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Magic Moments > 2008 > Harold's Return Episode 5482

Written by Katrina Foster, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds and Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 24/06/08, Five: 15/09/08

Didge confesses that she bought all of Declan's tickets for the kissing booth and they kiss. Pete threatens Miranda and Steve orders him out of his house. Samantha tells Dan that they need to leave Erinsborough.

Dan isn't happy with Sam's idea, but before they can discuss it, Miranda and Didge arrive with flowers. They thank Sam for her work on Steve's case and for what she wrote, saying that he only got a fine and community service. Sam says that she was glad to be of service and they leave. Dan says that she did a great job and she has friends in Erinsborough. But Sam says that she finds law too intense, claiming that she would give up not only the law, but anything to start over and asks if he would do the same.


At number 28, Susan tells everyone the news about Steve's sentence. She tells them that Miranda is coming round to celebrate, but Steve is out rescuing a stray dog. Karl passes Susan a letter from the company behind the MS drug trial that reveals that she has been turned down as she's not a suitable candidate. Karl tells her that these sort of trials happen all the time, but Susan isn't interested and says that she was counting on this one.


Meanwhile, Steve and Nicola are out looking for the stray dog, which Nicola has named Bronte. Steve laughs, saying that he didn't think she was an animal-lover. She is slightly dejected, but he then says that inside, she has a soft centre. She agrees, describing herself as "Hard on the outside and soft in the middle" and hopes to prove it by helping Steve pay his fine. He thanks her for her offer, but turns her down. They find Bronte and put a lead on her. Steve notes that "All she needed was a little love" and they head off.


At number 28, Susan, Miranda and Rebecca are drinking wine. Rebecca says that Susan should make the most of her free time and do the things that she's always wanted to do. Susan starts listing housework, but Rebecca says that she's serious and they should make a list of '10 things you want to do in the next two months.' Susan can't think of anything...


A few glasses of wine later, Susan, Miranda, Rebecca and Karl are learning how to 'crump' as they dance in the living room. Rebecca asks Susan how long it's been since she sat up all night and watched the sun rise, but she replies that she did it last night because she couldn't sleep. They all discuss what would be on their lists and Miranda tells Susan that she wants to see her list first thing in the morning. At the table, Rachel asks Didge about Declan, but she tries to avoid the conversation.

At Charlie's, Declan explains to Ringo that it was just a bit of fun, but Ringo doesn't believe him, saying that he and Bridget had to be prised apart.

Rachel asks Didge if she and Declan have talked about it yet, but Didge is worried that she just wants a bit of fun. Didge says that she wants to be with him.


Ringo is surprised when Declan reveals that he wants to hook up with Didge. He notes that few couples these days actually have fun when they get together, he points out Rachel and Angus, and Dan and Sam. Declan tells not to go there, nodding at the pair sitting at another table.

Dan suggests Sam take some unpaid leave and they could go away for a month or two, but Sam interrupts, telling him that he's either ready or he's not. She pulls out two tickets to Auckland, leaving tomorrow. She explains that he loved it in their last visit and it's close to her parents, as well as available work for both of them. He thinks the idea is crazy, but Sam argues back that she has never been more sane and that she is fighting for her future. Dan asks about his future - his job, responsibilities, kids that he's looking after and that he can't wrap it all up in a day. She gives him an ultimatum and says that she is leaving in 24 hours, with or without him.


The following day at Erinsborough High, Rachel and Ringo discuss a poster for the Erinsborough Fire Service. He jokes that Donna would love a man in uniform, but Rachel isn't pleased, saying that she's weird and has been stalking Ty for ages. Ringo thinks Rachel's just jealous. Rachel asks where Zeke, Bridget and Declan are. Ringo tells her that Zeke has a free period and that Didge and Declan are probably off "sucking face" and thinks that Rachel is jealous of them because she almost went there with Declan at school camp. She tells him that at camp, she and Declan realised that they were incompatible. Didge appears, wanting to know what they were talking about and Ringo tells her everything, annoying Rachel. Didge tells her not to worry, saying that she and Declan think it's funny.

Dan asks Libby if she has seen Helen Carr, but she hasn't and says that she is in a meeting. She asks him if he is okay and if it is true that he's thinking about leaving. He says maybe, but because of Sam and Libby. He apologises and leaves.


Miranda arrives at The General Store with a list she made when she was twenty. All she wanted to do was get married and have a baby. She asks Rebecca and Susan for their lists, but Rebecca says that she doesn't need one because going after what you want doesn't require a list, just determination. Harold walks in and the three ladies and Lou rush over to greet him. They compliment him of following his dreams, but he plays it down, saying that he is tired and just wants to have a private word with Lou. In The General Store kitchen, Lou tells him that he knows something is wrong. Harold asks him if he still has that caravan, but he says no, not anymore. Harold is disappointed because he wanted to swap and Lou guesses that he wants to travel incognito for a while. Before Harold can tell him what's wrong, his mobile rings, but he doesn't answer.


