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Magic Moments > 2007 > The Roof Collapse Episode 5364

Written by Ben Michael, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 13/12/07, Five: 31/03/08

Rachel phones Angus, telling him that Jessica might have seen them together. The Ramsay Street parents question Zeke about the dance party, but he says that they aren't going. Janae criticises Darren for cheating on Libby. Elle and Riley tell Brad about their contact about the illegal dance parties, but he tells them that they have already been warned today and that they are demoted to archive duty.

At the warehouse, the rave is taking place. The place is crowded and everyone is dancing wildly. In the middle of the crowd, Ringo asks Jessica what her big announcement is, as Rachel stares at her. But she decides that she won't tell until Taylah arrives. Declan notices that Zeke is texting and reads his message, teasing him about his 'mystery girlfriend'. Rachel is shocked that he has a girlfriend and didn't tell her, but he says that he never got around to it. Then Josh arrives and Didge greets him with a kiss, in full view of Declan. Rachel grabs Jessica and pulls her aside, demanding that she has anything to say to her, then just say it. Jessica mocks her, saying that she is paranoid. Rachel angrily accuses her of doing this for attention and that Ringo won't fall for it but Jessica retaliates, telling her to leave her and Ringo alone. She then says that she knows all about Rachel and Angus and that soon the whole school will know her 'dirty little secret'.


At number 26, Jane get off the phone with Janlle and excitedly tells Ned about the great deal that she has managed to get them on the house, but notices that Ned looks unexcited. Ned tells her that Steve and Miranda aren't comfortable with Ned and Janae being on the mortgage. Janae is confused and asks him why. Ned lies, telling her that it is because they aren't married. Janae doesn't want to pull out of the deal because of this, but Ned tells her that as long as Steve and Miranda are paying the deposit, they will have to deal with it.

Back at the rave, Riley and Elle arrive, undercover for their newspaper article. She asks him if he has extra camera batteries and if his phone is fully charged, and he replies, saying that he is has done this before. Noticing her trenchcoat, Riley tells her that he thinks that she is inappropriately dressed. Elle replies saying that the coat will be staying in the cloak room, before taking it off, revealing her party outfit and they join the crowd.


Back at number 26, Janae is still going on about Steve and Miranda's old-fashioned views on marriage and Ned tries to change the subject by talking about presents. Unperturbed, Janae continues saying that this is an opportunity to create a secure home for Mickey and that she can't believe that Steve and Miranda would stand against that. Ned mentions that there might be a way around it, suggesting that he only puts his name on the mortgage. Angrily, Janae asks if they don't want her involved in this and Ned tells that they think their relationship is unstable. Ned tells her that his Steve and Miranda are staking everything on this, and there is no margin for error but that he wouldn't enter a deal without her. Janae accuses him of lying, saying that he just tried to and that he is trying to weasel her out of her own home. Ned tried to tell her that he is doing this for Mickey but Janae won't listen, saying that getting a house is more important to him than her and storms out.

At the rave, Elle tells Riley that most of the crowd are underage, whilst taking pictures. Riley further notes that is overcrowded, there is no security and no marked exits. Then he notices the organiser who sold him the tickets, serving drinks behind the bar and tells Elle that they can't be found out.


Meanwhile, Didge and Josh talk about the party and Josh goes to get her a drink. Declan comes over, saying that he likes her more than a friend. Mishearing him, Didge tells him that she is over all that stuff now and that she is glad they can be friends. Josh returns and as they head off, Declan tells her to have a nice night.

Janae arrives at the garage and gets a scare when she notices Darren looking in the window. She asks him why he was there so late and he tells her that if he wasn't here, then he'd be at the pub getting depressed. He offers to leave her alone, but Janae says that it is alright, asking him if he figured out what is wrong with her. He says that she needs to give him a chance and realise how much he loves her, but a confused Janae says that she was talking about the car, not Libby. Darren replies that so was he. They laugh and Janae offers him help with the car.


Back at the rave, Rachel tries to phone Angus to tell him about Jessica. Didge sees her and asks about what happened between her and Jessica. Rachel replies, saying that is was nothing and that she has to go. Didge offers to come, but Rachel wants to go alone. Didge pressures her into telling her what is wrong, but she refuses and leaves, leaving Didge behind.

Elle and Riley sit down, exhausted. Elle notices a young couple kissing, noting just how young everyone is. But Riley laughs, saying that she doesn't get out very often. Just then, Elle notices the promoter looking in their direction and she pulls Riley on top of her to avert suspicion. The promoter walks away and Riley asks her if he saw them and Elle says no, and they almost kiss, before deciding to get back to work.


Rachel knocks on Angus' door. When he answers, he is annoyed and asks what she is doing at his home. Rachel mentions all the message she left on his phone, but he replies that he wants some peace and tells her to go home. But she tells him that Jessica knows about them and she will tell everyone.

Zeke is waiting outside the rave as Taylah arrives. He says that he wasn't sure if she'd come and she mentions that it is only 11pm. Zeke says that he arrived nerdishly early and she says that he is keen. He tells her that he is glad she finally arrived and they head inside.


