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Magic Moments > 2008 > Sienna's Arrival Episode 5445

Written by David Hannam, Directed by Aarne Neeme, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 02/05/08, Five: 23/07/08

Rebecca accuses Steve of thinking that she isn't able to raise her son but Steve thinks that Declan could benefit from his care. Rachel tells Susan that she and Angus didn't plan to meet and that he shouldn't go to jail because of a coincidence. Susan warns Angus to stay away from Rachel and telling him that if he comes near her again, he'll suffer the consequences.

In court, the judge begins her sentencing. She notes that Angus has pleaded guilty and that he has convinced her that he will take full responsibility for his actions. She also mentions that she believes his feelings toward Rachel were caring and reciprocated, as confirmed by Rachel's statement, which argued that Angus' age nor his position, pressured her into a relationship. She says that family and friends speak well of him and that it is clear that he regards his loss of judgement as a mistake and that the loss of his career is appropriate. However, she reminds him that the trust placed in teachers is of the highest order and in breaching that trust, he betrays his honour, the profession, the students in his care and the entire community. In a bid to make it clear to the community and others who may follow Angus' example, she sentences Angus to six months in jail. Angus is shocked and Rachel looks at him, heartbroken.


Outside, various journalists try to get a statement from Rachel, but up ahead Angus notices Rachel and runs toward her. As the journalists and photographers surround them, Angus slips a piece of paper into Rachel's hand, before being dragged away. He shouts that she did the right thing by being honest and tells her that it doesn't change how he feels about her. Susan tries to comfort a sobbing Rachel.

At The General Store, Libby, Lou, Steph and Ty are talking. Libby is telling Lou about her tango lessons with the students and Steph asks if there has been any news. Lou is confused and Libby explains about the court case. Trying to change the subject, he tells Libby that he didn't know she could dance. Ty mentions that he always wished that he could dance and Libby suggests taking a girl to a club, saying that it won't take him long to pick it up. However Ty says that he has no one to ask and Steph suggests that Libby could teach him.


At number 32, Ty is attempting to dance and asks Libby join him, but she isn't impressed, exclaiming that she isn't coming near his size ten boots. However, Steph is on hand with a solution and moments later, Ty is wearing a pair of fluffy dog slippers. He and Libby begin to dance.

Back at The General Store, a beautiful young woman enters and presses the bell at the counter. Lou appears from the kitchen and is delighted at the sight of her. She introduces herself as Sienna Cammeniti and is looking for her cousins, Carmella and Rosetta. Lou tells her that that both are in Italy at the minute. However he calls Marco from the kitchen, saying that he could tell her more about Carmella's new baby. He introduces himself and Sienna says that it is great to finally meet him, as there were rumours of a handsome new man in the family. She also mentions that she has just moved to Erinsborough and looking for work. Upon hearing this, Lou asks her if she has any experience as a waiter. Just as Marco tries to disagree, Lou ushers him out of the Store, saying he is late for the market and offers Sienna a seat. As Marco leaves, Sienna smiles at him.



At the park, Rebecca watches Steve and Declan from her car. Declan is clearly exhausted from his run, but Steve taunts him, saying he looks like someone who would rather watch a game than play it. When Declan sarcastically says he would rather watch, Steve calls him a liar, asking if he'll run around again. Declan argues back, accusing him of getting off on being a tough coach. Steve angrily says that he's thinking about the team and tells Declan to give him another two laps, if he can hack it. Declan begins to run, but Rebecca doesn't look pleased.

At The General Store, Sienna and Lou are talking just as Marco arrives back from the market. He comes over, interrupting them and asks Lou to get to work. Lou tells him that he has offered Sienna a job, but Marco tells her that he'll speak to Carmella about it next week and asks how long she's in town for. Sienna jokes that now she has a crush on Lou, she may stay for a while. Rebecca enters and walks over to Steve, who is sitting at a different table. She says that she isn't happy with Steve 'tormenting' Declan and that he is pushing him too far. Steve says that he needs to be pushed. She is worried however, that at this point in his life, Declan may go either way but Steve tells her to have a bit of faith in his actions.


Back at number 32, Libby and Ty are still dancing. Steph makes fun of Ty, saying he moves like a Thunderbird. Libby says that he is getting better, but needs to stop holding her as if she is his aunt. She asks him to imagine that she is the belle of the ball and he is trying to sweep her off her feet. They dance again briefly and Steph notices a hint of attraction on Ty's part, but Libby has to rush off to see Susan and Rachel. After she leaves, Steph asks Ty for a chat. She tells him that they have a really happy household at the moment, it's uncomplicated and works really well. She says that if he had a crush on one of his housemates, he should keep it to himself. He tells her that he doesn't feel that way about Libby. Steph explains that Libby has had a few problems recently and doesn't need another one, joking that she will crush him like a bug if he stuffs up.