At number 28, Zeke is angry at the drug company's treatment of Susan, but doesn't even know why Susan want to try experimental treatments. Karl tell him that she was just searching for answers, but she has invested so much into the possibility, that she's come crashing down. Zeke says that it's the same thing Alex did - putting all his hope into a load of rubbish. Angrily, he picks up his bag and accidentally and knocks Karl's CDs on the floor. They both pick them up, when Harold enters. They're delighted to see him and Zeke asks how long he is staying for. He replies that he wants to stay for quite a while and as Zeke leaves for school, Harold makes sure that the door is firmly closed behind him. Karl says that Susan will be delighted to see him and Harold mentions that they've already met, but it's good that she has friends at a time like this. Karl explains about the drug trials and says that Susan is very much up and down at the moment. Harold tries to convince Karl that even if it isn't likely to wok, the drug could give her hope and says that anything worth having always involves a risk. He reminds Karl of Madge and says that without hope, they just couldn't have gone on.

At Lassiter's, Dan wants to talk to Libby, but they both notice Didge and Declan, very much in love. Dan tells her that something has come up and he needs to talk to her, but then lies, saying that there has been a problem with the year 8 excursion. Libby want to know why he couldn't say that at school, but he says that it just came to mind. The rest of the teens see Didge and Declan kissing and Ringo jokes that they need a cooling off and goes over to the fire truck. Libby asks Dan if that is what he really wanted to talk to her about, but before he can talk, Ringo sounds the alarm in the fire truck. Dan tells Ringo off, but is overly-harsh and then leaves.



At The General Store, Declan tries to comfort Didge who is upset about her father's situation, saying that she shouldn't get away with killing Chris. Declan insists that it was an accident, but it's no good, Didge wants to go the the courtroom and tell the truth. Declan tells her that it is a bad idea, but she says that she'll tell the truth, whether Steve likes it or not.

At The General Store, Lou gives Steve and Miranda a cheque for twelve months rent in advance, but also the exact same amount of Steve's fine. Lou tells them that he sold the caravan as he no longer needs it, but Steve says that he can't accept it. Lou says that all his life, he's thought about money, but now he has time to change that - he doesn't need it, Steve does. They accept it and Miranda hugs Lou.


At Charlie's, Steve arrives and apologises to Jay, the fireman, and says that he's ready to start his community service. Jay notices something is wrong and tells Steve that the other guys aren't going to care why he's there, advising to keep his head down and work hard. At another table, Karl asks Susan about her list, but she says that there is nothing she wants to do. Except for the drug trial, Karl notes. Susan just wants to know why she can't be a part of it and says that she needs to do something to feel like she's fighting back. Karl says that he knows people at the hospital and could pull some strings, and despite his reservations, he's not always right. Susan asks if there is any chance they could reconsider and Karl says that they can only try.


At The General Store, Harold asks Lou how he is getting on, but he says that he's fine now that he's been adopted by the Parkers. Lou asks Harold to tell him everything about his adventures of the road. Harold keeps trying to change the subject and jumps when someone comes in the door. Lou guesses that he's on the run, but Harold says no. He finally cracks, saying he's in terrible trouble.


At number 30, Sam is on the phone getting the number for a psychiatrist based in Auckland. Dan comes in and sees that she has begun packing his stuff too, but she tells him that they're running out of time. Dan reveals how he lost his temper with Ringo earlier and Sam want to know why he's finding this so hard. He tells her that he doesn't want to go, but doesn't want to lose her. She asks him what is keeping him in Erinsborough. He mentions his job and his friends, describing Erinsborough as his home. She tells him to be honest and he finally admits that he doesn't want to leave Libby. He says that he should have told her before, but it's complicated as he hasn't stopped loving Sam. Sam tells him to make a choice and that's asking him to come to New Zealand as it's their chance to put the past behind them. She says that they can be happy again, but only when they're free of all their baggage. Sam asks him to choose - it's her, or Libby. Dan tells her that he loves her and agrees to leave with her for a fresh start. They kiss and hug, yet he still looks unsure of his decision.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Nikki Coghill as Miranda Parker, Eloise Mignon as Bridget Parker, Brett Tucker as Daniel Fitzgerald, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, James Sorensen as Declan Napier, Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, Kym Valentine as Libby Kennedy, Alan Fletcher as Dr Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown

Guest Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Imogen Bailey as Nicola West, Charlie Clausen as Jay Duncan, Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald

Trivia Notes
Ian Smith makes a guest return to the show as Harold Bishop
Nicola names the stray dog Bronte
Miranda's list of things to do includes cooking classes in Italy, shopping in Paris and dancing in New York. However, when she was twenty, her list was simply to get married and have a baby
Rebecca's list would involve finding a way to study law
Sam wants to move to Auckland, New Zealand. She notes that she and Dan have visited before and that her parents live nearby
The Erinsborough Fire Service is in it's 24th year. If anyone is interested in volunteering, they must contact Captain Ryan Holmes
According to Sam, Dr. Constantine is one of the best psychiatrists in New Zealand and her dad recommended him to her

Summary by Conor

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