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Magic Moments > 2008 > The 2008 Season Premiere Episode 5366

Written by Peter Dick, Directed by Tony Osicka and Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 14/01/08, Five: 02/04/08

Darren tries to talk Janae out of confessing to Ned about their kiss. Rachel explains that everyone was at the illegal rave when the roof collapsed. Karl is caught between going to help Libby, or staying with Zeke…

Everyone is gathered by the collapsed warehouse as the emergency services continue to try and rescue the survivors. Susan looks deeply worried for Karl, Libby and Zeke, but Rachel tries to reassure her that Zeke will be fine, as he probably found a safe place to crawl into until he’s found. Susan finds little comfort in this and snaps back at Rachel, asking how she could possibly know that for certain.


Inside, Karl is calling out Libby’s name, but gets no response. Zeke then calls out to him, and Karl looks back to see where his stepson is. Zeke tells him to go and find Libby, but Karl decides to go back and tries to find a path back to Zeke.

Elsewhere, Elle is having trouble breathing, so Riley tells her to take short breathes, which hurts less. He says that he’ll try to find them a way out, but rubble starts falling and Elle tells him to stop. He picks up a broken FIRE EXIT sign and jokes that he was just following that, but Elle asks him not to make her laugh, as it hurts too much. Elle then begins panicking that nobody’s going to be looking for them, and they’ll be stuck in there, but Riley assures her that somebody will have realised they’re missing.


Meanwhile, Declan thinks that he can hear people coming to rescue them, but Bridget isn’t convinced. With no other option but to talk, Didge mentions the way he treated her after their date, and he apologises for everything. He tells her that he doesn’t feel that way about her any more, and she asks if he didn’t like having a gimp for a girlfriend, but he’s just happy to hear her describe herself as his girlfriend.

Outside, Steve desperately wants to go inside and help find Didge, but Miranda tells him not to get involved, and explains that she hasn’t been able to get hold of Riley either. Frazer and Paul chat about how Rebecca is taking all this very badly, and Oliver is on his way back from Sydney. Frazer sees Daniel and tries to find out if there’s any news about Ringo, while Ned asks if there’s anything they can do. Dan says that it would be useful to have an idea of exactly who was in the warehouse, so Miranda offers to make up a list, while Steve explains that he and Ned have been CFA volunteers for years, so Dan lets them join the rescue effort.


Inside, Ringo is trying to reassured Jess that they’ll be rescued soon, but she is becoming weaker by the second. He tells her that if he could be anywhere right now, it would be his home town of Muttatang and keeps her talking by asking where she’d like to be. She tells him that she’d like to be with him, eating fish and chips on the jetty.

Outside, Taylah is being brought out, and Steve asks if she’s seen Didge, but she confirms that they were all separated. She then goes over to Susan and explains that Zeke was in there with her, but they were separated and she hasn’t seen him since the roof collapsed. Rachel tries to comfort Susan, who lashes out, asking why Rachel left her brother on his own in that place.


Inside, Zeke is shouting at Karl to go back and help Libby, but Karl has now reached him and manages to free him from underneath some debris. He assures him that Libby is going to be fine, but they’re both alarmed when some more rubble comes down nearby.

At the General Store, Lou and Valda are preparing food for the workers at the site of the accident, and Valda makes a comment about how well they’re working and that roofs should fall in more often, because realising what she’s said. Marco then arrives with more supplies and offers to help out.


Back in the club, Didge is starting to wonder if she and Declan are going to make it out alive, and even Declan’s positivity is starting to wear off. She decides that she’s going to forgive Declan and they can move on, but he admits that he wants to be more than friends. Didge says that she wants that too, but she’s with Josh now. He says that she should be with him instead and leans in for a kiss, just as Dan finds them, interrupting the moment.

Elsewhere, Jess is struggling for breath and she admits that she’s been with a lot of guys but Ringo was the one she truly wanted. Ringo is happy to hear it, and she then asks that if he’s happy, why has he let go of her hand? He looks down and realises that their hands are still locked together. Ringo starts asking Jess is she’s OK and she says that she isn’t. Ringo pleads with her to stay with him but her breathing is growing worse and as her breathing slows down, he calls out her name.


Outside, everyone hears that another two survivors are being brought out – it’s Declan and Bridget. Steve rushes over to hug Didge, while Miranda is relieved to see her. Declan goes over to his mum and they share a hug, while Steve carries Didge over to where Miranda is standing. The happy reunion is brought to a crashing halt when Didge asks after Riley, and Steve rushes back over to the warehouse, telling Paul that Elle must be in there too. Susan asks Didge if she saw Karl, Libby or Zeke, and she explains that she only saw Zeke, just before the roof caved in.

