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Magic Moments > 2008 > Nicola's Arrival Episode 5446

Written by Ben Michael, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 05/05/08, Five: 24/07/08

Elle tells Carmella that Oliver dumped her because she is unhinged. Carmella throws cake in Elle's face. Elle and Marco go into business together at The General Store. Steph tells Ty that if he had a crush on one of his housemates, he should keep it to himself. Ty tells Libby that he is moving out.

On Ramsay Street, Ringo and Ty are out for a run and Ringo notes that Ty seems angry about something, just as a sporty black convertible speeds past and pulls up. A glamorous blonde adjusts her hair in the mirror before stepping out, giving the two guys a quick smile before heading in the direction of number 26. Ty and Ringo look on in awe.




At Erinsborough High, Miranda and Steve are cleaning whilst discussing their previous wedding anniversaries. Steve promises that they'll go somewhere expensive next time, but Miranda says that after twenty years, it doesn't matter. As she continues cleaning, she finds a note taped to one of the lockers, asking her to come to room 2B, signed 'Mr. Parker'. She goes there to find that Steve has prepared champagne and a selection of treats. He wishes her a happy anniversary and they kiss.

Outside number 26, the woman knocks the door repeatedly, but there is no answer. She looks under the mat for a key to no avail. Then she notices the nearby flower pot and lifts it up, finding the spare key. She laughs, saying that Miranda is predictable, before letting herself into the house.


At The General Store, Ty walks in, noticing Libby sitting at a table. After a slightly awkward conversation about his run, Libby wants to chat about what happened earlier. She tells Ty that she thinks it's sweet that he wants to spend time with her and she is flattered. Ty asks if he is too young and she replies that she isn't in the right place to start a new relationship, but she could use a friend. Ty says that he doesn't want to make things hard for her, but she reassures him that she doesn't want him to move out. They both agree that things are okay between them and Libby leaves to go back to school.

At the counter, Dan is talking to Marco and asks him if he is a good dancer. Marco says that he is, and that he was literally born in a disco. Dan then asks him if he knows the tango and tells Marco that it isn't for himself, but for Libby. He mentions that she is teaching the students and needs someone to help demonstrate the moves, but Marco says that he is too busy at The General Store to help.


At number 26, Miranda and Steve arrive home, hugging and kissing. The woman emerges from the kitchen and wishes them a happy anniversary, with a bottle of champagne and a couple of glasses in hand. Neither Steve or Miranda look impressed at her presence but hug her - it's Miranda's sister, Nicola. She immediately notices the pair's overalls and says that their mother never told her that it was a fancy-dress party. Steve asks what her mother has to do with anything. Nicola tells him that Miranda told her mother that she was organising a huge party for their anniversary, and that's why she's here. Miranda admits she lied to their mother, who kept suggesting expensive ways for them to celebrate their anniversary. Steve instinctively knows it's because Miranda is embarrassed that they can't afford to celebrate the way her mother thinks they should. Trying to calm the situation, Nicola offers some champagne.

In The General Store kitchen, Elle is looking at the accounts and suggests changing butchers in order to save money but Marco disagrees, preferring better quality. They clash over various ways to make a profit. Marco believes offering great food is what they need, asking Elle to taste his food. As they chat in the kitchen, Carmella arrives home from Italy, and hears them. She interrupts and Marco is delighted to see her. She asks Elle how she is, and she replies that she's just trying to get her head around the business, unaware that Carmella doesn't know. Marco explains to Carmella that Elle has bought Frazer's share of the business. Carmella isn't happy.


Back at number 26, Miranda tries to justify her lie to Steve. She tells him that as soon as she would tell her mother that they were having a low-key anniversary, she would immediately guess something was wrong. Steve believes that her mum thinks she deserves better than him but Miranda tells him that she loved what he did at the school. He argues that she would never tell her mother that was how they celebrated and is annoyed that, as a grown woman, she is still worried about her mother's hang-ups about money and class. Nicola asks if they need some time alone, but Miranda says that everything is fine. She then asks about the overalls and can't help but laugh at the thought of them being the school cleaners. She guesses that Miranda hasn't told their mother any of this and asks since when did being a vet put them on the "poverty line." An annoyed Steve tells her they have bills to pay and mothers to impress.

At The General Store, Marco and Carmella discuss his decision to go into business with Elle. He says he needed an investor and Elle had good business brains and the money he needed but Carmella is furious. She is still angry at Elle for her past actions and points put that she is part of Oliver's family now. Marco thinks they could build bridges but Carmella wonders how long it'll take for Elle to dig her claws into him too. He tells her that he loves her and would never cheat on her and that this is the best decision for their family. Carmella says she has gifts for him and reveals a shirt, and that she has bought him numerous pairs of pants and shoes. He tells her that he has another surprise for her and Sienna enters the kitchen. Carmella isn't happy. Again.


