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Magic Moments > 2008 > Donna's Arrival Episode 5466

Written by Ben Michael, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds and Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 02/06/08, Five: 21/08/08

Outside the court, Angus gives Rachel a letter before being dragged away. Elle tells Paul that he almost ruined their family by having an affair with Kirsten, but Lyn is struggling and is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Lyn admits to Susan that she is blackmailing Paul. Susan tells Rebecca that Paul has been having an affair.

At number 22, Rebecca can't believe what she's hearing and thinks that Lyn is making it up because she's jealous of her relationship with Paul. Susan tells her that there are photographs. Elle apologises and Rebecca realises that Elle knew and didn't tell her. She asks her who Paul was sleeping with and Elle admits that it was Kirsten.


At Charlie's, Paul, Oliver and Declan are out for a few drinks. Declan looks annoyed and Paul knows it's because he told Rebecca about Declan going to the formal. He tells Declan that he had to tell her because her loves her and thought that she deserved to know. Declan asks if he is going to tell her about the police interview, but Paul says that he won't as long as Declan fixes Chris' car. Declan and Oliver tell Paul that he makes their mum happy and in return, make them happy. The have a toast to Rebecca.


Back at number 22, Elle tries to explain her dad's behaviour as a stupid mistake and a one night stand. Rebecca tells Elle to stop defending him and begins to take off her wedding dress.

At number 28, Lyn worries about Rebecca and Susan tells her that she deserved to know. Steph is angry, thinking that Susan has made things worse. She mentions that Paul only agreed to forget the blackmailing on the basis that Lyn didn't tell Rebecca. Susan argues that she was the one who told her, not Lyn, but Steph thinks that Paul will call the cops. Lyn says that she will pay the price and wishes that she had the courage to tell her, but Steph says that there was better way to handle the situation and things aren't as simple as she is making them out to be.


Elle leaves a message for Paul, just as Declan and Oliver come home. They tell her that he is getting champagne and flowers, but Oliver notices that Elle has been crying. Rebecca comes down the stairs and announces that she and Paul have some things that they have to work out. Elle reveals Paul's affair and Declan goes off to confront him. Oliver leaves, trying to calm him down. Elle tries to comfort Rebecca but she asks her to leave as she can't make things any better.

At Charlie's, Ty and Rachel watch Little Red perform. Afterwards, she thanks him, saying that she hasn't been out in a while and is having a good time. As they continue talking, a young woman comes over to Ty, much to his disappointment. He introduces her as Donna but she ignores Rachel, calling her 'Rochelle.' She enthusiastically tells him that he should be playing at the bar, questioning him about upcoming gigs, mentioning that his myspace demo is amazing and asking why he hasn't replied to her phone calls. Rachel goes for a walk and as Ty goes to stop her, Donna tries to keep his attention by telling him about a photographer who could help with Ty's front cover.



Paul arrives home at number 22 and Rebecca tells him that she is upstairs. In their bedroom, he finds Rebecca sitting on the bed and kisses her on the head but she flinches, asking if Kirsten likes that as well. Rebecca asks him why he cheated. He says that he has no explanation or justification, but that he was feeling insecure and like Rebecca had no time for him. He tries to convince Rebecca that he loves her, but she tells him to stop insulting her - that he wrecks everything he touches and doesn't love her. She says that he isn't good enough for her or her sons and walks out.


In The General Store kitchen, Oliver asks Elle when she found out. She admits that she knew for a couple of months, but didn't say because Paul is her father and she thought that the marriage could still last. Oliver can't believe that she didn't tell him especially since they were supposed to be a couple. He says that he expected this from Paul, but not Elle, he thought that she had changed. He tells her that she and Paul deserve each other.


At number 22, Rebecca packs her bags as Paul tries to convince her to stay, telling her that Kirsten meant nothing to him. Rebecca argues that everyone has daydreams about someone else from time to time, but decent people know that acting on these feelings isn't going to get them a soulmate. She tells him that she feels sorry for him and that he'll never be happy. Declan arrives home and tells Paul that he couldn't wait for him to become his dad and how much he liked and looked up to him. Paul says sorry, but Declan pushes him to the ground, saying that he is sorry for thinking Paul was different from the others.


Back at Charlie's, Donna goes to buy Ty another drink and he and Rachel begin to discuss her. He explains that she isn't his ex-girlfriend, but a groupie. Rachel says that it's good, it means that he's a genuine rocker. But he tells her that she got his phone number and calls him at all hours of the night. After hearing that, Rachel thinks she sounds like a stalker and learns that she has been following him around for a year. As Donna returns with the drinks, Rachel gets an idea and puts her arms around Ty. Donna mentions the photographer again, saying that he would be a great contact for Ty, but he ignores her and begins talking to Rachel about their plans for later. Annoyed, Donna sees her friend and goes off to speak to her. Ty thanks Rachel.


In her bedroom, Rebecca packs up more of her belongings and notices a photo of herself and Paul. She looks at it before throwing it to the ground and leaves.

At The General Store, Lyn, Steph and Susan arrive for a coffee. They notice Elle and Lyn says that she feels sorry for her. Steph goes to talk to her, asking her if Paul is going to the police. She replies no, that he needs to face the consequences for his mistakes. Lyn is relieved and Susan decides to speak to Elle, telling her how sorry she is and that she had to tell her. Elle begins shouting at her, mocking her moralistic views and telling her that she has ruined her family's chance at happiness. Susan is shocked and upset.


At Charlie's, Ty and Rachel continue joking about their fake relationship. As soon as Donna heads back toward them, Rachel kisses him on the cheek and obviously annoyed, Donna leaves. As she continues to laugh, she looks at her ring and remembers Angus. They decide to head home.

At number 28, Susan blames herself for her decision to tell Rebecca and Lyn tries to comfort her. Rebecca and Declan knock at the door, asking if they can stay for the night. Susan says that they can and Declan heads to bed, as Rebecca begins to cry. Lyn reassures her that it was better that she found out before they got married and Rebecca tells them that she loved him so much, sobbing in Susan's arms.


At number 22, Paul finds the broken photo frame on the floor, Elle passes by the bedroom and sees him, getting a tissue to clean the blood on his lip. Paul is angry, believing that Elle told Rebecca and wrongly thought that he could rely on her loyalty. Elle tells him that she kept his secret and covered for him. He doesn't believe her, saying that she betrayed him. Furious, Elle orders him out of her house and her life, declaring that she isn't going to end up like him.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes, Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, James Sorensen as Declan Napier, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Scully

Guest Cast: Janet Andrewartha as Lyn Scully, Margot Robbie as Donna Freedman, Dean Geyer as Ty Harper

Trivia Notes
Margot Robbie joins the cast as Donna Freedman
Little Red perform their song 'Witchdoctor' at Charlie's
Rachel is wearing the ring given to her by Angus in Episode 5445
According to Donna, Ty has a Myspace Music page

Summary by Conor

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