Back inside, Karl tells Zeke that he doesn’t seem to have any serious injuries, and tells him to put on his fleece. Zeke snaps back, telling him to go now and find Libby, as that’s what he really wants to be doing. Karl says that he wants to help both of them, but Zeke insists that Karl would prefer to be with Libby right now, pointing out that, when the rubble collapsed on Libby, he went to her instead. Karl tries to explain that he was going to come back, but Zeke says that it’s fine, as Libby is his daughter. Karl insists that he sees Zeke as his son, just as he sees Rachel as one of his daughters, but can’t reply when Zeke asks why he left him.


At the General Store, Lou thanks Marco for his help with the food, and Marco admits that he’s always wanted to open his own restaurant one day. Valda takes a call to say that Bridget and Declan have been found safe and well, but there’s no sign of Riley and Elle, so Marco heads down to the accident site with the food and drinks.

Back in the warehouse, Riley is banging on some pipes to get attention, but Elle isn’t sure that anybody can hear them. He tells her to try and sit up, as she doesn’t look too good, but that makes her pain worse. Elle asks him to stop the banging, so he tries to get her talking about what she liked doing as a kid, but she’s slipping out of consciousness. Dan then turns up and Riley says that they need to get out quickly, as Elle’s in a very bad way.


Outside, Ned comes out to take a break from the rescue, and Janae has just received another text from Kirsten, lying to Ned that it was from a customer. Janae is happy when they’re distracted by Elle and Riley being brought out. Paul tries to rush over to Elle, but Dan tells him to stand back, as they need to get Elle straight into an ambulance. Steve rushes over to hug Riley, who is relieved to hear that Didge made it out OK. Darren is looking worried, and Ned assures him that it’ll be his turn for some good news next.

Back inside, Ringo is telling Jess about his parents on their cruise to try and keep her awake, and he notices that her hand is very cold. He suddenly hears the rescue team coming for them and shouts out to get attention. Dan calls back to him, while Jess asks Ringo to pass a message on to her mum – she loves her and is sorry for sneaking out. Ringo says that she can tell her herself, as they’ll be out soon. He tells her to hang on and to think about the jetty. Dan appears and Ringo tells him to help Jessica as she’s badly hurt. He can’t find a pulse and he shakes his head, so he goes over to help Ringo and asks him to let go of Jessica’s hand. Ringo won’t let go, but Dan insists.


Outside, Janae tells Rachel to go over and talk to Susan, who hugs her. Janae then tells Darren that Kirsten was at the garage and is now texting her, demanding that they meet. Darren tries not to think the worst, but Janae wonders what’s going to happen if Kirsten saw them kiss. Rosie and Marco are handing out drinks to the rescue team, and Rosie admits that Frazer feels responsible for Ringo now, and she doesn’t know how he’d cope if something happened to him. At that moment, Ringo is brought out and Frazer runs over, at first saying he’s going to wring his neck, before hugging him. Susan asks Dan if any of her family have been spotted, but he says that they haven’t, but it’s only a matter of time. Ringo then asks if Jess is OK, but Dan is forced to break the news that she didn’t make it.


Back inside, Zeke and Karl are still trapped. Zeke can hear a bulldozer outside and worries that they’ve stopped searching and are starting to clear the site. Karl insists that they’re probably just clearing one section and then they’ll continue with the rescue. As they look for a way out, Zeke reassures Karl that Libby will be fine, as she lies unconscious in the rubble nearby.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Kym Valentine as Libby Kennedy, Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Nikki Coghill as Miranda Parker, Sweeney Young as Riley Parker, Eloise Mignon as Bridget 'Didge' Parker, Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta Cammeniti, Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold, Jesse Rosenfeld as Marco Silvani, Brett Tucker as Daniel Fitzgerald, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, James Sorensen as Declan Napier

Guest Cast: Todd MacDonald as Darren Stark, Heidi Valkenburg as Jessica Wallace, Danielle Horvat as Taylah Jordan

Trivia Notes
• The closing credits now list Stephanie’s surname as Scully, following her divorce from Max, and Janae’s surname as Timmins
• Ringo mentions that if he could be anywhere right now, it’d be back home in Muttatang. Jessica says that her perfect place would be eating fish and chips on the jetty
• Marco mentions that it’s always been his dream to own his own restaurant
• Steve and Ned used to be CFA volunteers back in Oakey

Summary by Steve

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