Inside Angus' apartment, he tells Rachel that he is sorry. He was the adult in the relationship and should have stopped it, saying that she was too young for this situation. Rachel says that she isn't a kid and that they are in this together. She also tells him that their relationship could work and continue in secret. Angus replies that it is wrong and there can't be a relationship between them. Rachel tells him to forget about school, her age and being a teacher and asks him to remember what it was like when they first kissed. She says that they are supposed to be together but he replies that it has to end and asks her to leave.

At Charlie's, Ned asks Kirsten is she has seen Janae and she says no. She asks if they have been fighting but Ned says that he'll see her later and leaves.


Back at the garage, Janae recalls that a few years ago, she would have dumped Ned by now and gone off with his best mate to spite him. She jokes that says is a much more mature woman now, who deals with her issues in a fair manner and who weighs up her options carefully. She mentions that she could be in Cairns with her family, but she has gave it all up for Ned, who she thinks doesn't care about her. Darren sarcastically tells her to try living in the shadow of a dead guy. He says that he would do anything for Libby, but he'll never be Drew, or Ben's dad. The phone rings - it's Ned, but Janae doesn't answer, saying that he needs some time to think about what he is throwing away.

Back at the rave, Elle pulls Riley up to dance, but as they start, she notices Zeke. As Riley heads over, Elle points out a bigger problem, as they see Didge dancing.


Meanwhile, Taylah is trying to make Jessica tell her about the secret. After repeated failed guesses, she asks for a hint and Jessica tells her that it's about a teacher. Taylah mentions Susan and Daniel, before realising that she is talking about Angus. She asks Jessica if he is seeing someone and she replies that it is a student, but won't tell her who.

Declan teases Ringo about Jessica's crush on him. He tells Ringo to go for it, Rachel dumped him and he has to get over her. Jessica then appears and jokingly asks if he is too scared to dance. They begin dancing and then kiss, before Jessica takes a picture of them together. As they head off, one of the support beams begins to rattle and shake, unnoticed by the crowd.


Elsewhere at the rave, Riley and Didge argue. He is angry with her for being at the party, despite being underage and for lying to their parents. A screw begins to loosen on the support beam.

Elle tells Declan that he is busted, but he asks her not to tell Rebecca because it is Christmas and she doesn't need the stress. Elle laughs at him, saying his care for her mum is so sweet, but won't lie, telling him that he is stuffed.


Riley grabs Didge, saying that he is taking her home, but Josh intervenes. Riley tells him to stay out of it, but Josh promises that she'll be fine. Didge shouts at Riley, telling him that she isn't going home and that there is nothing he can do about it, before storming off. Above them, the beam becomes increasingly unsteady...

Rachel walks home from Angus' apartment in tears. She stops, and immediately turns the other direction. Angus opens his door to her and before he has a chance to talk to her, she kisses him. She tells him that she doesn't care what anyone else thinks or about the rules, before kissing him again. Angus looks at her, and begins to kiss her passionately as they enter the apartment and shut the door behind them.



Over at the garage, Darren is about to head home and offers Janae a lift, but she says that she is going to stay here. She refuses to go home to Ned, Steve and Miranda, who she thinks treat her like a child. She tells Darren that she thought this would be the best Christmas ever, but instead she has no one and is sitting in her garage. Outside, Kirsten is on her way home from work and hears Janae sobbing. Inside Darren tries to console Janae, telling her that she is a great girl. Janae grabs him and begins to kiss him, as Kirsten, in shock, looks in through the window.


At the party continues at the warehouse, with the bolts loosening by the second. Jessica and Ringo sit on the sofa, kissing as Elle and Riley search for Didge. Elle tells Riley that she may have went home already. But he tells her that he has to make sure and they look around. They see Zeke and Declan amongst the crowd, but finally see Bridget. As Riley calls over to her, he looks above as the support from the ceiling finally gives way. Huge metallic wreckage and support columns fall to the ground causing mass destruction. Screaming party goers run in all directions. Elle and Riley looks around dazed, Zeke and Taylah cower in fear. Didge tries in vain to wheel Josh out, as Declan runs towards them shouting her name. Didge lets out a scream as a huge piece of the wreckage crashes down from above.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Sweeney Young as Riley Parker, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, James Sorensen as Declan Napier, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski Eloise Mignon as Bridget 'Didge' Parker

Guest Cast: Todd MacDonald as Darren Stark, Nikola Dubois as Kirsten Gannon, Jonathan Wood as Angus Henderson, Danielle Horvat as Taylah Jordan, Heidi Valkenburg as Jessica Wallace, Liam Hemsworth as Josh Taylor, DJ Scott Van Rune as Grant Stevens

Trivia Notes
Janelle's deal means that number 26 will be a quarter cheaper and repayments will be $200 less per month
Angus lives at apartment number 25
According to Zeke, the 'Dog Star' is 8.6 light-years away

Summary by Conor

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