Susan is able to get on with her life, after ruining Bridget's. Didge gets upset at her mother's words, saying that although Miranda may have given up hope, she won't and she will be normal again someday.

Back at number 28, Zeke finished watching the game, asking to borrow the laptop for an assignment before he goes. Susan says of course and that she will go to bed shortly, after she finishes the current chapter in her book. After he goes, she puts it down and heads toward her bedroom, before stopping and returning to the sofa. She jokingly asks Audrey if they should watch a late-night movie, looking scared and upset.


In The General Store, Pepper walks in trying to find Ringo. He sarcastically tries to brush off her next attempt to help him, but she insists that she wants to tell him a story. She tells him about her friend Polly Schofield. Both she and Pepper were good middle-distance runners and thought they could cut seconds off their time, if they stopped eating and lost weight. Her parents' divorce furthered Pepper's anorexia, and she gradually got worse. Eventually she got help, however Polly died. Ringo says that he can't have an eating disorder as he is not a girl, but Pepper tells him that men can be affected too. Frazer walks in and Ringo asks her not to tell him, she agrees but only if he lets her help him. Lying to Frazer, she says that they were talking about homework and that she and Ringo will meet tomorrow to organise a study plan.

Over at number 26, Miranda and Steve try to convince Didge that they have faith in her and she will recover. Talking about Susan, Didge questions Miranda's motives, not agreeing that Susan should be jailed for her mistake. Miranda argues that it's an entirely different issue, Susan committed a crime and must be punished, an opinion shared by Susan herself. Didge wonders why no one has asked her how she feels about the situation, saying that she doesn't expect Miranda to be her friend again, but that she is a good person and she couldn't live with herself, if Susan went to jail because of them.


The following morning at number 28, Karl emerges from the bedroom and Susan immediately makes an excuse for not coming to bed, saying that she must have fallen asleep watching the movie. Karl, knowing that she is making excuses, says that it is ok that she wants to sleep on the couch, but they have to maintain a sense of normality for the kids. He thinks that they should do something together as a family, as the kids are struggling and they decide to go to the pool.

At Charlie's, Rosie and Carmella are sitting together having drinks, when Rosie says that the most handsome man that she has ever seen as just come in the door. Carmella waves at him and tells that his name is Marco, the son of one of her suppliers. He comes over to them and they begin to chat. Carmella introduces him to Rosie, who begins to giggle at everything Marco says. He notices Carmella's pages about putting her business online and thinks it's a great idea, and that he has been trying to convince his father to do the same but Carmella mentions that she can't afford it. Marco then leaves and Rosie questions why her sister didn't ask him to sit down, saying that if a man that gorgeous flirted with her, she's drop Carmella in a heartbeat. Carmella doesn't believe that he was flirting with her, because of her pregnancy.


At number 26, Steve and Miranda are in the kitchen discussing Bridget's situation. Steve believes that they should be focusing on her rehabilitation rather then seeking revenge on Susan. Miranda says that they are the victims, but Steve disagrees saying that Bridget is the victim and they should respect her wishes. Steve also mentions how hurt and betrayed Miranda must feel about Susan, but asks her that if Susan goes to jail, will it be enough for her?

At The General Store, Harold serves salad to Ringo and Pepper. She tries to get Ringo to eat, one bite at a time. Ringo claims that he has worked far too hard to get into shape, only to ruin it for Pepper. She tries to help him, reminding him of her friend Polly again.


At number 26, Steve says to Didge, that he wants to tell her a story. When she was younger, Miranda told her off for doing something wrong. Upset, Didge decided to leave home and Steve said that he would go with her. They packed their bags and walked to the corner. It got dark and cold, so they sat on the footpath and talked, before Didge decided that running away wasn't a good idea after all. Steve reminds her that, even at a young age, she knew that running away didn't fix her problems. Didge says that she isn't running away, but dealing with things in her own way.

Back at The General Store, Pepper is still trying to get Ringo to eat. He slowly takes a small bite and she congratulates him, offering him support with any problems at school, work and friends. She'll let him leave if he has one more mouthful, but Ringo gets up and walks out.


At the swimming pool, Didge is in the water with her physiotherapist as Karl, Susan, Rachel and Zeke arrive. Susan wants to go, but Karl tells her to stay as she has every right to be there. As her family play in the pool, Susan watches the hardship that the Parkers are going through.

At number 30, Frazer is surprised when Rosie appears in the kitchen wearing sexy lingerie. Frazer is shocked, initially thinking that he has missed a birthday or anniversary. Rosie says he was right about the recent money incident involving Carmella and that she should have asked him first. She then asks Frazer if there is any way she can make it up to him and he jokingly tells her that it may take some doing and they kiss.


At The General Store, Carmella is struggling with boxes whilst making a delivery. Marco notices and offers help, before noticing some of her fruit on her box. His family doesn't sell it and as far as he knows, they are Carmella's only supplier, jokingly saying that she is "cheating" on him. He then asks if she has had any more thoughts about the online business idea, but Carmella says that she still can't afford it. Marco makes a proposition, offering to invest in her and they makes date to discuss business.

Back at the pool, Rachel comes over to talk to the Parkers, offering her apologies to Miranda and Steve about the swimming incident recently. They thank her and accept her apology, asking her if she would like to come over and hang out with Didge at the weekend. She says that she would love to and walks back to Susan.


Back at The General Store, Rosie is talking business with Marco and Carmella, whilst Frazer gets coffee. Carmella decides to sign the contract, against Rosie's wishes that she talk about it some more. Marco leaves to out the money into her account and Rosie hopes that he is on the level. Carmella scoffs, reminding her that this morning, she was going on about how hot he looked. Rosie tells her that it is obvious that Marco has a crush on Carmella, but Frazer says that if she's wrong, Rosie can always have a crack at him and they all laugh.



At number 28, Karl, Susan and Zeke are playing scrabble when there is a knock at the door. Susan answers, it is Miranda. She asks to talk to Susan and Karl and Zeke let them have privacy. Miranda says that she now understands that no matter Susan does, it won't make any difference to Bridget's situation and asks her to plead not guilty. Susan is relieved, saying that she didn't if she could be so forgiving in this situation. However Miranda coldly reminds her that this was for Bridget, not them an that she'll never forgive Susan.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Nikki Coghill as Miranda Parker, Eloise Mignon as Bridget 'Didge' Parker, Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta 'Rosie' Cammeniti, Nicky Whelan as Heidi 'Pepper' Steiger

Guest Cast: Daniel Whyte as James Anderson, Jesse Rosenfeld as Marco Silvani

Trivia Notes
In the old game of football that Zeke is watching, the Adelaide Crows win by 35 points. Zeke calls player Andrew McLeod a "Genius"
Pepper's best friend at school was Polly Schofield. Both girls were really good middle distance runners. Her parents' divorce played a large part in Pepper's eating disorder. Eventually she got help when a teacher at school made her realise that she had a problem. Polly did not get help and died
Marco is the son of Joe Silvani (later to be renamed Franco Silvani), one of the suppliers for Celestial Fruits

Summary by Conor

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