Back at Erinsborough High, Libby is dancing in a classroom, when she notices Ty at the door and she tells him that she's doing prep work. He asks her if she meant it when she said she wanted to be friends. As a mate, he offers to help since she doesn't have a dancing partner. They begin to dance and laugh, enjoying each other's company. Outside the room, Fitzy walks by, stopping momentarily to gaze in at them, before continuing to walk down the hall.

Back at number 26, Miranda finishes telling Nicola about the various bills they have had to pay recently. Nicola asks why she didn't tell her about this before and why she didn't let her help. Miranda explains that help from Nicola is actually help from their mum and she refuses to take money from her. Nicola replies that the money is what their mum owes them for the damage she has done. But still, Miranda thinks that if she takes money from her, their mum will think that she has something over them. She says that has a husband who loves her and two fantastic kids, so she has nothing to complain about. Bridget and Riley arrive home and Didge is delighted to see her aunt. Riley is nervous, but Nicola insists on a hug, whispering that she really missed him.


At The General Store, Sienna is playing with Chloe, speaking to her in baby-talk, much to Carmella's dismay. Carmella asks Sienna what she is doing in Erinsborough and she answers that she is visiting family and that they now have the opportunity to get close. Carmella points out that they don't like each other, but Sienna says that while they have a few fights in the past, Carmella was hardly innocent. They continue bickering before Sienna finally admits that she's having a tough time at home and that if Rosie were there, she would look after her. Sienna's mum thinks working with Carmella will be a good influence and Carmella agrees to let her stay, as long as she doesn't cause trouble. Marco comes over, asking if everything is sorted just as Carmella receives a text from Elle, wanting to meet. Carmella gets annoyed and heads off to see Elle.

At Charlie's, Carmella walks over to Elle and asks if she thinks it's strange that the moment she goes overseas, Elle has managed to get involved in her private life. Elle is offended, claiming that this is only a money-making venture and that she saved Marco's business. Carmella warns her that Celestial Fruits will be buying her out. Elle asks Carmella where her anger is coming from, as she believed that they were over the past by now. Carmella tells her this is an uneasy ceasefire, they aren't friends and she doesn't like Elle being in her life. But Elle doesn't care as long as the business makes her money. Carmella storms off, unaware that Sienna has witnessed the entire confrontation.


At number 26, Nicola is entertaining the Parker family and Ringo with some embarrassing stories from Miranda's past. Bridget asks her aunt how long she is staying for and Miranda says she can stay as long as she wants to. Riley offers to clear up and Nicola helps, following him out to the kitchen. Riley asks her what she's doing here and she says she's just visiting her family. Miranda interrupts, coming out to hug them both and saying how good it is to have Nicola back with the family.

At The General Store, Sienna returns and starts enquiring about Elle. Carmella tells her that Elle slept with Oliver while they were still together. Sienna said she should have threw a drink in her face and Carmella recalls the cake-throwing incident, but that now she has to set a better example for Chloe. She then opens a credit card bill and swiftly tries to hide it. Sienna doesn't let the subject drop and looks at the bill, shocked at how much Carmella owes. Marco comes over and she covers for Carmella, both pretending that everything is okay.


In the middle of the night at number 26, Riley goes to the fridge and Nicola, dressed in his shirt, surprises him. She tells him that either he is angry with her or that he doesn't feel anything for her at all. She says that in the past two years, he hasn't changed a bit. He argues that he has and to prove it, walks away from her. However, before he can even leave the kitchen, he turns around and looks toward her. He walks over and they begin to kiss passionately.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Sarah May as Chloe Cammeniti, Jesse Rosenfeld as Marco Silvani, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Nikki Coghill as Miranda Parker, Eloise Mignon as Bridget 'Didge' Parker, Sweeney Young as Riley Parker, Kym Valentine as Libby Kennedy, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Brett Tucker as Daniel Fitzgerald, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown

Guest Cast: Imogen Bailey as Nicola West, Dean Geyer as Ty Harper, Erin McNaught as Sienna Cammeniti

Trivia Notes
Imogen Bailey joins the cast as guest character, Nicola West
Nicola drives a BMW 328i and it's registration is QCZ 130
It is Steve and Miranda's 20th wedding anniversary
On Miranda and Steve's second wedding anniversary, they went to a new restaurant in Sydney and Steve got a fish bone stuck in his throat
According to Marco, he was born in a disco. His mum went to her cousin Gilda's hen night and gave birth early
Elle suggests The General Store changes butchers to the one used by Lassiter's, saving $5000 per year
As teenagers, Carmella and Sienna had numerous fights. One such fight arose from Sienna believing that Carmella kissed Joe Pascaline, who Sienna claimed to love, aged 13
Miranda used to date a guy named Peter Grogan. One night she sneaked out to meet him and when climbing over his fence, her dress got caught and she fell to the ground, waking up his father. She greeted him dressed only in her underwear. Peter dumped her the following morning

Summary by Conor