Over at number 28, Libby comes in and finds Rachel sitting on the sofa. Rachel begins to explain what happened in court, mentioning her victim impact statement and how she wants Susan to know that she is sorry, but tells Libby that Angus was sent to jail. She tries to tell Libby that she tried to convince everyone that she shared the responsibility, believing that Angus had been punished enough. Susan appears and tells her that she was brave, asking her to come to lunch. Libby tells her that the 'death by chocolate' option always works. Rachel clings to Angus' note.


Back at the park, Steve continues to push Declan but he's had enough, telling Steve that he is pathetic. Steve says that he doesn't want him on the team, telling him that he'll let his team mates down, just like he lets Rebecca down. Declan tries to punch him and Steve eggs him on, telling him to do it, but he refuses. Later, as they are preparing to leave, Steve tells Declan that he wants him to think before he answers. He says that he wants Declan to be a member of the team, but that won't happen with the way he is behaving. By telling lies to Rebecca, he isn't being loyal to family - "team number one". Steve asks him why he didn't hit him and Declan replies that, even though Steve is playing mind games with him, he didn't deserve to be hit as he is only trying to help him. Steve tells him that life is made of choices and by making good choices, Declan could make a giant leap forward.

Back at The General Store, Lou compliments Sienna on her muffins, telling her that as soon as people taste them, she'll be on the permanent payroll guaranteed. Riley is on his laptop and gets a call from a workmate, who sends him an email with pictures taken outside the court. As Riley looks at the photographs, he notices Angus passing the note into Rachel's hands. Marco comes back and Lou offers him coffee made by Sienna and one of her muffins. Impressed, Marco offers her a trial period. Rachel and Susan enter. Riley sits beside Rachel and asks her how she is coping. He then asks her about the note that Angus gave her. At first Rachel pretends she doesn't know what he is talking about, but then says that she wouldn't tell him anything, recalling that the last time he did a story on her family, she ended up in hospital.


Later that night at number 32, Libby, Steph and Ty discuss Angus' sentencing. Whilst Steph believes that Angus was old enough to know to stop the relationship when he knew who Rachel was, Ty disagrees, asking her if she ever fell for the wrong person. She tells him that she has but as a teacher, Angus was responsible for people's kids. However Ty still thinks that a custodial sentence was over the top and that he should appeal. Libby gets up and asks Ty to dance but Steph jumps in, asking Libby to teach her instead.

At number 22, Rebecca is sitting in the kitchen studying, when Declan arrives home. She asks him how his day went and he tells her that he had a massive training session with Steve. He also tells her that he nearly decked him, but didn't, saying that it was a misunderstanding and that Steve is okay. He kisses her goodnight and asks if they're still a team. Rebecca says that they are and he heads upstairs.


At number 28, Rachel opens Angus' note. Inside the paper, she finds his ring and a photograph of the couple in a photo booth. On the back, there is a message: "Only love matters. Forever yours." She begins to cry.


The following morning at number 32, Ty is ironing and Libby comes into the living room, offering to make him a coffee. He tells her that there is some already made in the kitchen. Sensing that something is wrong, she asks him if he is okay. Ty tells her that he is moving out. She questions why and he pulls her close and begins to dance with her. He then says that he lied and that he could always dance, but thought that learning to dance with her would be nice. Libby realises that he likes her.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Sweeney Young as Riley Parker, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, James Sorensen as Declan Napier, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Kym Valentine as Libby Kennedy, Blake O'Leary as Ben Kirk, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Carla Bonner as Steph Scully, Aaron Aulsebrook-Walker as Charlie Hoyland, Jesse Rosenfeld as Marco Silvani

Guest Cast: Erin McNaught as Sienna Cammeniti, Dean Geyer as Ty Harper, Jonathan Wood as Angus Henderson, Justine Press as Judge Anderson, Gina Morley as Jan Phillips, Peter Zienkiewicz as Angus' Lawyer

Trivia Notes
Erin McNaught joins the cast in the role of guest role of Sienna Cammeniti
Sienna mentions that she and Carmella haven't spoken in years
Sienna makes muffins using the 'Cammeniti orange muffin recipe'
Angus is sentenced to six months in jail
Angus' message to Rachel reads, "Only love matters. Forever yours, A."

Summary by Conor

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